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    1. Free Time

      0:37 that sound...o my god

    2. tornado O.o


    3. RapierMike

      That's actually pretty cool

    4. CF Nudel


    5. Hilpeä Lölli

      Jei Finland spotted

    6. Hilpeä Lölli

      A person Once Said that a puukko IS swedish... That triggered me hard

    7. LudaeusAlt

      As a non finnish person living in finland and trying to learn finnish I too shall rally the call of my adoptive nation.

    8. Minecraft TomaTo


    9. iiBxzzare’s Shenanigans

      So nobody is going to point out how he nailed the ‘say whaaaat?’ perfectly?

    10. Al44.09

      Yes the viisaus

    11. Garvit Rathi

      I have a question, why can't -1 be square root of positive 1 because -1 × -1 results in positive 1

    12. Christiann Jay Hanoplo

      Hi how to basic 😁😁😁

    13. Solly

      To the local market place we go fellow Finns.

    14. Liggliluff

      Pronounced /ˈʋiːsɑus/ if you were curious; very close

    15. SmellTheL

      Can’t be a coincidence

    16. BeotsBruh

      Vsauce : *Talks About Finnish* People From Finland : Hehe, now the comment section belongs to me

    17. Niko K

      As a Finnish person im obligated to comment on this video

    18. Kalzu


    19. Skelolion


    20. Hello There


    21. emppu w

      LoL i'm from Finland Suomi

    22. Tony Stark


    23. Uchiha _Itachi

      V sus

    24. Arjun the Rage Guy

      Yo, is Vsauce wisdom?

    25. AkAtu

      Oh yes!!! I'm from Finland

    26. Lejend Dairy

      Am I the only one that thinks the finish translator sounds like Idubbbz 😂

    27. Vertical Development Team

      I asked Vsauce what 1+1 is and then I learned how quantum mechanics work

    28. run

      as a non Finnish person, i can lie to people i don't care about and claim i'm Finnish

    29. Kill buzzy Gamer

      Sir cud u make a video regarding life after death

    30. ii_Wisteria

      why are there so many finnish people here

    31. Charming nowhere to hide

      As yet another Finnish person, I can confirm that by merely mentioning Finland or something Finnish will summon all the Finns to your video.

    32. Raezores

      Damn universe Forgot to tell me about this.. Well it is a giant clusterfuck. Synchronicities.

    33. GamingBeFly

      It all lines up... something about this is too convenient here

    34. Vinny Maltese

      Nope stil convinced it stands for vaginal secretions...

    35. Yeet

      Perkele Suomi on mainittu. Liput salkoon ja torille pojat me ollaan maailmankartalla! 🇫🇮

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Hahaha say whaaaaat! 🤟🏼

    36. Madrimious

      Vsauce is wise

    37. Nochromic Sky

      As someone of mostly Finnish descent, I too feel a strong urge to leave a comment here

    38. Haikala 22

      Kato perkele torille

    39. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

      Bro the text to speech straight up said vsauce in the most norwegian-scandinavian way ever.

    40. Eveelien

      As a Polish person, I can't comment that I'm a Finnish person

    41. Brad Terry

      I just wanted to say that I’m not Finnish at all, not even a little bit.

    42. Frank Furger

      I am not finnish, but Vsauce is cool so I am here.

    43. Disruption

      As a german i can say that im not finnisch

    44. David Ha

      I like to imagine vsauce just testing the entire dictionary on google translate to see what words sound like vsauce

    45. Thorin Brokenshield-Smaug


    46. sapperjoe 18

      does anyone else think that michael looks like will forte?

    47. Yerkwell

      Hey, Michael! Vsauce here!

    48. Tom Bomba

      Hahaha say whaaaaat! 🤟🏼

    49. Serious_Cereal

      As a Finnish person, i'm not actually Finnish i'm American

    50. Lullaby

      And I just finished watching spooky coincidence. And the latest upload is on coincidence

    51. gahahaho

      Umm hi, I'm Finnish. That's all, bye.

    52. Maximus Toiviainen

      Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

    53. twoface2001

      The Finnish have invaded

    54. Mohamed Sakhiri

      all your life's luck was used in this

    55. General Lewis Dingleberry


    56. Alexey B

      I've never seen so many Finns in one place in internet.

    57. Antichrist. Ink

      As a Finnish person, I can

    58. Takye

      Heyy viisaus, finnish guy here. The word "Vsauce" sounds like "viisaus" which is a coincidence. Or is it?

    59. T Ph

      As a not finnish person here, wtf is happening

    60. SCP 049

      I live in finland

    61. Narancia Ghirga


    62. Sakari Suorsa


    63. Okka :D

      Hahaha i love being a finnish guy and knowing aboit this for longer

    64. Kaippa


    65. Nipa

      Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!!

    66. Onely one

      I’m just another Finn commenting to fulfil my legal obligations for when I have been summoned

    67. Asbjørn Roed

      But I am from Denmark...

      1. Peter Campen Madsen

        Me too

    68. Skimasktheslumpgod

      As a finnish person i feel noticed

    69. HectoeFIN

      Since I am a good Finnish citizen, I comment here.

    70. Just Skip

      Now translate Kamala.

    71. samborlon

      It is my Finnish national duty to leave a comment, even though I'm American.

    72. Mon Key

      Where did you get pooplicker from

    73. Happy Pikachu


    74. TheShitpostingPilot

      I didn't know so many finnish people existed until I checked the comment section of this video.

    75. Metsämarsu

      Yeah, I also have been waiting for this to come up some day. Thanks Michael. 🇫🇮

    76. Not Enough Ram

      im offended and find this finnish jkjk never thought it like that

    77. Raf galvão

      As a Finnish person I fell like you're talking to me an obvious view, but I'm not a Finnish person.

    78. Darth Zayexeet

      *The Finnland Paradox*

    79. omo

      As a finnish person i'm required to comment on this video since finland is mentioned in it.

    80. Yeeet

      As a Finnish person i have to comment to this video and say that i'm a Finnish person

    81. Liljatupsu/Lilytuft

      Hei, viisaus, Maikl hier

    82. Gearvell Napat

      Hey vsauce, pls make a video about the concept of "instantaneous" if such thing actually exists

    83. OdlyOmar


    84. OtsoBear


    85. Kinksutin


    86. FinnSalsa

      As a Finn I'm obliged to comment my nationality here

    87. Dorfl

      As a polish person,

    88. Taisto Tammilehto

      As a finnish person, I am required to react with this video.

    89. TheShineri3


    90. Kitarinki

      As a Finn, I never even realized this lmao

    91. Capacitor Inductor


    92. Rishabh Raj

      As an Indian person, I can say that Indians are everywhere on the planet.

    93. Survey Kinds 9


    94. Oliver Saarela


    95. Sepitus

      Is this comment section sufficient to justify military overtake of Nokialand, or do we need to stage some "Finnish radicals" bombings alongside the Sweedish border? Asking for a friend...

    96. Commenter

      Did not know the amount of finifsh people on NLname

    97. kinkku

      Im from finland :)

    98. Tyto Alba


    99. Flowi

      I'm finnish and I've watched you for years and you're telling me this now ._.

    100. Michael Anderson

      Vee Sawse