SpaceX Starship timeline ft. Elon's tweets

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    Future of space exploration might look like this.
    This video is based both on official information and some speculation on our part.
    Made in Blender.
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    Music: The Path Starts Here - Cooper Cannell, Inception - Aakash Gandhi

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    1. Nahyan gaming

      Is mars city!

    2. Иван Сусанин


    3. Костя Белаш

      я за 12

    4. Radim M

      Wouldn't it pollute the f**k out of the planet if it began to be used as public transport? it must burn so much fuel on every take off that I highly doubt it would be environmentally sustainable to just have people fly around the globe in an hour. Otherwise nice illustration of the project.

      1. Sylvia Liu

        Look up Everyday Astronaut's video on rocket pollution

    5. Heneral Antonio Luna

      That is surely gonna happen, if we don't mess up something and start a war

    6. berndylan Buñag

      Not sum sun miss click

    7. berndylan Buñag

      Human is getting advance we need an giant engine that can push earht because the sun is going to explode And go make an light like the sun as bright the sum

    8. berndylan Buñag


    9. BeUrself

      Im 9 years old and i cant wait to get to mars in 2055!

    10. felipe nishio

      i love blender, but i make very simple and starter animation.

    11. Darrion T Garcia

      dont do that.. dont give me hope.

    12. Jon Songetay


    13. Visan Cosmin

      Is not 2022 and 2024 anymore ? =))


      Rockets are just space tailsitters, except tailsitters were a total failure and rockets werent



    16. Triglav Divodasa ༀ

      not so fast

    17. Russell Tilling

      Best video ever! In every respect! Awesome! My only comment is that the habitation, etc buildings would have to handle massive amounts of radiation. The answer may be to live underground rather than on the surface. THANK YOU!

    18. Dino

      I wonder how they time traveled

    19. sr.: G \_____

      I don't like that space tourism idea, idk why...

    20. TheBestOfSweden

      3:14 you were right!

    21. Bacony Cakes

      Elon is insane, but it's good insane.

    22. Sadeem Shorts

      *"Persistence is free, never give up unless you are forced to."* -*Elon Musk*


      Elon need my help to go on mars... 😊 Because......

    24. TUKTUK

      a reminder 2026 is in 5 years

    25. Andrie Comila

      This all started from a man who tried to buy retired ICBMs from Russia to go to Mars

    26. roy bg

      I so hope this timeframe works out ..... Elon putting his balls on the line where no country would.... GO Elon and the SpaceX team.

    27. sanjeev goswami

      Wow! Elon musk is great person

    28. Dealor

      They wobt make that timeline unless their ships stop blowing up

    29. charleslittleba

      If you look closely the thumbnail says stars hip Tim eline

    30. The Computer Guy

      I hope each fully produced Starship gets a name, Enterprise definitely needs to be one.

    31. navinnew tech

      space ship defenatly will be completed five or seven years dream project 👍may be

    32. mohamad sherzad

      So it's just to plant one tree on Mars ?

      1. e e

        too toxic no air, radiation, the ground is just iron

    33. Well Silver

      I can totally imagine seeing starlink on mars especially with the new starship carrying 4-5x as much cargo

    34. Digambar Patil

      Sir I am Bhaumik when we will go to Mars and moon

    35. Thomas farquhar

      SN8 and 9: *explode* SN10: well I'll show them how it's done *lands and promptly explodes*

    36. Shija Dileep

      Spacex boy💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    37. MrAwesome84

      As if....

    38. Sergey Prikop

      Good work, DeepSpaceCourier!

    39. family happy

      ... and all this magnificent technology will be created to improve billionaire's life, because as we all know being a billionaire isn't easy enough... ... the rest of humanity will remain silent in astounding wonder, and watching rich people enjoy their difficult life... Technology should be given to humanity for free.

    40. Ooferine

      I sure hope no one will act suspicious during journeys like that.

    41. Boosted Nikita Dranga


    42. Wade Wilson

      Starship is a pipe dream. The math doesn't add up. I'm just interested to see how Musk is going to destroy another company and somehow make money.

    43. veljko angelovski

      i just cant wait for my generation to be living on Mars and moon!

    44. BaddGeekSquad

      Sn9 and 8 landing leg did not deploy

    45. Luger5

      "Reject Phone visors, return to Rocketry."

    46. KS

      Daily reminder that none of this will happen, or it will, but not for the west.

    47. Soviet Onion

      can't wait to see my children leave earth without me.

    48. Kenny B

      There making planet namek

    49. Lord Grumbot

      seems too optimistic

    50. Ryfox Games

      There is nothing more inspiring.

    51. Pat Google

      That's in my top 5 best channel/videos I've ever seen on YT since 2008. Awesome work (using Sketchup it seems).

    52. Arjun

      Such an amazing animation !!! Even the video showing all mars landers is too good

    53. Vernie Schorr

      The furry furtive iran roughly smoke because latex reilly fancy upon a optimal biology. adhesive, aloof quotation

    54. Bao Truong

      Just kidding I love the video

    55. Bao Truong


    56. Dahorsh

      Nice animation!

    57. Edin Gomes

      Aparentemente olhando é tão façio! Mais vai na pratica e a logística e o ambiente são amigos e inimigos do projeto.

    58. Edin Gomes

      A galéra inda não conseguem antes dos 20 anos habitar na lua imagina em Marte?

    59. Edin Gomes

      Bem provável lá pros anos 2089😬😂😂😂

    60. Sunny Chen

      7:36 and 11:38 Why did the window colours changed into black? Please reply:

    61. DataPug

      2020s: the space decade

    62. Bobby

      That's a boring planet I am not going there sorry, pls find some other planet for me

      1. FcknScrewby

        It's not for you

    63. Nico Mößmer

      9:15 cyberrovers

    64. Hoanganh Nguyen


    65. TheWolfking

      Great time to be alive and witness this. Elon will go down as one of the brightest minds in history. Space X is innovating at a pace so rapid that it has lit a spark under every space organization. I just wish I’m around long enough to see us become multi-planetary

    66. Bruce Doyle

      Thank you Generall Aladeen for making Elon Musk say "it must be pointy"

    67. Happyness

      Thanks, Elon! I even named my dog after him :D

    68. Gianni Kir Canada

      the porest animation i have seen in my life !!!!!!!!!!!! job for a kid 15 y"o. ishhhhhhhhhhhhh

    69. Hot Compilation Video

    70. PEDRO8D123

      This guy literally predicted the sn15 that awesome!! Best animation I've ever seen!!! It was amazing I recommend! good luck to you man

      1. PEDRO8D123

        If he predicts BN1 he is god

    71. tate ohr

      The aboriginal sweatshirt chiefly stain because column plausibly plant between a secretive geography. male, grotesque swan

    72. Puff the Magic Dragon

      2:55 Top 10 anime valhalla trick

    73. Space Guy

      Now lets add sn15 in this video

    74. santino Riggio

      the next ten years are fucking amazing.

    75. MrJacobdude

      That is pretty incredible but if we live on Mars we will be wiped out by it's moon and how cold it is there it might look warm but trust me it's not 😉

      1. Cedwy

        Yeah ur the only one that knows that we are all so dumb

    76. Yuk Ming Chen

      Too much propaganda’s, No good for SpaceX.


      The artstyle is AWESOME!!! You have a new subscriber :D

    78. Gacha Feuerball

      Mega nice Animation Have seen them a month ago but I couldn't help but look at them again

    79. Flying Playz

      The starship landing leg is just small

    80. Sandip Shirsath

      Wow it's good future for starships spaceX on Boca Chica starbese making human landing sestyeam on the moon HLS

    81. airbreath

      3:07 LOL

    82. Christian Yobel

      I truly laughed out loud seeing elon tweeted "SN10 is in valhalla now" not long after the first tweet 😂

    83. King of Warfare

      I wonder what the aliens will think

    84. smallstars

      Wow people, subscribe to DSC!!!

    85. Ram Prasad AP

      We need part 2. So inspiring

    86. Ram Prasad AP

      Great work mate

    87. Ram Prasad AP

      Such a great work from you and Elon musk. Congrats

    88. Ram Prasad AP

      The line, " I can do this all day" from captain America really suits Elon musk and his hard and smart work

    89. Ram Prasad AP

      I think Elon is an absolute great person

    90. Aerosistemas - Netálgu Tv

      Good luck humanity👍

    91. A Random Indian ✓ • 9 years ago

      Imagine travelling hypersonic on earth & making tiktok i different countries on same day 😘😂

    92. Reginaldo filho

      The future

    93. Wouter van Verseveld

      holy shit that was ffing awesome

    94. JohnnyMcgood •U•

      m a r s

    95. Кирилл Вальковский

      Между первым прототипом и высадкой на Луну и Марс силишком мало времени.

    96. Joao Pedro

      SN is rud


      Elon:yes we are going to mars Me:ok but iam in Malaysia.Elon: ?

    98. Luqman_IDRISSI

      It's a very inspiring video! I will show the next generations this video, so that they know where their future lives are inspired from :D

    99. Scratchy Nougat

      Gonna send my kids to Finland before I move to Mars!