Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019


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    The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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    1. AragonBattleBorn

      Now that I think about it, Calamity Ganon first appeared at Hyrule Castle, maybe there is something else buried under there.

    2. Jes394

      Stone Ocean anime is out and we still haven't got any information yet, come on Nintendo

    3. Kevo23

      0:50 People in Gotham City trying to figure out why Batman is fighting a psycho clown

    4. luminescent BlackBerry

      0:52 ok who dropped some octo bolloons on the castle🤦‍♂️

    5. Mikey O'keefe

      year 2024: delayed

    6. AzpEro

      Okay but like 👏THE👏ZONAI👏HAND👏

    7. DereckD R

      Day 1: I’ve decided to start commenting on this video till the release of the game, it’s not very original, and probably a short run since it’s expected to come out this year, and on top of that I don’t have the best track record on commitment, but it should be fun.

    8. Loud Fan

      Now here's an idea that I think would make a really good gameplay mechanic and helpful during combat. But you can only do it with a spear type of weapon. And that is using a spear or halberd as a javelin to jump over enemies and go into a flurry rush or reach higher places easier. Every time you do a backflip with a spear or halberd it always looks like as if Link is about to stick it in the ground to fling himself like as if he was using a javelin. And for swords. We could have an ability where link can stick his sword into the ground and then perform a front handspring to kick an enemy. I feel like those would make fighting enemies REALLY fun and satisfying.

    9. iScream Sundae

      Can someone tell me how to do the blue time stamp please 🙂

      1. iScream Sundae

        Yay it worked

      2. iScream Sundae


      3. iScream Sundae

        Thank you all😁

      4. daddy smurf

        0:01 0:02 then 1:00 1:01 1:02 you get the idea

      5. DereckD R

        You write the time of the moment you want to highlight. For example: 1:01

    10. Griffin

      I wanted everyone alive on this one just like in Age Of Calamity, specially Mipha, but i know that the darker set of Breath Of The Wild is part of the magic. I think they want to make this sequel darker than Majora's Mask. We'll see.

      1. mark l

        Usual warning: "darker than MM" is a misinterpretation of an IGN quote. The interviewer brought up MM but Aonuma discredited the connection and only agreed that the *trailer* was dark (nothing about the actual game).

      2. iScream Sundae

        Poor mipha

    11. Lino-Angel Martinez

      :yay BOTW 2 is out, I got to the store and buy it : ME ABOUT TO PLAY :wakes up two years ago in bed

      1. daddy smurf


    12. SUPERIONtheKnight

      1:05 That heartbeat slowing down is the sound of my heart waiting for this game to release.

    13. Kate Dp

      Imma comment how many days till school is over for me because probably more news in summer starting with this: 32 days till summer and hopefully some news.

      1. iScream Sundae

        Yep me too🙂

    14. William Townsend

      Just got this in recommended , thought it was new, Think have heart attack

    15. itachi4728

      I have already 400 hours on Botw!! Give us the sequel !!!!

      1. Molduga

        @iScream Sundae I doubt it's that number

      2. Molduga

        I have ~820 hours

      3. iScream Sundae

        I have 1234 hours 😊

    16. Weebcat

      BOTW2 was the friends we made along the way

      1. Weebcat

        @d m as elden ring yup

      2. d m

        So botw2 doesn't exist then

    17. Christopher Check

      This is actually the formation of their adventuring party. Link, Zelda, and Ganon, as the three holders of the Triforce, have to learn to work together in a WACKY comedy about saving the world from some extradimensional threat or something. Galaxy Brain: Make Zelda Playable Multiverse Brain: Make mummy-Ganon playable.

      1. iScream Sundae


    18. Star Wars Porgs Rule

      I like it. But I'm not sure on how I feel about Zelda's new hair style.

    19. Piksar

      «You have been asleep for the past 100 years» Oh i wish!

    20. Led Floyd

      I periodically return to this trailer to make sure this wasn't something I'd seen in a fevered dream.

    21. Hestu M

      ✋😔🤚 Pls in need

    22. davidhg117

      WISHLIST FOR THIS GAME? i presonally wish we could ride these "elephants"? even if they are slow they would be pretty sweet to ride with

    23. ZeldaDude

      Breath of the wild review: Note: no hate Freedom plus good Zelda game = Worsen the game The story is so lame, and the Zelda here is so lame and emotional The dungeons are so easy, they are not long and complex like other Zelda games There are no more key items, so uh you like the hero now, here is a replacement that breaks easily, hylian shield? Breaks, master sword? Breaks The bosses are so lame and easy to defeat, there is no way a noob could lose to them The tutorials are kinda lame, and most importantly, THE WEAPONS BREAK SO MUCH NINTENDO,

      1. ZeldaDude

        @iScream Sundae I can say three things nice The champions have good personalities besides Zelda The towns are nice and the yiga clan are nice Btw, RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS

      2. iScream Sundae

        If you can't say something nice, then you should not say anything at all🙂

      3. mark l

        I can respect that you didn't enjoy dungeons, challenges, items as much, they're designed to have many spread across a huge map with an endless gameplay loop, not for everyone. But maybe you use the word "lame" too easily though. "Tutorials lame"... Why? "Bosses lame and easy"... repetitive maybe, lame idk, but Zelda bosses were never really hard. "Story lame"... Really? As usual story and storytelling are not the same. Non-linear storytelling with memories didn't please everyone, but if you didn't like the story itself I wonder what Zelda story you didn't find overly simplistic. "Zelda lame and emotional"... lame how? Her emotions are crucial to her character development, it's rare we see so much of that. Maybe the English VA didn't help, try Japanese, French, German etc... I found this Zelda great by the series' standard.

    24. Goose

      Nintendo recives: lots of money Nintendo Fans recive: amazing game very soon

    25. daddy smurf

      You know im beginning to think development began when this trailer dropped like i dont think its been in development sense 2017 i think it started a bit before this trailer was released

      1. daddy smurf

        @mark l yeah i get that and i mean using the same engine as the original should cut back development time by like 2 or 3 years and then hopefully they were a good year to a year and a half into development time when they released that trailer thing is is its all CGI its not actual game play so i mean yeah idrk hopefully we see it at e3 but if we dont im not expecting this game to release any earlier then late 2022

      2. mark l

        @daddy smurf Sure, the thing is we don't know what scope the game has, technical challenges, any internal delays, how the pandemic affected them, if they keep it for an anniversary event or some Switch model....we're all guessing. At least they didn't announce a date early to then delay it (like BotW).

      3. daddy smurf

        @mark l so they could've said now in development and been half way done?

      4. mark l

        "Now in development" was only to officially start the hype. "Development" itself is a broad term and can go from early concepts to full-on production. We know that by 2017 they had decided on a sequel following many DLC ideas, Aonuma said they had "started" the next project. After that we only heard of job openings which didn't actually tell us where it was in production.

    26. Nevan Geisen

      What will release first, Elder Scrolls 6, this game, or George RR Martin's Winds of Winter?

    27. Sam P


    28. Sly Manner

      Coming back to this trailer just to say one thing *I'm very happy this game is taking a majora's type of creepy vibe to it and i absolutely love the direction the games taking*

      1. Sly Manner

        @mark l yeah you ain't wrong ngl but maybe if that kinda creepy tone is shown in the next trailer that'd be neat

      2. mark l

        This is one minute of story concept from 2019 though, we have no real idea of the direction.

    29. Sophie Soares

      Pov: You've seen this trailer multiple times and at this point it's your only source of comfort

    30. Koptersson

      Botw 2 will have similar themes as Majoras Mask

      1. Jacob Reynolds

        Says who?

    31. Link

      Link: kills ganon Ganon: Reloads the save file Link: what no thats for me

      1. iScream Sundae


    32. Karas

      I can understand how excited, and anxious people are for this sequal, I am too! But can some of you take a moment to realize how much of an impact the pandemic had on everyone?!

      1. iScream Sundae

        Well said

      2. Salaced 356

        True and if they don’t spend more time on it it will become the game that shall not be named

    33. Kermit The Frog

      I hope we get more info in the E3 direct this year and then they can release the game near the end of the year or maybe early next year.

    34. Chelsea T

      I swear I'm gonna end up watching this 100 times before the game ever comes out

    35. Pigeon God

      No one’s really talking about the why that flash of light at 0:45 happens, because that isn’t very normal

      1. Greekmythdude


    36. Teisen Schifelbine

      There acully not below hyrule castle there in faron in the zonai area

      1. mark l

        We don't know where they are

      2. Greekmythdude

        There are zonai runs all over Hyrule, just most of them are in Faron.

    37. ethbeast

      Don’t be another Metroid prime 4

      1. mark l

        All we know of MP4 is it rebooted, BotW2 didn't. MP4 will still come.

    38. Emie 626

      This: *exists* Fans: Breath of the Wild 2! Nintendo: Here's Age of Calamity. Fans: ... *w h a t*

    39. chaoticdreamer

      me: still needs to play BoTW and AoC before the release of BoTW 2

      1. Greekmythdude

        Play them then, both amazing games, but also expensive.

    40. Sadia Y. Gomez

      Someone told me its coming out summer 2021

      1. d m


    41. Elias Sadaq

      just finished botw for the first time in 2021 and came to see the trailer! amazing game and so hyped for the sequel. really made my quarantine bearable

    42. BOty_BOI

      The reason why this game is taking so long is because the zelda team is still finding where to place the 2,000 korok seeds for the sequal

      1. Greekmythdude


    43. BOty_BOI

      Day 3450 - I have time traveled back in time to remember the days were people still though this game was going to release in 2021, or how it was going to release along side a port of TP and WW for switch and a switch pro. "smh"

    44. Kristina Efremova

      its not gannon its astor the hair is astors hair and the forhead piece may look like twilight gannons but it is astors

      1. mark l

        @Greekmythdude only wound connected to TP is on the chest, _maybe,_ but that doesn't tell us his actual story. Besides the headpiece, jewels are something else.

      2. Greekmythdude

        @Jacob Reynolds but look at the wounds and jewels on him

      3. Jacob Reynolds

        @Greekmythdude A new incarnation was canonically born after Twilight Princess

      4. Greekmythdude

        No, it's obviously twilight princess ganandorph

      5. mark l

        It's Ganondorf, Astor has none of the things you describe.

    45. Selah McHugh

      2x speed it says "your time has come" again and again

      1. mark l

        3x it says "ya ha ha" again and again

      2. Raphaël Lomba

        I don t ear that

    46. Torin O'Connor

      NLname recommended: Let’s make you miserable today

    47. M Gutierrez

      GTA 6, Elden Ring, Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, Half Life 3, Bayonetta 3: First time?

      1. Greekmythdude

        Nope, BOTW took years to come out.

      2. M Gutierrez

        @Matt Nelson That still exists lmao???

      3. Matt Nelson


    48. pickled beans

      I hope Nintendo Release Zelda Maker if botw 2 is getting late.

    49. Loud Fan

      Here's another new idea for some enemies that could make it in the game. What if we had some enemies that were completely made of metal or wearing armor and the best way to defeat them is by using the Magnesis rune. But I also think that armored enemies such as Bokoblins, Lizalfos and Moblins. Making them slightly tougher to deal with. Maybe we could also have Darknuts make a return in the game. Those enemies were really cool and tough to defeat. Especially in Twilight Princess.

      1. Loud Fan

        @Molduga Yes, but I'm sure were going to at least have an item that is somewhat similar to it.

      2. Raphaël Lomba

        @Molduga normally that s Zelda who got the sheikah slate

      3. Molduga

        As seen in the trailer Link doesn’t have the Sheikah Slate

    50. Accelerator

      It looks like.. Hyrule Castle lifted up a little. Is it possible that it might just take off somewhere else, take us to a new land? I keep watching this and something tells me Hyrule is going to change, or we might end up somewhere else completely. Kind of like Majora's mask?

      1. that's great

        @mark l oh yeah I'm not saying that it will be the exact same map. even if they reuse it, there will definitely be tons of changes so it feels fresh.

      2. mark l

        @that's great Maybe, but "revisit this Hyrule" and "world you explored" are vague and could have any number of changes.

      3. that's great

        @mark l During the age of calamity reveal, eiji aonuma talked about breath of the wild 2 and said "in order to make the world you explored in the previous game even more impressive..." . He specifically said "world in the previous game," so I think it's going to be the same map.

      4. mark l

        @that's great To be more exact they said they'll revisit this Hyrule

      5. that's great

        They said that the sequel will take place in the same map. But they’ll definitely make some big changes to it in some way. We’ll just have to wait and see how...

    51. CrownedHyacinth

      0:53 hyrule’s moving castle

    52. xDreameredits

      The people who disliked this are tired of waiting

    53. Jack Holm

      Hmm... Malice must’ve been blocking an entrance in the castle to the cavern they were exploring, which revealed the source of the malice. That corpse of a previous ganon was going to be used for reincarnation.

      1. Jack Holm

        Well no crap. It was blocked off somewhere between the Calamity and BotW. Either that, or rubble blocked it off.

      2. Molduga

        Malice was only a thing when Calamity Ganon was alive. The castle wasn’t blocked before its revival

    54. Randy Drew

      Hurry up I want to play this game 😡

      1. Salaced 356

        @Molduga facts like people are rushing it,don’t want it to end up like cyberpunk

      2. Molduga

        Dude be patient

    55. Leman Citriton

      Someone better reverse the first song there

    56. Israel Wilson

      I just want link to be taller than Zelda it looks really awkward having Zelda taller in my opinion and I often get hate from saying this but I don’t care anymore Doubt this comment will get noticed anyways

      1. Israel Wilson

        @Molduga agree to disagree

      2. Israel Wilson

        @Odin Angie that’d be nice

      3. Molduga

        nah their height is fine

      4. Odin Angie

        I think they're about the same height

    57. Toon Link

      after 600 days... nothing

      1. daddy smurf

        Think abt Bayonetta 3 fans lmao

    58. Nope Nope

      If you are reading this, anything you say can and will be used as a flotation device.

    59. Grail

      Maybe Nintendo's E3 presence will be all Zelda themed (like the original BotW event.) Oh, if we get some Treehouse footage, I might just explode!

    60. Blue Toad Gamer

      Yesterday was day 669 of waiting..... nice

    61. CreativeGirl247

      Please take as much time as you need, Nintendo! This looks great!

    62. yggdrasil yggdrasil

      It is me or are the Obelisk s on the castle gone? Can it be the came just out in thi scene. Means ganondorf awakes beofore bot 1???

      1. Molduga

        Those pillars were made to rise out of the ground when Calamity Ganon returned, now that it has been sealed, they don't need to be out anymore.

      2. mark l

        The ancient Sheikah left structures all across Hyrule for when Calamity would return, they've fulfilled that purpose. The five pillars in particular stored guardians.

    63. Lowkey Eli

      Can’t wait to play this game in 2025!

      1. TheGuitarplayer112

        @RyanTheRhino got that right

      2. RyanTheRhino

        @TheGuitarplayer112 no 3000 is when it’s coming out

      3. TheGuitarplayer112

        2025 is too soon I think 2042 is when this game will finally come out

      4. daddy smurf

        @RyanTheRhino i put my money on spring of 2022 but we might get lucky for holiday 2021

      5. RyanTheRhino

        You mean 2030

    64. No Name

      GTA 6: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

      1. daddy smurf

        @M Gutierrez yeah no cap

      2. M Gutierrez

        @daddy smurf Not gonna lie but I wouldn’t be surprised that Gta 6 hasn’t even been planned in the Rockstar offices due to them milking Gta 5

      3. daddy smurf

        Lol at least botw 2 was announced and eji aunuma said we would be getting more info gta 6 aint even been talked abt by rockstar

    65. BigD Pineapple

      I only wonder what you guys will do for the anniversary of zelda, I hope it's three games in one like with mario

      1. Odin Angie


    66. Anna 0063

      The combat can Without lock on the attack can be like age of calamity the hit 360 around him freely ,with lock on will be classic zelda style. crouch press jump button quickly two time to make him roll if lock on and differance direction can roll on any side and then press attack button to be a roll attack. Jump lock on attack can have a head cut when stick pull down +attck, if up it will be ending blow.charge attack can put with these to work differently

      1. Anna 0063

        It can work with and without motion contrl

    67. Plazor ID

      Guys! Nintendo takes part at the E3. Now I have hopes because Anouma said we will get information this year.

    68. Maren Olsen

      Zelda: we must find the source of malice and put an end to it! Ganondorf: *oh no you didn't*

    69. Mason Chambers

      Link with that arm is starting to turn into Ashitaka more and more everyday

      1. Jacob Reynolds

        @Molduga The main character from Princess Mononoke

      2. Molduga

        @Nope Nope that's what I was thinking

      3. Nope Nope

        @Molduga I think it was the anime that breath of the wild was inspired by.

      4. Molduga


    70. Chewie Morkie

      I’m so excited!!!

    71. BurritoKatRat

      Me: “We did it! We finally time traveled!” Friend: “What year is it?” Me: “Lemme ask that guy over there. Is BOTW2 out yet?” Some Guy: “No” Me: “Impossible to tell”

    72. NagantHunt

      its like youtube hates me. why is this in my reccomended again

    73. Gr4n73

      If iscream sundae or mulduga are reading this, hey hows it going.

      1. Molduga


    74. Jake Playz

      I cant wait for the game!!!!!

      1. Odin Angie


    75. Roll Brand

      I'm very disappointed in Nintendo for not treating Zelda's 35th anniversary with enough care. In fact I even forgot about it until I rewatched this trailer.

      1. Molduga

        @ZeldaDude No, I mean April 1st. Nintendo goes by Fiscal Year, not Calendar Year. Mario's 35th ended on March 31st 2021, so Zelda's 35th started the next day.

      2. ZeldaDude

        @Molduga YOU mean February 21st

      3. Molduga

        Zelda's 35th Anniversary year literally JUST started on April 1st. Just have patience. We already have SSHD, BoTW2 info, and AoC DLC already confirmed for this fiscal year. We will most likely get more come next direct (whether that's E3 or a Zelda Ann. Direct)

      4. mark l

        We already know of SSHD and BotW2 news coming this year and there can be other ports. They never celebrated on the anniversary date and there's still plenty of time.

    76. Looney Mooney

      The fact that this was posted 6 days after my birthday makes me squeal with happiness-

      1. Looney Mooney

        @Blue Toad Gamer Why is everyone confused it's simple math

      2. Blue Toad Gamer

        @Looney Mooney *Visible Confusion*

      3. Looney Mooney

        @Sofia Benites No the 5th. AFTER NOT BEFORE XD

      4. Sofia Benites

        So ur birthday on june 17

    77. Alexx

      *the test of patience Shrine*

    78. Joe

      E3 2021 I’m not holding my breath (lol) this time.

    79. You_Should_Stop_Now_ Boi_

      I saw this on my recommended and I thought that it was the actual trailer finally...

    80. LionGamer

      I love the legend of Zelda series

    81. Edwin Gonzalez

      Tragarnos Nintendo switch

    82. Moss Knight


    83. Fiona the sheep

      Floating castle?!?!?

    84. Mollie Scott

      Supposed to be a dark game. Darker than majoras mask. Did anyone else hear "help us please" being wispered

      1. mark l

        "Darker than MM" is a misinterpretation of IGN's interview of Aonuma. The interviewer brought up MM but Aonuma discredited the connection and could only agree that the trailer was dark. For lyrics people hear different things or nothing, it's been shown that there's nothing definite.

    85. Sofia Benites

      Its been 1 year and 9 months and tomorrow its gonna be 10 months

    86. Linda Morrison

      im so exited for this game to come out!

    87. EragonTheKing Slayer

      No rehydrated ganon?...

    88. Diego Villarreal

      The longer they take the better the game. At least sometimes

      1. Nope Nope

        When it comes to the zelda team, yes.

    89. Pk Kevin67

      Remember “Peace is what all true warriors strive for my boy”

    90. PhilSwift787

      Zelda fans: waiting 2 years for more information Metroid fans: first time?

      1. Master Kenobi

        F zero fans: 🙄😏 First time?

      2. Christian Puddington

        Us poor Metroid fans have been waiting 4 years for Prime 4 -- 14 years if you count the time between now and when Corruption released in 2007. We truly are among the most patient.

    91. iScream Sundae

      I have HYPE😀

    92. iScream Sundae

      Lets make this the most commented video 😁 I mean the video with the most comments 🤔

      1. iScream Sundae

        But I do not know the number that is the highest

    93. iScream Sundae

      There is a game that I want to play🙂 can you guess what it is😁

      1. iScream Sundae

        @Blue Toad Gamer no!😂😂😂😂

      2. Blue Toad Gamer

        @iScream Sundae Doshin the Giant????

      3. J S


      4. iScream Sundae

        I'll give you a hint, if you are here then you may be the same😁

    94. iScream Sundae

      Lets get to 13 million 🥳

    95. iScream Sundae

      Is there a limit to how much you can comment 🤔

    96. iScream Sundae

      I hope there is a new trailer at e3😆

    97. iScream Sundae

      It is hard to come up with something original🤔

    98. iScream Sundae

      I will add this to the sea of comments😁

    99. Shadow Night

      And the dlc where the zonai tribe will appear for sure

      1. iScream Sundae


    100. Brian Marshall

      That master sword better have infinite use in this new one 😑

      1. iScream Sundae