THE FIRST 10,000 DAYS ON MARS (Timelapse)

Venture City

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    The story begins in 2024 when Elon Musk and SpaceX launch 5 cargo ships to Mars. They land at Erebus Montes, paving the way for future humans to land, the construction of Mars Base Alpha, plants to grow, and later for a self sustainable Mars colony.

    This Mars colonization mini documentary also covers what it is like living on Mars, how many people will be landing during each launch window mission, the Starship fleet, and how the Martian colony grows over the years, between 2024 to 2050.

    Additional footage from: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona, European Space Agency, SpaceX, AI Space Factory, HASSEL, Tesla, The Boring Company


    Join my Patreon. Membership includes:
    • The extended research that wasn't included in the videos
    • Papers on future tech (The Future of Drones, Tesla's Robotic Army)
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    • The Martian book showcases the science, math, and physics of living on the red planet - told through the story of someone who has to survive there. (affiliate link)

    Books recommended by Elon Musk about future technology, innovations, and sci-fi (affiliate links):
    • Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
    • Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
    • Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era

    • The Foundation:
    • The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:


    Other videos to watch:

    • NASA 1958 - 2100 (Timelapse of Past and Future Technology)

    • Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence (and the Basics of AI) - Documentary

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    2. Subholik3

      Maybe I can't go there....but this looks like a dream of mine❤️❤️😌😌

    3. Gabriel Marian Balan

      I do not understand why so much hustle with Mars...Why so much money invested? Why we do not invest the money to eradicate all deserts from Earth and eliminate poverty? Imaginr a green Sahara ,a green Gobi desert or a green Arabia ,etc....Imagine if people from poor countries will have rain fertile soil or water for their lands ....If we achieve all of these .....than we should make a training and development base on Moon...Is there are problems Mother Earth is few hours distance all space stations....Mars it seems like an rich people fantasy.....

    4. K O

      What is the benefit for living on Mars? Kids just to stay away from their parents?

    5. George W.

      I may well be wrong, but if I were a betting man, I’d bet against it ever happening. And even if anyone gets there, they’re likely to die there.

    6. cool cool

      Thought they were gonna nuke mars

    7. Yanthungbemo Ezong

      Soon.. the first civil war on Mars

    8. RainbowDash

      In 20 years we should be able to live on mars

    9. Comicsluvr

      "The astronauts' waste is recycled as fertilizer for the plant." So Matt Damon did it right!

    10. Dale Smith

      I would trade everything in my life to live on the moon or Mars.

    11. Martini

      Neuralink needs to advance in this time, there's no chance we can survive those anxieties and mental health complications that can/will occur while flying around in space and colonizing a -60° rock. Besides that; how is the rocket protected against meteorites and other particles? And what about radiation? I mean.. idk.. we didn't even solve the hunger problem on earth yet. can someone with good arguments resolve my doubts? thanks.

    12. wes hervey

      Don’t know why, but I just had this idea and it seems interesting. What if we used electroshock therapy for astronauts in space for them to help them retain muscle mass, of course supplemented with an exercise routine and a good diet

    13. Kerrie Lucrecia

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    14. Daniel Hipley

      We will live on many planets and moons in the future Star System

    15. ADdu Khan

      After 10000 days the 1st Martian comes to earth and be like why the fuck did you guys even went to Mars

    16. SeagreenSpiral

      I hope one day we will discover somewhere like Pandora in Avatar.

    17. Dave Fashenpour

    18. she can

      2125...mars filled with e waste plastic resources drained no water Elon musk great grand child like planning to new galaxy making a galaxy colony in 2150

    19. Genardi Int.

      Day 10,010 the first murder and crime scene took place in Mars..

    20. Zikki Charade

      Bullshit stat wars is more realistic than this rich man madness

    21. Josh Hayl

      🔵 The VERY last thing that the narrator talks about is seedlings escaping from the greenhouses and growing wild on their own,.. THAT is something we've got to make sure does NOT occur!....or else we could have 'Invasive' species taking over a fresh planet. This could have far-reaching implications. I like the idea that nothing is 'Disposed of', All materials including waste are recycled until the raw material is depleted and dissipated,.... That's something WE should have been doing as of many years ago when the technology was initially refined enough to be feasible.

    22. Vernie Schorr

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    23. lesmoor kelly

      2059 mars declares independence president Kardashian jr deploys space marines to regain controle........

    24. Always Winning

      Settlers suffering from Low Gravity ... Might as well be drunk, that's what I feel like now LOL

    25. Mental Nomad (Mental Nomad)

      Or we fight over dino juice....

    26. b l'art

      this is what happened to earth.

    27. oDevo 2342

      Bruh I just want mars weeds

    28. iNSECTiON

      will this really happen in the coming years?

    29. Fogle Buncher

      In the future, Elon Musk will have perfected head transplant technology, and will Bio-Print a new host whenever he feels like slipping into a new body. Just plonk his old noggin onto a printed body.

    30. valberm

      what a time to be alive.

    31. Mick Carson

      What crazy imagination. No God, no religion.

    32. Danish Javaid IMBA -19-29

      Allah hu Akbar .... Allah is greatest

    33. Nick3889

      Jeezz if only Watney had all that stuff

    34. Vector Perfect

      Can't wait for the *Flat Mars society*

    35. 為元張

      In the 1970s we all know there will be a permanent moon base around 2005

    36. 為元張

      you missed THE PHOBOS space elevator completely

    37. MythGamer

      year 2300 people: meh me:

    38. Jean Pierre Ceytaire (Full Metal Masochist)

      Amazing !!! I Cant wait to contribute to Humans Colonizing on other planets It seems so rewarding to be Interstellar Travelers and watch as innovation beyond wildest beliefs become a reality

    39. fessit

      Very interesting concept. I like the robotic "crew" transforming the place for people. Great concept. I am not clear how well people will survive with 1/3 earth's gravity. This likely will cause decalcification. Also, I heard nothing about dealing with the toxic ammonium perchlorate soils on Mars. This is an issue growing edible food. There are certain bacteria that may do the job, but it is not clear how they would make that work.

    40. Fishing Bob

      This whole idea is the biggest waste of time, but people keep wasting time and money on it. No one is gonna survive long on Mars. Probably wouldn’t survive any length of time there, then the trip back, and if they do, too many side affects will be noted. Namely cancer, like we already know. Plus all the heart problems astronauts have, it’s just not worth it.

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    42. 1625251515 917rh1f36

      I'd give my right eye to be on one of those ships

    43. AnAngryGiant20

      What about dropping comets onto mars to make an atmosphere

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    45. W h a t A r e Y o u D o i n g S t e p L a d d e r?

      imagine being born on mars and visiting earth and seeing everything we know as normal for the first time ever, like the blue sky and windy days

    46. Evan Shumard

      As cool as this is we too dumb and busy argiing to do any of that

    47. InnannasRainbow

      Yet there is so much about Earth that we have not discovered. We know very little about our oceans. I doubt I would ever travel to Mars, I would be too old, anyway.

    48. Romac

      Let's have a live cams too so we can see everything; we broadcast live from the moon 50 years ago I'm sure it's not that hard. Thanks :)

    49. Lee M

      The first murder on mars, the first mass shooting, the first divorce..

    50. Kira

      Kids will make vlogs: A day of the life on Mars.

    51. Dark Energy

      Keep dreaming

    52. Niloy Talukder

      On day 10001 Boraat arrived on Mars and ruined it all.

    53. robert brander

      The Scientists study how Virruses work on Mars ...

    54. Joshee Saikia

      2056: Mars declares independence from Earth

    55. moon man

      Wow, guys can we thank the camera man! They had to hold there breath for so long...

    56. kj henriksen

      humans cannot survive the radiation they will absorbe on the flight. little or nothing will come of it. joeobama will spend the resources on stupid programs

    57. Juan B

      Just leave covid on earth please.

    58. Majin Manbha kun

      If they want to make a forest then sending animals instead of humans will increase the rate of growing exponentially and also animals use very negligible amount of resources compared to humans

    59. Azerogath

      Let's hope this is built before we start the 3rd world war for resources

    60. ModeradorYouTube

      If I were a millionaire... I would like to visit Mars or other planet when possible but I would never live on Mars... Don't get me wrong I have many reasons to stay here on Earth... And the number one reason is: The Beach, I live near the Ocean and there is always something to do when you live near the water from swimming to fishing, Meditating early in the morning or relaxing and watching the sunset at the end of the day or if you want you can Surf the Waves at anytime. Honestly, my whole life I been fascinated with the Cosmos, Universe or Space and I'm so happy and so excited that we humans will colonized Mars pretty shortly and I thank you Mr Musk for doing this Science Fiction A Reality. Next Stop Andromeda Galaxy please.

    61. Esme n'haMaire

      I cant take seriously a video where they keep saying that the launch window is when Mars is clsest. That is absolutely not true. The launch window happens when Mars is a certain number of degrees ahead of Earth in its orbit (about 35 degrees ahead, if I remember correctly). If you wait until Mars is closest to Earth (ie: Earth has already caught up to ars) then you've missed your launch window by several months.

    62. Duckie

      The privet paying people are Mr beast and his camera man

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    65. James Brand

      3D printing/building will be a huge Advantage. Fantastic

    66. D.C.Milionis

      2048 Elon Musk will be 77 , Jef Bezos 84 What has not been mentioned is that Aubrey de Grey of the SENS foundation or Dr. Davis Sinclair from Harvard might have solved Age Regeneration by then in its first decade of use and tested the citizens of Mars to live over 150 earth years or 80 mars years. Now where are you in this picture?

    67. Alexander Szabo

      And this only accounts for the current version Elon wants to build a bigger version

    68. Not Yawa

      Human in mars: what are those people? I bet they're from Tejrrya. Earth humans: Ohhh!!! Humans in Mars!

    69. James McFarlane

      Look at humans trying to settle and build on planets as if they own them. These planets aren't our property although man does like to think he is the be all and all. We will be in for a huge shock one day. It will be the elite that leave for mars and will leave us layman's on the earth to perish.

    70. Mr. Ahmed Guillermo-Letrondo

      If nothing wrong happens.

    71. Dhruv Teetwal

      Am sooo much crurious abut it in real

    72. Juan Perez

      Can ants survive in Mars?

      1. SwiftR

        Just look up research about animals and insects in space, it’ll give you an idea of what could happen.

    73. Juan Perez

      Can cockroaches survive in Mars ?

    74. Juan Perez

      Can frogs survive in Mars ?

    75. Mr-Mrs Know-it-all

      Total bollocks. Gravity difference alone will damage the human body.

    76. Ace

      You also can make new religion in Mars.

    77. Rapture Bound

      I think we should send rockets full of Democrats up to Mars first.

    78. Dat Guy

      thats cap. specially the last part where grass will grow

    79. Dat Guy

      how much yall wanna bet this shit wont happen in our life time. maybe people will go to mars but a colony aint gonna start for a long time if ever

    80. Jay Sky PH

      kids in earth: WE MUST STUDY MARS HISTORY kids in mars: WE MUST STUDY EARTH HISTORY earth: bye bye..

    81. Gabriel

      Sad. Im born too early.

    82. Vieux Acadian

      The first retail store is Walmart , right next door to McDonalds and BP fuel depot .

    83. Herbert Daniel

      I hope space travel wont be too cheap (but still affordable) I dont want no karens there

    84. emorr stormscale

      Wait.. we are not yet done destroying our own planet though…..

    85. Michael LaMasters

      Those are hardly starships

    86. Sean Foster

      Apparently Musk and Bezos own the future. Either way it’s going to be unbelievable when we get to Mars.

    87. runningrock124

      Buy Bitcoin.

    88. Pallydinns

      Planetary war I can see it .

    89. otto von ottsville

      Pollute the atmosphere?? Haha. Can't compete economically with surface/subsurface factories.

    90. otto von ottsville

      Starlink system will be connecting rovers, drones, bases, orbital stations, mining ops etc around the whole planet. One starship can deliver scores of them. A global system will be installed to preclude other competing systems.

    91. How To Speed Run

      To think that in 2300 some human(Martian) will look at Earth as a paradise… we truly aren’t being thankful enough…somewhere around 2500 maybe some Martian wants to come back and the people will start to argue about it. Year 2600, Mars declares independence, started the first galactic war 🌚

    92. domitron

      No, the universe will not allow humanity to destroy another planet. They can forget it. Either we get our act together, reduce our population drastically, and support the Earth's biospheres which make human and other life possible, or we will not make it.

    93. Murps43

      I survived 10,000 days in hardcore Minecraft on mars!

    94. Manpon awareness advocate

      Thumbs up if you went to check if amazon.mars was already taken

    95. Rick McKnight

      Big dreams that will only lead to death, we don't belong on Mars we don't belong on any other planet than Earth, humans don't belong in space. Seriously think about it.

    96. Julius Mann

      Culture buildings is a skip. We need to unite earth to one, then it will be our capital planet.

    97. Souley Ba

      What is the song called at 13:25

    98. Qneironaut

      permananent residency on mars is cool and all but this video fails to adress the fact that the different gravity would greatly affect our bodies