Skip disagrees Westbrook is the 2nd-best PG ever: 'I can't put him above Magic' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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    After last night's 154-141 victory over the Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks called Russell Westbrook the second-best point guard in NBA history behind Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson. Westbrook scored 14 points, but also racked up 21 rebounds and 24 assists. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss Brooks' comments and share each of their choices as the second greatest point guard of all time.

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    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    Skip disagrees Westbrook is the 2nd-best PG ever: 'I can't put him above Magic' | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. happy face

        @Willie Paul lol.... Ask Mike how "easy" it was to score... That's when defenses could actually hurt people Nd get away with it. Russ would have been average.

      2. Willie Paul

        Russ would have had 6 rings and 9 triple doubles seasons if he would have played in the 80's for the Lake show. This what I think

      3. happy face

        @Blue Lives Murder John Stockton MADE Malone

      4. FreedomFighter2112

        Curry has 7 lifetime Triple-Doubles, Westbrook has 180. Curry is a better shooter but Westbrook is a better all-around player. As for their career averages, Westbrook has averaged more Rebounds, more Assists, more Steals, and more Blocks than Curry. Most surprisingly, Curry has only averaged 1 more point per game than Westbrook.

      5. Charles Moore

        Can't vote for anything fox

    2. emory diallo

      And AI classified as a 2

    3. emory diallo

      At least Shannon put him the top 5 cuz anything other than that too me is just blasphemous

    4. Alexander Douma

      Pistons Isiah Thomas is my choice

    5. Vernetta Sword

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    6. lucascale2106

      Westbrooks not even top 3 point guard of his time, he cant even tie CP3 or Stephs shoe laces

    7. ggg hhh

      I’ll take Magic, Stockton, Curry, Kidd, Nash over westbrick Edit: and Chris Paul

    8. chrono trigger

      The flat eyelash progressively suspend because promotion amazingly chase round a poor age. unknown, garrulous harmony

    9. Michelangelo.勝

      cp3 > russ

    10. Theodor Dinu

      Russ is not even on Dame's on Earth can he be no.2 greatest PG EVER?!?

    11. Navi

      If rus was 6'9 he would be the best player

    12. Derek Hovland

      He's a individual type player but winning is what matters not just your personal stats!

    13. Deus ALEX

      Westbrick is still over rated

    14. liandriunreal

      russ isn't even top 5 best pg of all time wtf is this

    15. Count Dregon

      Stockton >Westbrook. So far

    16. Flyhr

      Give me Chris Paul over Westbrook any day. Neither have a championship but CP3 is the far better player. Westbrook isn't even in my top 6 Point Guards. You could probably argue more players over Westbrook like Cousy or Nash as well but I won't argue that. 1. Magic 2.Curry 3. Big O 4. CP3 5. Isiah 6. Stockton... etc Russell Westbrook's basketball playstyle DOES NOT lead to wins.

    17. David Do

      The selfish archer prospectively remain because james normally smash athwart a instinctive marimba. descriptive, ignorant line

    18. Thiago Moraes

      The amount of disrespect with Stockton and The Big O. is staggering. How on earth he is better than than those 2??

    19. chase

      kendrick percocet was a better point guard than westbrik and the man wasnt even a point guard 😂😂😂😂😂

    20. chase

      what has westbrook done to warrant being in this discussion? 😂😂😂 rondo is 10x the point guard and player westbrook ever was. you could never even say westbrook was the best pg at any time in his career 😂😂😂😂 get tfOOOOHHHHHH


      I’m a Russ fan to the death but this is just not true 💯

    22. Jean Jacques

      Did Steve Nash not exist?

    23. Isaac Howard

      AI is better than RB. Put RB against Shaq, I don’t think he’ll win one game in the finals.

    24. Anthony Clay

      Westbrook is very much underrated I believe the guy is did it in two errors he's the iron Man I mean come on guys he just surpassed one of the things that would never supposed to be surpassed if he is not in the league for the best ever than he is most definitely number two


        He's got no rings.... can't shoot free throws....

    25. Flakex3

      Are they serious? I can name so many point guards better than Russ.. Magic, Isaiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson, Steph Curry, John Stockton, Jerry West, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Allen Iverson.......

    26. Dexter Srogan

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    27. Janet Jones

      The far bail dolly cheat because option immediately embarrass out a fresh singer. witty, chubby attack

    28. Stan Marsh

      I kinda hate how Skip always hyped for Russ but just like anyone else on tv he has to dis the man and say he cannot win just like everyone do. People gotta appreciate Russ always been that dude and If he woulda left OKC for GS he'd have rings just like KD do

    29. Jeffrey Maglowski

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    30. skyler hu

      The wiggly christopher chiefly report because bubble possibly agree near a creepy recess. minor, large argument

    31. Surjan Rai

      Stephen curry Anyone. The guy is kinda good

    32. C Blas

      Cp3. Magic. Stockton. Issaih

    33. Trey Faircloth

      Chris Paul is the best true point guard to ever touch a basketball 😤

    34. Arthur Poulson

      Damn they just skip Zeek.

    35. Georgie Merm

      People are just picking their favorite players that's fuckn stupid, Nobody can do what The king 🤴Russell Westbrook did..Wer not gonna see next Westbrook forever..Step Curry can only shoot how can you 2 stupid man put him over Russ??! Russell is da best player on this fuckn planet nobody can do triple double like him,even Jordan, kobe, LeBron, they cannot play and get triple double like Russell.. Russell is da fuckn BEST player on this fuckn planet Period!!!

    36. chris bloomfield

      I paused it within one second....and the Cowboys were brought up five times.

    37. Willie Paul

      If russ was on the 80's Lakers he would have had 12 triple doubles seasons with 6 rings. Why I say that he's a run and gun. That's Lakers showtime game plan every night

      1. William Alequin

        Doesn't have the basketball IQ for it.

    38. 24xv555

      Magic Stockton Curry

    39. Ramon Burton

      I will put Russ over Steph as a point guard but not as a player overall career-wise.

    40. Robert Cooper

      Nahh bro

    41. Lamoni Mita

      People need to put respek on J Kidd name.

    42. Bababooey

      Bro they really tryna get him into the top 3 becaude of stats? He was never the best player on a team that had home court advantage in the playoffs and chucked up the worst shots possible in his prime. Magic Curry Kidd Oscar Robertson Stockton Nash Detroit Isaiah all over him except maybe kidd

    43. Jah Tillah

      A convo with Westbrook/kd/Steph/or warriors and kd joining the warriors always comes up lmfao

    44. GreenFridays

      KD didn't want the ball in game 7 against the Warriors. End of story.

    45. Anbesa25

      Russ not better than Damian lilliard

    46. T Nelson

      Russ isnt even in the top 10 for me. He has so much talent but I dont think he runs a offense efficiently. Magic, Curry, Nash, Robertson, Stockton, Thomas, Paul, Kidd, Lillard are all better in my mind.

    47. Fox5Manny

      Russell the second best pg? Ratio

    48. Greatness

      Curry greatest point y is we still debating

    49. hp youtube

      So everyone really forgot to mention Chris Paul

    50. Brandon Sba1990

      Russ is a work horse but he isn't even in my top 5.

    51. ineedmore15

      It's been awhile but I think russ is about to finally figure out how to win.

    52. Moisty Mer-man

      Russell Westbrook is not a champion yet. Put him on a good team and he'll be up there with Magic.

    53. Adam Neto

      Skip Bayless gets paid to roll a dice, pick a basketball take, and yell in front of a tv audience

    54. ThreeDWolves

      So we like to forget about wilt

    55. W C

      Kyle Lowry is a better pg than Russ

    56. fbi taha

      Stockton > Westbrook

    57. home9dog2blue

      I'd put Westbrook maybe in top 10 but not top 5. Magic Johnson, Steph Curry, John Stockton, Jason Kidd, and Isaiah Thomas all gotta come before him.

    58. home9dog2blue

      Curry and Magic and Isaiah Thomas all come before him

    59. peterhaslund

      Magic made everybody better.

    60. PowerHouse Watson


    61. Dave Lim

      Stats won't win championship

    62. Robin Durand

      john stockton, jason kidd, isiah thomas, gary payton, stephen curry and steve nash are all easily above westbrook (of course magic anjd oscar robertson also are)

    63. The Best Stuff On YouTube

      He can’t touch Steph

    64. R.A. nixon

      If u can't beat'em join'em🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. Chad Ebling

      Even in the league right now he’s barely top 10

    66. Chad Ebling

      One of the best stat fillers of all time. But a track record of making teams worse. For that reason he’s outside the Top 25

    67. Ismail Samatar

      Give Jason Kidd and Chris Paul over Russel Westbrook anyday

    68. Spencer Jameson

      U cant be the greatest pg and cant shoot.....

    69. רותם פלס

      Not above Curry, Cp3, John Stockton, Gary Payton and Isiah Thomas either

    70. Waur Dhie Waurchei

      9:00 Lol did Shannon just undetected say he’s never seen such a great team performance led by Russell Westbrook?

    71. KebabJoe

      Ofc you can't put Westbrook over Magic if you are going to throw in the playoffs and championships, but if you were to compare those two players without the playoff and championship scene Westbrook is miles ahead

    72. ₛₕₑₗᵤᵥₚᵣₑₛₜₒₙ

      I agree with with shannon Steph is easily there

    73. Ralph D

      Anyone who watched basketball or understand the game on a deeper level .., Russ is a beast .. stats freak .. BUT NOT A TRANSCENDING player !!!! He can’t adjust in the playoffs time !! Why do y’all think he never won ??? He had too many chances !!

    74. Drockthegamer 215

      Iverson is a combo guard and more of a shooting guard

    75. gary harris

      Forgetting about J Kid

    76. Ron Palomeno

      Steph gets doubled almost every single possession. Which benefits Draymond’s assist nos. most of the time. 😁

    77. The Bammy TV Show

      Westbrook is not even near da top 5. not responsible enough to be considered a top 2 point.

    78. Focus0828

      Russ not even in the top 15 PGs of all time. I don't care how many triple dubs he gets. Discussing top 2? Waste of time. He has negative basketball IQ

    79. Charlie Poirier

      It's weird watching the world finally embrace Russ. Like he was a top 10 PG contender for _years_ to anyone who was watching free of ridiculous bias

    80. Try not to get angry

      Y’all sleep on the Big O he the second best Pg ever

    81. Joshua Pendergrass

      Russ ain’t better then Steph, noooo way. Russ different though

    82. TH23

      Agree with who?

    83. Young O414

      steph slow asfff lmaoooo u get half!!! uget half!!!

    84. Fuck Shit

      He not even top 10😒

    85. vayahoo

      Heck idk if i even put Westbrook over John Stockton. The numbers is a little inflated because of the era and rules change that favor the offensive player. No chance Westbrook get these number in the hand check day

    86. what other food? Fish

      Russell Westbrook doesn't win championships. Nothing else to talk about.

    87. Rachel Kessinger

      Westbrook hasn't jumped Stockton, Thomas, Curry or West

      1. iWillRateYou

        Or Derrick Rose

    88. Daniel Jarrett

      Russ a unicorn! Dude might be best point guard! But the teams he going up against are small dynasty's! Single handed he can do everything as a point so (individual)so..........🏂

    89. Keefey Tho

      Steph Curry is the best PG that I’ve seen in my lifetime as a 25 year old.

    90. Dovahkiin

      westbrook isnt top 5

    91. Byambadorj Dashdorj

      John Stockton might just be the most underrated player. Even after leading all-time assist & steal by huge margin and still barely gets mentioned in best PG conversation.

    92. Guilherme Pozzer

      Great numbers, no impact when matters the most.

    93. Dylan Crenshaw

      The disrespect on the point god's name... Smh

    94. Dudie Tokyo

      Russ isn’t a top 10 PG of all time tf is this cap 😹😹😹😹😹

    95. Some guy

      Yeah Shannon, you’re right. A.I wasn’t supposed to be in that finals series against the Lakers. It should have been the bucks. 😂

    96. Simple Me

      This Skip is really downplaying Steph’s greatness that’s why I don’t believe most of what he’s saying because he’s straight up blind as long as he doesn’t like the player! Duh Skip! Skip us stat padding that’s why he has that number, he doesn’t care too much about team accolades he will put his personal stats first - with Russ’ triple double tear and Beal’s scoring they should be on a higher standings but they are not again because of personal accolades... sorry that’s just really how I see it 🤷🏻‍♀️

    97. Simple Me

      Thanks Shannon! Totally agreed with you!

    98. Rudy Mechekoff

      Wilt Chamberlain played harder. Dude put in 48.5mpg 50.4ppg 25rpg IN CONVERSE! Give him todays shoes he's averaging 150mpg. Dude would play 3 games in 1 night.

    99. JNY 69420

      Tony Parker??😂😂😂 gtfoh Skip

    100. Mister Clutch

      Fellows... We're sleeping on Westbrook for MVP this season.