Splatoon 3 - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch


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    Splatoon 3 arrives on Nintendo Switch in 2022! In the wake of chaos, enter the sun scorched Splatlands and the new city, Splatsville, inhabited by battle-hardened Inklings and Octolings. New weapons, moves, and more await, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates in the future.
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    1. Potato Penguin


    2. Maria Raudales

      14 de abril y le sigo llorando a este video

    3. Super Veemo

      Me: this is borderlands are you kidding me. Well better luck next time *sees the small fry* Me: hey that kinda looks like a salmonid from spl-GASP!!!!!!

    4. LightningN64

      That is definitely a gibson/epiphone bass at the end

    5. Thing does stuff

      When you just got splatoon two yesterday:

    6. Andry Tirta

      Please remake team buddies

      1. Andry Tirta

        @Cosmosi yes, but Nintendo remake legend of mana, that ps1 game I hope Nintendo can remake team buddies

      2. Cosmosi

        That was a PS1 game


      We went from to much water to none at all.

    8. Emerald penguin

      Has no one noticed they are using the inktanks from the Octo expansion

    9. jose orozco

      imagine someone seeing this in 2016.

    10. Casual Woomy

      mom: I’ll slap you into next year Me: pls do I can’t wait any longer

    11. Myles Hicks

      I love how the inkling looks slightly uncomfortable on the train

    12. Davi Jogos

      LESS GOOO for Brazil to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    13. Romain Paindavoine

      Wow, finally a game where you can play with your friends ? No ?

      1. Sorato Saito

        You can play with friends in Splatoon 2 to wdym

    14. Dr Love

      GETTIN IT!

    15. Sunset Paradise

      I thought it was another crash for a sec lol

    16. Mary Ann Graves

      My dad will scream when he plays online sometimes he cries if I laugh he will yell

    17. Mango !

      cant tell you how loud i shrieked

      1. Dan Pezlok

        @Kirby Kirb Same here crying boys

      2. Sorato Saito

        @Kirby Kirb same lol

      3. Kirby Kirb

        I started crying

    18. Deine Mama

      i love how there is no spawning point anymore to hide from your enemies!! omg

      1. Deine Mama

        @Kirby Kirb oh my god. I am so hyped. I can feel the adrenaline in my veins just of that thought. See u then

      2. Deine Mama

        @geo zapfish safe

      3. Kirby Kirb

        I will camp their jump location aiming things instead

      4. geo zapfish

        You can camp in the sky now lol

    19. Sam P

      take my money omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    20. DisiguyYT

      Seria muy chevere que colocaran un modo historia en splatoon 3 para variar y que no solo sea el tipico juego de tiroteos de paintball

    21. кладовая санса

      Wait It's... Impossible We already have Splatoon on Nintendo switch for what we need another Splatoon on Nintendo switch

      1. geo zapfish

        Well we're gonna have 3 Zelda games

    22. Peter Lee

      the town looks like old HongKong

    23. Keichi

      cant wait for this game

    24. Solrac1001

      I’m so excited for 2022

    25. VKermode KumaV

      Ugh! I! CANT! WAAAAAIT!

    26. b

      I want the demo and all the boss art RIGHT NOW

      1. Cosmosi

        It's best to wait instead of rushing people

    27. Eileen the Crow

      did you fix the netcode?

    28. ImAJoke

      People said it was gonna be for the next console, I was super worried, but now this makes me super happy. Since it’s 2022 it’s definitely gonna be packed with content since they have gameplay

    29. Dino boi

      * imagine if nintendo switch has GeForce RTX 3080 inside *

    30. Sebestyen Horvath

      I just hope the Splatoon 1 won't be forgotten.

    31. Andre D

      well... COD launches every year with minimal changes, why not Splatoon?

      1. Kermit The Frog

        It won't be every year, Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3 will be 5 years apart!

    32. MyarmsRgone

      I like ya cut g Talking to the salmonoid not the woomy

    33. Robert Orlandi

      Now all we need is mario maker 3 but for now this looks awsome great job nintendo

      1. Kirby Kirb

        I want more updates for super Mario maker 2 it had so much potential

      2. Onix

        Not really i can see a Mario Maker 3 on the next console or them just not making another one

    34. E Wizard

      Man cant wait

    35. Capt

      My favorite color is yellow. (Unpopular opinion)

      1. Not a horse


    36. fin

      The drumming tho is insaneeee like did they get 5 people to play at once

    37. Y/N L/N

      Something I do want to know. Who is the news keeper in Splatoon 3? Some people were saying that Marina no longer was going to be in Splatoon 3. So that question slipped through my mind.

    38. Hollow Pixel

      WHAT WHY

      1. Cosmosi

        Well it has been around 4 years since Splatoon 2's release

      2. Matto must Splatto

        @Hollow Pixel me too man. As a splatoon fan, I knew that nintendo wouldn't go sega on the fans... but...

      3. Hollow Pixel

        @Matto must Splattodefinitely happy, but super confused

      4. Matto must Splatto

        ya happy or sad man?

    39. Saxton Nzenwa

      Bruh I swear to god i was so hyppppee I screamed my lungs out I was going ultra instinct from base form now damage taken

    40. Giovanna Cioffi


    41. myles

      we missed a reaction. :(

    42. its time to have a seizure hunny


    43. KIAN 450

      :O There's a another war? Or did the ocean dried out? Or something else? :O World wide? Human era? I wonder what happend? :O Where octo????

      1. Cosmosi

        I guess the Inklings and Octolings that live in the Splatlands must've made peace with each other

      2. Kirby Kirb

        @Budgie In A Hoodie That still doesn’t explain what happened. Is Splatlands always like this or did a big war happen. Did it use to be an ocean or dried out? Will we get any more info on the humans?

      3. KIAN 450


      4. KIAN 450

        @Budgie In A Hoodie I don't have a twitter account -w-'

      5. Budgie In A Hoodie

        Have you not checked the official Twitter account, dude? We already have this information. This is Splatsville, in the Splatlands, which is confirmed to be extremely far away from Inkopolis. I assume the climate is just due to the location. We clearly see that we’re able to play as an octoling without paying this time, so I assume that we won’t be fighting the Octarians this time around. Plus, what would Octavio’s motive be for him to break out of his snowglobe and traverse the entire world of Splatoon just to get to the Splatlands? That would be stupid.

    44. TheSecretVersion131

      What is this I’m joking

    45. Idae Chop

      K now give me rhythm heaven

    46. Mambaa711

      I will cherish this day

    47. Ανέστης Σιάγκας

      This looks dope. Very different from what we are used to. Cant wait for gameplay :)

    48. Vile

      Move over agent 3 there's a new cape in town

    49. James Hancock

      Hmmmm wouldn’t it be cool if the story mode would let you like choose a teammate from the squid beak splatoon? Or like the final boss would sort of be like the one on octo expansion except all of the agents help? :O

      1. Kirby Kirb

        @Budgie In A Hoodie uuummm didn’t you just call someone stupid for wanting dj octavio to return and that it would be impossible because Splatlands are faraway. But I guess the agents and the final boss of octo expansion (which Idk how it will even get there) is ok

      2. Budgie In A Hoodie

        Hey, I absolutely love this concept! It would be amazing if we actually got something like this.

    50. Gamer Japio

      The Eiffel Tower upside down in the dessert! How original!!! By the way, Nintendo Splatoon is a very good series of paintball shooting platform games!

    51. Joeatedog

      Cyberpunk 2075 looks a bit different

      1. Matto must Splatto

        h m m

    52. Oscar Calderon

      Is itbgoing to be a 3rd version of calamari inkantation

      1. Cosmosi

        Well there could be a remix of one of Off the Hook's songs in Splatoon 3's campaign

      2. Matto must Splatto

        hopefully not, if it has to do with octavio again


      Man when I heard that splattack remix I instantly smiled I really hope that that Nintendo doesn’t try to super diversify the music like they did with Splatoon 2 the music in the first Splatoon game is what got me hooked so I really hope they make the music real good

    54. Link Link

      I remember sating on my couch while eating poutine (a Canadian meal from Québec) and I was watching the direct with my brother and when that annoucement came I screamed so loud my siblings came running at me to see if I was okay and I almost started to cry, I love Splatoon and I wasn't expecting a sequel to the second game any times soon

    55. Kyle

      Just got splatoon 2, haven't even played it yet and checking out the trailer lol, how is splatoon 2 ?

      1. Cosmosi

        I've just gotta tell you something real quick, sometimes it takes ages for you to find a lobby or even start a battle

      2. Matto must Splatto

        @Kyle just wait and see

      3. Kyle

        @Matto must Splatto hmm I wonder what that means I'm having fun with the story mode, can't check out that expansion till next month but I'm excited to try it !

      4. Matto must Splatto

        @Kyle Yeah, its basically splatoon story mode on crack

      5. Kyle

        @Matto must Splatto it is ? I can't get it till next month, should I go in blind and not look up anything? Playing matches in this game is fun !

    56. Barbecue Sauce


    57. fairymellio

      Is this real?

      1. Charles Schmitt

        @Nintendo ....................I have to make some calls

      2. Nintendo

        @Charles Schmitt Obama isn't real

      3. Charles Schmitt

        @d m Nintendo isn't real. Obama told me.

      4. d m


      5. Matto must Splatto

        yes it is. how long did it take you to realize that?

    58. fairymellio


    59. fairymellio


    60. fairymellio


    61. Rana Alnaseeh

      ;( too sad it only on Nintendo and not ps5 or 4 why Nintendo ever game only on your console w not in ps5 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      1. Hi I'm Peyton!

        it's called an exclusive for a reason... if you want to play nintendo games you get a nintendo console... or emulator I guess.

    62. Mister Coole Katze

      Hyped for new Splatoon music

    63. Squid

      2:30 delay lama

    64. Angel D R

      wait 1 second, did any won here that octo sound at the beggining

      1. Matto must Splatto

        i dunno man


      What day and month will release this game?

      1. Matto must Splatto

        They didn't say yet. probably on a summer friday, like all the other games

    66. Jayelen Lewis

      I hope this aint the final game in the series

      1. Onix

        I can see a fourth game but thats it

      2. Matto must Splatto

        me to...

    67. Greekmythdude

      Nobody cares when botw2

      1. Cosmosi

        Just be happy that you got your BOTW2 announcment 2 years after BOTW while us Splatoon fans had to wait 4 years for the Splatoon 3 announcement

      2. Not a horse

        Let them work on breath of the wild 2, you don't want it to be a garbage game

      3. Casual Woomy

        Pretty sure a lot of people care y’all get ur botw2 later be patient

    68. MHFiver

      When's the Delay Lama DLC coming nintendo?

    69. Link Of The Wild

      I have to rewatch this daily to remind myself this is real

    70. Ronnie Ford

      Man I wish my cousin hadn’t broken my Nintendo switch

    71. TaJaurion Jones


    72. Emmy Smith


      1. Cosmosi

        Everybody gangsta until in Splatoon 3 there's a new DLC campaign and it's harder than OE

      2. Matto must Splatto

        @Not a horse ye

      3. Not a horse

        Inklings are better

      4. Matto must Splatto

        which means that all the non-og splatooners will always play the tryhard octos

    73. Marie Marcelle

      Oh yes

    74. EmoDere 2.0

      What happened to paris.

      1. Charles Schmitt


    75. Abeib

      I have't been playing splatoon 2 for months because my Nintendo online ran out, but as soon as i saw a tik tok about this I WAS SO HYPED!!

      1. Matto must Splatto

        tik... tok-?

    76. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg


    77. Cesar Monsalve


    78. stella and fluffy

      I hope there is new idols

      1. Matto must Splatto

        @Not a horse no more octo

      2. Not a horse

        I hope there is only 1 octo idol and 1 male

      3. Matto must Splatto

        male ones to add that on

    79. squid squad

      if nintendo can read this, please add one player turf wars for the people without online

      1. Onix

        @Matto must Splatto sure

      2. Matto must Splatto

        ​@Onix ok ill just go stab myself

      3. Onix

        @Matto must Splatto who cares?

      4. Matto must Splatto

        @Hi I'm Peyton! I mean, the octos play like that one level 3 in the lobby that shoots straight down

      5. Hi I'm Peyton!

        @Matto must Splatto doesn't mean it's impossible

    80. Michael Bennett

      Bro... I've never seen a character creation system like that. 👍

    81. Bruizer Newser

      Letsa do this!!!!!!

    82. L W

      This is a day one purchase if there ever was one. See y'all out there in the splatlands, squiddos.

    83. Manuel Alejandro Polanco

      OH YEAH

    84. Joystick Gamer

      Please make a super Mario maker 3 Nintendo

      1. Matto must Splatto

        @Frederik Gjern Rosenberg ye

      2. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg

        why are you commenting this on the splatoon trailer?

      3. Joystick Gamer

        I also wish that if super Mario maker 3 was made I would want a course theme to be the beach theme & the mountain theme

      4. Joystick Gamer

        Maybe the new theme of super Mario maker 3 will be Mario Odyssey if this super Mario maker 3 is made

    85. hamburbger

      I wonder who flipped the Eiffel Tower

      1. Charles Schmitt

        Sorry, my bad.

    86. Jb33zey

      We’ve gotten more original splatoon games for the switch than Metroid and star fox (correct me if I’m wrong) just think about that

      1. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg

        Its great

    87. Brayden Tan

      If the Squid Sisters aren't in this, the game won't feel the same as the other 2

      1. Matto must Splatto

        please not octavio....

    88. coolmasterishaan playz

      Theory: one of the idols could be pearl because since team chaos won, it turned into a deserted wasteland since it was because of her team, so she could show up again Another theory: She could be corrupted in the story mode just like pearl, because she was the reason splatoon 3 is all western. Thats all i really know for the story mode

    89. O Aleatório

      I only hope for a battle royale mode

      1. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg

        and splitscreen local multiplayer (if you have friends)

      2. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg

        honestly that would be really cool

    90. terraria TV

      wenes it out im pre prdering if it isnt already put as soon as i can

      1. Matto must Splatto

        wtf check your grammar my man...

    91. random videos

      is that inkopolis tower from splatoon 1? 0:53

      1. Budgie In A Hoodie

        @Frederik Gjern Rosenberg Well, they’re wrong, so...

      2. Budgie In A Hoodie

        No. The base looks entirely different, and it’s much too large in comparison. That’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

      3. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg

        you are so smart

    92. Antek Drozdowicz


    93. Octopie

      2:12 Wait a minute... That guy with the blaster... George, is that you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    94. DangDiggity

      nearly 2 months later and i'm still shook

    95. definitivamente no-malo

      People, this is NOT Paris, that's Tokyo. The "Eiffel" is actually Tokyo Tower.

      1. Matto must Splatto

        I know my differences, buddy. thats a eiffel tower right there

      2. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg

        i mean, its probably Paris but good point

    96. rhojeanolpo

      Ahh finally... A PET (bro the music is lit!)

    97. Adriana Pardave


      1. Matto must Splatto

        you happy? or do you wish this was fortnite 2?

    98. Nielsen Pachacks


    99. Maxime Bois

      He also said he wanted to kick the little fish but why????

      1. Hi I'm Peyton!


      2. Frederik Gjern Rosenberg


      3. Sorato Saito

        where does it say that??

    100. Just come home Ganyu

      I love the diversity in the haircuts even female can chose a “male” haircut