The Best Gaming Laptops of CES 2021!


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    CES 2021 is over, but what were the most interesting gaming laptops? Let’s take a look at all the new models announced and see what’s coming out this year.
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    0:00 Limits of this recap
    0:22 Ryzen 5000 + Nvidia RTX 3000 laptops
    0:47 New laptop screen options this year
    1:16 ASUS new 2021 gaming laptops
    3:03 Lenovo new 2021 gaming laptops
    3:29 Acer new 2021 gaming laptops
    5:02 Razer refresh, worth buying Intel 10th gen?
    5:38 Why MSI might be holding off on AMD
    6:07 MSI new 2021 gaming laptops
    6:44 Gigabyte - where is my Ryzen Aero?!
    6:57 HP where you at?
    7:14 Summary of the gaming laptops I’m most interested in testing
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    1. Jarrod'sTech

      Just to be clear, this isn’t a “these are models you should buy” video, I’m just recapping the gaming laptops that I thought were interesting and why during CES 2021.

      1. My Name

        Gaming laptops will turn your giblets into marsupial sup.

      2. Vamshi Krishna

        Is there any info on Acer predators hellio 300

      3. Darkhorse 2021

        I'm really looking forward to see the changes in the ASUS TUF heat issues

      4. Tristan Lewin

        @Tanush Adithiya Increase your budget ;-)

      5. Osama

        @jchr1111 i didn't find anything about this laptop do you have any links for it

    2. Allan Weisser

      Mi thought is that having in mind that Intel's i7 is from past gen and AMD is the latest, plus that the core i7 10750h has 6 cores instead Ryzen's 5800h 8 cores, the difference in FPS count in games is not actually too much (like 4 - 6 FPS), so it seems that the hype of the AMD's processors in laptops is bigger than its shoes. Intel is doing it actually pretty damn good. Lastly, some people go for AMD's R7 5800h + RTX3070 (tgp 90W) "because of the greeeeeat AMD's beast" instead Intel's i7s 10th gen + RTX3070 (tgp 125W), thinking they'll get more FPS but in reality, it's much better an i7 10th gen with a MAX-P RTX in terms of FPS. Sure! for multicore tasks and workstation could be better the 5X00's, but you are buying a GAMING laptop isn't?

    3. Usman A.K

      So no point in buying an RTX 3060 powered laptop! I'll be limited by 6gb vram

    4. Tony

      the best laptops we will never be able to get our hands on because they are unicorns * :( at least the 3080's anyway..

    5. Kanha

      Asus ROG Strix G17 Laptop AMD Octa Core Ryzen 7 5800H NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 16GB 1TB SSD Windows 10 Home Basic - G713QR-HG064TS Is this is good for gaming?

    6. Febin Madhav

      Which is the laptop on your table ?‼

    7. Kitsune

      Human malware 😱

    8. soulsteela01

      You're saying, asus change the thermals on a15? When did that happen, and if I buy it now, will I get the improved version?

    9. Miko Djako

      Asus SCAR 17, Ryzen 9 5k, 300hz screen, RTX 3080 - this one is the best by my opinion

    10. Jonathan Shivel

      Help me buy a laptop, I'm going crazy trying to pick

    11. Johnnyrc Nigeria

      Acer nitro 7 Gtx 1660ti 8gb ram core i5 a helios predictor gtx 1060 16gb ram Core 15 Which is better?

    12. Ahmad Hazeem

      watching using my Legion Y520 with a non functional gpu GTX1050Ti

    13. Chungus Khan

      The scar 15 is hands down the sexiest laptop as of right now.

    14. Deepanshu Rai

      I am confused now since almost 1 year now between Omen 15, legion 5 and Rog G14...G14 being most expensive of all but most appealing of them also 😁. Legion runs cool but it's bulky and heavy. Given I need to use the same laptop for most of my official work and occasional gaming. I am not sure what to do... Now laptops with rtx 3000 are launching not sure if 1660ti would be able to keep up for long 🙄.. or should I wait for rtx 3000 to come along. Guide me fellow viewers with ur wisdom 😁..or recommend

    15. Sub Hawkins

      So alienwares are outdated now😂

    16. emotional blackmail

      Bro at least mention the price. Cmon bro

    17. Hudson Animations

      I love the g15 ga503

    18. Eric Valverde Rosado

      Insomnium! 🦾🤟🏽

    19. Sean w

      does Asus G15. built-in *web cam* ?

    20. Kevin Carter

      Jarrod plays music in the background... His camera lens: "WHATS THAT MELODY?!" iykyk haha

    21. Sunil Gopal

      The best is yet to come with AMD Ryzen 5900 HX + RDNA 2 GPUs!! so everyone.. please hold on! :)

    22. Max

      im looking to buy my first gaming laptop with my stim check, i want to spend about 1 grand of it, i dont care about the keyboard, speakers, touchpad (ill be using separate ones), fan noise or build quality (cause im going to be careful with it and use a big fan underneath anyways) i just want it to be VR capable and possibly have a bigger screen then normal, some decent space and a good battery and gc and cpu, it can have only 8gb ram as long as its upgradable later for down the road to add another 8. i was wondering if you had a suggestion knowing all that or anyone else for that matter? thanks for the vid.

    23. Mariano Tusa

      Scar 17 or ge76.. ? Choose please!

    24. Elie Hatem

      "Thanks to human malware"🤣

    25. Patrick Stoute

      Help me out here.. do you have another channel? Like a D2 one? Btw what do you think about embargo review issues?

      1. Jarrod'sTech

        My second channel is here:

    26. Akshay Tonge

      best budget laptop 2021 plz?

    27. John

      The Ge76 w/ 3080 just tested as the fastest laptop currently out, that includes everything from Asus, Alienware, Acer, Dell, and HP. It's 8% faster than the next best thing, and only beat in cooling by the new 15" Asus Duo, which costs nearly $1000 more than the Msi.

    28. Wissam Sidki

      So are the older models gonna drop in price? Lol

    29. MLG dhiLLoN

      Waiting for asus A15 Ryzen 5 with 3060

    30. BrennonMitchell

      Razer is no longer keeping up. They better start moving to amd and let intel rot.

    31. Luo Zheng

      with pandemic am trying to look for a cheap($400-$500) laptop that can handle esports games like league or valorant at 1080p with 1% low atleast 60fps above.

    32. Jose Lopez

      What’s a good gaming laptop to play STAR CITIZEN ?..

    33. Damsel Gaga

      *Can somebody suggest me what laptop do I have to buy when I'm using Lumion, Revit, AutoCAD and Premiere Pro?* Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

    34. Charles Schwab

      I just wanna see a somewhat powerful rig with a sleek professional futuristic design.

    35. Fabian Henrich

      Oh no but what about the only 8 Pcie lanes of the Ryzen 5000 CPUs. A 3080 will be bottlenecked. Blah blah. Now the classic market manipulation of Intel and Nvidia gets crystal clear with the Ryzen 4000 and its pairing only with the RTX 2060 last year.

    36. Kevin Hill

      me, thinking ill ever be able to afford these laptops for the next 7 years

    37. Dani Vu

      Damn, I wonder if Asus will release g16 sometimes in the future

    38. Bibek

      Legion 7 16in and the new G15, are the 2 beauties that are on my watchlist for an upgrade. I have owned Ideapad y700 for 6yrs so it's about time.

    39. Renovatio2142

      pleae do not zoom in and out when you cut the video my head is spining

    40. Jay K

      Notice that these are paid advertisements never buy a MSI laptop ever it's a piece of crap wasted 3k on one right after the warranty expired 1 year from purchase

    41. Vel A

      I wish Dell was more serious with Alienware!

    42. iAM AD

      Damn why Omen silent for 2021. Currently im planning to buy the 2020 Omen 15 amd. But i need to know what 2021 Omen have to offer so i can make proper decisions 😭

    43. Avi B

      Meanwhile, Omen here is collecting gamer gametes to transcend humanity.

    44. Fierce Squirrel

      I hope asus puts a webcam in their new models....

    45. LoudAfterRiot Gaming

      I wish TUF was amd they could of made it even more affordable or more powerful with the same $1600 price tag (I’m rounding up tax)

    46. Ash Lord

      Insomnium T-Shirt = Instant Like

    47. George La Manna

      What about the legion 5 pro? Seems too good to be true

    48. little 1

      Wers dell?

    49. XRay Plays

      Lots of the asus laptops I want have small screens big no no for me

    50. XRay Plays

      Human malware lmao

    51. Red Planet

      Asus G15

    52. The Sky Walker

      the out look of MSI GP66 look really the same as lenovo legion 5 ngl

    53. Paul M

      Man, Asus is killing in recently!

    54. Davide C.

      Nice Insomnium shirt!

    55. Ömer Bayar

      Is Gaming Guru a legit place to buy??

    56. JDG

      Planning to buy Strix Scar 17 G733Q, love the large display. But as of now still not 100% sure what to buy

    57. Marian Gabriel

      For all gamers around the world,which one of the above is the best choice for gaming? Lenovo Legion 5: Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 4800HDisplay: FHD IPS LCD w/LED BacklightGraphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660TiRefresh Rate: 144HzMemory: 16GBStorage: 512 GB. LENOVO - GAMING 3 15ARH05 82EY0014IX: Notebook - AMD Ryzen 7 processor - RYZEN_7_4800H_2.9G_8C_MB - Speed ​​2,9 GHz - RAM 16 Gb - HD 1000 GB - SSD 512 GB - nVidia graphics card - GTX_1650TI_4GB_G6_128B - Active matrix LCD - Full HD - Anti-glare display - Windows 10 operating system. Or MSI - GL65 LEOPARD 10SER-453IT: Notebook - Processor Intel Core i7 - I7-10750H - Speed ​​2,6 GHz - Turbo 4,7 Ghz - RAM 16 Gb - DDR4 - HD 0 GB - SSD 1000 GB - Graphics card nVidia - RTX 2060 - Active matrix LCD - 15, 6 "- Full HD - anti-glare display - Wireless 802.11 ax - Bluetooth 5.0 - 3 USB3.0-3.1 - HDMI - built-in camera - Windows 10 operating system - 6 cell battery

    58. Richard Hunting

      Constructive criticism to your vlog: Hard to follow your narration because of constant talking and you’re all over the place, it is hard to process for your audience. Otherwise the content is good!

    59. Arth-Ur X

      why don't they improve thunderbolt technology? It's the most reasonable solution... you can have a desktop GPU and use it only when you play top computer games... Yet, today a large power drop

    60. Savenko

      The best is the msi ge76🔥🔥🔥🔥

    61. ANURAG SHARMA 2970

      Bro i was saving for 6 to 7 months to buy an rtx 2000 model now i will.wait and save more to get 3000 + ryzen and then i will play,play,play and more play 😂

    62. Coleton Shiver

      Intel is ass rn

    63. Shawn ¿

      I think the price of any of these is irrelevant as according to the "great reset" .... you will own nothing , and you will be happy. So feel free to grab one or two.

    64. Neo Machaba

      is the TACHYS vortex 15 real??

    65. Fran Hazak

      Insomnium shirt!!! What a great band!

    66. Fierypickles

      Lmao human malware. Ded

    67. Kyron

      What would be the best 17 inch gaming laptop for AU $2000 at the moment.

    68. Rahulramith vishigu

      That's just great, Is it possible for you to share a laptop lists with more than 8 cores, for 2021, i would really love to see your views on higher core laptops,

      1. Jarrod'sTech

        I don't have such a list readily available, sorry.

    69. Cool Blox Gaming

      "Human malware" Other way to censor COVID-19

    70. Marcus Alexius

      Nitro 5 and the Triton SE catches my eye.

    71. Eduardo Campos

      What about Dell? Any news?

    72. Shawnveer Nahar

      Can someone pls help me I can’t choose a gaming laptop I use my laptop for gaming and school so i need a perfect laptop for me my budget is 1400$cad-1700$cad pls help me choose a new laptop and it must be amd bc it’s better

    73. Paper Tiger

      /yawn another script reader running sentances together for the fail. Completely useless since these laptops cannot be taken apart.

    74. Jiří Michalik

      I am interested in Acer Predator Triton 300 SE because of it's 14" size. But I've read a lot of negative comments on the Intel processor (in compare to AMD), I just really cannot tell if that matters. Still not sure if I will be getting this one or Asus ROG Zephyrus G14.

    75. Evan

      Just bought Legion Slim 7i. :/

    76. Ant1 Rnld

      Man you probably have the best shirt possible

    77. Victor Hugo Guerra Hernandez

      TUF DASH F15 OR TUF A15? Which is better???

    78. Seahawk

      swag shirt you wear there :D

      1. Jarrod'sTech


    79. MAG DAG

      Where is Dell?

      1. Jarrod'sTech

        They didn't provide any information to me outside of alienware refreshes.

    80. ᴘᴏɪsᴏɴᴇᴅ ғʀᴏᴏᴛ ʟᴏᴏᴘs

      I need to know when the nitro 5 is coming!!!!

      1. Jarrod'sTech


    81. Jack Adams

      5:34 This statement is the never ending doom of pc enthusiasts 😂

    82. Chris Bowley

      Good video but even better shirt. Great album.

    83. Siddharth Tiwari

      dell is dying in gaming

    84. Siddharth Tiwari

      I think alienware is dead now

    85. Flash Vinnig


    86. Jonathan Gotti

      I have a maxed out 1080 laptop n I'm not budging till I can get 11th gen 6 or 8 core process an a 3090 in a laptop

    87. Curtis Fleming

      One word....Sager

    88. Zaza Head

      what would be the best gaming laptop to buy right now with a budget of around 2000$ ?

    89. Luciano Santana

      Why nobody takes Alienware laptops into consideration?

    90. shotokeki.

      nice vid and also nice insomnium shirt.

    91. DEIK

      What about dell alienware 🤔

    92. Q Q

      Msi ge gp, gigabyte and Lenovo legion

    93. Ali Nova B.

      Jarrod what do you think about upcoming Alienware laptops?

    94. Sabriah Abbas

      who bought legion 7i immediately regret his decision

    95. William Su

      Not buying another razer blade until they swap to AMD and gave more 32/64 gb options

    96. Unish Paudel

      Can you confirm if the ASUS ROG ones come with Thunderbolt 4 ?

    97. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

      Yep. This comment is off-topic. I apologize. 😔 Just really desperate. Struggling for the past couple of months. Perhaps, since pandemic started. Lost pretty much everything. Have to stoop this low in order to pay bills & feed the fam. There are days though that I almost got back to my feet & then things happened. Life's crazy. A roller coaster ride. But I've been down for so long. If you're financially blessed, would you mind sharing some to me? I badly need my laptop to be fixed or get a new one, whichever is practical, in order to work & earn during the lockdown (got a job opp but can't start bec I don't have a laptop). I did try everything I can. Can't really afford to get the laptop fixed or get a new one. If I have a few penny, it'll only goes to bills. One scratch, one peck. But yeah, if you don't really mind... Just need to get back to my feet. 😢 Or if you have an old yet working laptop, my email is just on my about. Thank you & GOD bless. ❤

    98. Noah1985HA

      Didnt you see the advertisement for the GS 76 stealth? unfortunately there isnt much info about it god I have high hopes though... I hope for basically the gs66 but with better speakers or the addition of a subwoofer and better thermals....

    99. Roger Schooneveld

      looking forward to the new Asus G14 hopefully they worked out the kinks with the keyboard back-lighting and loud fans issues.

    100. CoolAsianGuy

      Still gonna go for PS5 since i don't want to play games without playstation controller