Super Nintendo World Direct 12.18.2020


4,1 mln. weergaven693

    Check out a special SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ Direct, featuring roughly 15 minutes of just some of Universal Studios Japan's new area, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.
    Power-Up Band is not included in park admission fee.
    The new grand opening date for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan is set for March 18th, 2021.
    #SuperNintendoWorld #NintendoDirect
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    1. Familie Stiegler\Lademacher

      Baut bitte Zelda ein

    2. Familie Stiegler\Lademacher

      Ihr köntet Fenix rising noch mit einbauen

    3. Roma Lapin

      0:03 Shigeru Miyamoto:Hello, everyone! I'm Mario's dad, Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario:What? Really? My dad?!

    4. Roma Lapin

      Wait a minute! "18.12", WAIT, IT'S MY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    5. SlyHikari03

      The man, the legend. Mr Miyamoto. Also, Toad speaking Japanese is something I never thought I’d hear in my life.

    6. Amber Lynn Martin

      Miyamoto-sama looked like he was gonna cry seeing his baby in real life. Btw in Japan it’s improper to eat while walking around so he mentions “walking around while eating popcorn may be ill-mannered”

    7. MarioPlayr

      I understand that Nintendo would look better in a Universal theme park, BUT YOU WORKED WITH WALT DISNEY ALREADY!

    8. Filipe Moraes

      Eu... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEI mas como hoje e pandemia não vai dar

    9. Schuldi Muldi

      I wish there was such a park in Europe

    10. Zwnj

      I’m bonking my head in the ? Block no matter what :)

    11. Can Yalçın

      This guy has the purest heart in game industry. I can feel the passion he has from his mimics

    12. ?mîntyfręsh¿

      **packs bags**

    13. Daredevil



      This is absolutely amazing Japan is an absolute must visit now

    15. Yoyoki

      Ok but he look so proud and happy to be here that my heart almost melted

    16. Dboy Z

      Too as you can’t jump into the frames and each frame has a different theme

    17. D4RK ST4R

      I hope communities and tourists respect the place enough to help keep it looking beautiful

    18. _Dumpling_69 _

      The real question is Can you beat Super Nintendo world without touching any coins

      1. Sonderkraftfahrzeug

        Ceave Gaming gonna speed-run that challenge, just you wait! o((>ω< ))o

    19. Mr. Moseby

      Miyamoto we love you

    20. Stoodmuffin Personal

      this is so cute lol

    21. Stoodmuffin Personal

      Miyamoto looks like a kid excited for "show and tell"

    22. Fantasy Realm

      Calling it now someone is gonna try to jump through a painting

    23. Plate of Bacon

      This is honestly unbelievably mind blowing on all the detail and realistic looking parts are amazing

    24. Jacksatron Gamer

      am i the only person who feels like they are TOO MUCH of a Mario fan? and they feel like its not natural? if that's u, ur not alone.

    25. Exodus Productions

      This is amazing

    26. Monica Coon

      I wanna jump through the paintings in peaches castle

    27. HyperSlime YT

      When this opens in America, I kinda want to tour the place in a Sonic onesie.

      1. Angie2343

        I love both the plumber and the hedgehog equally! SEGA needs to revisit their SEGA World concept and create something as masterpiece-y as this. Just imagine it! Entrance is a Warp Ring Chili dogs and other fast foods being served at the real-life Chuck's Chili Dogs Mobotropolis area (HUGE!) Meeting the Blue Blur (and his family and friends) Green Hill roller coaster Monitors to pound with your fist A "castle" stage show similar to Sonic Live in Sydney but BETTER. At the grand opening, Jaleel White is there!

    28. Natedog458

      Beloved game developer Shigeru Miyamoto Tragically died in a Bob-omb explosion RIP. 6:41

    29. Glenn Smith

      Is it just the Mario series or is there other stuff as well.

    30. Casual Woomy

      Builders: how amazing do you want this to be? Nintendo: yes

    31. Ethan Wing

      thats so amazing i want to go there

    32. crazygirl16

      nice very cool

    33. Purple Tattletail

      imagine seeing this and you can't go there because its japan only

    34. Beetlemuse

      Japan, build The Gold Saucer next! 😍

    35. Miss Abeni

      So I can still go? Where is Nintendo World anyway?

      1. Cosmosi

        Super Nintendo World is in Japan

    36. Kevin Rivera

      Is Super Nintendo World only in Japan?

    37. ಠڀಠ :0

      If I would go there, I would propably just cry everywhere because of all the nostalgia, but at the same time that would be the best trip of my life

    38. Kezzy 90

      I hope for Halloween they bring out king boo and the boo ghosts the boos are my favourite mario character

    39. KANE

      After wuhan corona ends, I will go there.

    40. Rex Louis

      Heck, it's soooo good.

    41. Cosmosi

      Finally an excuse to go to Japan

    42. phantom man

      Nintendo are you serious?

    43. Anthony Ruiz


    44. CloudsInTheSky2008

      i hope it comes to the netherlands!

    45. Voltec 47


    46. Demonoxcide

      So in order to collect a coin, you need the power up band. In order to store the coin, you need a QR code. And to actually scan the QR code, you need an app. And to get the app, you need a phone with an internet connection. know what, this is just too complicated

    47. Mcboss drowned


    48. karapınar

      I cant wait to have a visit there!!!!!Uhhhh wait,I don't have money to do that

    49. 如月伸太郎

      nihonjin doko?

    50. Julian MacFarlane

      Neat ideas

    51. RinkuSonic41 - りんくそにっく 24

      I swear if they don't use the Nintendo Land music once inside

    52. Ben


    53. Dumb Weeb

      The Joy Mr.Miyamoto is expressing is the most wholesome thing I've seen this week.

    54. Caspo

      Imagine a hotel to the theme park. There would be blocks for the structure of Children’s beds/bunk beds, and Mario styled blankets for them. The adult beds would be styled like toad house furniture, and would have lucky block lamps that you would have to push your hand up on. Also the kids rooms would come with a Wii U with Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Mario Party, and more. There would be hallways painted showing the Mushroom Kingdom. To me, I really like this concept.

    55. Jake Wilkinson

      The park is so detailed it looks like he’s standing in front of a green screen for a lot of this

    56. Leo-enoch Rojas-Lopez

      Fake Mario dad lol

    57. TheMemeConnoisseur

      Its nice to see him still having fun with mario

    58. Saad Ahmad

      We need to keep this man alive as long as possible

    59. L&M Toons

      I realized that that the all of this is gonna be broken because of all the enimies

    60. さと


    61. Aidan Lambrainidis

      Imagine a water level...

    62. Alex

      Guess I’m moving to Japan

    63. WormyDragon

      15:01 XD Miyamoto

    64. itaiosu

      ray traced super mario world

    65. Elias Antonio

      [speaking japanese] 'No need to thank me' (just why)

    66. DuBs

      That is so cool

    67. DinoTheFish :D

      {speaking japanese} bru ಠ_ಠ

    68. Spaghetti guy

      Super Mario hd 60fps rtx

    69. Darwin Nexus

      This place looks so good that it almost looks like it's fake

    70. Rebel Fleet Trooper

      Miyamoto is a man of untouched magic. :3

    71. RoseRich 2002

      🥺 the only thing we have is Disney world. Why don’t we have stuff like this.

    72. Darius Schliwa

      That is so cool!👍

    73. Maja Kaczmarek

      me: want to go there also me when i see because of covid we cannot fly here: *SAD FACE* -Also me when i see someone flights here: wat-


      What about uae?

    75. Amyris Kimble

      My favorite part is the cafe one it’s with pizza my favorite I love Super Nintendo world I wish it’s in California

    76. Nikitakraft. exe

      Why not in Europe?

    77. caZZgamer

      Hectic! Added to the bucket list


      you nientiendo clearly hate waluigi

    79. asd;lkyhc icplciem

      I’m super Mario’s dad and the god father of video games

    80. kani_mar

      I really hope they do the same thing with Zelda

    81. Oxila

      Yo omfg this place looks absolutely amazing, I would die if I was there omg

    82. Stefan

      im just curious how r they going to maintain it...anyway, take my money and take me there NOW!

      1. Rebel Fleet Trooper


    83. No Ceg

      the modern day Walt Disney

    84. Mcboss drowned

      Uh, Miyamoto, YOU FORGOT SARASALAND!!!

    85. Sanaa Hibler

      Hay Nintendo,you should check out NerdECrafter

    86. sheila conner

      I died laughing when miamoto said okay dad's busy so...good luck with the photoshoot! Bye! 🤣🤣

    87. JK47 Chikezie

      I just wonder where it is and why Nintendo would spend so much money...

    88. James Doyle

      Wait until sonic turns up 😂😂

    89. Chinchice

      Why isn’t it called super Mario world

    90. lulusensei

      After all these years, decades, we can be inside the game 😭

    91. lulusensei

      This made me cry

    92. ImNotAxresity

      Cant go, they'd arrest me for BLJ'ing

    93. Stringer Corrales

      According to Brian Greene, you will glitch through the wall if you try enough times.

    94. Deyvison HOED

      The name is Super Nintendo World but, I saw only Mario. Will there be other Super Nintendo games in the future as well?

    95. k1tty GutZ

      I hope it direct will happen in both Hollywood and Orlando.

    96. Yesica Zambrano

      Es muy chido

    97. Yesica Zambrano


    98. Spongebob_YT Roblox

      9:21 Cyka

    99. Quetzalli Vera

      even though the 3ds camera quality was trash they still used the camera click

    100. Quetzalli Vera

      *captions: speaking japanense* me: oh sh*t i thought we was speaking russian