Star Wars: BAD BATCH 1x02: Every EASTER EGG + Mandalorian Connection EXPLAINED | Full BREAKDOWN


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    1. ScreenCrush

      What prequel or sequel character do you most want to see appear in the show? I'll go first: jar-Jar. Unironically, Jar-Jar.

      1. Weapons of Mass Destruction

        Darth Jar Jar

      2. Melissa Lawrence

        Cad Bane

      3. agroman

        Kal Castis, Inquisitors, IG-11 or 88b,c,d, etc!

      4. MiniRambler


      5. Oliver Swanick

        The Rancor. I feel we've we never got his side of the story

    2. Matt Is Going Mad

      Promo Iklannya mantep ni. S4 Maeketing kaya nya si Om ini

    3. Obi-One Kinowbee

      It's Echoe, not Fives. Fives died in season 6 episode 2 Conspiracy. Other than that awesome video. I didn't notice all that stuff

    4. Lori Fields

      Echo not Fives!

    5. Suzanne Sutton

      I know I’m super-late to the party, so no rehashing of the Fives/Echo debacle 😄. What I wanted to point out is the “Ellis Island changed our family name” thing is a myth. If a name changed occurred, it was almost always the immigrant themselves who did it in order to be more “Americanized” and not the official who processed them.The genealogist Megan Smolenyak has researched this extensively if anyone wants to check it out!

    6. dflowers30

      This series is 19 years before A New Hope if it's taking place directly after The Clone Wars

    7. CT -1409 Echo

      not the same species 4:31

    8. CT -1409 Echo

      it's friking echo not fives!!

    9. Justus Hansen

      This takes place 19 years before, not 17

    10. Allison

      Ryan didn’t mention my mom. 😟

    11. kevnlewis

      Please no more misnaming Echo as Fives 😭

    12. Gary M

      "The High Republic stories, which are awesome." 🤣

    13. Connor HANSON

      Omega: “It’s... amazing!” Anakin: “I HATE YOU!!”

    14. S. GATSBY

      so does rey go find grogu?

    15. bigman

      I think that omega has all of the bad batches traits, she's strong, smart, good senses, sharp shooter and who knows probably good at fixing things I think that she not only is the last clone but, got the purest form of DNA not making her a clone but an actual person

    16. Will Stikken

      "How do I know much about Star Wars" then proceeds to call characters by the worng names and msispronounce species names. Is it a failed attempt at ironic humor or just a fail?

    17. James Bagley

      I disliked the video as soon as I heard you say Salamakeye? It’s literally pronounced SALOOKUMEYE. Please make sure you know how to pronounce all these names before you say it in a video.

    18. Roland's Outdoor Adventures

      2:11 His name isn’t “fives” it’s “echo”

    19. Evantures -

      4:31 thats actually a snivvian not a gamorreon

    20. bastard granny

      0:47 those where also in ep1 i think, that thing jabba kicked of the balcony

    21. e vilobster

      Downvote for endorsing the high republic. 👎

    22. Kevin Griffth

      bro you keep calling echo fives wrong person dude

    23. Jeffery Cox

      Um 19 years, not 17.

    24. josepy4

      Haha the slam on bringing Palpatine back! Awesome!

    25. Mr. Lee

      Rambo is my favorite Star Wars character.

    26. Airwolf 276

      Don’t make analysis videos if you can’t get the facts right trash

    27. Silias Porter

      You notice how omega is curious about everything. I think her probraming is that she is supposed to learn everything to become the best weapon.

    28. raul valencia

      At 2:13 you fucked up it’s echo and tech having that convo, dirty reg.

    29. Misato Katsuragi


    30. Rasmus Koefoed-holm

      Dude says 4:40 "how do i know so much about star wars" while getting so many things wrong like fucking saying "salicamai" not "salucamai" and calling echo for fives like dude fact check your videos

    31. Rodholseth

      I really like Omega. First time in an animated Star Wars show where I didn't dislike the kid for the first season.

    32. clement Paul

      Anakin: I hate sand! Omega: I love sand!

    33. Chris Moore

      My mom made a mug like yours in ceramics in the 80’s!! Wish it was more in view!

    34. Kuki Cookie

      Personally I think Omega is Hunter’s daughter, I know she’s a clone and that but still

    35. Corbin Dobson

      bruh its echo not fives

    36. WolfyRL

      You calling echo fives makes me sad

    37. tarık nur yıldız

      bloodline is not a good book. i dont like claudia gray's sw books.

    38. ozark gunslinger

      Does no one fact check you

    39. Alec Yates

      “Fives” “Gammorean” :\ cmon mannnnmnn Ryan you know better

    40. Nikolay Nikolayevich Lesiv

      yo top tier videos mate!

    41. M H

      audible is terrible and doesn't pay authors fyi

    42. Inpito Non-Profit

      Many entertainment companies add kids into the story line of their shows because they market to kids, and those companies want kids to watch the show. A lot of kids I know have watched Star Wars the Clone Wars, because they can relate to Ahsoka Tano and some of the other kids found in various episodes. Plus, Star Wars Rebels because of Ezra Bridger. However, most kids I know have never heard of Star Wars "Resistance" and guest what ... "No Kid Characters" are in the show, young adults sure, but no kids.

    43. thenightowl416

      It’s Friday 1)watch bad batch 2) watch Screen Crush for all the great Easter eggs and breakdowns Done watching ep3 where’s the break down?!?😔

    44. Robert Shapley

      That’s echo not fives. Proof read or something.

    45. Robert Shapley

      4:31 that isn’t a Gammorean. This species was first seen in the cantina

    46. Matthew Arenson

      Echo not Five

    47. cjBreadMaGiG

      Fives is dead you mean echo..i think

    48. Banana Duck

      4:30 This is no Gamorrean. It is a Snivvian. Please do more research

    49. lillysora

      I love Love LOVE Omega!

    50. ThelastTiger

      This guy is NOT a star wars fan expert - Pronounced Salucamai wrong - Calls Echo "Fives" countless of times. - Some EE are already knowed but still goes into details. - Lots of misleading facts and names Bruh just get outta here and replace yourself by a REAL star wars geek

    51. Daniel Taylor

      There are two robots that look just like the main character robots from The Black Hole in the Bad Batch

    52. BF2 Gang

      Here’s what I think about omega. She’s hot.

    53. Jaeger Games

      Echo. Echo. Not Fives. And, "Sa-Loo-Ka-Mai" not "Sa-Loo-Kasalami."

    54. sammycat203

      I have this theory that they are setting up Omega to be Rey's mom. We have seen many examples of force sensitives so a genetically enhanced force clone and the son of an extremely powerful dark side user could be an explanation for reys abilities with the force. This also follows your theory of all these new shows working to make the sequels better like the clone wars did to the prequels.

    55. Frank Oz

      Did you mention your mom or did I miss it?

    56. plushiesdx

      5:47 Which got partially retconned

    57. blaze Destroyer4

      You called echo fives

    58. BISCUIT

      Maybe you should just stick to marvel🤦‍♂️😅

    59. Sir LittlePants

      I love how he said “Fives” instead of “Echo”

    60. Queen of the Troopers

      2:38 you said Fives again. He's Echo

    61. Hoxinator

      4:40 "people are asking me how do I know so much about star wars" calls Echo, Fives

    62. JaCoby Elsenpeter

      It's echo not fives

    63. Lee N

      At 4:28 there are also People from Mandalore, cuz they all kinda look the same, blonde hair and so

    64. Muzzinator

      Maybe the VO still present in episode 1 occurred because Order 66 hadn't been executed yet and thus by episode 2 the empire had formed and taken control, silencing all voices and the last 'Clone Wars' reference, our beloved VO.

    65. Batman Beyond

      You really expect people to belive that's dave fioni put a badly photoshoped picture of mandi in ep 2

    66. Shaun Churchyard

      Could you do a top 10 recommend Star wars on Audible..

    67. Sailor of Fortune

      Registration is the first step towards confiscation!

    68. Bear Counrty Boutique

      I hate omega

    69. Oscar Ramirez

      Omega is like baby yoda

    70. Loric Lad

      Love how you misidentify that snaggletooth (species :Snivvian) as a Gamorrean (pronounced incorrectly also) and then start a product placement ad for audible by saying that you know so much about star wars. Cringe. :)

    71. Isaac

      Droid torture... Do they feel it?

    72. Scott Lewis

      Omega = Reys Mum ?

    73. Curtis Chapman

      Omg you called him fives multiple times. It’s not fives with the bad batch it’s Echo. It’s not fives. It’s echo

    74. Travis Johnson

      Omega is a Palpatine clone.

    75. Özgün Uslu

      Well Lucas once said Star Wars was about fathers and sons.. I think all the spin-offs are taking this direction of parent and child, and it is working rather well.

    76. Jonathan Blanco

      I so agree with you about how these "animated" shows are fixing some of the plot holes from the movies. After watching Rebels and Clone Wars, my dislike towards the prequels diminish enough so I watch them again. Great video!~!

    77. T Dub

      Thanks for being honest and saying in the video that you don't like The Rise of Skywalker. Most are afraid to admit this in fear of woketards and disney shills.

    78. Sormeki

      The Dooku book is absolutely not only available as an audio book. I almost picked it up in WalMart recently.

    79. Crandall

      That’s not a Gammorrean! It’s a snaggle tooth!

    80. andy bell

      No offense but, I think you over shot it with thinking that certain parts have to deal with social security and changing peoples last names to fit in with America. It’s Just a stretch to mix it in with politics.

    81. Mr. Stryker

      I really don't like the theory that Omega is force sensitive. Her being able to mimic other's skill would be cool or something else, but enough of the force sensitive peeps.

    82. George Benson

      its the planet salamaki for me XD XD

    83. Armah The Trainer

      MY THEORY: Omega is not only the LAST clone. She will END all clones. That's why they aren't seen in subsequent movies and episodes.

    84. 360flipin

      That snivvian isnt a gamorean just saying....

    85. Radlerstriker

      No unfortunately you cant improve on garbage

    86. Bearded turtle

      You keep saying “Fives” but isn’t it Echo? Also isn’t Fives dead?

    87. Tyler Lachney

      Omega Rocks!!!!!

    88. biggreengiant 515

      "How do I know so much about Star Wars" Famous last words before getting destroyed by viewers

    89. Mister Moncivais

      "Hate leads to suffering..." The only time I have given you a dislike and it's because of hating TRoS...

    90. kize39

      ....but where was my mom in this one?!?!?

    91. Darth Revan

      I don't like Omega tat mcuh to be honest. Ahsoka was a much better choice or even grogu for the force sensitive child

    92. The First Galactic Empire

      Ryan: I know so much about star wars also ryan: *five* then uses his arm to hack the terminal

    93. Jason Stallmann

      This dude needs to check his facts better, this is embarrassing especially when he says he knows so much about Star Wars

    94. thomas bentley

      Does this mean that Omega is the little sister of the group?

    95. Matías Mena

      High republic? Awesome histories? Wtf

    96. Metalchick36

      My theory of Omega is that she's a female version of the Jango clones. The fact that some of the clones have various features such as their hair color, means that the cloners could change the gender of the clones

    97. Chad Wright

      thumbs down for not using correct character names.

    98. High On Lives

      I didn't know fives was a part of the Bad Batch, amoung SEVERAL other mistakes in this video. Idk if I can trust these videos anymore. Lol Edit : After 5 minutes of constant mistakes followed by a brag of knowing Star Wars, I'll go watch another breakdown video. 😂

    99. Devin Graves

      These have so many mistakes I wonder if he even knows what he's talking about lol

    100. Charlie Saunders

      Show take place 19 years before a new hope