Splatoon 2 Direct - Everything You Need to Know!


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    Whether you’re a Turf War expert or a first-time Inkling, Splatoon 2 for Nintendo Switch is the game is for you. We're here to show you all the ins and outs so you can play the best game of your life!
    Stay through the end of the video! Are you a cake connoisseur or an ice cream aficionado? Prove your dessert of choice is the best by downloading the free demo on Nintendo eShop!! Learn more here: goo.gl/ULjTsV
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    Get Inked July 21st: splatoon.nintendo.com/
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    1. Suffer More

      Wow, look, an irrelevant video.

    2. Hunt Alex


    3. Slime

      I swear if the comments in a direct for splatoon 3 is 90% of one idol I will scream

    4. Sofia Phantom

      Guys... I think I was so excited for the next game I broke the replay button. lol

    5. Captain Raichu

      See y'all back into the ink in 2022!

    6. Vivian Walker

      I’m back from 2021 with SPLATOON 3!!!!!!!!

    7. StheKirb

      Let’s just hope they do the same for Splatoon 3

    8. Carter Browning

      Listen how he says square 0:58

    9. thealeks1

      5:52 Introducing... bullshi-

    10. Casual Woomy

      7:15 was this foreshadowing splatoon 3 hairstyles why is obvious inkling girl making inkling boy noises?

    11. Casual Woomy

      They should’ve named these games puntoon 1-2 and 3

    12. Notroy

      Who else here for nostalgia

    13. Ellie Kor

      I wish they did this same thing to splatoon 3

    14. babblingdabblingmom

      Everybody is asking " WHERE IS SPLATOON 3" but nobody is asking" how is splatoon 3"

    15. Animadumb or Animatroxa

      Now we just need this for splatoon 3

    16. Sylo Dui

      Something i just found out around 8:40 YOU CAN HEAR A OCTOLING BOY GET SPLATTED LOL also a couple minuets before that a inkling girl got splatted and screamed like a inkling boy

    17. dakarus

      Remember when this game wasn't dead?

    18. Tyler Jones

      They should do one of these for Splatoon 3.

      1. Sylo Dui

        They ARE going to do it for splatoon 3 lol

    19. Malachkiet

      I come back here often

    20. Latest

      Splatoon 3 Direct - Everyone you need to know!

    21. Devyn Arellano

      Here after Splatoon 3 nostalgia

    22. Cursed Noodle

      I hope we get another squid research lab report, as usual

    23. Prince Charming and Snowwhite Once Upon a Time

      7:16 that aint right

      1. Kronome

        @Sylo Dui ah right

      2. Sylo Dui

        @Kronome When the inkling girl got splatted she sounded like a inkling boy

      3. Kronome


    24. MicroMan3DX


    25. Veemo Gamer

      GUYS THERES A REFERENCE TO TONI KENSA IN THE FIRST MINUTE OF THE VIDEO. This was released before the kensa update but they had stuff in here if anyone could guess!

      1. Redd Animations

        It was just a new brand, it wasn't introduced in a update it just had new branded weapons, because before nobody actually payed attention to brands

    26. thegreatapathetic

      This narrator has always made me feel angry.

      1. Dan Pezlok


    27. Lilphilgamer8

      7:15 did SHE sound like a boy to you?

    28. NintenSonic auttp

      7:16 the inkling girl gets splatted but had an inkling boy sound?

    29. Drachen Okami

      10:09 yes Nintendo I do have Joycon drift how did you know?

    30. nightmare foxy game and plush

      Splatoon 3 detect

    31. Baeden Dominik

      Can’t wait for the Splatoon 3 Direct!

    32. Juni Spark

      Get prepared guys we gon get a same direct like this for Splatoon 3 in the future :D

    33. Carla Mcdadd

      How are u so good?

    34. Kent Dela Calzada

      7:14 uh I just noticed do girl inklings make that sound? I bet they don’t

    35. PinkCraft Pika Girl

      I need a Splatoon 3 trailer soon I’m just watching past Squid research lab reports (or directs I’m just sticking with the theme) for nostalgia

    36. Jc Perez

      This game is so fun i have it on my switch

    37. David Konevky

      I need a direct like this for splatoon 3 now that it's been revealed, I'm so gosh darned hyped

    38. Zahra Larkin

      How do you dodge roll

      1. counter-boredom

        while using dualies press b while firing and if u have a drop roller ability on a piece of gear tilt the left joystick after using a super jump but before landing in the direction you want to roll

    39. galaxy wolf 07

      My mom said for my 14 birthday I'm going to get a Nintendo switch. I'm so excited

      1. Sonicgamer1223 .-.

        In case you didnt know lol No buy the 2 buy the 3 XD

    40. Kerr ISBACK

      Who’s watching this after splatoon 3 was announced?

    41. The Milkmann

      God I can't wait for the splatoon 3 direct

    42. MarioKings088

      Who is here after Splatoon 3?

    43. Adrian

      whens the splatoon 3 direct

    44. Lord OfTheWoomies

      I can't wait for this guy to give us a direct for Splatoon 3

    45. Lone Wolf

      does any one else hope they do this same thing for splatoon 3

      1. Bowser Jr


      2. BlipBlopdasplaty

        They did it for splatoon 1 and splatoon 2 they will definitely do it for splatoon 3

    46. Top Gaming

      hmm this seems a bit late

    47. eeveelutionsIO Z


    48. MrFailureYEET

      Welp que the: who's watching this after splatoon 3 is announced comments

      1. Bowser Jr


    49. Anonymous Squid Sister

      Who is here after splatoon 3 was announced?

      1. Bowser Jr


    50. Ramen Artist

      I hope they hire an Australian guy to do a nature documentary voice over for a segment in the squid research lab direct for splatoon 3

    51. Lunar Lite

      People during the splatfest segment: Oh Callie and Marie are back! The singer in the background: Sounds nothing like Callie or Marie...

    52. It’s mine now Grace

      I hope we will get one of these for splatoon 3

    53. Creeper Freak

      No most squids can change there eye color they can evolve at will believe it or not

    54. Azubi LP

      I wonder if we get one of these for Splatoon 3

    55. Kjh Vhh


    56. Oj Gamer90s

      I came here realizing splatoon 3 changes everything

    57. spoon

      Watching all this vintage content while waiting for splatoon 3, who’s with me?

    58. Splatoon_bobbleHat66

      Before the octo expansion Before splatoon 3 Before final fest Before Front roll vs back roll And like a month before the game We had this (edit: also there was splatoon 1 but after final fest most people dropped it and just made splatoon 2 theories that never made it into the game)

    59. Jordyn Walcott

      6:25 Introducing.. The Goo Tuber! Everyone: YAYYYYYYYYYY


      i'm so excited to see this but for splatoon 3

    61. Anthony Giordano

      Splatoon 3 anyone?

    62. Mr. Shrek


      1. Roxanna

        If we don't i will scream

    63. Skywolf Giannos

      cant wait till they do splatoon 3 like they did with 1 and 2 presentation

    64. sangeeta chitlu

      Can you do a gameplay of splatoon 2

      1. Creetro

        Your joking right? You can buy the game right now

    65. Bran Thurnwald

      I'm exited for 3 now

    66. null_301

      Can't wait for the next one

    67. Semi Decent

      Uh guys I think alice is a hacker 16:59

    68. Gl1_7ch Qu4n

      Perhaps we might get a Splatoon 3 Direct sometime later this year :V

      1. dmarbobbellol

        @Gl1_7ch Qu4n There might be some news at this years e3!

      2. Gl1_7ch Qu4n

        1. Aww man :( 2. HOLY CARP YALL REPLY FAST

      3. Mr Webster

        Next year

      4. Mr Webster


    69. Calseeyum


    70. BlitzStarz

      Man can’t wait for the Splatoon 3 Direct later this year whenever it gonna happen

    71. Gavin Crossing

      I hope we get SplatNet 3 for Splatoon 3

    72. MJ Project

      POV: You're here after Splatoon 3 reveal trailer

    73. Elias Schnetzer

      Now we already get Splatoon 3. Can't wair! :)

    74. Rony Ordonez

      Here Just waiting for the splatoon 3 direct

    75. bigFLX

      Who else is here after seeing splat 3?

    76. Extremely pops

      Who’s here after Splatoon 3 reveal

    77. Schmoe

      This idea of a videogame amazes me beyond belief, we’ve got a trilogy now. This was such a great original idea.

    78. FamilyJams

      please nintendo make a splatoon 3 direct i beg of you

      1. FamilyJams

        @Mateo Motiolly :((

      2. Mateo Motiolly

        We might get the direct the same month as the game will come out. Splatoon 1 and 2 had theirs in the same month of release so we might get it for the 3rd one too :(

    79. Riko Saikawa

      *me suffering that I have to buy membership to battle*

    80. Rory Burke Racing

      Who’s here after the most recent Nintendo Direct announcing Splatoon 3 ?

    81. nacho taco macho man

      Who’s here after the splatoon 3 trailer?

    82. The Pika Palate


      1. Sylo Dui

        @Semi Decent still think the genders are going to have different animation and lines

      2. The Pika Palate

        @Semi Decent Ah, yes. I forgot about the trans inklings and octolings.

      3. Semi Decent

        Haven’t you seen the splatoon three trailer? Gender has been eradicated, along with Paris

    83. Saggy Ai

      Haha splatoon 3

    84. L

      At 16:58 how does that player have Opening Gambit as a sub ability?

      1. Calamari

        Questions I need answers too

    85. süddż

      I’ll be waiting for the 3rd one’s Nintendo

    86. Tyler Martin

      The windy bladder relatively remember because loaf isely arrange worth a accessible aunt. imaginary, sassy marimba

    87. Yaboi Le bred

      watching this after splatoon 3 announcement

    88. KajPlayz

      Who else came here after splatoon 3 got announced

    89. PlasmicBlast

      Splatoon 3 hype

    90. Aster_ Yin

      Who's watching after Splatoon 3 was announced for Nintendo Switch

      1. ꧁ * Rusty • Colrz * ꧂

        Me and now I’ve realised that the sub weapons section, the sounds of the subs and inklings is really delayed

      2. OWOGAE69


      3. Jill McCall-Royer


      4. William Philp


      5. Andres Ortega


    91. Link

      We got the threequel bois.

      1. nobody

        @Marius Tan that'll happen in the beginning of the release month.

      2. Himmeli Mymmeli

        i hope we get some news at e3's

      3. Galactic Salt

        They will probably premier a splat3 themed direct

      4. Marius Tan

        We better get a Splatoon 3 direct like this.

      5. Marius Tan

        @James Kelly same

    92. Queen Hoe

      Who else is here after Splatoon 3’s announcement

      1. OctoInklin

        @WhereIsЯεcση *Hmmmmmm* *Ok I totally believe you lol*

      2. OctoInklin


      3. ZAN3GAMETV2089


      4. Luca Wakefield


      5. WhereIsЯεcση

        Not me. Totally

    93. Aviela Even

      Is anybody here after the splatoon 3 announcement yesterday for nostalgia? Bc I am 😩

      1. PvP meerkat


      2. AnD sPrItE

        I am

      3. Le Penguin


    94. NIN SEBAS

      Damn... Now we are waiting for the third one...!

    95. julia

      anyone here when splatoon 3 was announced at the direct??

    96. Vero Sotelo

      Who's here after Splatoon 3 was revealed

    97. hagusmile

      okay, so a Splatoon 3 presentation now

    98. •Alice•

      youtube algorithm recommend me this. But the splatoon 3 trailer was yesterday lmao

      1. CSN

        Yeah I’ll be playing a lot of splatoon during the wait 😂

    99. Oltro 15

      This video still feels new but the next game is coming out

    100. Bald Kurapika

      whos here after spaltoon 3 announcement?

      1. CaRtOnIc BoY

        Yes indeed