Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Alternative Video)

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    You promised the world and I fell for it
    I put you first and you adored it
    You set fires to my forest
    And you let it burn
    Sang off key in my chorus
    Cause it wasn’t yours
    I saw the signs and I ignored it
    Rose colored glasses all distorted
    You set fire to my purpose
    And I let it burn
    You got off on the hurtin’
    When it wasn’t yours
    We’d always go into it blindly
    I needed to lose you to find me
    This dancing was killing me softly
    I needed to hate you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    I gave my all and they all know it
    You tore me down and now it’s showing
    In two months you replaced us
    Like it was easy
    Made me think I deserved it
    In the thick of healing
    We’d always go into it blindly
    I needed to lose you to find me
    This dancing was killing me softly
    I needed to hate you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    You promised the world and I fell for it
    I put you first and you adored it
    You set fires to my forest
    And you let it burn
    Sang off key in my chorus-
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to hate you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    I needed to lose you to love me
    To love love yeah
    To love love yeah
    To love yeah
    And now the chapter is closed and done
    And now it’s goodbye
    It’s goodbye for us
    Music video by Selena Gomez performing Lose You To Love Me (Alternative Video). © 2019 Interscope Records

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    1. Rachana 123

      I have tears in my eyes right now 😭

    2. Vijay luxmi maddheshiya

      Stay strong my girl,you deserve a gem💎

    3. F Schroeder

      Someone said imagine having Selena’s heart 🥺

    4. Nelda Luna

      You got it mija. You deserve better look at him now all tattoo lol. You deserve to be treated like the queen u are. I am a huge fan ❤😍😀

    5. Mimi Grabner

      Everyone has that one person.

    6. Mary Lorca

      Selena Gómez,en la vida hay que perder algo para comenzar a quererse uno.

    7. Arya Khanna

      This video hits different

    8. Roman Saltykov

      option) бантики карманы царапины полюса дыры чердаки звёзды сирены


      She is a gem

    10. #ميلورين أحسن بنت!

      أفضل أغنية للأبد🥺👈🏻✨.

    11. Maliha Ayub

      I never heard her song this is the 1st time and... wow. 🔥

    12. Courtney Furman


    13. Saeede Imani

      Your shining more than diamonds on my mind and heart , dear selena

    14. Sam Chakriya

      As a Buddhist, I always believe in Karma. What happened to you was a result of your own actions. If you are hurt, you might used to hurt others in the past, so that you have to pay that back. Or, you don’t learn your lessons, that’s why you have to repeat the same cycle again and again until one day you have learned what life is trying to teach you. In life, we have to learn to reflect, and see things as they are, not biased or fooled by our own selfish ego. Until we learn and understand, we can free ourselves from sorrow. Life is changeable, don’t expect everything to be the same, people change and life goes on. If we keep replay the past, we will continue to suffer endlessly. We’re going to die, why we don’t we set ourselves free from the prison of our own thought?

    15. Jana Alshwaimi

      Selena your so rude

    16. Zeynep Şenol


    17. riley coish

      Even tho its my tenth time it's just as good as the first time

    18. Aishwarya Sharma

      I m obsessed with this song keeps my heart goin on... i love ur voice i find peace here.. plz nvr stop singing ❤️juss want to listen you always in my ups n downs juss love you selena ❤️

    19. Petra Boca

      Selena is queen!!!!

    20. Stephanie Lopez

      Dear ex best friend:

    21. mia Kalimen

      Why aren't you white justin bieber anymore

    22. mia Kalimen


    23. Empty life

      2021 - 3th April : Don't change something to make someone impressed .

    24. Sara Hadidi

      I love you selena

    25. Ana gabriela Morel reyes


    26. Selenator & Jearian

      Tan sad pero is beautiful

    27. Camille Damon

      Carlinda appreciate it 👍😎, and will always love you take care of yourself and family!!!

    28. MelissaFlxwer

      justin you just lost a beautiful smart women, i hope you get karma

    29. Priti Umare

      Whenever I hear this song I keep me as selena;)

    30. Diamond Rose Diamond Rose

      I love you six😘😘😘

    31. Adrian Potulski


    32. Starlise Jun.from.17

      I hope she finds true love and forgets about Justin. But I know that won’t happen Bc she’s still obsessed with Justin which sucks. Justin wasted all this time with Selena to find some other girl and marry. Idk why he wasted all that time with Selena knowing he didn’t like her like that. He just constantly needed support and attention but Selena couldn’t give it to him, Bc she was hurt herself and still is Bc of him. Hailey was always there somehow. Bc she has a somewhat normal life & she would probably go to hell and back for Justin lol. It’s crazy what life does

    33. Kagome Higurashi

      I love the song and I love selena

    34. Kagome Higurashi

      I like this video better, it feels so personal and touching and her emotions are so much easier to see.

    35. оксана бологова


    36. Miriam Moreira

      she released the video on my birthday. I can't with this song :( :( :(

    37. BUBI 'N' ICONIC TV


    38. Nikh Beghzr

      Hi! I really like “Lose You To Love Me” by Selena Gomez! I uploaded to NLname a version of it with added vocal accompaniment by me: Selena Gomez - “Lose You To Love Me” + Fan Notes by Nikh Beghzr (12.14.2019-00.44.PST) I also uploaded to NLname a version of “Lose You To Love Me” with vocal accompaniment I added from “Paper Wings” by Stalgia: Selena Gomez - "Lose You To Love Me" + Nikh Beghzr Added Notes from "Paper Wings" by Stalgia I hope you’ll like them! Thank you!

    39. Karen Rose Tibor

      And im crying 😭...

    40. Seul Mego Arellano

      I'm loyal, Selena. I belong to you, Selena.

    41. HLAPE OPAKll OST-

      Zaudol si na svoj sľub, nekúpila som si chladničku za seba, I saw the sign I ignore it, Blind we I need.

    42. Newies

      the pain in her eyes shows how heartbroken she was......This song is always Song of the Year 4us...we love you Selena....a heart 4 u 4ver..

    43. tahu gamers

      Im crying

    44. McHappyBallz CRX

      Her eyes say so much. She seems like she has been through a hard life. My fiance had those same eyes . Sadly that sadness was too much to bare and she is no longer here.

    45. Danny Agundez

      She has a very Beautiful voice.

    46. Marta Reis

      I cried 😭😭

    47. Ritik singh


    48. Opal Wood

      She deserves so much better

    49. Alicia Lopez


    50. nick

      So beauty

    51. Will Smith

      sabe and will

    52. RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS

      I feel like crying when I see Selena in pain I Love Her I can't let nothing happen to Selena

    53. RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS

      My Selena needs an grammy instantly Love You Selena 4 Ever :)

    54. RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS

      Love you Selena 4 Ever :D Selena is an amazing piano player :D

    55. María José Alarcón


    56. Neko Flaming


    57. kathryn baek

      i tried too many times to forget about him and i still trying.... i love him



    59. Bethania Ackley

      Truly her best song ever! And wow how can u deal w the love of ur life replacing u in 2 months!?? Beyond painful! I'm glad she shared her pain with us in form of such beautiful art for us to enjoy and share in her pain. I feel her pain. After 16 yrs I too was blindsided and suffered a broken heart. Sometimes its the ones closest to us that are the must cruel. Love hurts...but at least we arent alone even when it seems like it. Thanks to this song WE KNOW that. Thank you Selena. And may u find happiness peace and true love...starting with yourself as I'm trying to. Blessings. Thank you.u r so strong selfless and courageous . U r my hero and a true blessing to this world dont let it break u bc u feel so deeply

    60. Harikesh Boricha

      I Hate Hailey 😫 I can't see Justin without Selena 😭😭❣️

    61. Harikesh Boricha

      Justin , you lost your Heart ❣️😭 Your Heart is selena ❣️ Really she is very Strong girl ❣️❣️

    62. Harikesh Boricha

      I thought , Justin is still love Selena❣️ But He is cannot showing his feeling 😭 Because of Hailey is his wife😑 In Selena's heart Justin is Her True love 💗❣️

    63. Simrin Sinha

      Don't get retired bebs🥺 Your music, lyrics and voice are always amazing as usual. I really thought that you would get a grammy for RARE. Honestly saying, the lyrics of each and every song in that album is so meaningful and touching. And every song was bop according to me, when the album came out, i used to listen all the songs on loop❤️ it was so addictive. Why idk, you should have got an award Hoping that she will soon get an award

    64. RUTU MIRJE

      big fan pls reply

    65. Alesha Channel


    66. Rabia Dündar

      how she can even play the piano with those nails

    67. leno sunshine

      still sad about the fact he married hailey

    68. Lale Amrina Rosada


    69. Md.Sahidul Islam

      This song is really something .... It's really hits me😢😢

    70. Chad Anthony

      Love this song !! Justin screwed up big time !!

    71. Hollagrl0999

      This song and “Clover Cage - Nostalgia” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..❤️

    72. Larissa Bispo

      Love you

    73. Zdeněk Sitaru

      who is here after hearing she wants to stop making music because people do not take her seriously? Please do not stop Selena! We love you!

      1. Dogegirl2003 Oof

        She make spainsh music witch personally I’m not a fan cuz I don’t speck spainsh but a lot of spainsh speaker like it so I’m happpy if sleina happy

      2. Dogegirl2003 Oof

        She dose spainsh music

      3. Jackie 128

        When did she say that?

      4. Miriam Carmen Andaya

        Im gonna miss her❤️

    74. Qûeen Alexandra

      I can feel her emotions in this music video 🥺 love u selena

    75. Ethel Fernandez


    76. A Lazar


    77. Lord Dreadful

      I now get the lyric... I thought of diffrent meaning but dang...

    78. REEM

      Why she is retiring from music😢😭😭😭😭

    79. Mariam Daoud

      She sang true feelings (y)

    80. Manaswi Bhoir

      I like this mv more than the original one Is it just me?

    81. Susheela Mehta


    82. Susheela Mehta


    83. Susheela Mehta


    84. Susheela Mehta


    85. Susheela Mehta


    86. AJ Styles Phenomenal

      Marry me Selena Gomez

    87. Mariami Khubashvili

      best ❤ love you selena ❤

    88. Maryam Youldashi

      We love you Selena🖤

    89. یاسمین محبی

      We love you Selena🤍🥺 from Iran 🇮🇷

    90. Shikha Shrivastav

      When she said " 2 month you replace us" this line is about Justin how he replace her in 2 months and married to hailey

    91. Taslima Akhter

      Your voice is unique and marvelous 🥰. love your all music 🎶🎵. you are great singer ever.🌼🌏

    92. Mike Smejk

      The Most Beautiful Love Song

    93. Eliana Quintana


    94. Eliana Quintana


    95. Will Bell

      Love this song I feel her pain because the love of my life was everyone’s else’s

      1. Justyna Wojcicka

        Sorry my friend

      2. does it matter?

        oh my yes

    96. cerenaa

      ' and now its goodbye for us '

    97. cerenaa

      i wish nothing but happiness for selena love u babe

    98. Dominique Teca

      You're a peace of heaven Selena, seems to be beautiful inside and out, he don't deserve you. If it meant to be will be

    99. Lea Müller

      I love this

    100. Dulani Yashora

      check out DJ Snake and Selena Gomez Selfish Love official video