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    Star wars the Bad batch returns one of the all-time great Clone Wars Villains: cad Bane! We break down his appearance, and how Crosshair is becoming the new Darth Vader (as far as the Bad batch are concerned.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Justin Yee

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Who should the next Star War guest star be?

      1. UltiMulti Games

        I just don’t want Darth Maul coming back. Disney killed him with nostalgia bait. Schaffrillas Productions made a really good video about it.

      2. TheScruffinator

        @doubletime that wouldnt be a guest star, because he's already getting his own series.

      3. doubletime

        Obi Wan and how he escaped from the Empire

      4. Jason Canfield

        Sorry but I just want Bane to die. Not that he’s not a good character but he is like Seaka from Star Trek.

      5. Dragonborn795

        You continue to get things wrong

    2. Shadowkey392

      Some of these are reeeeeeeeeaally reaching.

    3. Owen Kilcup

      Crosshair looked like dengar

    4. Jack Hosier

      9:35 Toto Reference. nice.

    5. Man Of Evil

      could it be that tek's chip worked, but with his intelligence knew how to act like it didnt, and when it got removed he still decides to be shady?

    6. Dani Davis

      Cross Hair will kill the Kaminoan Prime Minister (cuz he's not following orders) and that will be the beginning of the end of the Kaminoans.

    7. Lutelro

      Nobody noted that Crosshair, after the burning, using those traps, looks like Dengar, the bounty hunter?

    8. Steve Wiswell

      I’m late here but I took Wrecker saying he failed his first disarming test as a reference to his closest counterpart in the Republic Commando video game, Scorch. Scorch earned his nickname thanks to a mishap during a training exercise that cost him and his training sergeant their eyebrows, and if Wrecker was trained with live explosives it would explain his scar and missing eye

    9. Steven Pate

      I honestly do not understand the fascination with Cad Bane. He is one of my least favorite characters.

    10. Antonio Gonzalez

      why do shitty things

    11. Seany OnTour

      "The Kaminoans put CHIPS"

    12. Dub Esquire

      I think the big thing is Omega is another legends retcon. Omega is going to be Boba Fett's daughter! Fennik Shan?.. is going to be the

    13. Chase West

      I’d love for Boba Fett and Maul to return in The Bad Batch. Also Quinlan Vos and Dryden Vos would be cool too.

    14. David Bakke


    15. SleetTreat

      I was once that type of 13 year old lol

    16. Jorge Carbajal

      0:35 It would be so fun to see Hondo show up in the series. 1:36 Rampart was speaking with Lama Su, the Kaminoan Prime Minister.

    17. Vincent Coley

      Cad Bane is more like Lee Van Cleef's character in those classic dollars trilogy westerns👍

    18. Mateo Cuellar

      I just really need a kick ass Crosshair redemption arc with a song that I can listen to a NLname epic remix of in the gym. Thanks.

    19. Kaiju Predator

      Doug watching projected Star Wars films is priceless! 🥰

    20. gymblue123

      I hate cad bane so much

    21. a human

      What if crosshair is dengar (the bounty hunter who wrapped his head in either toilet paper or paper towels in empire)


      crose hair is a bonty hunter at the end of bad batch

    23. La’ Michael

      5:36 of you want to skip the sponsor you’ll thank me later

    24. Carl Stockman

      Cad Bane wasn’t based on Clint Eastwood. He was based on Lee Van Cleef... (ie: “the Bad”)

    25. Carl Stockman

      I’m still hoping Hondo pops up in The Mandalorian...

    26. Brayden Irvine

      Is it just me, or do you think the creators of the Bad Batch are going to bring back the duel between Boba and Bane in the canceled Season 7

    27. Ben Davis

      I'm a star wars movies and games fan been playing star wars the old republic online since 2011.

    28. Ben Davis

      one of clones from the bad batch sounds like one of the companions skadge from star wars the old republic online game I don't recall the clones name .

    29. John Reagan

      Everytime Bane namedrops TODO 360 I cant help but think of TOTO. I genuinely appreciated that joke you made with Africa lmao

    30. Ivan Herndon

      "Cad Bane... the Clone Wars character I've wanted to see the most" WHAT?! "Second to Hondo." Good save.

    31. Jeff Helmick

      I have that same rotj wall hanger 🔥🔥🔥

    32. Rose

      Hondo!!! I love hondo. But cad bane is cool too

    33. German Borquez

      With the course of time we saw a lot of vilains redeeming themselves, becoming good or antihero characters: asajj ventress, agent kallus, boba fett. I think Crosshair will become more villanous in time, being the oposite of this "bad guy being good"

    34. Sir_McCluckin

      The random "your mom" jokes.... Gold.. very gold👌

    35. Arran Ferguson

      Of crosshairs elite soldier recruits they are slowly being picked off. The first being in episode 3 I believe when one refuses orders and crosshair kills him. The second is the flame trooper wrecker throws the torpedo at.

    36. A.R Love

      U summed up Tech perfectly He’s a jackass

    37. SR71BETA

      9:50 I love that part lol "What do you mean they blew up the Death Star?"

    38. Rudster14

      A question I had was why were these ships being scraped so quickly after the Clone Wars ended? Like wouldn't there have needed to be a transition period?

      1. Captain Yung

        The emperor had already planned the overture, imperial credits were already in place & so were the revamped insignias of the empire.

    39. Varkolinchik 209

      I suspect that it’s not zhara but Iden Versio! I mean that’s the first thing we all thought! Right?

    40. justa_placeholder

      Any chance that Crosshairs bandage job is related to the bounty hunter Dengar?

    41. 3AM

      Boba fett

    42. Assyrian Comedy Central

      I wanna see Wolffe

    43. legomanc

      8:02 they are most likely clone flame troopers, because when they are trying to reach the dead trooper later in the episode they refer to him as CT-(i dont know the numbers exactly)3083

    44. Erika Gholston

      How many episodes before they get Omega back?

    45. B1oodyKiller37

      Why does it seem like he is in the restroom filming this

    46. Jake Grant

      I think crosshairs looks like dengar. But he’s from corellia like solo so

    47. Paul Skorez

      Based on the medical wrap on Crosshair head he reminded me of the Bounty Hunter Dengar. But I dont think that will be a thing. This has been my favorite episode this far and I want more of this going forward. Took way too long to circle back to Crosshair and the Empire IMO.

    48. Tom Griesgraber

      Crosshair is starting to look like Dengar. Also I can't help but wonder if somehow bad cloning of him results in stormtroopers' poor aim.

    49. qzy

      I’m calling it mace windu is going to be in the bad batch

    50. FRADS

      Yes cad bane

    51. Raid One

      7:00 I hate the writers made tech blow off the proximity alarm. HE KNOWS they are being searched for. Why would he just blow off any sign of danger approaching? THEYRE ON THE RUN AND BEING HUNTED BY THE EMPIRE

    52. SnyFlemFilms

      I bet Cal was freaking out when he saw the clones coming if he was on the same part of the Planet during this time.

    53. SnyFlemFilms

      Cad Bane needs to appear in live action.

    54. Jacks Cantina 66

      I was thinking that crosshair could end up being Dengar if he doesn't exist already. And he kind of sound like him too.

    55. Dragonborn795

      Wow. You continue to get this wrongs

    56. Caboose is the Vehicle Destroyer

      No Domino Squad is afraid of not being in the fight they want to be in the fight not the side line like 99 was

    57. Andrew Rivers

      The "for you" line from Cad Bane reminded me of the "for you" line from Batman Bane.

    58. Andy Thoby

      Shots fired at my son, a smug 12 yearold who thinks he knows everything because he watches alot of NLname but is actually a bit of a Dumb ass

    59. Nick Kendle

      I kind of hope we see either darth maul or Asoka sometime down the road in the series

    60. lalakr06 :O

      7:16 HEY! that’s a little too far >:(. I love tech, how rude

    61. Nate Musisko

      Darth Maul without a doubt.

    62. Jordan Schneider

      What if Crosshair became Dengar the bounty hunter?

    63. C DOG

      A Asoka Camio would also be awesome.

    64. C DOG

      Yeah Hondo would be cool.

    65. Swapydoo

      Lol the Clone Troopers helmet's field of vision sucks

    66. Hulk600

      Who else didn't like Crosshair in Season 7?

    67. Me_ftt

      When your watching endgame on the r2d2 add projector and it runs out: AH CMON IT WAS ON THE GOOD PART

    68. Michael Whitman

      LOL...Jar Jar coming back would be epic! Haters would be hatin.

    69. overcome

      Cad bane is a terrible bounty hunter the dude is legit worse then Jango

    70. Bloomin S

      You know, I wonder if Tech is autistic coded. I remember thinking that Entrapta in She-Ra was a total asshole, and then I found out she was meant to be on the autistic spectrum. I felt super bad after that. But Tech's mannerisms remind me a bit of hers.

    71. Matt Laschowski

      The female trooper is one techs crew btw human not clone

    72. Glenn Thornton

      Tech has high intelligence and very low wisdom.

    73. Nic Dennis

      They will redeem Crosshair. Because its Star Wars and everyone has to have a redemption arc apparently.

    74. Bount Hunter 119

      “It’s like a show about teenagers when they try to earn a living by their selves” Also when one turns evil and tries to kill them

    75. ScreenCrush

      Nebula's sales team didn't give the correct information to marketing, so this discount was only $100 off. So they're offering a $100 refund on the order. Contact within $30 days to get your additional $100 off. Sorry about the confusion.

    76. jerome montagne

      Hey @screencrush, did you notice how the music when Hunter gets shot by cad bane looks like the « sad theme » in avatar ? I knew it wasn’t going to end well for Hunter because of that

    77. Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

      I know this is impossible but imagine if crosshairs became Dengar due to his injuries, I know it’s completely impossible but just imagine his cool that would be

    78. John Van Parys

      Maybe when Wrecker said that he failed his first disarming test that is how he got the blast looking scar on the side of his head. I don’t know but that would be cool.

    79. crazy scottish boi

      that first failed demolition test wrecker failed could be how he got his face scar.

    80. Sailor of Fortune

      Crosshair's role is to cause mayhem to the Bad Batch so they can become the best versions of themselves. It's always has been that way and always will be that way.

    81. Swizz Sounds

      The creature in the trash water is similar to the shadows empire video game n64 is one of the bosses check it out they are similar I think a cameo too

    82. Teddy Calderon

      Wrecker throws troopers off of the ship like Chewbacca does in Empire Strikes back and creates a Wilhelm scream.

    83. Elliott Brenner

      Did anyone else see early versions of tie fighters flying around kamino

    84. Tani Lehrfeld

      Crosshair kinda looks a bit like dengar lol

    85. peterthx

      Anyone else think Rampart sounds like Tom Hiddleston? I know it's Noshir Dalal but that first episode I had to check the credits to make sure.

    86. John Bravo

      Dude idk how but I hope we get to see cade bane and boba Fetts stand off

    87. Solace in Brooklyn

      3:33 where can I get the comm sound that sounds clear?

    88. Andrew Lurito

      100% guarantee omega is being used to get cloned for the kaminoan’s army from the comics

    89. Benoist Poiré

      Cad Bane is a stand-in for Lee Van Cleef, not Clint Eastwood. ;)

    90. Justin Kase

      Hondo - always Hondo.

    91. Faith Walker

      I really want to see omega appear in the book of boba.

    92. Peyton White

      Hunter looks like dengar

    93. filmfan416 209

      Id love to see maul i mean it whould be a great tie in into crimsom dawn cause we know the kaminoans are possibly hiring bounty hunters and they could be using crimson dawn to hire bounty hunters

    94. Jordan Michalss

      I would like to see Mace Windu pop up in the future films

    95. Basketcase02

      I think crosshair’s bandages remind me a lot of Dengar.

    96. Eddie Eakles

      Here's you an Easter egg..The clone wars season 7 episode 7 the Ithorian and weequay duo we see in bad batch are imprisoned along with ashoka and the sisters

    97. Jackson Baldwin

      Did anyone else get Dengar vibes from Burned crosshairs?

    98. Jael Peña

      What about the canon that they fire to make the roof collapse, same canon seen in the revenge of the sith

    99. Katrien Rose

      Tech isn’t “just a dumbass.” It’s very obvious he is on the autism spectrum. Hence why he sucks at communicating feelings, ignores various social cues, yet is particularly good at analysis and technology at near genius levels.

    100. Skylar Crothers

      You were my brother, Crosshair. I loved you. I HATE YOU!!!