STAR WARS: Three CRUCIAL Fight Scenes That Explain the Entire Saga | STAR WARS Explained


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    When you look at the whole of Star Wars, the hundreds of comics, books, TV episodes and 12 movies--there are 3 scenes that truly define the saga. Three scenes that carry a common theme of corruption, temptation, and redemption. These scenes chronicle the fall of Anakin Skywalker into Darth Vader; the temptation of Luke Skywalker; and the redemption of Kylo Ren.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Madison Tucillo

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Ask me a question.

      1. OzMan448

        @Last Minute Heroics yes Empire is shittest movie apart from TFA TLJ and ROS

      2. okcomputer0101

        Did you study film? Or did actually major in film? You should become a screenwriter. Just my two cents. This was like film class.

      3. Surfer Dog03

        Should/would they, remake or redo the Prequels? Cause lord knows they redid A LOT of the original trilogy.

      4. 456lef

        why would you include the sequels?!?!?!?! not even real star wars

      5. Cory Harrison

        Why only 50 bucks off?

    2. Scott T

      Kylo V Ray. V MAUL V OBI/JIN. HELL NAH MAUL SCENE 1000000000000000x better no if ands or buts.

    3. Rogerio Godinho

      I didn't even finished the video. I couldn't. That last movie is horrible. The rest is great, thank you, Ryan.

    4. ARebelFan

      man ... your vids just keep getting better and better

    5. Animus

      Very cool breakdown ... thanks for doing it.

    6. Reyloaddictxx

      Great vid by the way am I the only one who likes the sequels?

    7. Leonardo Varas Guerrero

      Excellent video!

    8. Eddie G.

      This was fantastic Ryan!

    9. Calbeck

      Nah. It's just trash.

    10. Jonathan Fesmire, Steampunk Author

      Anakin already was Darth Vader when he went to Mustafar...

    11. dwasserberg

      Can we see more of the dog

    12. Kyle Cross

      I’m new to this channel but I absolutely love the content! I’m inspired to binge watch the entire Star Wars Series once more!

    13. Allen Giese

      Don’t lump a sequel movie in with the real ones.

    14. Arthur Danhiez

      Mind blown! Awesome job

    15. Thatcher Dudek

      The efficacious manicure actually imagine because development etiologically chew with a sweltering wilderness. lively, snobbish health

    16. Easter_Sunday Grey_Man

      I suspect the last trilogy sucked because it’s not politically correct to show a man beating up a woman. That can be an issue in light of who the lead character in your action adventure is.

    17. Surfer Dog03

      Very insightful. I like how you can appreciate the Rise of Skywalker for at least one thing. I enjoyed the new trilogy more the Prequels tbh, but the OG’s will always be on top.

    18. John Mendoza

      The significance..... they all on paper can beat Rey but that’s not how it’ll happen

    19. GARLAND XX3

      The next great Star Wars trilogy, how Luke’s uncle grew older to become a bitter prick. 😂

    20. GARLAND XX3

      George Lucus watching this upload, “ yeaaaaaaaah, that was my vision the entire time 👌 “

    21. David strange

      Couple things about the first Fight. Obi one as a Padawan learned a defensive forum of dueling an practiced it for 12 hours a day ( the novel I read ) plus the sword choreography was made so that most of the Jedi had their own style and that was Obi-Wan's if you look at all three of those movies he favored defensive Forum over offensive where is Anakin was an offensive fighter so Obi one being the tactician and having more patience as you said using The High Ground knowing that Anakin was going to LEAP right into fight more I remember my friend used to say Anakin was so much better of a fighter because he was aggressive and I was like yeah but Obi one is blocking everything effortlessly just waiting for the right opportunity to strike plus that way he didn't overexert himself

    22. X00000370

      TRoS sucked! So much promise and such a crappy story (and it wasn't even a well-produced movie)...The story line summarized in brief "disjointed action sequences that result in just another dead Skywalker" (bloodline in this case)...The End. What a way to end the 42+ year in the making Metaphysical Fair Tale written for 12-year-olds (Lucas's words not mine). So what was the coming of age message? Death & loneliness is your reward for overcoming your dark side? Wow, just the kind of hopeful message we all needed in this depressing world we all share. I will never forgive K. Kennedy and the other Disney-Lucas turds for producing such a depressing ending. In fact, and I'm sure I'm not alone, what's the point in rewatching any of the movies once you know the depressing ending that awaits you. So I haven't rewatched any of them since TRoS was released...FU Disney & K.K.!! Other than that I have no strong feelings...

    23. Johnny Branscomb

      Kylo Ren/Ben Solo NEVER truly felt like a Skywalker & that was one of the biggest failings of the sequels! That & the portrayal of Luke Skywalker!

    24. Ten Wire Rangers

      Maybe not the best scenes, maybe not the best fights, one of them wasn’t from a Star Wars movie...

    25. Harly Slamm

      This is the same level of bullshit many religious leaders come up with to explain why the religion is and why it is many thousands of years after! None of the writers had any of your creativity because if they did they would have explained it in their story, not let the viewers find out what they watched 20 years later. Exactly like how Religions works today!


      😩🥺 greatest analysis ever

    27. abgoodbread

      Ep. IX good movie confirmed.

    28. Julian Henderson

      Theory: Tom is the reader

    29. Victor Carvalho

      McGregor was so perfect on being Obi Wan.

    30. kirk001

      I really enjoyed that. Thank you.

    31. Leland Anderson

      Wow that was great!!

    32. uses0ap

      Oh that projector is pretty cool, let me click on the link to bu------ $700??!!!!

    33. miles lowry

      You've got to wonder if the film makers put that much thought into it.

    34. mike damico

      You have a marvelous way of finding the dots and connecting them in ways others fail to see. thank you for this video.

    35. Nv Ant

      really good analysis

    36. Long Sotheary

      Moral of the story: Find a high ground before fighting

    37. Brent Lee Sohlden Koivopolo V

      It can be reworked so ren only has to die once not twice and only Leias saber needs to be buried

    38. Anthony Shannon

      I think we should all just pretend that the sequels never happened

    39. Dcypherman plays

      Also with that Vader hallway scene as he's stalking up to Luke it's just like the way Vader moves during Luke's cave premonition on dagobah

    40. Lukin Wood

      This perfectly illustrates the beauty of the Star Wars saga

    41. islanddude99


    42. Danbo 22

      11:11 You know I was really on board with this video until you made this pointless negative remark.

    43. Neil Latour

      Great Job!

    44. Jordan Lutz

      I truly wonder how you were able to marathon star wars with a 2-1/2 hour battery life 😂🤔🤔🤔🤔

    45. Noah Leslie

      What I got from this video: obi wan is the greatest Jedi to ever live

    46. Gabriel Ryan-Leon

      And schaffrillas productions says Anakin vs obi-wan was a bad scene that presented no story I love his videos, I just think he’s wrong about that

    47. Kyle Ellis

      Gotta love those ROTS ANS TROS parallels!!


      This is brilliant

    49. Cam Damelio

      It's actually refreshing to see someone praise The Rise of Skywalker, makes me feel better about the fact that I actually enjoy the movie in despite of its flaws.

    50. Ducky GT


    51. Bryce Keyes

      This video is insane, how does it not have more views?

    52. thekezzamachine

      With as much honesty and respect as I can muster, thank you for that. While ALL the other Star Wars movies are my joint favourite, Rise of Skywalker is one I am still journeying with. I really appreciate someone taking the time to highlight important aspects of the story to strengthen the meaning of the movie, as well as the overall tale. I am know looking forward to revisiting TRoS! Kia ora e hoa!

    53. Eric Foster

      That was excellent Ryan!

    54. Paul Notarfrancesco

      You have managed to say something positive about E9 that I actually agree with. I'm not sure how I feel about that....

    55. CleverPholus

      I wonder what Dougs interpretation of these three fights is

    56. unknown player

      To me the prequel movie may not be good good but the era would be a better time to actually be in

    57. John Allan

      I don't feel Leia purged Kylo of the dark side. I read that scene as Kylo was too powerful for Rey (still) and Leia knew she had to distract him at a key moment if she was going to win. And she did exactly that - but it cost her her own life as it used a lot of force to do it.

      1. John Allan

        @Ivbo You're thinking too literally. Leia saving her son is more about turning him to the light side rather than saving his physical body - also she knew how powerful Rey is and probably knew she could save him from death anyway (which is what happened).

      2. Ivbo

        Leia would *never* intentionally get her son killed...what you’re saying doesn’t fit the character of a loving mother, Leia wanted to reach her son to stop him from killing Rey because she could feel he was about to give in and kill her, she didn’t anticipate Rey’s actions after that...what your suggesting is Leia indirectly and intentionally put the lightsaber through her son, I don’t see a realistic version of Leia that would ever do that...she knew she would die if she tried to reach him and she could feel that he still loved her, so in doing what she did she gave one last effort to bring him back to the light through sacrificing herself, knowing it was the only thing that could spark something in Ben’s heart...she’s his mother, she just died for him and he knows it, that’s why he drops his lightsaber because when he turns around he slowly begins to realise and feel what just happened, that his mother just gave her life for him...what Leia did worked because if it didn’t Kylo wouldn’t have dropped his weapon, the second he did he gave up on everything...Leia brought her son back to the light. Leia’s intentions were to save her son not get him killed, Rey gave into the dark side and put the lightsaber through Ben’s chest while he’s unarmed and unaware something Leia obviously couldn’t anticipate, hence why she drops her hand and dies the second it happens...

    58. Shadow Dancer


    59. TankHunter678

      You certainly put a lot more thought into the Rise of Skywalker fight than the people who actually made it, as it was more or less Rey throwing a tantrum until she mortally wounded Kylo and felt Leia die at the backlash then tried to fix her mistakes and spout out excuses. Realistically the battle between Qui-Gon and Maul was vastly more important, it was the battle that in the most literal way determined the entire story of Star Wars.

    60. Reuben Manzo

      1:58 Personally, I would've just used the force to knock Obi-Wan off balance. Fight over. Done.

    61. Zachary Kelsey

      Who knew Star Wars had elements of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    62. Vladimir Komitski

      awesome video ryan!

    63. Dalvin J Mwamakula

      These video essays are the reason I'm subscribed...soo insightful! And as a cinephile, so satisfying.

    64. ohxishxitsxdavid

      This is my go-to channel for this kind of content because of the MFA-level analysis.

    65. 김성수

      How could she bury Anakin's lightsaber into SAND!!! She cannnot be the skywalker.

    66. Shane Cordova

      How Dare you leave Darth Maul fight!

    67. Fletcher Clemens


    68. Fives-The Loyal Soldier

      I agree

    69. Bryan Steele

      I feel like this video could have been 10 minutes shorter....but points for The Warriors poster. I CAN dig it.

    70. Scott Pierson

      This is an incredible interpretation. Given the eastern thought Lucas had with it, I wonder with the first two fights, he thought that way, and the last was figured out. Too much to be a coincidence.

    71. Mazza

      It like poetry they rhyme is heavy spoilers quote, spare him something

    72. Dan Hay

      Guy looks and sounds like Steve Buscemi

    73. Miguel Osorio

      Anything with kylo ren is crap.

    74. dane brass

      Nice! To bad 7 8 and 9 aren’t canon

    75. Ducky Momo

      This was a very cool analysis

    76. thomas jeppesen

      The outcome of the six main lightsaber fights in the original saga had great consequences for the overarching narrative. 1) Qui-Gon’s death pushed Anakin down the path to the dark side, 2) Dooku’s escape started the clone wars, 3) Anakin’s fall made him Darth Vader and prevented him from being able to overthrow the emperor, 4) Vader killing Obi Wan further engaged Luke to become a Jedi, 5) Luke refused his father and the dark side, 6) Vader defeated the emperor and redeemed himself. The sequel fights however... only episode nine pushed Kylo Ren back to the light side. The force awakens duel added nothing to the narrative besides ruining both Kylo Ren and Rey as characters, and there wasn’t a lightsaber fight in episode 8.

    77. thomas jeppesen

      The moment you made the air, fire and water comparison I was like: ‘Nope, J J did not do this intentionally.’

      1. Grigsy -

        There is a high probability that he did. Read Cambell's works. The idea of using water as a purifying element is so common in literature that it made sense for the final part of the triology. I. desert, water, fire (tatoine, kamino, mustifar). II. tattoine, hoth, jungle-heat) III. jaku, salt planet, water/caves... There is a clear pattern used in the triology that was pretty consistent both from a metaphorical and design point of view.

    78. Joe G


    79. 메테오

      I like how you related star wars with the four elements. Cool contents!

    80. Peewy Peabody

      I stand by my opinion: The prequel and the sequel trilogies are just terrible fan-fiction movies and not canon.

    81. Sailor of Fortune

      Leia died of a broken heart, just like her mother.

    82. Marvin Martinez

      Didn’t knew rise of skywalker was this deep

      1. MVQlech_67

        Its not

      2. Bryan Steele

        the first 17 minutes of that film just throws viewers off the rails it was hard to grasp what they were trying to achieve.

    83. Coxy's Gone Riding

      I bet JJ Abrams is at home going "can I steal that? That is way better than my explanation for what I did with ep 9"...

    84. Iwillone

      The elements anaolgy was intriguing (- ^ ) Fire and water were noticeable but never thought of wind and earth

    85. Jeronimo Tamez

      I love your analysis of the saga through these scenes. It kind of felt overtly analytical at times, but I love how you find symbolism that makes sense. Inspirational and profound.

    86. Arturo Tejeda Wannam

      You’ve done it again man, what an excellent video.

    87. SayARyder

      this was a good video, never looked at it that way

    88. Ty Tebben

      Which luke v Vader

    89. SpiderDan 2099

      The whole video i had the Samurai Champloo song in my head.

    90. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

      [11:11] Nobody gives a crap that you hate Rise of Skywalker. Why can't you just STOP arrogantly trolling directors behind their backs?!!? We didnt make that movie. If you have a problem with it, then that's a personal problem YOU NEED TO WORK OUT ON YOUR OWN. :)

    91. Stacey Greenstein

      Dude... you are the next Joseph Campbell. :D


      The only problem is that if Obi wan threw his lightsaber down like luke did, Anikan would of butchered obi wan.

    93. AshGCG

      I think art is in the eye of the beholder more than it is in the artist, sometimes. Much the same as we indulge in pareidolia, I feel we see and read far more into literature, paintings and film than the creator ever even considered. I think you're giving these writers and directors far too much credit.

    94. ABL973

      I really like your analysis here. Well done.

    95. Zachary Zandler

      Man you made those 3 crucial scenes even better than they already where! Yes rise of skywalker wasn’t as good but it’s the only one I could see in theatres (since I’m only 13) And boy that fight scene was definitely the bright side of that movie!🔥 Amazing video man you made my day!

    96. Taylor Eckert

      I didn't know I needed this video! Thanks for showing these story ties!

    97. 12oshinko

      Was balance established? If there's only a representative of the light side, how does that work?

    98. IAmBear.

      A $700 sub-par projector.... ugh but I want it

      1. ScreenCrush

        Truly not sub par. I use it all the time. Great lumens.

    99. Sweet's Sandbox

      Ok, I’ll bite. What is stars wars

    100. Ryan R

      Good video, That was well done!