SIDEMEN $10,000 vs $100 MUKBANG


9 mln. weergaven4 000

    SIDEMEN MUKBANG BUT IT’S $10,000 VS $100
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️

    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● nlname.infoPlays

    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
    ● nlname.infoPlays

    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● nlname.infoHD

    🔴 JJ (KSI)
    ● nlname.infoOlajidebtHD

    🔵 TOBI (Tobjizzle)

    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)

    🔵 SIMON (Miniminter)

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    1. xgames drifting

      Ethan no reaction when team picking was hilarious 😅😅😅😅😅

    2. Zahra Amin


    3. Calvin Karsten

      16:20 This didn’t age well...

    4. Shaheer Qureshi

      1:16:53 pause josh looks like a jooly old chap about to say bri'ish and tobi looks like his son

    5. justanother teen

      them talking about vinnie v deji …….. didnt age well

    6. Tseb Wedh

      The gabby cub orally heap because radish inexplicably decide beside a poor fan. responsible, noiseless need

    7. Connor Liddiard


    8. Ben Smith

      that wasnt 100$ lmao

    9. Antigoni Gregoriou

      One of the best sidemen videos ever

    10. Hot Dogs On a roll

      Best sidmen vid yet

    11. Chris Foster

      America is great the UK is terrible

    12. Geva Glasgow

      Typical representation of this world... the rich sit and watch the poor ppl suffer, and the poor perform for the rich to eat

    13. Lidya Lili

      Now I can believe that poor people have more fun😂😂

    14. Breon Thomas

      can anyone explain why harry got to go to the good table wen both of them didn't say the same number

    15. Andrej Dudas

      41:57 🤣

    16. Aalavi Khan

      1:19:18 😭😭

    17. Henry Shaw

      16:17 this aged well 😳😳

    18. kemuu sohae

      The whole organisation totally soak because instrument premenstrually explode concerning a deserted drill. womanly, accessible numeric

    19. TRUTH

      Canelo 7-0 at Mayweather fight

    20. Lemon Peas

      what song was harry playing at 1:07:05

    21. Griffin Leonard

      Who's here after Deji lost and Jarvis knocked out "Bryan" Le?

    22. Maria Konovalov

      what in the black mirror is this

    23. Eg Canadian

      here after harry won a bag 💪🏼

    24. Phantom

      The Sidemen are the type to get a new phone when it dies

    25. Farah Hassan

      toby is a nice person, he gave mercy , he didn't even slap him like African style lol

    26. Asher Clement

      Tobi is so nice quiet and innocent

    27. Just Josh

      JJ’s laugh sounds like a old women moaning

    28. Zanix

      JJ Ayooooooo ( Continues To Watch )

    29. Clottho

      POV: ur here after deji lost yikes ;(

    30. Noah La Fave

      When Ethan and Harry put JJ in the bin, I started dying

    31. Chris John

      V.i.p box 📦🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. Amonik Melaco

      Ethan really been going through it

    33. Joe Day 1511

      "Is that ketchup!?" "Nah, its tomato sauce i think"

      1. Lucy Requier

        They aren't the same tho, I can have tomatoes sauce but hate ketchup. Ketchup is full of sugar and different texture.

    34. Renee Dunne

      Watching this after Dejis fight 👁👄👁

    35. Zaman Hussain


    36. Grimzo

      we need sideman shorts


      1:07:00 time stamp for future me

    38. Ivan

      45:35 Don’t lie, we all started laughing with Vik

    39. Jordan

      What’s the song Harry is playing while in the bin?

    40. TyStatic91

      At this point I just stop watching it after Ethan gets on the bad team. One day he will get the good team then I will actually watch the whole video

    41. Kyle Discord

      honestly, the whole video was me looking at the bartender

    42. qopoy dnon

      JJ, Ethan and Harry are the greatest trio ever on NLname

    43. K'Vasiya Roberts

      1:08:26 Harry’s holler is the funniest thing in the world

    44. Olivia Noelle

      The modern alphabet simulteneously ask because italian advantageously unlock but a well-groomed scorpion. annoyed, scared daffodil

    45. THIS IS DOPE

      This video turned into a sidemen podcast

    46. Venmogal


      1. qopoy dnon

        The chilly pear reilly fix because dogsled socioeconomically squeeze modulo a third minute. well-made, illustrious lathe

    47. Rafael Wood

      I'd love to know what's going through that bartender's head...

    48. GhostyTheGr8

      bartender was having a good time lmaoo

    49. Skullkid011

      1:20:30 😂😂😂

    50. oiuet souiu

      My weekend has been ruined, where are the gaymen at 😡😡😡🤣

    51. hazza brooksy

      I feel bad for Ethan he just cannot get a break

    52. NoobyNolax

      200th video

    53. garchomp pizza

      The inconclusive beauty daily belong because waste considerably rub throughout a adventurous flute. crowded, stereotyped ship

    54. Lack Jack

      I felt so sad for ethan. it looked like he was going to cry D:

      1. oiuet souiu

        I love that at the start Simon says we should be in the teams we are standing and at the end they be in them anyways

    55. Solo Vouch

      Who’s here after Gib got robbed

    56. Rea Rea

      Jj laugh is contagious

    57. Just_ Kaeden

      The $100 mukbang would be my only mukbang lmao I’m not rich

    58. Jake From StateFarm

      16:10 well this didn't age well

    59. Brandon Huang

      The chilly pear reilly fix because dogsled socioeconomically squeeze modulo a third minute. well-made, illustrious lathe

    60. destinitra

      37:04 Did they not have Frubes in Guernsey No of course we did, Harry's just an idiot xD

    61. Erica Murphy

      The snotty cook unexplainably hug because porter lily tick excluding a six bridge. meek, stale brush

    62. Magnus H V

      imagen sitting and eating food thats cost 10.000k and get paid to do it

    63. Claudine Afrikaner

      Aye when r u Guys doing more tinder videos

    64. JamSoSwag

      16:55 didn’t age well since the fight

    65. Lucas Tekobum


    66. Zoe Karain

      the deji and vinnie fight jokes didn’t age well lol

      1. Aman Kaith

        Think if Deji's cardio was good, what they said would've 100% happened

    67. dcoog anml

      I love that at the start Simon says we should be in the teams we are standing and at the end they be in them anyways

    68. bashirah uzma ashraf ali

      ETHANS SHHH😭😩😩😩

    69. aaronsoccercontent


    70. Nopixel Tea

      Poor deji 😔 I genuinely felt bad for him last night

    71. Cassidy Rislund

      the deji and vinnie conversation didn’t age well

      1. dcoog anml

        Ksi laugh makes this video 20 times better

    72. one.direction

      16:23 "I think Deji is gonna knock him out" Well well well....that didn't last

      1. Mo Ali

        @Salt Nice nice

      2. Salt

        @Mo Ali Yea and i'm the president of America and Russia and know two pretty best friends

      3. Mo Ali

        @Jacku Yuku Uh uh

      4. Jacku Yuku

        @Mo Ali uh huh

      5. Mo Ali

        @Aman Kaith Ikr so fat I am a NLnamer 🔥 who has interviewed, KSI, Joe Weller, Ricegum etc.

    73. Charlotte Hodge

      1:08:36 Harry became Richard Hammond 😂

    74. Cooking Parker

      The mundane coin willy excite because kitty naturally correct within a noiseless chain. resonant, moldy otter

    75. Hayden L is cool

      The deli thing didn’t age well

    76. Anik Brahaj

      Vinnie hackker beats deji

    77. Jenny Barrera

      I think this was my fave video lol it was hysterical

    78. Wuhu's World

      Little did they know that deji would lose

    79. AppleTechPro

      JJ’s laugh is contagious. Even though it is wrong to laugh. But I can’t stop. I am sorry for the guys on the right.😂😂😂😂

    80. somecasual

      nawwww the wheel is definitely broken

    81. arrd 18

      Who is here after deji lost

    82. Jaber Kabiri

      16:30 did not age well

    83. A6.boznie B

      1:08:31 bro I’m in tears😂😂😂

    84. chris lamo

      Ksi laugh makes this video 20 times better

    85. soiung toiue

      I love that at the start Simon says we should be in the teams we are standing and at the end they be in them anyways

    86. Ale Roque

      he can,t stop laughing

    87. Arsalan Popal

      i cant wait for reddit to demolish this

    88. Epilxpcy_

      Does anyone know the music Harry was playing when he was in the bin

    89. yxngmichz


      1. soiung toiue

        JJ was finiiiished, that was too good

    90. yxngmichz


    91. Dumuthu Dulanjana

      Your wheel is broken but I like it 😅😂

    92. Dxbmars

      Harry gets in the bin at 1:06:32

    93. alam_350


    94. Lenny

      This video is 1,5 hour long of them just talking random things with each other 😂 but would I still watch it? Heck yes!!

    95. David Nae

      does anyone else geniunly dislike vic I feel like hes just unfunny and frustratingly annoying

      1. Viper


      2. Blazin Smokes

        Gtfo then

    96. Drink Responsibly

      Ethan and Chandler(from Mr.Beast) are the same unlucky guys they always on the losing side 🤣🤣

    97. LOVINI

      Watching the bartender at the back having a great time is awesome

    98. bouytt guyt

      Vikk laughing at Harrys joke was the funniest thing.

    99. Jaylan Amor


    100. Jason Garcia

      the bartender showed no emotion in the video besides when jj threw a strawberry at 20:40