Star Wars BAD BATCH 1x05: Every EASTER EGG + Did LUKE Kill Muchi?


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    Star Wars the Bad Batch returns for another episode to show the tragic backstory of (one of) Jabba’s rancors. As the squad transitions into their life as mercenaries, Omega drops even more clues that she’s Force sensitive. A new trandoshan named Cid is voiced by Rhea Perlman, the newest Cheers cast member to join the Star Wars Universe. (Can you name the other 2?)

    There are multiple Easter Eggs and connections to Return of the Jedi, the Mandalorian, and the Clone Wars.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Antonio Polito

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    1. Adam D.

      I found a cat!

    2. Tommy3 Official

      Amazing book amazing game*

    3. yahtzee tee

      It just hit me that asaj and maul are the same species

    4. MishaFoomin

      Hate Like Skywalker for taking away Grogu.... and sentencing Grogu to probable death by Ben Solo

    5. carolina Jimenez

      cat cat cat

    6. Anthony Montalvo

      Nice Jesus Christ Superstar usage. :)

    7. Everage Holloway

      Came to NLname for a breakdown like this..I saw some e-eggs and was wondering if this was Luke's Rancor..excellent job

    8. Kathy Mtz

      I loved how you used Jesus Christ Superstar movie there!

    9. Phoolish ROC

      "Fight me in the comments below" lmao

    10. TraceguyRune

      7:36 That isn't Canon. Come on Ryan. Keep up.

    11. Kelsey

      Episode 6? Hope everything is good.

    12. Mateo Escobedo

      So the two other star wars characters is John Ratzenberger and Woody Harrelson right?

    13. Marcelo Danesi

      I dont know if someone mention this, but I have a theory that the slavers were trying to raise funds for the retaking of their planet by kidnapping people or creatures linked to major crime bosses (like Xizor and Jabba). What you guys and girls think?

    14. Jason Williams

      Omega is Rey’s mother.

      1. K W


    15. Tony Kruy

      The snobbish suede concomitantly strip because aries lamentably handle throughout a kindly bagel. vast, elderly alloy

    16. Will Rust

      Love these vids! But have to point out it's Din Djarin :)

    17. qNecromancer

      Episode called Rampage as a throwback to Rancor Rampage from the Kinect Star Wars game on the Xbox 360??

    18. Daniel S

      John Ratzenberger and Woody Harrelson are your cheers alumni in Star Wars

    19. Matt Wright

      Don’t forget 1x06! Lol

    20. David Buck

      I didn’t see my mom in this video!!!!

    21. Grace Ashmore

      this channel is goos but sometimes you probably should look up pronunciations bc a lot of them are wrong and it bothers me lol😂

    22. Milady Elfn

      Anyone else noticed how each episode keeps getting shorter, like they are counting down or something?

    23. English Friends

      The easter egg I found is that you used the same ending clip from the last video!

    24. Sharpy

      Better late than never. Did ScreenCrush forget to unlock your cage?

    25. Orcasabre66

      The rancor could still be Muchi as Pateesa means friend in huttese so it may have been renamed

    26. Shenzo ruiz

      I know Liam O'Brien's voice anywhere, but it was a pleasant surprise to hear the Emmy Award winning voice of Sam Riegel

    27. Tynan Vetter

      The night Sisters are NOT Zabraks

    28. Lube Miller

      I’m gonna be pissed if she’s a force sensitive clone.

    29. Whatever Yoda

      It’s just a regular clone pilot. All clone pilots that didn’t customize their armor wore the yellow stripe on the crest.

    30. Orrin Branch

      Just so you Know gonk droids are mobile generators. they don't do much because their only job is to generate power and have plug ins

    31. Andrew H

      It's the same Rancor. Referred to often as just "pateesa," that means "friend" in Huttese. Muchi was sometimes referred to as Pateesa Muchi, or Friend Muchi, like Muchi-chan. We already know the Rancor Luke kills was procured by Bib for Jabba's birthday. Same Rancor.

    32. Joe America

      They searched Wrecker’s head and didn’t find anything. Ha ha.

    33. Krypton Son

      Night Sisters aren't the same species as Darth Maul. He's a Zabrek. There are Zabreks that live on Dathomir, but the Night Sisters are not Zabreks.

    34. Savitar

      Cyndrilical container? Lol

    35. U-Turn Publishing - bvba U-Turn

      Love the cat, asking for some attention :-)

    36. Gook Egg Roll

      u mean squatting 😂?

    37. Steven Eagan

      I thought Cid was a male. They even refer to him as "he". The voice sounded female tho. And if Omega is force sensitive where is she in later movies and series like Rebels or Resistance? Seems like Kanan Jarrus or Ezra Bridger would sense her. Is she dead already or is she in hiding? Guess I'll have to wait.

    38. Ethan Thorn

      The pilot helmet is just standard issue.

    39. ZNO Abrams

      I thought syd was a boy

    40. David Robles

      Woody Harrelson and the mustached rebel?

    41. S Clark

      Actually the clone helmet in Sids office is a regular clone pilot

    42. Kyle Saritelli

      A couple of my predictions. Fennic is going to turn out to be trained by Boba and part of his Merry Band of Bounty Hunters. It would go to explain why Boba saved her in Mandalorian Season 1 and why she's loyal to him in Season 2. She's not a Wookiee, she doesn't have to swear a life debt because he saved her. Going off of that prediction, we'll also be seeing Boba show up in the show at some point. Fennic and Boba's appearances in this will also have tie-ins to the Book of Boba Fett. And in the Book of Boba Fett, I except to see Muchi again. That guess is based off of the affection that Bib showed to her. Bib, of course, took over Jabba's businesses when the Exalted One was murdered by a bikini clad slave girl.

    43. knightaudit

      5 episodes in and there is one nagging question. If all the troopers are clones of Jango (Clones being a copy of the original) Why is Omega a Girl? Genetically that should not happen.

    44. Miath

      at 3:26 you talked about a clone helmet from the 32th legion.. But it's a clone pilot helmet, you can also see the breathing apparatus connected to it ;p

    45. Lauren Lee

      istg they better not hurt wrecker or i will have a complete mental breakdown

    46. Dylan Clark

      I looked back on the episode and saw when Omega is looking at Sid, just to the right of her is three sabacc cards on a screen. One of them being a positive 8, one a negative 5, another being a positive one. Combined they equal four which means nothing in sabacc so I don't know if there is a different meaning behind it.

    47. Ken Byrd

      Points for the JCS clip!

    48. glyn parson

      John ratzenberger and woody harrelson both in Star Wars films.

    49. Star Wars Tonight

      Thank you for the mention pal

      1. ScreenCrush

        You got it, great observation!

    50. Rich Smith

      Yeah when she was by the Rancor cage i got Jurassic Park vibes.

    51. Mike Sgroi

      Those detonator bottles remind me of the Coca Cola bottles from Galaxy’s Edge.

    52. Jason Rodriguez

      The clone helmet that y'all all claiming is from the 337th or whatever have different mouth pieces on there helmet that clone trooper helmet looks like it's a pilots or speeder helmet....

    53. Comic Ozzi

      Cliff and Woody!

    54. Daniel Nugent

      Ratzzy, of course. Idk the other, and I'm too lazy to google it.

    55. d_zone21

      Hanta, Ricka, Tick, and Icko was all saved by Uhmegha.

    56. Andrew McCaffrey

      I believe he is squatting with the gonk droid, not curling.

    57. bjdenil

      Niles Crane?

    58. Crow

      SHort answer? Yes, yes Luke did.

    59. TheReal704Champ

      John Ratzenberger (sp?), Cliff the mailman, was in Echo Base on Hoth. And of course Woody Harrelson was Beckett in the Solo movie.

    60. Victor Carvalho

      You're late. LOL

    61. HBradley

      Oh GOD... not this guy again. . .

    62. Paul Skorez

      Shadows of the Empire is an amazing Star Wars game. It was the reason I bought an N64. I beat it on every difficulty and collected everything. If there were trophies back then I'd have the Platinum. Not sure if it would stand up today. I dont think it has ever been re released for whatever reason. Oh yeah and the book is a classic too. Highly Recommended.

    63. Vandicoup

      3:25 That is actually just a standard Phase II Clone Pilot helmet. If you Google Image search "Clone Wars Phase II Clone Pilot Helmet" you'll see the exact same helmet and trooper pop up in many pictures as well as screenshots throughout the later seasons of TCW. That armor and helmet are the standard Phase II pilot armor while the standard Phase I pilot armor and helmet looked a little different but very similar.

    64. Vandicoup

      2:55 Those also look like the Star Wars-themed Galaxy Edge Coca-Cola bottles!

    65. Benjamin Anderson

      Luke totally killed Munchi.

    66. YahYEET7567

      7:42 Not necassarily. Pateesa means friend in Huttese so it was most likely a nickname Muchi's handler gave her because of how close he was to her. Also it can't be coincidence that Bib Fortuna , Jabba's right hand man, is getting a rancor when the only other rancor we have seen is in Jabba's palace

    67. Lincoln Gomm

      you are so smart.

    68. mapvectorEX

      Dave Filoni clearly dosnt respect novels he is the rankor in Rotj

    69. Danish

      I was just thinking about a lego Star Wars movie I watched when I was younger which included a sith clone which was force sensitive as I remember and here we got Omega...

    70. Aunt Vesuvi

      Thanks, Ryan! ⭐

    71. Alejandro Delgado

      I knew the voice from the character talking at 6:22 sounded familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it while watching the episode, but now I know! It's War from Darksiders

      1. Casey McMurtry

        Liam O'Brien; he also had a role in Rebels, as well as being the voice of Illidan Stormrage ("You are not prepared!") and one of the original cast members of Critical Role. Talented guy!

    72. Daithí Ó Nuanáin

      That 'Jesus Christ Superstar' cutaway - sublime!

    73. Heidi Fedor

      John Ratzenberger and Woody Harrelson.

    74. Jasper Vervoort

      The energy weapon used by the slave traders is known by the name Mouyrom. Which, if you rearrange the letters, freely translates to your mom. Love the vids

    75. House Hankins

      Trandoshan, not transdoshan

    76. Ben's Brick Designs

      Ryan, you should cosplay as John Ratzenburger. I think you could pull it off.

    77. Crispy K

      kuat has been mentioned more than what you stated

    78. McClickbait

      Night sisters are Dathomirians, Maul is a Zabrak. Same planet different species

    79. David strange

      Best line." Let's all pretend to be surprised when it happens "( Omega was obviously force sensitive from jump . I mean from the way she talked to Cross hair and other obvious non subtle hints and her name just saying) but let's pretend lol anyways lol

    80. Jeremy Santos

      Pateesa NOT Pantessa. And Pateesa simply means "Friend" in Huttese. Ergo its not necessarily the name of the one in ROTJ. But as usual, you put of Star Wars content because its popular and you want views, not because you're a fan or know what the hell you're talking about. You really are a complete and utter moron.

    81. Jim Dandy

      In case no one answered the Cheers bit: John Ratzenberger and Woody Harrelson were in cheers and SW ep5 and Solo

    82. ClonedGamer001

      That clone helmet on the shelf isn’t a 322nd helmet, it’s a gunship pilot’s. You can tell from the filter system and red symbols on the temples.

    83. Nathan DTS

      Kuat has previously been mentioned in novels. Played a sizable role in the Twilight Company book.

    84. EzioHanitore

      John Ratzenburger was in Empire Woosy Harrelson in Solo

    85. Steve Schappell

      Woody Harrelson was in Solo: a Star Wars Story as Beckett, and John Ratzenberger was in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back as Major Derlin. Both from Cheers, along with Rhea Pearlman, who voices Sid.

    86. Mighty Mr Mooresky

      3:23 looks more like just a clone pilot helmet to me rather than a unit specific one 3:30 if it's from Mace's unit then shouldn't the mouthpiece also be purple with purple markings on the ridge and around the forehead? I think that dark piece on the cheek is just shadow 6:13 how the hell can you mispronounce Din Djarin's name? Side note: well done for pronouncing Gamorrean correctly this time

    87. Andrew Schembri

      I think the Human that was rescued is Malakili. His hat and gut give it away.

    88. Saosinner

      The “detonators” being in sodas might be a reference to Galaxy’s Edge where they sell cokes in thermal detonator shaped bottles that look exactly like that.

      1. Saosinner

        Sprites too, I have some on my shelf rn.

    89. The Jedi Master

      Finally i've waited for this!!!

    90. Hank THE Patriot

      One HYPER KITTY at the end!!!! 🤣

    91. DMisigoy

      Not that it was ever fully explained, but Darth Maul & the Night Brothers are Zabraks. The Night Sisters are not. We saw at least one or two female Zabraks in the Clone Wars & they have horns just like the males.

    92. Manateeface297

      A clone can’t be force sensitive because you can’t copy Midi-chlorians. Which is why Palpatine needed Rey. Because as every Star Wars fan knows rey’s father was one of Palpatine clones.

    93. Paul Gille

      One of the slaves looks a lot like Prince Xizor

    94. Conner B

      Hey don’t dare sleight Gonk Droids

    95. NLCylth

      John Ratzenberger and Harrelson

    96. Andrew Teheran

      Ithorian is wearing the outfit from the original 1977 action figure collection.

    97. Luke Bickford

      The helmet in the middle is a clone pilot helmet the yellow does not nessicarly mean it was the 327th but it could be but normal clone pilot helmets are also yellow

    98. Justin Woods Romano

      The Nightsisters aren't the same species as Darth Maul. -- Maul is a Zabrak. The NightBROTHER Clan (where Maul and his brother Savage come from) are all Dathomirian Zabraks (not to be confused with Irodonian Zabraks). -- The species of the Nightsisters are never outrightly revealed an canon or legends.

    99. elcantantedecorcho

      Theory, the piece of horn we see on the table is the one that Mace Windu cuts from the Reeks on attack of the clones stadium battle.

      1. elcantantedecorcho

        Also could be where she got Jango Fett blasters to...

    100. Crandall

      You’re wrong! It’s moochee that Luke murders don’t take that away from me!