Super Smash Bros. Direct 4.8.2014


2,6 mln. weergaven330

    01:14 Release Timing
    01:45 Technical Tidbit
    02:39 Differences Between Versions
    03:56 Nintendo 3DS Stages
    04:57 Wii U Stages
    07:57 Online Play
    08:38 Game Modes
    10:43 Enjoyable Online Multiplayer
    11:40 Global Smash Power
    13:00 Items
    14:26 Assist Trophies
    15:49 Pokémon
    17:20 Returning Fighters
    23:41 New Fighters
    30:20 Mysterious Special Moves
    31:12 Smash Run
    #SmashBros #Nintendo3DS #WiiU
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    1. Kirby -DARIS

      8:56 "At the time there were limits to what we could do online" Yoshi: Y E A H!?

    2. pmurtnidalaP

      7 years later, that Zero Suit Samus troll still makes me smile :D So much love put into this franchise and it's great to see Sakurai and his team's talents have only gotten better!

    3. phillfraggy

      7 years later i was watching this live eating chips ahoy filled with brownie

    4. RotsenV4X

      I literally forgot for a second that dark Samus and Isabelle were assists in this game

    5. Saya Aqew


    6. Samuel Sanchez

      This is 7 GOD DAM YEARS OLD

    7. Crash Bonkdicoot a.k.a SSJBCrash Bonkdicoot

      9:27 No items, Fox only, Final destination

    8. Pump

      34:53 “My own image”

    9. Ryan Is TheKingOfCheeze

      I’ll just watch some nostalgic footage

      1. Zeryther


    10. King Wasteman

      This guys 50 years old but he still looks like he's 20

    11. nk king

      Ummm why am I just now getting this in my suggestion page💀💀

    12. Satans Financial Advisor

      This just got recommended to me, 6 years too late.

    13. The Gold Mario

      The direct for jank the video game

    14. TokenOtaku

      Welp hey bros that are here because of recommended.

      1. Devin Bannish

        A little nostalgia never hurt anyone.

    15. ณิชาพัชร chi

      nostalgia.. i would play this with my friends when i was in highschool- I dont know any of them anymore.

    16. Matthew Ordonez

      What's the soundtrack playing at 3:09? I swear I've never heard that beautiful music before.

      1. First Mate Giddy

        I believe its a track from Brawl that plays on Battlefield

    17. Donovan Vance

      I just watched pyra and mythra direct and this showed up lol

    18. Fernando Armenta

      It been so long since i haven't watched this.

    19. adi's door

      come home dad i miss you

    20. (22) Efe Yilmaz

      God, he looks so young...

      1. Mew

        @(22) Efe Yilmaz Even though I wasn’t on the internet when this direct happened, who would’ve thought we would have Minecraft in smash back in 2014? Also have a great day!

      2. (22) Efe Yilmaz


      3. Mew


    21. Juan Hernandez

      The useful swiss macropharmacologically stretch because dolphin serendipitously shave outside a bitter velvet. stormy, testy wasp

    22. MikeyProHD

      I'm just here for the memories. 👌🏾

    23. Mona Cruz


    24. Isabella Agius


    25. Apronika

      I miss this one. I miss this game on the 3Ds.

    26. Elijah Sapp

      “Anyone watching in 2021”

    27. Shadow The Hedgehog

      In 2021, somehow this is recommended. lol.

    28. Pathfinder

      is sonic in smash yet

      1. _YoshiVolts_ 115

        @Koemon_EXE I dont think it was a joke

      2. Koemon_EXE

        @_YoshiVolts_ 115 r/woooosh

      3. _YoshiVolts_ 115

        He's been in it since brawl

    29. Le Compiere

      this direct was better than the one today

      1. Manha Ali


    30. Ryan !

      sent here from the end of today direct lol

    31. StinkyTriv

      wow i love sonic and 2014 i wish i could go back to when png final smash wasnt real

    32. david santos


    33. Cesar

      rewatching this amongst the Nintendo Direct Feb 2021 hype

    34. Generic Worm

      why is this in my recommended

    35. prehistoric panda

      I clicked the wrong direct

      1. Koemon_EXE

        I'm so hyped for today!

    36. mm lya

      34:53 LOL

    37. JohonTheMighty

      Thank you NLname Recommendations

    38. 2020 The Sequel lol

      The water in Greninja's reveal trailer looked pretty realistic.

      1. 2020 The Sequel lol

        @Koemon_EXE Hi.

      2. Koemon_EXE

        Hi piranha plant!

    39. Rita - Only Fans - Free

      "Yes, I'm still alive." - Masahiro Sakurai.

      1. Sonic Xtreme99

        R u real?

    40. Recks Roller

      When the

      1. Koemon_EXE

        I love your profile pic! Kirby Dream Land 3 is very underrated

    41. OmegaVG

      Let's go again!

    42. Epithaya Darcithia

      Thanks NLname

    43. Epithaya Darcithia

      Thanks NLname

    44. Happy Guy

      Why is this on my suggested for 2021

    45. GGBDK

      Here we go, youtube showing me this for some reason

    46. OtherMomo

      six years later and i still got fooled by that pseudo palutena tropy quiz

    47. Ozz Lee

      Is he an immortal?

    48. Eric Tole

      34:53 Legendary event

    49. Is Funny Did Laugh

      has anyone noticed the waluigi plushie appearing in the background right as Sakurai starts to explain the assist trophies

    50. LELSlayer

      He still doesn’t ’t age.

    51. DaleyReviews Channel

      “This may be a too bit technical for some, but please, let me just get this out...” OK SAKURAI WE WILL LET U GET ANY WORDS OUT YOU EVER F*CKING HAVE TOOOOO!!!!!!

    52. Atai Poliakine

      can't wait!

    53. EICL2011

      This is for sure the second or even the best Super Smash Bros Direct of all time! It was our first look after the release of SSBB in 2008.

    54. Herman

      I cant wait for this game to come out!

    55. Mori

      Why was this just reccomendee to me now. I mean....... I’m not complaining 🥴

    56. 0 0

      Isabelle & Dark Samus got justiced but Waluigi still gets to be an Assist Trophy

    57. 0 0

      Wait a minute Dark Samus & Isabelle are assist trophies back then man revisiting this presentation will make you go WTF?! MAN

    58. Link Faris

      Yoooo its link

    59. Tortoise200

      16:23 this killed me when it came out

    60. CHEEZE 1T

      Haha it's 2021 rn

    61. RussellToons

      14:29 waluigi is just staring at Sakurai in Anger

    62. Angel Garcia

      Daddy Sakurai

    63. Natsuku Weeb


    64. quagballl

      16:16 could've left little mac, he wasnt gonna survive anyway lmao

    65. MooseMan

      I’m super nostalgic for these times.

    66. Mike Havens

      Anyone else get trolled hard with the Pseudo-Palutena trophy quiz or was it just me that thought it would show the actual goddess herself?

    67. Eesh Verma

      anyone forgot that greninga exists

    68. Axsoul CAMPBELL

      Guys remind me to come back to this video in two years

    69. Llucii

      Dunno how but im here

    70. FishwithBones

      Cant wait for the new DLC for Smash 4!

    71. Ebony

      34:54 *PRAISE THE SUN!*

    72. Dj Genius Wiz

      Bring In Shigeru Miyamoto Time For A New E3

    73. Eamon Lucas


    74. miksa 76

      I clicked thinking this was a new video and got hyped btw anyone here?

    75. Iman Hauter

      Looks like I’m late

    76. Maric

      Idk why I'm watching a direct that's about Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii u now that we have ultimate.

      1. Jami Ghani Jr

        You and me both

    77. Sonic The Hedgehog {Keyblade Wielder}

      Who here after Sephiroth got revealed

    78. Lim Teck ming

      Rated Everyone 10 and up available on November 21st for Wii U and October 3rd for Nintendo 3ds.

    79. Victor Colon

      50 years later there going to be a smach bros for a watch

    80. Fik Tage

      "Yes i'm still alive"

    81. AdTheRam

      i dont get why he said im still alive. someone tell me please??

      1. Blitz Shadow

        He just did that as a joke

    82. guts

      Ah, the memories

    83. FoxMcCloud3173

      Yes, this appeared on my recommended as well.

    84. Alex.

      I can't wait for this to come out!

    85. Jed Head

      Any one saw that dust render was from brawl

    86. Jed Head

      Waluigi plush next to Sakura waluigi cinfirmed

    87. Send Toes

      This is the most iconic about modern smash this whole direct was amazing

    88. Fabian Aragon Martinez

      16:21 lol! Sakurai used substitute.

      1. - SingularNerd


    89. Percy WONG

      wait until Bayonetta ruined the game

    90. Sappling2p

      I’m so hyped for this direct! Think he’ll reveal the Mario remasters on switch?

    91. Zachary Tomooka

      Finally a bayonetta 3 direct!

    92. Brad Anderson

      Imagine The Nintendo Switchty U with Super Smash Bros. UltimU

    93. Science Project 99

      Who else prefers this Zelda over the one in ultimate?

      1. volnutt


    94. Do Nathan

      Nostalgia 😭

    95. Enrique Bonilla juanteddy1234

      YESSSSS!!!! YOSHI. MY BOY!!!

    96. Oog Boog

      |^ - ^| / \ | | *sakurai is god*

      1. Dalgus Maximus

        Sakurai is gay.

    97. DaleyReviews Channel

      Who’s here watching this in 2020 after Ultimate was released, and is getting Nostalgia from watching this?

      1. DeltaFluffi

        So much

    98. JSoul

      I’m watching smash directs again BECAUSE ARMS DIRECT IS HAPPENING ON MONDAY LETS GOOOO

      1. Luke Ortega


      2. JSoul


      3. Luke Ortega

        Yep me too

    99. Villager

      0:10 Look look gary there i am

    100. Roman SRK

      Yes he’s still alive.