SHP9600 v SHP9500 v HD58X Headphone Comparison

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    So, 3 of the very best headphones under $200 go head to head.
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    SHP9600 -
    SHP9500 -
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    🥉 1More Triple Driver -

    🥇 HD58X -
    🥈 SHP 9500 -
    🥉 Porta Pro -

    🥇 THX AAA Dual 788 DACAMP -
    🥈 THX 789 / 887 - /
    🥉 DX3 Pro -

    🥇 Fir M5 -
    🥈 ZUES -
    🥉 Tin T2 -

    🥇 SVS ULTRA Towers -
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    1. David Raygoza

      The 9500 was my introduction to hifi audio, and the 58x is currently my endgame headset because I never plan to buy a decent dac or amp for any of the better stuff. The 58x is way better in everything except soundstage. 9500 soundstage blows the 58x out of the water, but again everything else is better and clearer with the 58x. Stock pads on the 9500 are really bad, and I bought Shure 940 pads for more comfort, and it actually matches the 58x in bass with those pads, while retaining the soundstage and clarity of the stock pads. Highly recommend the Shure 940 pads or something similar if you plan to get a 9500.

    2. KioK22 Anthony Davis

      between you aand Zeos, you made me buy the HD 58x i am so extremely psyched to listen to it at the end of this month.

    3. David OFD

      This guy is over the top and is overthinking. I have now run into his videos 3 times! I need to pay better attention lol ! I mean, he is waaaaaaay over the top with this "Soundtracks sound better on this headphone while rock sounds better on this headphone" Give me a fucking break. What if the soundtrack IS ROCK?! HahAhAHaHa I knowe he means orchestral but still...

    4. John Versluis

      When I upgrade the cable for HD58X to balanced cable and WOW it made a big difference in sound !! I never would think it would make that big deal it did

      1. cornflake

        I think it depends on the amp

    5. JUSTA__ NOOB

      Which are better for rainbow six siege ps4 n ps5???

    6. Pleiadian

      Too low impedence on these philips. Why........

    7. Chris Yow

      I just received a pair of the SHP9600 today from Amazon, where I was able to find a seller offering a $30 discount coupon reducing the price to $99. Picked them to use with the XBOX as well as when I want a break from the clarity of the Sennheiser HD 560s.

      1. Trump One

        Big deal - they are $94.99 for everyone now

    8. Hoodie

      Tried all 3 of these. SHP9500 my first good cans I prefer the Porta Pros :^)

    9. Nacho

      whats a good upgrade from the shp9500

    10. Nikolas Carneiro

      Someone somewhere (maybe in a comment here) said it may have received some sort of super-SHP9500, because he/she felt it sounded better than anything else. I've tested the 3 of these headphones and among them, SHP9500 sounds better.

    11. dramafishh

      Guys, get a good amp for the HD58x. I've used it with dragonfly red for years, until I bought JDS Atom. The difference in sound is substantial across the frequency range as well as bigger stereo image, better separation, thicker relaxed midrange, but most of all they no longer sound harsh in the lower treble. I also applied felt behind the driver and further Eq'd down 5-6khz and 100-200hz - which resulted cleaner, nicely textured sound and superior female vocals. is this what HD600 sound like?

      1. dramafishh

        any decent dac amp combo for 100-150$. Fiio K5 pro for desktop, or Topping NX4 dsd if you want portable dac/amp.

      2. Nikolas Carneiro

        What dac/amp do you suggest, besides JDS Atom?

    12. Erik

      This is a great lineup to review. Can't wait to see this video!

    13. Jose Javier

      hd599 (92€ amazon) vs shp9600 (75€ Aliexpress) for gaming? Or should I buy both? Thanks.

      1. cornflake

        Isn't Ali Express full of counterfeit stuff?

    14. Tao Jiang

      About three times in this video I thought he was about to fall asleep.

    15. Patson Godinho

      How do the SHP9500 compare to the new PC38X for gaming ? can’t seem to find the answer to this anywhere

    16. Xry Pro

      Better save for 6xx. These headphones are not great if you want high quality sound. But if you urgently need one, go for 9500. I got it for less than $50 (RM179) and my wife loves it.

      1. GHOST

        I’ve heard ppl say 9500 sound better than 6xx

    17. Vaalkin

      So TL;DR is, the 58x is more accurate and the 9500 and 9600 is more realistic?

    18. ElPopotePro

      Help plz! uwu My budget: $100-120 I'm looking for a pair of headphones that would allow me to hear music and maybe play some videogames. I hear to almost all genres so I think I'm looking for something balanced but that still has some bass. I'm between these Philips (Shp 9500 or SHP 9600) , Audiotechnica M40X or Ath AD500 x. Which one should I buy?

    19. gabe

      Hi, did a bit of googling but couldn't find anything, hoping someone here might be able to help. How can you reduce the harshness of s and sh sounds? High pitched/harsh sounds are very painful for me. Sorry for unrelated question

    20. soulj7sli7

      Awesome break down .. what dac would you recommend for the 9500?..

      1. Nikolas Carneiro

        Fiio K3

      2. soulj7sli7

        @C S thanks, never heard of it before.. I'll give it a try...

      3. C S

        sonata hd pro

    21. Orlando Alicea

      What a great review, do you have any good preset for the HD58x, please?

    22. Lou Cipher

      *what about shp9600 vs HE400i 2020??*

    23. Rawbeen Aryal

      I am so satisfied with the audio of the headphone watching these videos(even though I can only to afford to buy $15 generic ones LOL)

    24. Viktor Veres

      Hello Joshua ! Can you offer me a better headphone for movie than the shp9600 ? The bass is very important to me ? Around 200 dollars. Thank you !

    25. Arif Rafee

      Can you review the audio technica ad700x?

    26. Stephan Boxie

      I went with the 9600s. It has great separation and bass which hardly any open back can accomplish both. The way I use them is for movies and games and occasionally I listen to music from Apple Music(pro tip, the “rock” equalizer sounds the best with this headphone)

      1. Stephan Boxie

        I had the 9500s for a week and wasn’t blown away. Very good at separation but it lacked depth. The sound was comparable to the “transparent” mode on AirPod pros

    27. Calvin Yip

      9500 it's cheaper than the other 2

    28. P C

      I'm taking the plunge on the 9600's. First time with open backs and I've been looking for something new for PS5 but also general music listening during the workday. They are priced better in Canada than the 9500s and fit my boom mic. I looked at more expensive stuff like Hifi's, but prices and availability in Canada is bonkers. I think I'll start small.

    29. Calvin Yip

      To be fair the 9500 cost a lot less than the other 2. Sometime they go on sale for $60. So literally it's 2 different category. And I mean the 9500 and the 9600 have only a minor difference might as well get the 9500. Plus the its cheaper

    30. Iftekhar Amin

      How well does the 9500 respond to equalising the source? Would that clean up the S and T areas a bit and bring it on par with with 9600?

    31. Ravil D

      So I've had my 9500s the longest and I got the 9600s just the day before, did alot of back and forth testing with my testing playlist and the thing is you'd think the 9600s are just 9500 plus more bass, and there definitely is more bass but the 9600 actually sound a lil veiled/ less detailed, which makes me prefer the 9500. All that being said I want a heaphone that are more for intimate vocals, will I find that with the 58x???

    32. Stallzyx

      The HD 598 SE and SR used to be reduced to $100 in Prime Day / Black Friday deals, similarly the X2 and X2HR had a similar hefty discount. I'd say they're the best under $200 when they go on sale but I've not been able to try any of these 3 in person. The 58X sound a little too bass heavy and suppressed in the mids compared to the 6XX and 600 from oluv / clavinetjunkie's comparison

    33. Stallzyx

      The 58X seem veiled in the mids compared to the 6XX and HD 600 in oluv's comparison at the end of his 6XX video imo

      1. MERT DUNDAR

        i dont know what veiled is but they crazy in mid range. everything sounds so realistic that you dont listen music instead singer talks to you in real life.

    34. Alex

      If using any of these on a PC mostly for gaming would you need an amp?

      1. Jonathan Luttrell

        Most newer gaming motherboards come with decent onboard audio. The Realtek ALC1220 is pretty capable. I prefer my Creative Soundblaster Z to the Realtek Alc1220. It drives the 58x just a tad better. The 58x on my Pixel 3a needs 85-100% volume to sound good. Honestly for gaming the 58x they aren't better than my HD280 Pros, but they sure are comfier to wear. The 280 Pros have excellent imagining especially in Hunt Showdown/CSGO/Valorant. For music the 58x are much better. I just ordered a JDS Atom Dac/Amp. Overkill for the 58x, but I plan to get a pair of Hifiman Sundara soon to have a pair of planars in the collection.

      2. Jonathan Luttrell

        @ChillyRide 58x is 150ohm

      3. ChillyRide

        Nope u don't. They all 32 Ohm, any phone will play OK with them.

    35. Gamingfish

      I want the hd58x so bad but I can't get them because I live in Germany and I would have to pay alot of VAT and shipping costs ...

    36. Robert Lesmana

      M40x has better midrange than 58x

    37. C6

      This is just what I was looking for. Thanks!

    38. Amirhosein Herandy

      Until next week, my name is still Josh 🤣

    39. Cussy Richards

      Is bass better on SHP9600 or X2HR?

    40. Michael W

      Sorry but 9500 is a piece of crap. Almost no clamping force - headphones literally hanging on the top strap, very shallow ear cups - drivers will touch your ears. Sound quality - mediocre, will not amplify at all; Getting hot very fast. (for reference: my head and ears are medium size) I bought a pair yesterday and sent it back after one hour of testing. Not recommend.


      Once again a great video. And for this equipement to shine you need the right music. So all you music lovers pay a visit to our channel. High quality choices from every music genre.

    42. Michael W

      Thank you 💯 🙏🏻

    43. Kyle s

      Listening on the Fidelio x2hr I found this reviewer to the most sibilant.

    44. Kyle s

      His argument really leans toward the 58x. I own them. Things he didn't mention is ....You will want to modify them to actually get the sound he is talking about. All you really do is remove all the foam from them. And the earpads are total shit. Mine were already beginning to flatten after a couple months. The velour is also itchy and it is difficult to get after market pads that actually sound good on the 58x. I have no idea about the 9500s and the 9600s.

    45. Chazas

      Whats the intro song?

    46. Dr Cosmic

      Pretty good vid, Josh, I agree on most points. Sennys have no soundstage for gaming.

    47. pp312

      "They irritate my beard". Well, you know what to do about that, don't you? :)

      1. pp312

        @Deen eus Only if it's as easy and painless as cutting off your beard. :)

      2. Deen eus

        Hmm if they irritate your ear do you cut off your ear?

    48. Luca A.

      My dude said budget at 170 😭😭 Great video as always

    49. Randhika Ikra

      no big L R means no to me

    50. Stephan Boxie

      I’m on a budget but I bought the 9500s. I also just bought the creative sound blasterx g6 and would love your review on that budget dac

    51. NetherFlux

      Do another top 5 under 500

    52. kurt

      hi can you help suggest a amp for the HD58X i want to hear music in tidal HiFi. Im just getting into the HiFi audio world. hope you can help me thank you.

    53. Blue

      Sigva Phoenix!

    54. Jerry Mancini

      You can get the 58X for $150 a lot

    55. HiFiGO Audio

      Excellent video, do you think the SHP9600 scales as greatly as HD58x or HD6xx for that matter? I highly doubt that

    56. Andrey

      This! is the comparison I wanted to see when I heard about 9600, thanks!

    57. soulshinobi

      I just realized you have fewer than a quarter-million subs, and I'm incredibly angry about that.

    58. Robbie's Incoherent thoughts

      The 9500 is hot garbage .... Grainy AF The 58x impressed me for the price but just not for me ... I've Not heard the 9600

    59. Valmerix

      40 second ad before video lol

    60. musicx xa

      Try to get Beyer T1.3 for a review Josh. I think you will love it.

    61. BODEGA

      I have the 9500’s and the 58x. I use the 9500 for gaming because they are extremely easy to drive and the Xbox and PS drive them to uncomfortable levels of loud. The 58x I use for music with an amp because while they are easy to drive, using your phone leaves a little to be desired volume wise. The 9500’s are easy to add the mod mic boom so it’s a no brainer. While the 58x work well for gaming, adding a mod mic gets expensive.

    62. Towsif Shahriar Shovo

      Please review Sivga Phoenix, Zeos loves this headphone🙏😍😍

    63. Jonnathann Amorim

      Insanely awesome comparison review!

    64. Just another youtube user

      The 58x is just too much value to even consider other headphones at its price point.

    65. Haim Peretz

      I saw that you remove the pad from the grill in the 58x. Does your opinion is based after you remove or before?

    66. Usernamebreh

      Why didn’t you throw in the fidelio x2? It’s like 140

      1. My Name

        He doesn't prefer the extenuated bass response of the Fidelio. The X2HR is more of a specialized headphone that have practically unmatched bass response and sub-bass at the price, but that comes at the cost of a reduction in mids/vocals. Most reviewers seem to think the X2HR is the more fun sounding headphone though.

    67. Diego Lindner

      The amount of adjectives in this review is staggering. Good job sir

    68. USPATRIOT99

      Love some good ole headphone comparison videos. I know you have probably done so many you are running out but always appreciate them.

    69. Matt Farrar

      58Xs with a Little Dot MKii running GE JAN5654W's and man it's amazing, soundstage and bass is far better than I would have expected...

    70. Rodrigo Ambriz

      The B-roll on these videos is on point!

    71. Tarek M

      I love the 9500 in gaming and listening to podcasts. By a larrrge margin. Classical and female vocals obviously 58x I own both, why not! 😁 they're affordable

      1. antihero210

        Are the hd58x's not as great in gaming?

    72. Jesse O

      You need a Beyerdynamic Tygr300r review up :p asap

    73. Florida Peace Family


    74. Bilal Nadeem

    75. umitona

      Nice comparison. Makes me want HD58X.

    76. Jay G

      That treble response + soundstage and imaging of the 9500 is why i have it for gaming like Overwatch or COD. For music listening i shift to my X2HR. No reason to upgrade to the 9600 or even the X3 especially that i got the X2HR at 120 dollars new

      1. luigi pistelli

        do you like your x2hr?

    77. pliedtka

      Moded 58X like described by Solder Dude (4mm hole in felt glued to the back of the driver) which lowers the low mids-upper bass, and ladies stockings instead of foam on the front are the best cans someone can get for 170$. No other headphones up to 6XX can beat them in their midrange department.

    78. ratemo17

      Love your videos dude. They are so informative and they are helping me to learn alot about audio gear. Keep it up♥️

    79. Frederik Pedersen

      I would love more comparisons like this! The recommendations based on what music you listen to, or if you watch more movies or game more is excellent!

    80. Shreyas Mahimkar

      I don't know why but the 9500's look frickin amazing and those goofy L and R even make them better for some reason 😂

      1. ISM Gaming

        still love my shp9500

      2. Auphyx [Bruno Utech]

        i face it as a car with racing design lol

      3. JJ Cornelio


      4. Gavin Francis Jr.

        They're great i use them sooo much

      5. Joshua Sterling

        @Mikael Roman Dude you can get insane bass out of these headphones. Enough to tickle your ears. You need a lot of power and an eq like you said.

    81. Hamza Mehboob

      Great videos I was surprised by your number of subscriber , you should have reached millions by now judging by your content keep up the hardwork and you should reach it in no time

    82. Boorock70

      FYI most of the early adopters are re-selling their SHP9600s just because of that bass bloated mid-range... and commenting about how the bass just doesn't sound natural.

    83. Shehan Liyanage

      Could you do a video on the KISS modification done to a HD6xx/ HD650

    84. PC_Decisions

      You got me on "it erritates my beard"

    85. gogoawy

      Great video! I have both the 9500 and 660S and I love them both for how different and good they are :D

    86. Tyler Freedman

      Im stuck between the Sennheiser HD599 or the HD58X for my vinyl setup. Any suggestions? Thanks!

      1. Awkward Pizza Dude

        I know I'm a bit late, but just get the HD58X; they are much more detailed. The HD599 is more of a casual listeners headphone for general media consumption i.e. movies, games, etc.

    87. Jon_X9

      Anyone noticed the 9500 has channel imbalance at lower gain/amp volume (needs to be over 9:00 volume)? My Topping A90 has issues with it, yet has no problems with my other headphones that have similar impedance.

    88. Isaac L.

      The 58X is the most chill headphone, (or anything audio) I’ve ever heard. I still prefer the 558s for the better comfort, the bit of soundstage that just allows the separate instruments to have breathing room, and I prefer it’s portrayal of stringed instruments over the 58X. Great video as always.

    89. MrAhuraMazda187

      Buy a Koss Kph30i and save for a 6xx or better. You'll end up there anyway with all these collecting dust and you out $375 climbing this ladder. The 6xx is a gamechanger for value

    90. mick cleghoo

      Something I would like to mention if we're talking about the best headphones under $200. The DT 880, specifically the editions with EDT990VB pads. If you can find these they will essentially blow away the above mentioned headphones in all areas. Just need to find a good sale on them. I found mine for under $200 cad and they are the best value I've ever gotten on a headphone.

      1. pliedtka

        I would go for HD600, having DT880-600 and moded 58X. The Beyers are way too bright and lifeless in mids, but resolution is OK.

      2. mick cleghoo

        @Isaac L. Oh well they are a bit bright compared to something like the 650 but overall I prefer their sound. 650 is a completely different tuning. So much mids!

      3. Isaac L.

        And I definitely agree that they’re totally underrated for the price, just not my preferred sound signature... the specific ones I had anyway.

      4. Isaac L.

        Mine were the chrome edition. They had black pads. I mean they’re resolution was insane, it’s just that I didn’t use them enough to justify having them around.

      5. mick cleghoo

        @Isaac L. They have to have the EDT990VB model pads which are not the Silver pads on the DT880/DT990's.

    91. TrinoElrich

      Hey Josh, I've been around your channel for the last month and a half and have been loving the content. I'd still consider myself to be relatively new to the audio community, so, with that in mind: perhaps it's just my lack of exposure, but what exactly do you mean when you use the expression "finite," or "very finite"?

    92. N1ght13

      between the philips x2hr and the philips shp9600 which ones do you recomend? (the x2 are 125 euro and the 9600 90 euro)

      1. Isaac L.

        Depends what you want. Soundstage and Bass are the the X2s specialty: incredible for anything under $500. They’re quite extreme. If you don’t care for or want either, the 9600 will be the safer bet, better all around. I ended up using my X2s almost exclusively for movies and they own for that. Hope that’s helpful.

    93. Jayce Caro

      Great content man, you deserve more recognition and subs. Your camera, editing and voice work are all incredible

    94. VIILights

      4:32 a lot of people forget that when it comes to audio. If you enjoy it, nothing else matters!

    95. Rafael Tavares

      I need to watch this video again. It's really late and you go so deep that I get lost in thought. Very good video sir. Keep it up 💪🏿

    96. Zain Ali

      A great review and comparison as always.

    97. rage

      58x break the headphone economy under $200 (more tbh), I legit prefer mine to my hd600, similar but with decent bass and without the peaky higher mids... 9600 need to go under $100 to be a deal

      1. Daniel Garrido

        80 bucks now!

      2. Nomad Black

        Agreed. Only reason I haven't picked them up is because I refuse to pay $130. I'll keep to my 9500 until they come down $20-30.

      3. Jay G

        Yeah, Philips made a mistake in the pricing of the 9600 and the X3

    98. Antoine P

      9600 will be a better buy when the price starts dropping closer to USD$100. Has anyone here tried coffee filters (or felt?) in front of the SHP9500 driver to tame that spiky treble? They are so cheap when on sale I’m tempted to try a pair.

    99. Natansh Bajpai

      Great timing with the review, gotta get that black friday wishlist ready.

    100. rdyramos

      Sony 1000XM4 vs HiFiMan Diva