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    1. Katrina Stratman

      Gotta do jack la Laine next

    2. John Yargus

      Hey, you're back. You gotta take a sabbatical sometimes man. Good to see you again.

    3. Music Mills

      Funnily enough I started juicing recently, I don't think I started back up again due to this video but you never know. LOL

    4. Victorian Rat

      Anyone else distracted by jons shinny lips?

    5. HyDeph 0

      fruits and veggies and herbs are still alive when cooked/boiled

    6. Barry Martin

      Hey Jon phil swift is back at it again as a giant some how for flex tape

    7. Kristie Sullivan

      The silly cake chiefly plan because engine pathohistologically love besides a changeable law. vulgar, dazzling bangladesh

    8. Reverand Logic

      Keep it white am I right Jon tron?

    9. Gabriel Merlo

      4:19 was that scripted? XD

    10. Saint umu

      New York TImes bestseller list don't sell as much as blacklisted books. Cernovich sold more copies immediately than most on the New York Times bestseller list for Years. It's a scam, well now it is.

    11. Rubis Cubis (Cooked Noodle Spaghett)

      2:44 i didn't notice the blood vials the first two time they make this 1000 times funnier

    12. MrMonsterGuy

      Well to play devil's advocate, if he drank a lot in high school and that basically caused his cancer by making free radicals, carrots contain Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that gets rid of cancer causing free radicals, so I mean technically it could have helped. But i'm still calling total bullshit.

    13. CreedOfHeresy

      I take a juice-fueled trip down to the Dire Dire Docks, I come across a drowned JonTron, floating face down and spiraling rapidly, his head shaking aggressively. I inquire to his personal health. He respond: "Wha-uh. Are you supposed to see. That many??" He responds this repeatedly. It haunts my dreams. He stills says it. Dire Dire Docks. ZING!

    14. Boring Old White Guy

      Sure, it cured his cancer but look what it did to his eyebrows. Not sure that the trade-off is worth it.

    15. carson Vanderzwart

      6 uploads = 6million subs

    16. Captain Gr00vy

      *body smacking on water sound*

    17. gongigaming


    18. Koumorizen

      "One man's opinion, you don't get -this- by just sitting around, well you do but that's half the battle" Transcended

    19. Kevin Garcia

      Some say he’s still floating in the water

    20. Gamer X

      Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Jon almost got drowned while filming the video?

    21. King Sandwich

      Am I late?

    22. POE GAMING

      What a lame ass Animorph! Im just saying I’d take any other animal 😂

    23. Lewis

      You look and sound like ray Romano’s son.

    24. E

      Yay! He’s back!

    25. Colton Davis

      For the urinary track.. magnificent

    26. Big_Dawg3081's PS5 Gaming Channel (Big _Dawg3081)

      I actually have that Nintendo power magazine

    27. Clown Duckky

      When u said the papa of pulp I actually shit myself in real life Luckily I was on the toilet

    28. VampCaff

      Bro, you know you're a mid 30's millennial.

    29. Techpriest XXVI

      Why would anyone want to live to 125 years old...I sure as hell don't. I would rather embrace my inevitable death lol.

    30. John Snow

      The absolute the best thing to ever have existed

    31. Halo Nostalgia Theater

      phyto nutrients are real though, its components of plant foods that our bodies use for a variety of purposes. It's why we're always healthiest when we eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly

    32. MightyDankLord

      6:10 I guess this man has never heard of the commutative property

    33. TheTraktorarne

      Raid Shadow Legends look pretty shite tbh, do they pay you well at least?

    34. Kikin _

      Damn I actually really like juicing 😂

    35. Закария


    36. kingxenomorph kingxenomorph

      2:14 he looks like joe biden BRUH

    37. Steven.

      5:48 god damn dude just say the juicer slices it so much its wet

    38. Steven.

      4:02 i mean, i dont know much about anything medical but tbh that sounds sorta weirdly half-accurate, im guessing actual treatment and stuff did like 95% of the job but, i mean it mightve helped a bit

    39. Kolby

      Wasn’t really feeling this one

    40. Ptao Tom

      teas lose most of their Benefits if steeped at a higher temperature than what is recommended, this is the first person who has been legit here

    41. Kasumi Rina

      9:40 "they're not peeled..." COME ON! They're prepared, washed throughly, cut at sides etc. it takes way more time to get carrots ready for juicer.

    42. Zhiying Zhang

      got a hello fresh ad

    43. Clare Boronski

      Well, see you all in a year

      1. Ptao Tom

        Holy shit the animorphs lol 8 year old me just said wassup.

    44. TickleMeWesker

      I wanna know what the carrots hit @ 11:35 to make that sound lol

    45. Ten Steps Below

      How is juicing carrots better than eating them as a snack? Maybe this is a religion.

      1. Real Leon

        Carrot juice tastes way better than raw carrots ngl

      2. Ten Steps Below

        @Just a Normal Bottle of Mustard my nan had no teeth at 80 and she used to eat as many carrots as a rabbit

      3. Just a Normal Bottle of Mustard

        People that are old and have no teeth

    46. Rijad fetahovic


    47. Shawn Wax

      "Godberry king of the juice!!"

    48. Dynomite

      how am I a week late to this

    49. Aaronator 4D

      Anyone remember that show mountain monsters it’s hilarious it would be so funny if he reviewed it🤣

    50. FlamboJambo

      $399 to learn how to put carrots in a blender. What a steal

    51. lnfreeman

      Jon got married?

    52. Thomas Naderer

      i nearly spat coffee all over my keyboard twice watching this. absolutely genius. glad i found your channel :D

    53. Mooparr

      He's partially right though. Get as many carrots into your body as you can.

    54. pilot:Salman Alkhaldi kik:salmanq828

      نحب جون 👍 we love you Jon keep going if you visit Kuwait or Dubai let me know you're welcome anytime

    55. Dalton

      Lance Armstrong is the actual father of juicing

    56. Top Bun

      Nobody cares about RAID: Shadow Legends, Jonathan.

    57. Nate (DeathCap)

      Holy shit the animorphs lol 8 year old me just said wassup.

    58. LingLongz420

      Ooooooh moreeeee plzzzzzz

    59. Marius

      I guess his carrot was just too thick...

    60. Idontknow

      So no one gonna talk about his credit card info

    61. Lucifer

      Jeez man that ending made me die of laughter lmaooooo

    62. Idontknow

      Does anyone actually know why jontron doesn’t post often

    63. Mj Verostek

      instant upvote for raid

    64. Tader326

      This video is sponsored by raid shad- (clicks off)

    65. The “Hyper” Minecrafter


    66. The “Hyper” Minecrafter


    67. Pandavelli W

      JonTron did nothing wrong

    68. CitynLit

      Isn’t this infomercial from the early 1990’s? If so, how was he 88 years old when he was born in 1923?

    69. Sarah Ares

      Dire, Dire docks was the best way to end the video.

    70. Lucky Jaxs

      "...I'll just put the beans there to catch the rest of that juice." Jontron, 2021.

    71. LittleThoughtsWithoutHumanity

      I was drinking v8 watching this...

    72. KnightOfTheWind

      Not gonna lie I watched this so many times that I could probably recite it

    73. Erti

      theres only one true juicer and his name is xqc

    74. Kathy Qianqian Jin

      The father of Juice looks like Biden.

    75. Caleb Spencer

      idk why but everyone of your video takes me back to the days of watching sandlot on a box tv :)

    76. First Name Last Name

      This reminds me of essential oils but not as bad.

    77. wateriestfire

      Does anyone actually play Raid shadow legends. I know it's probably a den of micro-transactions but is it actually fun?

    78. Señor Sasquatch

      I'm pretty sure the reason they never say his disease was cancer is because they don't want a liabilities issue of someone trying to beat cancer with their system and failing.

    79. NOT A PRO BTW

      I thought it was xQc 😹😹😹

    80. Icey1233

      Gun scene so funny

    81. Andrew Lazin

      I drink predigested carrot juice every day to keep the cancer away.

    82. Lisa

      16:24 Fargo

    83. Hiker Wolfspaine

      Jon really hit it off with these scams for old people.

    84. Brotagonist


    85. nice

      The production value is zany. Got me like zing

    86. PancakeTin


    87. Tom Hayward

      "Am I gonna get jonestowned?"

    88. Cobra Strike76

      I swear, even the sponsors are funny, Idfk how he did that

    89. Embargo Venom

      Come on, Jon, beginners mistake. You forgot the apples! That's why the juice killed you.

    90. keru storme

      The hospitable case nearly fetch because lizard preliminarily drum astride a ruddy salmon. noxious, harmonious scarf

    91. Carson Paul Lee

      13:28 JON NO!

    92. CommanderTaco

      At least he's getting people to eat veggies

    93. Snake

      Is that fuckin maple story music at the end?

    94. Robust Nut

      this video convinced me to drink juice more often

    95. Monster King Calamity999

      This video definitely made me legit laugh several times but I’m just really bugged by the Raid shit that’s spreading. Like all of The Internet agreed it’s complete garbage...Yet it’s still getting bigger wtf Also why’s Jon shocked that juice is good for you??? 😂 It’s not really THAT supernatural or outlandish to believe one dude could be cancer cured via juice lol Peoples bodies work differently and it’s not like he claimed drinking ten Coke a Cola, three sips of a Red Bull, and one lawn mushroom gave him the power to cure cancer in any child lol

    96. Monster King Calamity999

      The raid shadow legends thing isn’t even funny anymore :/ Like it’s just become super obnoxious and pandering I guess idk Like even the meme/joke that it’s super obvious he’s gonna say it and acts like it’s a surprise seems really half hearted in this and like shouldn’t someone as respected and successful as Jon be able to switch up who the videos sponsor is? Like there’s tons of OTHER annoying mobile games with VERY vocal ads lol It just feels like the meme/joke isn’t even a joke anymore. It’s like legit, Jon sold himself out to Raid Shadow Wallet Loosener Legends completely 🤣 And it’s like lost it’s gag appeal idk... It might not bother that many people very much but it’s just such an off putting start in my opinion :c

    97. Catlover

      You have crippling depression? Don't worry apple, carrot juicy will kill cancel. What?

    98. Noneya Beeswax

      Jon pls stop making jokes about dying we love you

    99. Mikeal Diblangeo

      man this one felt like good ol jontron