SpaceX Starship SN10 Ready For Launch! RocketLab Neutron Rocket Entering Human Spaceflight!

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    When will SpaceX’s Starship SN10 launch out of Boca Chica, what does it do differently and how high are its chances of a successful landing? How will RocketLab send humans to space with their new Neutron Rocket? Let’s find out!
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    1. trebor mints

      What if the nose cone was a dragon starship hybrid for a safe dear moon landing?

    2. Jonki Pastramki

      The rapid breakfast postprandially separate because equipment strangely wave beneath a weary wax. oval, narrow space

    3. Ean James Mogg

      Chopped off top, could be for a Space Station segment, Same on the base so it looks like a Starship with two pointy ends and put it on a the Heavy Booster with a small rocket packet to boost the Space station section up to higher altitude, and join said cut of nose to air lock segment, to form a classic ring station 🤓

    4. David Silva

      Spoilers. It's does

    5. i am flat earther

      SpaceX IS JUST ANIMATION CartoonS

    6. Volodymyr Shcherbatenko

      They should name the pad "Your mom" so that every time during streams we hear: "Starship has successfully landed on Your Mom"

    7. ahamay2012

      Meet your crater.

    8. F. S.

      bomb ha ha ha loser

    9. The Interfaith Shepherd

      I love that you added RocketLab!! Content continues to get better and better!!

    10. Angel Arch

      12:58 "You Rock!-et Lab!" :D

    11. Boomer Rang

      Yes the " lead engineer " himself 👏

    12. luminetto


    13. Phoenician Air Force

      "Fucking hell just land and stop killing me"

    14. TriggoViggo

      they fucking did it

      1. Jeep Sleep

        Andddd blew it up

    15. kevin clayton

      I have a good feeling for sn10 😂

    16. MrDeeqiu

      I watched the SN10 test flight with enthusiasm and I could hardly believe that it landed in one piece. The explosion shows that the landing was still to hard. I wish that the next generation of raptors can control each engine individually, with a separate and infinitely variable thrust control, that would be a milestone in rocket engine technology. I am convinced that switching off and re-igniting the engines is to much stress for the machine to work.

      1. phyrexkasgaming

        It really isn't, first; the landing legs are crap, second, probably pressure buildup from the inside. But it wasn't hard at all

    17. Tim Luther

      Musk makes harbor freight cars and harbor freight spaceships. only his heavy falcon is worth a crap

    18. Tim Luther

      3 times and no real success -- sory folks, these water silos as spaceships is a stupid idea. You really think this tin can is gonna handle reentry?? LOL LOL LOL

      1. Centri

        its called a prototype

    19. Eratosthenes

      It landed successfully. I am happy.

      1. Paul Nolan

        @Tim Luther half right

      2. Tim Luther


    20. Louis Vandelaer

      How about "3th time is a charm" as a name for the pad

    21. bashar adam

      S10 Landing may require that don't down all engines and also flip higher distance from ground but not closer!

    22. Mike Hood

      Only robots are going first But the Navy can intercept the rocket they have a base it even has a mailbox number on the canyon door Ok 2 million troops are there 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    23. Alan luscombe8a

      They just aborted and are trying again in an hour or so

    24. Gordon Stewart

      The afternoon launch of SN-10 was aborted right after the 3 Raptors fired.

    25. Miha Sedej

      they will be used for water reservoirs

    26. prafulla gaikwad

      how long till for the people to go the orbital with ticket in thousand or hundred of thousand instead of millions of dollars? I guess about in 2025-30ish,pls Ans

    27. Faelan UaFintan

      SN15 nose cone = airlock

    28. Tim

      Point me towards *any* landing pad or runway on Earth that’s named like a ship. You said yourself that SpaceX is keen on tradition, why would they break from centuries of tradition and cheapen this tradition in particular just to get a few nerds hard? Naming a launch pad is idiotic.

    29. 41CV

      My vote goes to 'Funny, It Worked Last Time'. A backup vote for 'Wen Hop?'

    30. Vasile Sulica

      Pointy nose are useless when you want to do re-entering into atmosphere from orbit, old design before space shuttle haven it but a bluntly or rounded nose work better.

    31. StarkosGuy

      I think the landing pad should be called: "You got this"

    32. roberto cardozo

      Gracias WAI por el excelente video y a Susi por los subtitulos

    33. sylar2a

      Can the "strange dome" be a part of the actual Moonship version of the starship with engines placed higher up in the hull?

    34. Gordon Brett

      Could the flat top be a dock for the ISS

    35. Malcolm David

      Water tanks for the deluge system to deliver a large quantity in short time

    36. Daniel Whyatt

      This work by Neutron feels very promising now. Especially if they do intend to actually ‘land their rockets’ like SpaceX has.

    37. Sebastian Kumlin

      Run Starship on faeces and left overs?

    38. CHiLL 6_6

      Landing pad should be named “No RUD Allowed” NRA lol.

    39. Daniel Cooper

      Love Banks Culture series! I love +3000 naming the pad Funny, It Worked Last Time.

    40. str1xt

      Impossible landing...... solved. making it possible. Oh really. This makes the word impossible rather redundant now doesn't it .. Lol

    41. Denzil Buchner

      I believe the nose cone was cut-off because Emperor Musk demanded that the rockets be made more pointy

    42. RealYukioYT LOLLELHELLO

      How bout “one small step for man”

    43. Nicholas Colding

      Why is the RL boss eating his hat?

    44. Valamas

      Background music is better now

    45. jon sawyer

      What about steel tank In concrete tank with low pressure / vacuum ' insulation ' layer separating ? So crude dome is outer tank dome and standard Starship tanking With the different dome is the inner !

    46. das doc

      Kannst du nicht auch mal den selben Beitrag in deutsch bringen? Wäre ziemlich nice!

    47. Ken Fretwell

      Suggest “Fingers crossed “

    48. Phil Whitelaw

      Disappointed they didn't paint the landing pad as a dartboard. Would have been great for sweepstakes.

    49. QuantumX

      The larger domes are prototype UFOs.

    50. Darius Bustani

      The Launch - Pad can be called " LA-PD "

    51. Tamal Hansda

      In Joe Rogan podcast, elon said he told his team to make the tip flat because it was a thing in a movie called The Dictator.

    52. Alioth Reuas

      merci :)

    53. EveryThirdNotThursday

      How about "The Flamey End" for the launch pad ?

    54. Mario Di Stefano

      I would prefer: "FUNNY, IT WORKED LAST TIME" !!! :-)))

    55. Stein Granit

      Those domes at 5:00 could be the reservoir for the water deluge system

    56. no1youknowz

      On rocket lab, my first thought is Neutron bomb lol

    57. Andrew Cliffe

      As a retired engineer SpaceX looks like a fantastically interesting job if you could handle the pace, the likes of which I have never seen.

    58. Gean Ozz

      The domes are underground launching tubes for starship.......

    59. Galactic Rangers

      sell sell sell!

    60. yoyoyoyo

      Haha they should call it wen lunch

    61. Abrahan Mora

      i think, starship must flip at higher altitude

    62. Antonio Palmero

      We gonna see if they have sorted the landing very soon, 🚀👍, I will be watching 🐳

    63. Tristan Rashleigh

      the concrete domes could be prototypes for the top caps for the stacking cranes

    64. Adam Beverley

      they should call the landing pad "I wonder if it will be friends with me?"

    65. arun kumarv

      WHyen did when hop happen

    66. 1944GPW

      I'm presuming RL's new motor uses electric pumps like Rutherford in which case the rendering closeup of the first stage engines at 12:17 doesn't appear to show from where they might release the kick battery boxes (or whatever they call them) that they dump into the ocean. Perhaps they could be ejected from the side?

    67. Bethel Nathaniel

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    68. Seby Platania

      Grazie per la traduzione in italiano! SIETE GRANDI!

    69. JanTheMan

      Ooooo sn15 docking tests?

    70. h7g5f3s5 f5d412

      The "domes" are lids that will be lifted onto concrete tanks.

    71. John Robertson

      I was born at Wallop's Island back in the old days when it was known as Chincgoteague Naval Station, My father was a Navy Commander who was the Commanding Officer of the Naval Missile Range there...I was born there back in 1958

    72. Doozy

    73. Doozy

      This video is pathetic. Dude looks like the Devil. I don't believe anything in this video. All space crap is just stuff nerds love. Many people have gotten over this space crap a long time ago.

    74. Corporal Drink

      maybe the nose tip missing for SN15 could be for docking port

    75. Chuck Just Chuck

      "Funny, it worked last time" is great....

    76. Channel VR

      What about "Sign on the dotted line "

    77. Osphaar Official - Music

      Woohoo! Lets get ready for Mars everybody!! 🥳

    78. Scott Kanzelmeyer

      How about RTFM? As a former tech support guy now system's engineer, love the idea.

    79. David Simonds

      Yo Felix. Good stuff !

    80. Daniel van der Slacht

      Launchpad name: Doge crash site

    81. Nick'sBrick's


    82. Christer Lundquist

      Felix, your show is down right the best there is! You’re building a space lover’s media universe. Thank you!

    83. Jordy Weening

      Didnt elon say starship could be way less pointy in his last podcast with joe rogan? Maybe its a test to see how it goes without the tip.

    84. gofu ckyourself

      Maybe they are figuring out how to make thier own tanks for the farm out of starship parts, for one to reduce cost of making farming and replacing if damaged, but once on Mars resources are going to be scarce at first and repurposing the lander's makes sense

    85. Joel Hageman

      Whoa. Hold it. WAI follows the Sorelly? Well, blow my mind. Everybody knows the Australian dish, Sorelly.

    86. Andrew Palfreyman

      The increased chance of success using 3 engines instead of 2 is (3 - 2p) times, where p is the reliability of a single engine (0 to 1). You'll notice that this is an improvement for all p < 1 (or the same for p=1).

    87. Friday Californiaa

      They should name it « *Fly Safe* » or « *Feel the HYPE* » 😂😂 🚂 🚋 🚋 🚋 🚋

    88. SolarAbyss

      They should name it, "Have you tried turning it off and on again"

    89. Friday Californiaa

      Starship flights are actually the only times when you feel happy to be "evacuated" by your local authorities 😂

    90. Shadow KinG

      They should name dogepad

    91. Shadow KinG

      I think dog will also launched 🤨

    92. MiddleP333

      Domes are for the top of the atmospheric pressure cryo storage tanks.

    93. Thomas McSweeney

      I know I am way off base but how about this an electromagnetic rail gun seen too many videos I know but what a way to shot your way out of our atmosphere think about that maybe.

    94. nicholas lang

      Wen hop

    95. sean holloway

      Where is the money coming from to finance space x

    96. Daniel Guerra

      Funny it worked last time would be a perfect name for the landing pad in Boca Chica.

    97. ANTY SPI

      Rocket Lab is making a big gamble here. The Neutron will be a direct competitor to the Antares and can lift many of the payloads the F9 does. But in order to make that rocket a viable option, the costs have to be lower than the F9. And even then they have to cross their fingers that Starship won´t reduce the launch costs as much as Elon Musk has promised. Combine that with the things Peter Beck said RL would NOT do: 1) Build a bigger rocket 2) Build a reusable rocket 3) Go public These things combined seem to hint that RL is driven in its decisions, rather than the driver. It appears like they felt the sudden pressure to lower launch costs even further, expand into new areas and find a way to somehow finance this endeavour. Can we find another indicator for that? Well somehow. RL states that they could print one Rutherford engine per day, which is enough for 35 launches per year. So far, they had 18 in their whole company history. And this year doesn´t seem to get better, with one launch completed and one launch to come this quarter. This seems to indicate that RL is staying way behind their maximum capabilities. As if the expected demand wasn´t there. So it seems like either the demand wasn´t there to begin with (which would be the same experience Spacex had with their F1) or that something eats into their market share (like Spacex´s rideshare missions, that carried more satellites with one launch into orbit than RL in total). Overall, all of the above combined indicates that RL´s bold moves into new territories and the abandoning of old principles are steps taken by a company in survival mode. They feel the pressure to do things they didn´t want to do, abandoning old visions and business plans to create a new niche for themselves. But if their big gamble doesn´t pay off (especially if Starship in fact reduces launch costs to less than 10 milliion per launch), it is lights out. Don´t get me wrong, I really love RL. They are really creative (just look at their services and hardware they offer for customers), nice people and have been a wholly constructive force in the space industry (unlike BO *cough*). But we must not fool ourselves and look at the viability of business models with a neutral attitude.

    98. Cpt P4T4nka

      Maybe they want to try a docking system similar to the Dragon one to dock onto ISS.?🤔

    99. PiDsMedia

      Why think Carbon Composite isn't strong enough for re-entry? Electron has already proven that the material does survive the heat and stresses. I think it's a too limited view to think they will switch to more common materials when they have developed a system of construction that they know works, and produces a vehicle they can recover. Expect a Rutherford 2.0 upscaled to match the new design for Neutron's first stage, and an array of four or more Vacuum Rutherford's for the second stage. Don't forget, that sticking to the same motor design is sticking to the same fuel, and the lower stowage pressures required. Neutron will have a thicker heat shield on the bottom, and chutes up top, after all, Salt Water doesn't corrode Carbon Composites.

    100. John M

      How about "All Good" As Elon says, keeping it simple is best.

      1. nicholas lang

        Wen hop