Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch


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    Legendary game worlds and fighters collide in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    New fighters…check.
    New stages…check.
    Every fighter that was ever featured in the series…
    Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown.
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arrives December 7, 2018!
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    1. patrick strollo

      Sakurai:Lon Lon Milk Anyone Me:Very Funny

    2. Avril Keating

      I didn’t see pikachu in the trialer

    3. xd Mich

      Not everyone. Where's the Terrarian?

    4. Owais Alazhari

      2018: sakurai breaks the internet 2019: sakurai adds banjo kazooie 2020: Another fire emblem character 2021: Smash with pyra :( 2022: Waluigi???

      1. Colton Tate

        Maybe Waluigi will get in my hopes for the last two are Crash and Waluigi probably not gonna happen but we’ll see

      2. Owais Alazhari

        @Seph I dont get the meaning of it i did that for fun

      3. Seph

        This is more of an ungrateful threat than a comment

    5. Luke C

      Me and my friends need shadow plz add him as another skin for sonic even if we have to pay for it!!!

    6. JandroAlem

      Man, I miss this.


      I came home from camp and ran upstairs so fast to see my girl inkling 😂

    8. Krishna Suggs

      Godzilla please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      1. Krishna Suggs


      2. Holo

        Nah Monke

    9. Aaron Hale

      2018: Sakurai breaks the internet 2019: Sakurai breaks the internet 2020: Sakurai breaks the internet 2021: will Sakurai break the internet?

    10. Creeper Guy6977

      this is gonna make me feel nostalgic in 8-10 years

    11. GG_NovaStar

      And I have gotten all the characters I’ve ever wanted in smash... Pyra/Mythra and Inkling. It’s unfortunate that the community has to try and ruin everything...

      1. GG_NovaStar

        @Holo I try my hardest to ignore it but admittedly I’m a very ignorant person and it’s hard for me to ignore hate. I’ve been working on it more by distancing from other social media platforms

      2. Holo

        @GG_NovaStar Yeah I tend to ignore them . Smash community be toxic tho

      3. GG_NovaStar

        @Holo I understand if people don’t like the character, but what I’m talking about is when those people go after the ones that do like the character or even attack the series they’re from. I’ve seen so many people being jumped on for liking this character and it’s disappointing honestly, considering what the reputation for the smash community is rn.

      4. Holo

        Personally I don't like Pyra/Mythra, but it's all good as long as someone out there is enjoying them in the game. It's not a waste of a slot unless absolutely everyone hates it.

    12. Casual Woomy

      This crossover makes infinity war look pathetic

      1. Terry Bogard


    13. SuperJack 348

      Ridley and King K Rool are in smash Geno: that's it, i'm blowing up japan!

    14. rein

      The one in kirby

    15. rein

      Can you just put marx to play at smash brothers

    16. The 3rd Imposter

      Im surprised this did not win game of the year 2019

    17. Nikita Miliutin

      Why does this make me feel nostalgic

    18. Andrew DiMatteo

      Hypest trailer of any game ever

    19. DisneyVillainsFan 16

      1:55 I love how the camera zooms in on Their Feet before revealing that The Ice Climbers are back.

    20. Kirby -DARIS

      "All the characters are very expressive" *stares in megaman*

    21. SuperMarioPro

      This song is so good I can literally think about it in class 😂

    22. SuperMarioPro

      I'm glad this game isn't dead to this day

    23. 2020 The Sequel lol

      12:29 And now, Miis are *everywhere.*

    24. 2020 The Sequel lol

      5:33 Oh boy! It's referencing time!

    25. SMIFF

      So nostalgic

      1. SMIFF

        @SuperMarioPro same

      2. SuperMarioPro

        Yeah ngl actually I was so hyped like I was like "PLEASE GIVE ME THE GAME NINTENDO I REALLY WANT IT SO BADLY"

      3. SMIFF

        @SuperMarioPro I know but it still is

      4. SuperMarioPro

        Its 2018 chill

    26. Ahkim Marshall

      2021 anybody?😌

      1. d m

        Nope I'm from 2050

      2. Terry Bogard


    27. Tomato Raccoon

      I really like King Dedede's final smash cuz its a callback to one of the first Kirby games

    28. B B

      Its the tv ready yet

    29. Bryce Strife

      I love Nintendo's humor

    30. DA Gaming

      The Ridley newcomer should’ve been one of the scenes of World Of Light.

    31. Aaron Watanabe

      One of the best E3 trailers I have ever seen.

    32. Roost

      Nothing filled me with more joy, besides seeing this for the first time live, than seeing Snake appear on screen. That filled me with so much happiness, because it was at that point that i thought. “This is it, this has to be the final smash game because EVERYONE IS HERE!!!”

    33. CS64

      With Snake in Smash Bros, can Konami port Metal Gear Solid to the Switch?

    34. MaN potato

      One word waliugl

    35. Katy Cordice

      hey hey i tell you who is not there wreck it ralph he is not there how could you lie sakurai

    36. Kable10

      When does it come out

      1. SuperMarioPro

        Kable10 im ur fan!!!!!!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

      2. Snacc

        @Chicken Chakra r/wooooosh

      3. Youtuber

        @Chicken Chakra Thanks. When does the Atari 2600 Release to the public? I still remember the hype.

      4. Chicken Chakra

        2 years ago

    37. Dror Ben Yehuda

      We’re is freaking waluigi huh?!?!? You said everyone is here but the Wahh is missing! Even after like three or four years he is still missing so what the #!*@%

    38. A Bender


      1. SuperJack 348

        CRASH SORA

    39. BFB Four

      2 years later still going strong

    40. Sinister General

      Who watched this video again after Pyra/Mythra their reveal trailer? 😊

    41. RprSonic

      I don't get why they made Pit's Final smash the lightning chariot and not the Great Sacred Treasure? And Viridi says in the game that she's the one who has it under her wouldn't Dark Pit use it?

    42. Slime Dude

      Most hyped I have ever been

    43. BIRB

      I still want this game so badly 🥺

    44. Ruth Patterson

      How dare Mario taunt Yoshi!!!🔥🔥🔥😡🤬😡🖕✊

    45. InsantCore

      His face a little looks like mangaka Hirohiko Araki in here

    46. Zachariah Taylor

      I like the intro without words because to be honest brawl and melee had better themes

    47. Kai Barton

      Mario in smash no way!!!!!!!

    48. Юлия Лубчонок

      dear nintendo, thank you senting to belarus kinder joy, thank you

    49. GoldDropper

      17:34 *Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa....*

    50. Loi Kids

      3:18 Pit and dark pit photo bomb

    51. The Gold Mario

      Even in smash’s fighter no., MARIO NUMBER ONE WOOHOO. Even the tier list he is top tier

    52. Affan Siddiqui

      The steep health oddly compete because need jekely wave upon a wild beef. finicky, frantic skiing

    53. Ishaan Khurana

      This created a nostalgia I never had

    54. flynnisepic

      is it just me or does Sakurai look like L from death note?

      1. Nyto 98

        Wtf are you drinking

    55. Aidan Fields

      You know what? Every smash character deserves to be in the game. Except for min min. But that's my opinion :)

      1. Manoy64


    56. Belinda Allman

      *insert tomska the end*

    57. The Brodster

      why did this make my computer crash when i clicked it

    58. O K E Yb0i

      Still hype 2 years later

    59. Gabriel Earwood


    60. Gabriel Earwood

      Or dante from devil may cry.

    61. C Cannea

      I still watch the beginning from time to time. The first time seeing Snake again and then EVERYONE IS HERE!

    62. Gabriel Earwood

      I show love and appreciation to you.

    63. Gabriel Earwood

      Hy sakuria (sorry for not saying it right). But can we get raidon or senator Armstrong in smash from metal gear please.

    64. RockinRay3305

      I wish this game had more single player/mini game content. I mean I'm glad we got a story mode but it gets boring after you unlock Mario or Marth

      1. Raven

        Yea i agree the single player is bad. We need stuff like adventure mode and subspace emissary to return

      2. Jai-M

        Tbh the world of light sucked, compared to subspace emissary

    65. Duvy The coolest

      Uhhhh why am i here?

      1. Duvy The coolest

        @Raven facts

      2. Raven

        Because everyone is here

      3. Nyto 98

        Just to suffer

      4. SimpIeton

        Because this hype is eternal.

    66. Jonny Boi

      That day was so insane man......

      1. Ali Khan


      2. Jai-M

        Fo sho

      3. SimpIeton


    67. Noah Stanton

      My teenage brother screemed like a girl

      1. Aidan Fields

        Thats what I did while byleth was announced. Thats when I knew this would be my all-time favorite game.

    68. Alexander Redhorse

      reporting switch users Saul.69 and ed for blatant cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct and network manipulation.

    69. Logan Fulbright

      I need Rillaboom in smash on challanger pack 10, I need deku in smash on challanger pack 11 and I need fighters pass vol 3 please Sakurai please.

    70. Daag3r

      Truly epic

    71. Mint Leaf

      2:37 Wear headphones right here

    72. Zack Woods

      I didn't think you would top melee as I loved that game as a kid but this game blows it out of the water in every way. I guess melee is superior if you are a die-hard Fox or Falco main as they are the best characters. I mainly heard about this through the Waluigi memes. He's the textbook definition of a filler character and that's literally his origin. He was a fill in for Wario's partner in Mario Tennis 64 because Wario didn't have anyone.

    73. Lucas Santos

      No one will see this comment

      1. Sean McCudden


      2. Lucas Santos

        Darn it there were 25k comments i thought it go unnoticed

      3. Average Youtube Enjoyer

        Wait does this mean one a no one :sadge:

      4. Average Youtube Enjoyer

        I saw this comment!!!

      5. Sean McCudden

        You are wrong

    74. Lettuce meme

      And to think...I actually got my dream character

    75. FuckOuttaHere

      2 years

    76. Robonyghtmare CY

      2021 and it still gets my blood pumping

    77. Nick Penn

      We need Ezio and 2B! who is with me

    78. happysecret 180

      I see why waluigi is t a fighter in smash, He's an assist trophy

    79. Insert Clickbait

      Imagine Pokémon Sword and Shield, but the opposite

    80. mie sedapj


    81. mie sedapj


    82. mie sedapj


    83. Goresk

      when does this come out

      1. U D S

        @Jai-M Thank you for bringing this to my attention?!????????

      2. Jai-M

        @U D S it comes out december 2026

      3. U D S


      4. Average Youtube Enjoyer

        Yeah when does the game come out??????????

      5. U D S

        Ok but when does the game come out???????

    84. R4NG3R

      8:37 if they had made age of calamity then...

    85. QuinnMelle

      Redgjk vggu

    86. Drew DoneWell

      Pyra and Mythra got revealed I am hyped! This games great!

      1. Glaciartest

        @Outlaw Macaw! I would like Crash Bandicoot and Sora to be the last ones, but I feel those places might be better deserved for Ryu Hayabusa and Bandana Waddle Dee. Better not expect who's making it in for the next sudden reveal

      2. Outlaw Macaw!

        @Glaciartest yeah same who did you want? I wanted tails/eggman

      3. Glaciartest

        Agree, I don't care if my current most wanted characters are not making it in anymore. Smash Bros. deserves the playability everybody wants

      4. JellyCORE

        Aww, likewise!

    87. Decalogics

      "The end." "(Just kidding.)" er

      1. q

        Oh that troll sakurai

    88. Appledrawss

      i come to rewatch this if im down sometimes

    89. George Ives

      Wow. To think this is where it all began. How far we've come

    90. AntmanL06

      Come on Nintendo you're better than this

      1. AntmanL06

        JK wrong direct

    91. Tears Of joy

      10:34 Did everyone knew that alt 7 and 8 villager changed race.

    92. NesProductions 6


    93. Meat

      OH MY GOODNESS Mario looks so pretty! Samus why did they control C and P’d you again?

      1. SimpIeton

        It's Ctrl+C Ctrl+V

    94. EnchantedMask

      First three words in Closed Captions: *Photon Osaka died*

    95. Isaac Stoor

      is that everyone? what you wanted more? >luigi and yoshi

    96. SmashFan2018 Gaming

      This is one of the best teaser presentation ever

    97. Marco Tanooky

      17:33 Top 10 images taken before disaster

    98. 2020 The Sequel lol

      Super 2018 Bros. Ultimate.

    99. Recks Roller

      When the

    100. gamer 2


      1. Pogchamp

        @Sebas64 amog us pfp. opinion=irrelevant

      2. Sebas64

        assist relevance lacking hated by nintendo no, i don't think so