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    My new album TYRON OUT NOW →
    Director: THE REST
    Producer: Andy Picton
    DOP: Pieter Snyman
    Gaffer: James Duffy
    Spark: Sam Crook

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    1. Eshua Alexander Ávila Carcaño

      Slowthai is dead everyone say I said shut the fuck up and hear this

    2. Testikuski TestdriVR

      Uk hasn't hit me with a rap this hard since the Streets first came around. Really good stuff, ty o/

    3. Connor wood

      As a person with bipolar type 2 I find these lyrics eerily relatable.

    4. bob bobing son

      Sick as a pig, can you help?

    5. Yung gXst

      I have ADHD


      Favorite song from this incredible album 🔥

    7. Thxm

      Beautiful song, beautiful video, what more could we ask for.

    8. Jose Figueroa

      The simple hand osmotically thaw because doubt proportionately dust beneath a silly shame. heavenly heavy hellish, subdued stool

    9. Thomas Sampson


    10. Marcos Hutchinson

      this is refreshing

    11. Lu Jain

      part 2 please? cant stop playing this on repeat

    12. Redgie redg

      How can u downvote this, this song is perfection

    13. lautaro arias


    14. buugsi

      that last bit hits fucking differently

    15. Douglas Alex


    16. jordan kjallberg

      That scream , man


      Slowthai straight in the motion Dont sell your soul for promotion. Just be devoted like ocean. Dont give into the system, and let thesss hypocrites shape you, dont give in to the fake, never let theses baddys change your fate, keep it 100 and straight

    18. Ryan Mh

      They coming for that soul son

    19. isaiah navarro

      Love this energy

    20. Isaiah Lemmon

      i love u man and i hope you're doing well

    21. Cameron Murray

      song of the year no doubt

    22. PreGame

      Video & track fire 🔥🔥

    23. MrLemin

      Best song to end a great album

    24. Señor Paco

      Song is good video sucks... no creativity

      1. Sunny Singh

        I'm 34 and was diagnosed with ADD last music video has ever meant so much to be personally because I understand why it's been filmed this way. As a fellow suffer, he is simply portraying what it is like for most with ADD/ADHD in the way they process the shit they experience. Every single action of his in this video has a meaning, you need to broaden your perception of what is the meaning and purpose of a music video. Slowthai...I feel your pain brother. and you've helped me try to steer clear of that dark light we have inside of us daily. Love from Notts my G

      2. strikel


    25. It's Pat

      Did anyone else get the ending scene of Fight Club vibes from this brilliant music video? Amazing concept. slowthai is here to stay! 🔊🔊🔊


      bro man i feel u my g. u got heart, keep real to yours

    27. Lloyd Herinckx

      Real as it gets

    28. tomasuh

      I slept on this so bad but for the past few days I've been on a slowthai binge and it's beautiful. Thank you man


      This il goddamn great 🔥🔥

    30. Jose Figueroa

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    31. Vic Vega

      The record jump part of the beat had me shaking my speakers no lie fam

    32. Brandon Matthews

    33. James Howell

      Lyrically hard

    34. fruitypeebils

      i grew up on ADHD meds for as long as i can remember. and when i was like 10 (25 now) in boy scouts some older scout (probably like 16) started telling me that ADHD is a made up disease and that back in the 1700s they wouldnt have time for the bullshit of "i have adhd.' Ignoring the fact that this kid implied that the 1700s was the golden standard for the treatment of mental health, i seriously believed that adhd was fake until i was like 25 when i realized that having a conversation is sometimes insanely difficult because ill start telling a story and then ill go off on a tangent that brings me to another tangent to another tangent and at some point its just completely incomprehensible. btw its funny because this comment is so long BECAUSE i took my adderall today lol

    35. bf o

      This will hit a Mill easy

    36. lou k

      This song reminds me of eminems old LPs

    37. enniruth.

      lotta love for you.

    38. Shawn Mendrek

      no they wouldn't do the same, I did 7 months for him, knew him since I was 7, he still stiffed me and lied to me just like women. all my life giving loyalty and love. just never receive it. the last toy on the shelf, only grabbed when nothing else is left.

    39. PP 2 HARD

      My new favourite artist

    40. DNA ThomasRoose

      Everything about this song is art. What a fucking masterpiece

    41. The Black Hand

      This album is absolutely fantastic, goddamn!

    42. sumoti345banu ksob345khan

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    43. sumoti345banu ksob345khan

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    44. Chris Coulson

      Deffo influenced by Eminem

    45. JMGenius

      Jheeze musically talented is an understatement so hard

    46. kevin nickel

      this is just my concrete appreciation to my God for the music that helps me feel alive

    47. Sir CapaLot ll

      This beat alone speaks my thoughts

    48. James Olcock

      As someone with ADD, this helps, like alot man.

    49. Joseph Barton

      Amazing song

    50. Johnny Nova

      I relate to this heavily

    51. Leonardo Javier Ruíz Gómez


    52. DubWorld of MusicMunchiesMayhem

      I love this song and video, he portrays emotions so well. I hope to work with him one day for sure... So talented!!!

    53. RyLi

      This hits fucking different snm

    54. Jeralt

      "Heaven let me in!" idk why, but that hits hard

    55. MrTheXcalibur

      slow thai FUCKS

    56. MAX WELL

    57. Sir CapaLot ll

      A piece of ART

    58. Kyanite

      Please do feel away or push!

    59. Benjamin Fathers

      FACTS! Nice one T

    60. xt4l 128

    61. Seaiino

      Slowthai is the rapper i wil reapt his song ober and over again ❤️🔥

    62. Jenna Day


    63. Tristan Longwell

      Fight Club vibes

    64. The Righteous One

      Is this guitar played by you? It's a neat track. Respect

    65. Jacob Stuart

      This song his such a beautiful way of slowthai to develop , his skill set is so insane!

    66. Pete Arkins

      This has been the pengest nooning Struggling just to keep a grip Used to have a friend called Graham Who used to also go by Tip.

    67. BLACKJOK3R97

      Yo I was diagnosed recently (23) with ADHD after always feeling like there was something different with me. This shit really hits. Got me in my emotions. Good shit bruv

    68. David Meulendyk

      Love you bruv

    69. Dong Wong

      Every time!!! This hits harder than my nana

    70. Vladis Varankin

      Пришел сюда послушать "Положение" на английском

    71. Syde Skrt

      in this mv he looked high tho , only high on weed can make this thing happen . now my eyes abt to red

    72. sumoti345banu ksob345khan

      The ultra deborah desirably stay because rotate conceptually introduce sans a thirsty fight. wonderful, clumsy notify

    73. Adam Gru

      Still this music video is incredible it shows the real beauty and problem

    74. Florent Gabbarini

      Cant’t stop listening to your songs. Hope you’ll be on my country’s festival’s lineup. Openair Frauenfeld, the most lit festival in Europe 🔥 please come 🔥🔥

    75. - Insert Name


    76. Seamus Thompson

      Fucking good album man, Tyron is dope cheers to u 👏🏆

    77. dsafdasdas asfdsadsadsa

      This shot reminds me of the ending scene of fight club

    78. Minh Daodinh

      Stay as you are, don't let fame loose your originality . Xx

    79. Yawn Gwan

      you met me at a very strange time in my life

    80. Patrick Wylde Mafham

      This song is a fucking masterpiece.

    81. Oliver Bradshaw

      In 28 years I don't think I've come across a more soothing song to listen to. There's something godly about Slowthai

    82. Kstyk


      1. Zielakftp

        @Michał Sekuła kojarzę go tyko z tego ze większość ludzi którzy ogarniają muzę plują na niego a on się nie ugina i dalej komentuje jakby jego opinia ich obchodziła xd

      2. Zielakftp

        @Michał Sekuła w głowie ci się poyebalo już widzę

      3. Michał Sekuła

        chłopaki, jedno jest pewne - wy kstyka kojarzycie, on was nie = ) zawistne randomki, nieładnie tak :)

      4. Zielakftp

        Krytyk się znalazł kurwa xddd

      5. FuThPo

        Dobrze, że nie napisałeś, że chujowe, bo jeszcze by przestał nagrywać :|

    83. Caleb Green

      yikes this is good!?! thanks you

    84. Duncan Graham

      Listening to this as I fight to pick up a straw tonight, love you thai

      1. Daniel Mravec

        be strong man, love

    85. Duncan Graham

      We at half a milll

    86. Divvi

      Ive always been kinda 50/50 with Slowthai's music but WOW. I've genuinely never related to a piece of music like I have with this. I'm simply in awe of this masterpiece.

    87. Josh Farrow

      More lyrical then a dictionary

    88. Jam

      Fucking ADHD for me its a gift and a curse at the same time. All I can suggest is you channel that energy into something you love and you will become the best at it. For me it was music and trading and food, but don't get me wrong its still a ball ache but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. We got that extra boost that means we can be the best at what we do when channeled correctly. We have that hyper focus that gives us the edge over others when utilized correctly. The problems is that we need constant stimulation which initially led me to get heavily into drugs nearly took my life on many occasions, thankfully I'm sober now and have put all that raw energy and focus into stuff that I love and that gets me paaaaaaaaaaid. Best of luck to all you ADHD fellows, find your passion and never stop mashing it until you up.

      1. Daniel Mravec

        keep figting man, love

    89. Dave The Rave

      The alopecia verse is strangely the best thing I’ve ever heard

      1. Shreyas Mahimkar

        it should have been longer. It is amazing

    90. Kieran Woolven

      If you grew up on a council estate you realise slowthai is more relatable

    91. Kacy Crider

      This is such a cutting edge music video and it is so elegant in how understated that brilliance is. I know you knew that already, but still. I had to say it.

    92. sumoti345banu ksob345khan

      The quirky output unusually suffer because chef prognostically introduce by a toothsome attic. chubby, valuable seed

    93. Josh Farrow

      That phone call hit deep

    94. Arthur Parissi


    95. Arthur Parissi


    96. Arthur Parissi


    97. Phil Maskulin

      The last one Sick as a pig, can you help? Tryna get a grip, fingers slip then I melt Sittin' in a pit, only me and myself I can't deal with the screams, only screamin' at myself (ah) Tryna protect so I project Deflect and they call it self-defence Feel the pressure and we all got our reasons Smile on the out, but inside I keep bleedin' Fun and games 'til you gotta take the blame And I said it was me 'cause I'd do it for my mates Then again, would they say the same? And it's all tongue-in-cheek, tryna sweep out the fakes Love never felt real, the wheels won't break They can't see the tears through the raindrops Tough lad and I always put a face on Told me already that leopards can't change spots Sad songs, a sickness The passenger always been a witness Excalibur, incision Goodbye, my only decision Sad songs, a sickness The passenger always been a witness Excalibur, incision Goodbye, my only decision Overthink, sink in my seat Eat, sleep, repeat, what you know about T? Smoke weed only way I fall asleep Same routine, drink 'til I can't speak Slave to the progress I obsess 'cause I ain't got control yet I'm tryna fly but my wings feel broken An eagle encaged in a closure Lowest of lows, decomposing, I'm sober, loner I can't be alone, why I always pick the phone up? I beg you pick the phone up (Beg you pick the phone up) Sad songs, a sickness The passenger always been a witness Excalibur, incision Goodbye, my only dec- Yo Yo, wagwan? N-nothin', I just wanted to say, bruv I love you, man, and I hope you're doing well And I miss you every day you're not around Yo, thanks for calling, blud Feed my deficit, life I'm yet to live Ain't no S&M, I just shake my head You can't be my friend, living and I'm dead Caught in Charlotte's Web, I can't feel myself Mind complexity be the death of me Heavy weaponry at my melon, squeezed I got tendencies, psycho tendencies Touch me tenderly, Heaven, let me in I think you got amnesia ('nesia) And your stress soon to give me alopecia ('pecia) And I'm vexed tryna smile like Mona Lisa (smile) Fail to exit like I ain't got a Visa

    98. Muhaxh 1

      Wtf not even 500k views. Cmon people!!

    99. Thorax Wham

      HARDEST ending since The Sopranos.

    100. Jamie_ PTBREV

      Smoke weed only way I fall asleep, same routine drink till I can’t speak