Star Wars: BAD BATCH 1x01: Every EASTER EGG + Omega Heritage EXPLAINED | Full BREAKDOWN


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    The Bad Batch is here to take us into a new era of Star Wars, and there are plenty of Easter Eggs and Star wars references in the 70-minute premiere. Following Palpatine’s rise in Revenge of the Sith, the Bad Batch are coping with the new Galactic Empire. They lose one member, but gain a new one: Omega. We break down what makes her special, her true reason for existing, and how she fits into the greater Star Wars saga.

    The episode has connections to every Star Wars film and TV show. From Saw Guerrea in the Clone Wars, Rebels, and Rogue One; to the empire’s purpose for Grogu and Rey in the Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker.

    The series follows the death of the edi and the beginning of the rebellion, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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    Written, Hosted, and Edited by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )

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    1. ScreenCrush

      What's the deal with Omega?

      1. Ching Ching

        She’s the only unaltered clone of Jango Fett besides Boba. I think the Kaminoans made her female thinking she will be more docile than Boba.

      2. Matthew Komorowski

        Basically omega is a clone that has specal genes

      3. Total Obama Island

        She cray cray

      4. fiel81

        @Raggedy Man please no...

      5. Bvog EZzy Gilbert

        @Raggedy Man are you dumm

    2. SetTrender


    3. fedwardo greedo

      Wow Tarkin aged HORRIBLY in less than one year

    4. ServersDown

      That segue to the keeps sponsor was amazing.

    5. Angel The Angel

      I never watched the clones wars so i thought the bad batch was just new characters. This show did such a good job setting up their characters and personalities that i felt like i already knew them

    6. Springtrap 0

      3:47 off your FIRST ORDER actually i hate the force awakens nvm bad joke ha get it Bad Joke Like Bad batch ha ha get it lol 🤣 ok no more bad jokes ha get it BAD Jokes Bad batch ok sorry 🤣🤣😂😂😂

    7. Nigel Warner

      this man is a legend thank you so much screen crush

    8. Weapons of Mass Destruction

      I wanted to see Bad Batch Yoda Wookiee arc for the first episode

    9. DOOR _KNOB

      Did man laugh at 99s death

    10. FauxFox

      One hell of a Segway into the treatment.

    11. Jeff brewer

      The living spring habitually complain because spring successfully follow onto a nasty armchair. strong, undesirable roll

    12. Gary M

      It's sad that both Tim Curry and Tom Kane have suffered strokes since working on The Clone Wars. Particularly with them being voice actors who rely on their speech.

    13. Gary M

      Caleb sounds like a 50 year old, and wears lipstick?!?

    14. Joshua Henderson

      Ok so I’m new here. What’s the deal with the what seem like fake Easter eggs followed by “this is your mom”. It’s an inside joke but I’m new here to please educate me.

    15. Hektor Heimdahl

      That body they carried wasn't depa billaba

    16. Lucas Chen

      The tall tabletop surgically educate because anime disappointedly divide amidst a limping bubble. jittery, amazing crayon

    17. J SG

      Literally the more I see/watch/hear what everyone is doing on Disney+, it pertaining to the prequel and sequel trilogy. the fucking more I hate and wish Rian Johnson and fuck boy JJ Abrams hadn't have touched directed or been anywhere near Star Wars. Seriously. This is FUCKING AWESOME. ALL OF IT. notice how Omega has hair even similar to palatine, that swoosh back?

    18. Gage is Gage

      something about seeing the transition from the republic to the empire scares me

    19. GamerOfComics

      I don't think the Medical Droid from Polis Massa would be sent to Kamino to serve the Empire because Polis Massa is an asteroid medical station that remained neutral throughout the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War

    20. GamerOfComics

      Actually, that Medical Droid isn't an AZ unit, it's a BD unit

    21. GamerOfComics

      The Stormtroopers were ordered to miss on the Death Star so that Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca could lead them to the Rebel base on Yavin 4

    22. GamerOfComics

      And Tarkin is still an Admiral at this point

    23. GamerOfComics

      Actually, those weren't Shock Troopers that Yoda and Obi-Wan took out at the Jedi Temple, they were 501st Legion Clone Troopers who stayed behind after Anakin went to Mustafar

    24. Juan C Walls

      Also, did anyone else notice that Omega has the same hair that Palpatine used to have when he was younger? (As in The Phantom Menace)

    25. Edward Gomez


    26. Derek's Dichotomy

      The Bad Batch series is easily among the most emotionally resonant and masterful Star Wars properties ever released. For an optimal viewing experience, be certain to watch all 7 seasons of The Clone Wars before delving headlong into this most recent slice of superb space opera opulence. If you actually give a shit about the franchise, heed my recommendation. Until then, you'll never know what you're missing.

    27. Jerica Locke

      Omg i thought this said "Bad B*tch"

    28. curiousorangutan689

      that thumbnail tho

    29. Tengu-1

      Omega Sue

    30. Hasan Khater

      Boldness is genetic, no chemical will help.

    31. r2dxhate

      There's no way to prevent hair loss, the ad is a lie. Hair loss comes from genetics, and speeds up from being stressed, like tarantulas. Soon they'll come up with a genetic cure, and no one will be bald ever again. But then people will start chasing beauty and fashion, and altering themselves into a homogenized shell of their real selves. One day everyone will wake up and realize they are the same, and society forced them to become Barbie and Ken, and we'll miss our old selves. We'll start paying to get our genes restored, because flaws will become fashionable, and we'll try to dig up and unearth our old genealogy at all costs. In a world of Darwinian mutation that leads to evolution and survival and progress, is a flaw not a potential gift? Imagine having the baldness gene but being so stupefied and content that you never worry enough to be stressed and lose your hair. Was the trade off worth it?

    32. logtothebase2

      Male baldness ads on a kids Star Wars aninmated series commentary, I think they have nailed the suprising demographic.

    33. Gaden Kerensky

      Were these Easter Eggs? Most of these were just nods and some were simply conjecture and theory.

    34. Steve Rogers

      8:19 That ‘With Arms Wide Open’ death memorial joke gets me every time. 😂

    35. らいどう

      10:29 "appears to be telepathic" pretty sure she is talking about the chip

    36. Wayne Wise

      Wow... the ads included with this just really compromised my enjoyment of it. In addition to your in-video ad (which I understand), not long after in I had to sit through about four minutes of a video about poop... not kidding about that. When it ended your video didn't restart. I couldn't get back to where I was without refreshing. I fast forwarded to where I left off, and immediately got another 3 minute ad. When it ended another ad popped up. Eventually I was able to finish watching, but for 12 minutes of your content I had to deal with about 9 minutes of ads. That's not a great ratio. I know you probably have no control over what NLname shows me as interstitial ads, but this is ridiculous.

    37. Tehillah CohenStuart

      Clones Do have miniclorians, becouse with out, you can't live.

    38. Kaiju Predator

      Please stop spreading the idiotic falsehood that the body seen in the vat in The Mandalorian had anything to do with Palpatine! I'm sick of people trying to connect simple events like that which involve the Darktrooper program (NOT Snoke nor the Emperor) to the abomination of the Sequel trilogy.

    39. Fezz Casares

      Can’t believe people are already trying to cancel the series

    40. Corey Mulrooney

      It would be interesting if it turns out omega is a female clone of palpaten and Ray’s mother

    41. Commander Lack Gaming

      10:35 no i think she's just in on the secret about the chips

    42. M H

      o meh ga is 100% force sensitive clone

    43. Scott Earnest

      Did you see Omega following Hunter in the hallway, copying his every CQC leadership move?

    44. Jah Watkins

      I had thought omega could be the sithlorf but I was like wait how the clone is a girl omega so?

    45. Edward Ness

      would've been better to take Hux more seriously if he was Brendan Gleeson... His son was just a little too young...

    46. Naterra

      Thank you ScreenCrush!!! Since the first episode I have been waiting for someone to make the connection that Kalib is Kanen. (sorry for the spelling). I made the connection at that moment, that moment he jumped to run away and go into hiding. I may not know how to spell the names but I never forget an origin story. How and whenever it’s told. Thanks again, I thought I was going crazy for a moment.👍🏾👍🏾

    47. Sailor of Fortune

      The Batch Batch is reminiscent of the game Republic Commando who had clones purpose made for special operations and each clone had a specialized skill (sniper, tech, hacker, etc) which these guys did as well. Though flipping it around and making them "defective" clones is a good shake up.

    48. John P

      “With arms wide open” killed me 😂

    49. Matthew G Ministries -Baritone/Tenor 2

      I have always wondered what the Kaminoans were doing during the original trilogy hopefully we will get an in depth look in the Bad Batch show.

    50. Menace

      I hope we see baby Leia if we also see Bail Organa. Yes.

    51. Menace

      6:18 Fives. Everyone watching the show still thinks about Fives. That's a fact... : ( RIP Friend and hero.

    52. Menace

      5:35 Is it just me or does every clone stand like that. Hands behind back xD. Its like Omega still has some traits of her clone brothers..

    53. Richard Hoffmann

      Great episode. The only thing that irked me was how you pronounced Omega. It's oh-meh-guh and not oh-me-guh.

    54. Andrew Gardner

      4:01 that’s not deba (I’m not sure how to spell her name). The clones would’ve left her body where they found it. That Jedi is most likely Shaak ti since she was the Jedi who looked over the clones on Kamino.

    55. Siner666

      What if Omega is Ray’s mother? Lol

    56. Gran Drum

      Disrespect to the storm troopers dude. The storm troopers were ordered by Tarkin to *NOT* kill the rebels so they can escape to there base so they can blow it up. Man..... did Disney get to you?

    57. BasicallyaMoose 816

      Just remember starkiller is also Canon I wonder if they ever gonna include him again as the start of the rebellion imagine that

    58. The Chronicle Gamer

      The live-fire training droids look like the sentry security droids from Star Wars Rebels

    59. The Chronicle Gamer

      The only thing I was hoping for was the announcer guy, he’s the best

    60. Mr NostalgiaLover

      A few of these aren’t even Easter eggs. They’re just parts of Star Wars. Like twileks and stuns. That’s not an Easter egg....

    61. egratudo1974

      omega must be related to the emperor. Rey came from his line which means he has progeny. omega could be a Palpatine clone? direct offspring?

    62. Lukas B

      Can u leave out the "Uh what you say" boomercringe memes next time tyty

    63. Sergeant Bill Cipher

      I have no idea why I never made the connection of the clone 99 and clone force 99

    64. AverageBritishWhiteBoy

      I've watched a couple videos now and you get so many details like Depa Billaba's body being carried off on kamino wrong and it pains me as an absolute nerd.

    65. asmpparker

      You seem to be pronouncing Omega incorrectly.

    66. Nihilus


      1. Nihilus

        Bro that was masterful

    67. Matthew Ponce

      Are you sure that was Depa they were carrying on Kamino? I assumed it was whatever jedi was stationed there at the time to oversee training of the clones like Shaak Ti did, which to me is a cooler detail.

    68. Daley M

      So replace Grogu with Omega and Din Djarin with Hunter and we have a copy of the Mandalorian?

    69. Sam Knight

      Just real quick, the clone wars title was red when Darth maul was in the episode. To be clear

    70. Bass Legend

      Yoda killed members of the 501st... Those weren't shock troopers

    71. Dj Stone

      I'm calling it, Omega is gonna be Rey's mother

    72. Lil Red

      If Omega worked directly with the kaminoans (and raised by them?) I'm surprised she has jango Fett's accent and not the kaminoan accent and cadence. I highly doubt they'd group her with any male clones partly cuz she's female but also because I doubt they were training her for combat so she wouldn't need to be in classes with them. So I'd guess her interaction was mostly limited to meals and if Nala sey was currently working with clone troopers. So at the very least her accent wouldn't be as strong as it is

    73. Dinowarrior21

      They messed up deepa delaba lightsaber, the comic hers is green not blue.

    74. Gary Hernandez

      So you really thought that capitalizing on a cartoon characters receiding hairline was a good time to plug an ad?? Clever but I wont subscribe, or condone to your sneaky plugs.

    75. Christopher Thompson

      She looks like Anikan from Clones Wars

    76. Lucas Royalty

      The Jedi that got carried away on Kamino isn't Depa Belaba

    77. Annette Warren

      He didn’t mention that solgerrera was in fallen order

    78. Stazia Kibera

      The rmj experiment on NLname

    79. SKITS_ 3D

      4:09 that wasn't Depa Billaba the hand is green n pink

    80. J B

      There's a poster in the bad batch bunks on the wall of a red and black battle droid. Originally I thought it was a reference to Bones a repurposed battle droid with a blade for an arm.

    81. Nate Norman

      That hair ad was smooth though I can’t even lie lmao

    82. Braden Metzger

      The Jedi that they carry past The Bad Batch isn’t Depa Balaba. They have purple skin and not the same lightsaber.

    83. WoodsCam02 _YT

      10:30 is it me or when Omega talks to crosshair, she kinda foreshadows him hunting them down?

    84. Jason Kim

      The example in the clip where you show Omega being "telepathic" with Crosshair is not necessarily because she's telepathic, but rather because she knows he's affected by the inhibitor chip. That's why she says she knows what he's going to do. Also, I think the dead jedi on the stretcher was not Depa Biloba (why would they bring her body to Kamino?)...I think it was Rig Nema...look at the lightsaber hilt.

    85. kosaba11

      That moment you used to claim Omega was somewhat telepathic is more because she knows about the inhibitor chips, and since she worked with the cloners, would recognize the signs of a defective chip.

    86. Todd Kurzbard

      "So, how many 'Easter eggs' should we have in this episode?" "Order 61."

    87. Kevin

      If only I had keeps 10 years ago.

    88. Scarico Oleoso

      Going bald is no big deal. Trying to not look bald, now that has been a punchline over and over in history.

    89. WIGGAL

      You got some things wrong, sorry to say that this way but some details you brought up are just wrong

    90. Mcclane Sjolund

      Lol 50% off your “First Order” you sly dog

    91. julien neaves

      Good stuff. But Tarkin is an admiral at this point and not a Grand Moff. I saw this and another video missed that.

    92. The Profaned flame

      Tech looks like dale grible

    93. Max Otto

      rise of skywalker aint canon tho

    94. Max Otto

      so happy AZ-13 is back

    95. JacobB17

      Yeah a lot of this is wrong.

    96. Ovayi Mzokosa

      Is it O-ME-ga or O-MEG-a

    97. Ryan Pithey

      I’d love it if the bad batch started calling her lil sis. 😎 or maybe that’s just me because mine died.

    98. Paul Chavez

      I think omega is Palestine’s contingency of Jango and his own genes, BUT the Kaminoans used Anakin or Obi Wan’s genes instead without telling him and it happened to work better(because force balance), so they went with that.

    99. TheUnorthodoxIam

      Starkiller might show up

    100. LycanFPV

      Actually your more than wrong about stormtroopers aiming. Their aim is off only around force users that throw the blaster bolts off. Obiwan says imperial stormtroopers are so precise. In a new hope. Next to sandcrawler.