The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

Chris Ramsay

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    1. tneK1323 • 69 years ago

      where do I get the heart puzzle

    2. Lane Matteson

      cursed butt plug

    3. Rocker77

      First one looks like a butt plug

    4. im weird and i like red army

      I JUST thinked about asriel and Chara dreemurr's heart locket's at the last one

    5. Alejandrobc 208

      I own two of them xd

    6. Bobo


    7. Ryan Burton

      Please tell me where I can get the heart shaped one

    8. Leonardo N.R.

      The famous wet maker, when u give' em to your gf

    9. Reza Shirzad


    10. skidoodles Left overs

      butt plug lol

    11. Otaku Gamer

      I thought the 1st one was part of Yugi's Millennial puzzle for some reason lol

    12. Mike Godlien

      Where can I get the Heart Puzzle??

    13. Epic Zeus

      My brain hurts now

    14. Aaliyah Alanah Villanueva

      So satisfying you’re really awesome

    15. Luis Alberto Coronado Bustos

      Donde puedo conseguir todos esos , aquí en México ? .

    16. Latios

      Me: has every single hanayama puzzle Also me: ikr dude

    17. John Navarro

      Stupid af

    18. Jacqueline Thompson

      I love the first and third puzzles but the second puzzle I feel like I would never be able to put it back together!

    19. Nick

      These are barely puzzles

    20. LA Chavez

      Yeah nah I got anxiety watching this

    21. Kingz0e_

      New buttplugs who dis? 😂

    22. sharkbayer1

      Not really puzzles. More like fidget bits. Just something to twiddle your fingers on

    23. Norman Jackson

      How the hell do you design these

    24. Vicki Frandson

      OK where an I buy those??? I love em!!!!

    25. ProjectSection

      What do you call the first puzzle? Looks so good i wanna buy one.

    26. Richard Vazquez

      What is the name of the heart one

    27. Kreegam

      them some plugs 😈

    28. Kitty Kit-Kat (Kitty)

      My friend had the second one, and I tried to solve it. I spent HOURS. I was so mad.

    29. Iram Amna

      Where to buy

    30. LautaroThePro


    31. JA SIM

      This are satisfiying AF

    32. Trista Rhoads

      Were do you get the last one the heart

    33. Robert Wolfe

      If my Dad was still alive i think he'd like these as he was a banker from 73-98 when he lost his battle to Shy Draeger Syndrome a rare form of Parkinson's Disease

    34. Null

      Ok ngl first frame looks like d4 buttplugs

    35. Jesus Hentai Christ

      omg why they just don't make a millennium puzzle already 😫

    36. a mofo

      Thought it was butt plug

    37. Daymin The Goat

      my brain hurts

    38. one


    39. GD Don’tQuit

      I really don’t want to line up a pair of butt plugs for the first one

    40. Steven Moeller

      Hanayama puzzles are indeed the best.

    41. Blake Larpenter

      Dude you need to buy the millennium Puzzle xD

    42. Matt Muscat

      Can you put a link(

    43. Macro Basix

      what’s the first one

    44. Jimmy12gamer

      Ngl I thought the first 2 were butt plugs

    45. Ruy Mouta

      I thought was another thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 An*l plug

    46. TheStreak

      Im disliking just because he said like this video

    47. count on me101

      Where to buy these puzzles?

    48. Lulu Rain

      So smooth

    49. Trap_

      Somebody let me know how to order that first one 🤣

    50. Blue Wolf

      i thought the first “puzzle” were a pair of buttplugs

    51. Nathan Price

      “Most satisfying puzzles” Proceeds to show 2 but plugs

    52. Yabitom

      Imagine a buttplug puzzle

    53. Esphyxia [Dubstep]

      Names of the puzzles tho?

    54. Akumazu

      The sphere one is gonna give me anxiety

    55. Darkness to reborn


    56. DARKASM The transgender

      I want the heart

    57. A Sandwich

      "No tears please, 'tis a waste of good suffering."

    58. John Doe

      Where can I get the heart puzzle?

    59. diabolico

      My brain.

    60. Sgt Highway

      It looks like a butt plug

    61. Kloakzzy_

      Name of the 1st puzzle

    62. Miraculous Puppy

      Solving the millennium puzzle be like

    63. Pande KP

      Where can i buy them

    64. Iapara Maxim

      Why did i tought they were b*tt blugs

    65. Coretan Kode

      Where to buy it

    66. bl33m911 gaming (Zakie)

      I would like to purchase these please

    67. tracies19

      Him and her butt plugs

    68. { Floorbie }

      “Once you line them up perfectly,” My nonexistent patience and my short attention span: *What.*

    69. nuke world

      To be honest I thought he was gonna say but plugs

    70. Catastrophic Stupidity

      My brother keeps a lot of these on his bed, im so glad he challenges hinself so much!

    71. Catastrophic Stupidity

      My brother keeps a lot of these on his bed, im so glad he challenges hinself so much!

    72. ItsMrRager

      what is the name of these

    73. Muheeb Ayuby

      I’d be the one who takes it apart but can’t put it back together

    74. Scottish Prepper

      Where can I buy?

    75. MarGamingMobile

      Omg the second puzzle I’ve had for over a year and I never knew how to put it together and I threw away a box so I couldn’t search it up and it’s a bit to late I lost some of the pieces

    76. Waingro


    77. Alainish

      those are some sharp-ass buttplugs

    78. Autism Adventures

      Where do I find these puzzles?

    79. augusto Machado

      I thought he was gonna put the first one up his ass for a second

    80. Coco Kitty


    81. Shivprasad Choudhury

      What are these things called? What should i search to find this online?

    82. [Strawberry Milk14]

      I would have a headache if I play with these

    83. AusTkiller

      I could give that last puzzle to my gf and say “our love is like this puzzle as we fill the missing piece of our hearts.” ……if I had a gf😅

    84. VikBart

      Holy shit this is awesome

    85. Stonker

      "The test isnt that confusing" The test:

    86. XxSimplyAli_YTxX

      The last one was beat

    87. Charlie Swearingen II

      Been watching your videos for years. Also a fellow MTG player. Haven't played professionally since the late 90s

    88. Seauak - Copter Gamer

      this is so cool

    89. 29 Shabaz Khan

      Where can we buy the 3rd one ?

    90. LilmanSlush

      The heart one is like a puzzle version of the half heart thing.

    91. Pookey Dookey

      Oh i thought it was something else. And it wasnt something appropriate

    92. xCyberry -

      Direction on how to solve puzzle: “Once you line them up perfectly, they fit together”

    93. Idknow Tbh

      The second one is him finding the fifth dimension

    94. Demonic Swag

      BRO i just got the marble one today as a gift what lucky timing

    95. skrilloma 3

      The first one was kinda SuSSY!?!

      1. opzz xsin

        "Those were Puzzles?" -Belle Delphine

    96. Karl

      Does anyone have a name for these 3 as is like to buy them?

    97. Malachee

      first 2 were cursed croc bits

    98. Bellariana02

      That's cool I wanna have them

    99. Aria Fariko

      Mind blown