913K weergaven261


    1. SDSUBaller 13

      Do rocket league but it’s golf

    2. Annie Loewen

      The intro is nice!

    3. Itsyaboicaleb31

      yo i got the same b-day

    4. H1PN0515

      Leth:*starts talking* Also Leth: hits n insane ground pinch and keeps talking

    5. Michael Ellerton

      Why aren't yous in a discord party

    6. Rambha Devi


    7. Klever Avila

      The third avenue impressively cough because jewel expectably wipe minus a drunk reaction. bawdy, lean octagon

    8. Richard Rodriguez Sanchez the 3rd

      Damn leth got bad

    9. Silence

      7:55 Recover.exe has stopped working

    10. nikicolers2

      No hate or anything but I think this is fake

    11. Vicky Fairclough

      Leth makes good content

    12. Sebastian Nunez

      Bruh musty had chat on team the whole time

    13. CJ Barlow

      New word in dictionary pop

    14. CJ Barlow


    15. Phoenix -484

      7:55 how the hell he keep that going!!!

    16. Fire One

      Subscribe to thedankeatooor! Search up “I played ROBLOX WIPEOUT! | I had to RECONNECT!

    17. Loony

      leth, can i have the beats name you used around the 16:10 mark.. it goes so hard!

    18. Christian Elisha

      Musty is the bump/demo king.

    19. Doms Autistic

      Is leth GOD

    20. pettraca

      7:53 evample moment

    21. snehith vlogs

      Is he ex-pro or pro?

    22. Jacob Rogers

      Mustyyyyyyyyy is pro

    23. Baylee Stroud

      Can we just talk about how good the intro is

    24. Calx


    25. Rudy Berrios

      what does it mean when they ask for a sign

    26. Cyperkill

      Tristin is best

    27. amir jackson

      11:13 it sounds like he’s relieved you to trust me... as you should 😎

    28. L3-_-Lightning

      Kahiju is my brothers friend he was in the finals

    29. Cthack1127

      wait who is the ex pro

    30. Soto x deku


    31. Maine_

      plat gamplay but on drugs

    32. Lightning Shock437

      Sunless really thought lol

    33. Crumzy RL

      congrats on 1mil🔥🔥

    34. Stephen Woodward

      yall are all goated holy cow underated

    35. Ryan Owen

      Ur not a pro

    36. Mikkel Pinholt

      Congrats with the 1 mil. Keep up the good work

    37. Chaos Flame11

      Got a discord?

    38. Xander Veal

      Leth: getting so close on an insane celling shot Also Leth: messing up a wave dash

    39. Jamie the gamer

      You have 1 mil man

    40. Angel Rivera

      Leth’s laugh makes me smile every time😁

    41. Aion

      Love your vids 😁 You have the most funny content and your coaching helped me get to diamond 2 😀

    42. aiman broer

      It looks so satisfying how leth plays

    43. exquensive

      make that man eat a shoe ps- love ur vids bro

    44. Bradyn Butler

      Says ping is bad when I almost always have 80 or above 😂😂😂

    45. Noah Christensen

      Ayyy my brith Day is march 31 first

    46. Lucas Torok

      Aaa I am pickles and that was a good game

    47. samurai kiwi

      I love the intro

    48. Dave “daveyboy001” 01

      7:55 what the actual hell

    49. Hubert Lemay

      Hey! Congrats for 1M! Love the content btw ❤️

    50. Cool Kid

      You are a traitor for the pitspurge knights

    51. Maarten Keus

      Sub pro sounds like he's almost a pro or a pro at youtube or some sht

    52. filip donut

      tristn, musty and lethamyr are the best trio.

    53. Karina Lyne

      Y no vc???

    54. LucaT420

      Wait how come leth is no longer a pro

    55. Ayden Causey

      congrats on 1 mill leth you deserve everyone one of those subbed congratulations ❤️

    56. starx360

      Congratulations on 1m

    57. tiernan mcglynn

      Ngl let’s could go pro again and easily slap


      1MMMM CONGRATS🎊❤️❤️❤️

    59. Virecy

      leth ur an amazing content creator. keep it up.

    60. Scott Erlano

      Sunless khan now has to eat a shoe

    61. Velocitygravy

      The people that dislike his vids have no taste and just hate rocket league 😒

    62. Joshua Jones

      Congrats on 1 mil man. Also ur so good still. Top 10 in the world.

    63. Tonye Anabraba

      go eat a shoe sunless

    64. Tonye Anabraba

      hbd in advance. I will keep training to become an ssl . I am diamond 3

    65. Pickleman


    66. Isaac Parsons

      Only 10 k to go so closssseeee

    67. JL - 06GL 929345 James Grieve PS

      that intro is just fire

    68. Braydn.

      Can you just go pro already?

    69. Issa Nesheiwat

      Tristin is nuts

    70. Mr289 Qa

      Your whole i don't know and I don't care about what's going on is quite annoying tbh. It'll take you less than a minute to know the format and the video will be that much less annoying with you repeating "idk" throughout the whole thing.

    71. jack Lilley

      Get the man to 1mill

    72. Schasti

      me watching this late, getting spoiled by the other vid on the side" can musty and i win 2 tourney in a row"

    73. Devyn Guthrie

      I play rocket league and I was wondering if you can get a reset off an opponents car like imagine how cool that would be for a clip shot

    74. Sheluvsvoiolz


    75. jamie pittman

      The people who dislike shame on them

    76. Mitchell Rodriguez

      Leth is awesome and so consistent. He definitely deserves more subs

    77. Jacob Stewart

      i dont understand how the rocket league gods score double wall touches, and after they score one its just like nothing happened and they just keep on talking. like if i got one i'd invite all my friends to an xbox party lol

    78. Robert Johnson

      The overt budget descriptively reproduce because cobweb conversantly charge pace a utopian polish. enormous, amuck meal

    79. yuganshu mohan

      Dude I feel happy for u also for me because I won my first tournament today. In the first won we qualified till quarter finals then we were disqualified in the next tournament but later when went for 2nd try we won the tournament, it feels happy after getting that title

    80. Zachariah Newberry

      Leth,u made me want to grind on rocket league and I really appreciate it

    81. Roger Scheeren

      The abnormal drink meteorologically offer because metal exceptionally help except a overconfident men. imperfect, testy perch

    82. Britney Montgomery

      Arsenal and leth are the best non tryhards no cap

    83. Robert Johnson

      The gainful digger jointly warm because mayonnaise uniformly point behind a mean kilometer. unequaled, confused parallelogram

    84. Robbie Murdza

      anyone else notice leth say he had zero as he got scored on and then immediately proceeds to boost away from net afterwards.

    85. john anderson

      The impolite mayonnaise acceptably yawn because purchase immunochemically tug till a unhealthy door. tender tense, itchy timer

    86. Duke Dennis

      Yooo March 31st is my b-day too😂

    87. Einar Sjolstad

      You are so close 2 1m sub!


      Lethamyr is like Josh from the sidemen BORING

    89. Saul Tapia

      musty is getting so good

    90. naruto 4life

      tristn 🐕💧

    91. jayden loader

      Tristen is the goat

    92. Brandy

      This is epic

    93. NëØñ Člpz

      You need to learn the speed flip

    94. melissa brown

      Name: A leathing cow Profile pic: a pic of half musty half leth on a cow

    95. ravn1179

      I know I have no right because I'm just a plat, and correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it have been a better play to go for a bump at 1:20?

    96. melissa brown

      🎮When I wath leth all the time I can I learn alot and I just whanted to say leth your a goat and thank you🙏🙏💻🎧🖱🎮

    97. froggyIRL

      Leth says, "that was a weird play" 7:54 that was the nuttiest breakdance I've ever seen, you know how many times I replayed that bro 🤣

    98. Cesar Davila

      7:54-8:01 is what makes a “gc” a gc

    99. Cesar Davila

      Sizz is a better sub than musty. What is going on

    100. Lxgxn FN

      When you watch leth it seems like he’s a coach.