Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch


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    Team up with up to 3 other players to save the Sprixie Kingdom from the greedy clutches of Bowser. Then, adventure through the islands of Lake Lapcat, where unlikely allies Mario and Bowser Jr. unite to stop gargantuan Bowser from his furious rampage. Play two adventures in one game-Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury launches on February 12, 2021, only on Nintendo Switch.
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    1. Steve R

      Am I bugging or is this like a new take on mario 2 @ picking from same cast and mario 3 with the suits?

    2. Czar Alexandrei Balonzo

      Also their are new pokemon games as well i can't wait to play it since i have completed the pokemon sword and sheild game 🙂🙂☺☺ Nintendo please make more game like this

    3. Czar Alexandrei Balonzo

      I love this new 3d mario game nintendo i am also waiting to get that beyblade burst game

    4. WolfyNotFox

      So we go kitties vs turtles aka big super Sain cat vs big black turt

    5. Jacob Van

      Wow, it's been two whole months since the official release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury.

    6. Warren McConnell

      Theis is so boring

    7. Feinyx Anderson

      What? BOWSER is evolving! Congratulations! Your BOWSER evolved into a f**king demon!

    8. David Braddock

      Its not black bowser!

    9. Claire Brownlee

      Ellie Brownlee said that 💀 😳 👏 🤣 L

    10. Jose Levin Martino

      How to snap shot tho?

    11. pyrodew

      Bowser's furry

    12. Gregory Robins

      Have they ever done a game from Bowser’s perspective where Mario is the bad guy? Even a home brew game? You could be the boss of a castle and your goal is to stop Mario by designing your dungeon.

    13. Elenor Noonan

      I have the game lol

    14. Imke Van der Werf

      I hope they make luigi and toad cat amiibo’s - I just need the cat amiibo’s -

    15. Dreamer

      Where is Rosalina?

      1. Kale Male

        You unlock her after you beat the second level in World ⭐️

    16. Gregory Robins

      Mario with a serious straight facing wearing a super saiyan cat costume... how many times can they jump the shark? How about a game from Bowser’s perspective? These all look like mobile games for kids. When was the last time Mario had a substantial game with original ideas and not recycling bottled baby food?

      1. Gregory Robins

        ​@SMG4 //glitch productions fan yes. Catpocalypse. It’s a dead-pan horror/comedy. At least watch the last 3 minutes.

      2. SMG4 //glitch productions fan

        And you have a video called the cat apocalypse

    17. FuryOdyssey

      Sadly many people sad that Bowsers Fury is to expensive and for its price it makes not enough fun to play, but for me Bowsers Fury is one of the most fantastic games for the Nintendo Switch. The lags aren’t that bad and i got used to it and today it’s hard to do anything Bowsers Fury is a great game God Job Nintendo👍

    18. Lukas Neumann

      Do i Need to Buy it again to get Browsers Fury Gamemode? 😰

      1. Kale Male


    19. Win Server 2012


    20. Syed Zaidi

      I love love love love love love love you know it you know it’s better than nothing

    21. AJ Lozano

      Ah so many memories

    22. Amy Forsman

      Can you make a Nintendo 64 System for Nintendo Switch?


        They just made a remake

    23. hendrick wong

      Lolldk Sleep Wow Slslla A Slslslslla Wlwlslswllw Wwlwlsl

    24. kiwi pupsi

      Mario's subtitles are legend 😂

    25. Destruct0 GABE8

      6:16 Memesters in 100 years: And that children is how bowser's *furry* was born.

    26. sterling merrill

      Nintendo. On Wii Shop Channel can you put Homebrew Channel on WiiWare.

    27. Balamurugan Muthusamy


    28. Balamurugan Muthusamy


    29. Balamurugan Muthusamy


    30. An Ch

      Super Mario furry world. OwO

    31. Kell’s living

      i can tell this will already be fun 🤩

    32. Daniela Watson

      U have to admit bowsers hair is amazing lolololol 😂

    33. Skylar Alexander

      My favorite new feature of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. The characters run a lot faster and toad is the fastest in the game

    34. Fraser Inglis

      why is cat Mario yellow? should he be red?

    35. Radj Soechit

      Dat heb ik ook

    36. Davi - Jogos,Animações e Vlogs

      I am Very Sad Launches for Android and PC Please Nintendo 😭

    37. Davi - Jogos,Animações e Vlogs

      Launches for Android and PC Please Nintendo Launches for Android and PC Please Nintendo Launches for Android and PC Please Nintendo Launches for Android and PC Please Nintendo Launches for Android and PC Please Nintendo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    38. Wyatt S

      YAY Thank you so much for releasing this it is so fun

    39. Asher Plays Games

      you should make mario's final smash in smash ultimate good again by making him turn into giga cat mario so he's like giga bowser or giga mac

    40. Asher Plays Games

      0:42 what is mario looking at? i thought that you where for kids nintendo hmmmm? (this is a joke that was probably an accident

    41. Thunderbolt

      Isn’t Rosalina a playable character after you beat World ⭐️-2?

      1. Kale Male


    42. Chaotic Inc.

      *"Fight fire and fury, with feline, so furry!"*

      1. Destruct0 GABE8

        Memesters in 100 years: And that children is how bowser's *furry* was born.

    43. Kerry Vanek

      I only like playing fortnite lol

    44. Stazner

      I thought it was bowsers furry

    45. Philip B

      Bowser jr is mad at bowser for setting parental controls on his switch

      1. Philip B

        @Kale Male yes

      2. Kale Male

        Nathaniel Bandy?

    46. SuperCoolBigMac

      Can’t wait to be a Kaiju

    47. Ganna Kisil

      When bowser go under water the spikes looks like Godzilla XD

    48. LadyCairi Xoxo

      Just bought this game for my Nintendo switch... I will be playing this later. looks a lot more fun then the other games

    49. Rebecca Kelly

      Please add bowsers fury to wii u

      1. Jacob Reynolds

        That definitely won’t be happening

    50. Person who makes vocaloid crap

      Like ✨ w o a h ✨ that d a s h !

    51. Todoroki ShotO

      End rosalina?

    52. Cheeseburger Monkey

      ytp potential

    53. NINTENDO SAGA 150

      make a playable mii update.

    54. Proulx Fam


    55. Francesco Longo

      I think they missed a few letters in bowser fury it's trying to say bowser's a furry 😂

    56. Max Prati

      This brings back so many memories

    57. SafetyFlush4

      I want a switch just so i can play every mario game

    58. Cxttoncandy_skies

      29 more minutes 😭

    59. danimation studios

      ESTE es el juego de aniversario que necesitamos

    60. aluminyo

      Toad in the new 3d world runs at light speed

    61. Dylan Hornor

      Looks like flashgitz got it right with this one.

    62. WildCardRecorder 1

      0:42 mario is looking straight up peach's dress

    63. WildCardRecorder 1

      no nintendo dont join the furries pls no

    64. Jeffy Jeffy

      Wow Nintendo I think can u make me? And my buddy tails

    65. Living Corpse

      Bowser has become an evil Gamera.

    66. Aden Adil Oztas

      I can;t find a joystick

    67. Ronan Horton

      The only game where Mario becomes a super saiyan cat

    68. GoldBearProductions2099

      The Game Where Bowser Becomes Godzilla And Fights Super Saiyan Mario

    69. teo musa

      is bowser a furry?

    70. JunKenPunch

      Idk maybe people could agree or maybe not but it seems so forgettable considering how short it is

    71. Kallie Brubaker

      I got 40 cat shines

    72. Delyla de Castro

      5:59 Behold!

    73. Robbie Walsh

      I absolutely love this comment section.

    74. Robbie Walsh

      The only thing this is missing is Ghost Miis. Then, it would be perfect. I wonder how one would Implement them, though?

    75. superora boiii


    76. Facade

      Who would've thought that Sonic would be advertising Mario's game.

    77. Dino puppet and Friends channel

      I can't wait to get it today but what about Rosalina she is also in super mario 3d world

    78. don taylor

      I want 2 get this game so bad but I might get super Mario 3D world all stars due 2 March 31 no longer available

    79. Marshall Edwards

      What is the song

      1. Minecraftboy 270

        Cherry double pass or something like that

    80. Spamus Music

      “Because... B O W S E R !”

    81. Bella Marie

      I just imagine the voice-over artist just being depressed when he is reading the script lol

    82. Robloxian Noob

      Hisstocrat's theme is a banger

    83. Jack Coccia

      “It’s nice for beginners who might want the help” This quote single handedly made me never use the white tanooki suit

    84. No u

      Is this game going to be removed on march 31st ?

    85. Gita Mahawar

      This games is for pc or Android

      1. Minecraftboy 270


      2. Jacob Reynolds


    86. oh fudge studios by dominic beast

      バウザーの怒りはE10 +だと思います

    87. Cow Max

      Cool poggggggg

    88. Carlos Gallegos

      why do i feel like its being narrated by jeff fischer from american dad?

    89. Jaiden

      3D Land is still better Fight me

    90. somebodywhodoesnotca

      I wish there was a Fury Bowser amiibo...

    91. Nagina Arif

      For some reason i read bowsers fury as bowsers furry lol like he's a furry

    92. oh fudge studios by dominic beast

      I think that bowser's fury is E10+

    93. The real toxic springtrap

      One question Please answer me because I would really like to buy this game Can I play the normal super mario 3d world even without online? Or do I have to buy online?

      1. Minecraftboy 270

        You can play without online

    94. Brian Palma Jr

      I love it

    95. Mohammed Uddin

      To,m. N

    96. Joystick Gamer

      Hey where are my other 2 comments!

    97. Joystick Gamer

      Never mind the new paper Mario game paper Mario paper fan should be on nentendo switch instead

    98. Joystick Gamer

      Can this new paper Mario game be called paper Mario paper fan please.

    99. Joystick Gamer

      By the way can the paper Mario game be a lot like super paper Mario

      1. Joystick Gamer