Step Into Ninja's Ultimate Stream Room!

23 mln. weergaven7 486

    ► Watch Ninja's trip through Europe!
    As Tyler “Ninja” Blevins continues his meteoric rise to fame, we decided it was time for the world’s #1 streamer to have a one-of-a-kind gaming studio that works as hard as Ninja does!
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    Gepubliceerd op 2 jaar geleden


    1. Chloe Thorpe

      when he hit boogie in my head was him saying im not seeing enough movement lol

    2. 竜Wyvern Blader

      this looks like a villains lair

    3. SaUD ITALY

      سوق موب غرفه قيمنق

    4. Xtreme XDR

      Lol imagine paying his electricity bill, with that many lights.

    5. Benjamin Moores

      nicmercs room>this +

    6. MrNopolop

      Ninja: Showing us his $50,000+ streaming setup Me: sitting on my dirty chair with my head on my $200 laptop, crying

      1. Jaydog gaming


    7. Freddy_ Fastfoodbear


    8. L E O


    9. Dylan OWEN

      Fuck ninja

    10. Rahul Dahiya

      nice setup bro

    11. Nazrul Islam

      Nice room

    12. nisha

      Ninja: This is the best streaming room on twitch. Me: *thinks of Nickmercs* Well about that--

    13. Pricky

      1:01 music name?

    14. TheMainMan Lion

      Wo 💰?

    15. Campbell Hughes

      why isn't the ultra wide monitor in the middle?

    16. Jeremy Roe

      Crazy to think he’s in his 60s now 😂

    17. Merkthederp

      After video redbull: okay tyler your total cost is 50,000 us dollars.😂😂

    18. Rahsed Elian

      Who is he?

    19. DR TACO zp

      If ninja made something better than his studio right now I'd be in shocked

    20. The one and only Bob Ross

      This is my dream life Being able to afford stuff Having a fun job And just being able to really do anything

    21. Airsled

      Fortnite guy

    22. Bip Tiwc

      Red Bull suckkkkkksssssssss!!!!!! Gfuel is actually for gaming cause the g means game LOL 😂

    23. white wiskers

      Like this ninja alot better than the real one

    24. Angie Cr


    25. Bikram Aditya Das

      Ninja - This is the best streamer room on twitch Doc - Hold my green screen command center

    26. Hystic

      I was called poor in 28 different languages and here’s the language i was called poor in Japanese Kanji, Spanish, Khmer, Vietnamese, English, Korean, Javanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Lao, Latin, Russian, Romanian, Napali, Hawaiian, Irish, Italian, Filipino, Dutch, Czech, Croatian, and Albania

    27. Harry Burfield

      What’d you say to me you little shit! That’s ninja to me😂

    28. xset burden

      the thing is xqc would still call his setup trash, and we all know his opinion is the only one that matters.


      r u the wolfrahh from free fire ??

    30. McLogicplayz

      That's awesome

    31. Clan Cyanide

      I remember when this video first came out I felt like this made him turn into a different ninja I miss the old ninja

      1. Sejfmix

        same :(

    32. Amar

      You miss a kunai

    33. Kevin

      Sick set up bro

    34. Dart Gamer

      does anyone knows ninja is same as wolfrahh in ff

    35. WIN__AMINE

      شي مغريبي هنا

    36. Anthony Picotte

      We don’t get old Ninja in your stream

    37. NINJAS HYPER101

      I thought it said look at NINJAS radio

    38. SMASHER __TV

      hi ninja,I want to play with you also yt have linked you.I bought your book and wants to ask you what I'm hot on yt:smasher__tv.dein book is very good... I love it has helped me a lot!please aade me in fortnite will ask you as am a dei book is really very good tell me that you have read my message in which you likst or comment and please aade me have an important question. many greetings smasher__tv(luis)

    39. Rahiq Ahmed

      Subscribe to Azylees, for weekly quality gaming content. Just looking to promote here... :)


      FUCK THE CUPS 🧢👟

    41. S4MUR41

      6:53 I'm not seeing enough movement!

    42. Alex Szematowicz


    43. SapunMedix02


    44. Mr Green visit here for nice gameplay

    45. Sunn

      Back when COVID wasn't even a thought

    46. jakub kubodisi*

      Doesn't this man have the money?

    47. jakub kubodisi*


    48. ChouGameZ

      I wish I had a gaming room like you ninja cause I'm not that rich to buy all that

      1. ChouGameZ

        Who feels the same pls like

    49. NIBBa

      He looked happier when Fortnite was good 🥺

    50. Durax Gaming

      I still can't believe made it from the setup at 2012 to now, it encourages me

    51. Doğukan GD

      ne kadar bu odanın fiyatı arkadaşlar ?

    52. Joseph Borrego

      U suck

    53. It was Crowbar

      *I will come here after 5 years when i had my own gaming room*

    54. milnat59

      Leeeet me guess.... He didn't pay a Cent for All this😂

    55. GAMER APPU


    56. Akshay Nair

      me with a squeaky chair and a cracked laptop windows 7 screen 👁👄👁

    57. Kezzo


    58. balysong

      Are we not going to talk about how Moist_Critikal took ninja over at 7:15

    59. Bruno Abroquino

    60. Bruno Abroquino

      broder q buena q esta tu jermu

      1. WolfHack


    61. David Holbach


    62. Ninja Gaming


    63. agustin el pro

      Ninja god

    64. Read Zoon

      عربي مر من هنا

    65. Miss

      Men I love the old ninja

    66. Mamba

      7:02 never really did the and will never

    67. نواف الهلالي

      الفلوس وما تفعل

    68. MM MM

      proud of you bro, love the new setup!

    69. Zerhya

      i still come back to this

    70. Gallery 6

      I wish i had luck like yours i have a trash optiplex 790 with trash things

    71. Bale

      Ninja = bot

    72. Brayan Guapo

      Hes luck im tring to get the ninja setep

    73. ERTUGRUL GHAZI Shorts


    74. Islantay

      Six consoles, ten computers. A bunch of wires. Analys NASA's landing speed. Lllllllllllllll

    75. BrayOnYT

      Im sorry but the meme that shows ninja twerking is too good and he has the same hair color so i cant laughing.

    76. Ami Kamara

      Welcome to the ninja dojo

    77. Henry carroll

      He do be struggling with that reverb tho

    78. Stupidity FN

      Why is this so fucking cringy

    79. Nathan Anthony Llarenas

      I hope I can be like ninja one day because right now I’m not streamer now and I am really bad at gaming

      1. Stupidity FN

        @Josh Dinger he’s on somthin

      2. Josh Dinger

        @Stupidity FN why not

      3. Stupidity FN

        yeah... u dont wanna be him rn

    80. Ajdin Polić

      Hou man thats amzinggggggg!I wish i could have even cheapest laptop for school or decent phone.

    81. BetaSoul

      Ninja:2012 I want that camera Ninja 2021: I want that whole entire gaming studio even with water in the bath and toilets

    82. Saizu

      Am I the only one that is extremely triggered by the sound only coming from the left? hello? xDD

    83. what e

      watching vids like this knowing my parents are not gonna let me buy them just cz im underage... welp still can keep it up with a cheap setup like a 2 dollar headphone 5 dollar keyboard and a modified hp compact pc.... well one day i will achieve my dream. and to all those budget gamers out there dont give up..

    84. Riley Hall Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione di un ripensamento delle politiche economiche estere. Come è stato già più volte ricordato, molti personaggi famosi, iniziati esclusivamente sinteticamente, vengono traditi dall'anatema socialdemocratico. E anche i partecipanti diretti al progresso tecnico fino ad oggi rimangono il sacco di liberali desiderosi di essere funzionalmente divisi in elementi indipendenti. A proposito, le conclusioni tratte sulla base dell'analisi di Internet sono solo un metodo di partecipazione politica e si dichiara che violano le norme universali di etica e moralità. 多様で豊かな経験から、市民の意識のレベルを上げることは、その規模と壮大さにおいて印象的な実験をテストする上で興味深い実験であることがわかります。社会経済開発だけでなく、開発モデルの可能性についても語っています。 しかし、外部の反対のセマンティック分析は、感情よりも理由の優先順位付けに関して独自の決定を下すことができるものとして、各参加者を一意に定義します。間違いなく、社会秩序のハイテク概念は、活性化のための適切な条件の準備と実施に貢献しています。

    85. Cooper Plays

      Hey ninja what I one of the first step to becoming a successful twitch streamer I’m trying it my self and I want some advise from a pr


      Red bull give you fart ninja

    87. RedTomato

      The most unnecessarily awesome room ever

    88. Outlast

      7:28 is my guy on teams?

    89. Family Kingne

      can u make my room sick looking also i sub u channel

      1. Akkun


    90. Family Kingne


    91. Đmšxlloyd Play's

      👁👁 💧💧 👄

    92. A1 De Merry Maker

      Thanks to *saph_tools* on Instagram for unbanneding my 10 years banned account within 30 minutes he’s my hero

    93. GliTch WOODY

      im still waiting for him to press the red botton

    94. glqve

      my left ear was pissed for a long time

    95. MrDivine

      SPECS!!!! pc specs!!!

    96. Hassan Rashad

      no way this was 2 years ago🤯🤯

    97. TVs Arin

      Congratulations for your dreams come true and I hope you will live a happy life

    98. Ethan Soh Jheng Ee *


    99. Luca Casni

      It was the hottest room till Montana Black finished his

    100. nancy rodriguez