The Flag Parade - Grand Final - Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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    The spectacular opening of the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 included the 26 finalists, dancers and Augmented reality. The Netherlands is famous for its succesful DJs and the Eurovisionn Song Contest loves to give an international stage to young artists. Upcoming DJ talent Pieter Gabriel delivered a modernnn remix of a famous Dutch music track with a special appearance of the Eurovision 2021 hosts.
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    1. Jasper Benus

      Who else is here after watching the olympicgames flagperade and thinking that was lame if you compare it to this.

    2. Junior Harris

      Kippenvel! 🇳🇱

    3. I LOVE F1

      Its so sad that Iceland couldn’t perform live 😢

    4. S_ C

      The opening song deserved to win this contest.

    5. RickTube

      ben ik de enige die dit nog heel vaak kan gaan ziiten kijken

    6. Gixtaras シ

      Cyprus and Albania flags were wrong. For Cyprus it was shown the Israel flag and for Albania it was Italy

    7. DinglasanTheOne

      2:45 2:46

    8. coldonblue

      I always feel that the colors on the screen for the first 2 countries (Cyprus and Albania) were incorrect...

    9. Keremrza Abdullazade

      nuuu this does not compare with what it was in Tel Avive in 2019

    10. Phoebe Georgina

      That Dj is having the time of his life up there

    11. Mika Rother

      Unpopular opinion this is the best flag Parade EVERRR

    12. Nightmare_98

      Name of song

    13. Giulia N.

      After the genius who placed "El Diablo" and "Fallen Angel" back to back in the semifinal, another genius places Germany (the happy-go-lucky ray of sunshine who nonetheless managed to show the whole of Europe a huge middle finger) and Finland (the seemingly ferocious - we all know they're sweethearts, after all - metal/rock/violent pop musicians whose "middle fingers up" was banned but eventually got to be seen on stage) one right after the other. Masterpiece 😂😂😂

    14. Jort Van den hul

      This felt like watching the hunger games but in a good way

    15. What's going on? tea

      The hosts singing was cringey. I am sorry.

    16. Ray of light

      3:05 I like how Kate move her arm,so elegant :D

    17. Samirə Yusifova


    18. sdandy22


    19. Jerome

      There is an error in the description: "eurovisionn"

    20. The Danish Chilean

      Am I the only one getting Hunger Games vibes here? Okay, I guess I am

    21. みひな

      At 3:51 people cheered like crazy to Netherlands and then they barely cheered for Italy😭 the fact that Netherlands received 0 points and Italy won 🧍🏻‍♀️

    22. Marcus Tullius Cicero

      This was the worst flag parade ever.

    23. arxagelos A

      Sweet Stefania!!!!!

    24. Sümeyye Olcay

      2:50 How do they run away😁 soo sweet like a candy

    25. Kalli Ropaiti

      Wrong flag in Cyprus 😥

    26. Mimi B.


    27. ocean

      gecen senenin acisi cikmis

    28. Elbrus 37


    29. Sümeyye Olcay

      Honsetly and Really The Nederlands hosts were very successful especially Nikkie but İsrail's show and theirs songs were soo beautiful.

    30. Jonas Vedrickas

      2021 flag parade is the best

      1. Adrian Neagoe

        Wrong. 2016 was the best

      2. Jonas Vedrickas

        in EV history

    31. P S

      literally the best intro ever made in esc history

    32. Max Leighton

      Ah yes, this year's No-Flag-except-Stefania Parade was great!

      1. PΞPITØ

        Exactly lol

    33. Cartoon Art Timelapses


    34. Hi! I'm Dias

      What is this song

    35. Katarina Bakula

      What is the name of the backgrond song its so nice

    36. Katarina Bakula

      I love how only Damiano loked like he knew that rhey are winining lol

    37. Jabba da House

      cyprus dress was the best

    38. Aleksa Miljevic


    39. Ali Muhyiddin Syah

      Destiny was junior eurovision winner in 2016

      1. Fedir Pavlyuk

        no 2015

    40. Ricardo Brands

      To all who say 'Israel did it better and more spectaculair'! Yeah it was way more over the top. I definately agree but first of all its the singers that compete and not the flag openings. Those are more about showing off perticular skills you wanna show off as a country. Which we did splended since we are known for our simplistic high tec efficiently stage building and mostly combined with the techno/dance scene. So yeah if you expect over the top The Dutch arent the ones for u :)

    41. Milkyshake

      Where was Croatia, Estonia, Romania, and Poland?

      1. ESC Pikayohann

        @Ellis Gee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ poland was my second place

      2. Ellis Gee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

        Damn you got high expectations to see poland in the finals

      3. abcabcboy

        They were not in the final...

    42. gaia sanders

      So good

    43. s

      Honestly The Netherlands did an outstanding job as hosts this year. Like everything was so well organized. All the little details and stuff, it was amazing.

    44. rodrijota5


      1. Luis Moreno Nieto


    45. Emilia Gaming


    46. JustSayin' Dude

      The Netherlands: Gets all the cheer-Gets 0 points Italy: Gets no cheer-Gets all the points

    47. Emma

      It's only right to put Norway after Azarbaijan

    48. Gacha Queen


    49. Jor Val

      The hosts should represent The Netherlands next year!

    50. Pablo

      Since 2016, Now THIS is an opening.

    51. Auaoeieee Lrjsfnwrthr

      Its such a great opening and I love it but also the Venus song is the jingle of a shampoo ad so I always have to think of that when they sing

    52. Werturn 313

      "Choose your character"!

      1. ESC Pikayohann


    53. Bankzitterxs

      Why do spain and poland always send good songs to the JESC but always fail the ESC?


      Но все же парад стран 2017 года в Швеции был куда лучше 😄

    55. Sahar Levy

      Now compare this to 2019 flag parades 👀

      1. Adrian Neagoe

        2016 stll the best

    56. iiCherry900

      EV Backing version of Venus: Who are you?! The single verse and pre-chorus the hosts were singing: *I'm you but stronger.*

    57. -puffy_marshmallow-

      James in his floof coat: FLOOF UP EVERYBODY!

    58. rubenturero

      Augmented reality... I don't know. Looks cool, but at then you know is hollow.

    59. elenh

      Tittle: flag parade Me: but only Greece came out with a flag 🤔😂🇬🇷

    60. Jezreel Jade Vicente

      Some say that this was one of the worst flag parades but given the circumstances, The Netherlands still put on an amazing show despite the circumstances Thank You for the amazing show The Netherlands

      1. Potter Penguin

        They still completely messed up the flags of Cyprus and Albania. Those flags they showed were Israel and Hungary. Seriously, I wouldn't have expected this to happen at Eurovision. Kinda embarrassing, tbh. Apart from that I liked tho

      2. Barry

        Given the likes of this video some of those people are a small minority.

    61. Red Impostor

      Kinda a shame Iceland ain't at Rotterdam, kinda understandable cuz of Coronavirus 😔🇮🇸

    62. Aada Kuosmanen

      ngl this is one of the coolest parts in eurovision

    63. Alex One

      I was expecting something like Sweden 2016, imagine how disappointed I was...

    64. Edkri07

      I like how cyprus, albania, malta and moldova almost has the same dress

      1. Allan Roosimaa

        All they stole dresses from each other

    65. Abulfaz Qurbanov

      Italy can learn from the experience of the Netherlands in hosting ESC.

    66. Anna White Wolf

      i just LOVE the way Damiano bows in front of the public I go crazy every time he does that cause it´s just AAAAHHHH!

    67. #Ja!

      I like 3:51 so the sound is really good! 🇳🇱 And 3:14 is super Nikkie! And the dance from efendi so nice 3:40 The host are so good jan,nikkie,Chantal,Edsilia. Best Eurovision year!🇳🇱🇳🇱 1:47 omg Jan beutifal note

    68. Valentina Curmi

      The judges know how to sing!

      1. ethereal

        judges??? the judges here aren't shown

    69. Řûšťãmłý

      Azərbaycan və Norveç dalbadal gəlməsi 🤭👍

    70. Zvonimir Barbaric

      Cyprus 🇨🇾 and Albania 🇦🇱 had wrong flags! Did only I noticed that 😂

      1. PΞPITØ

        They had 🇮🇱🇭🇺

    71. Jon Havermout

      For people who didn't see any flags....maybe check the huge screens and ceiling behind the artists 😂 Btw. Loved the show hosts singing...really well actually.

    72. javier lopez

      Wrong flag for Cyprus and Albania -.-'

    73. Giglipuff Darumaka

      May the hunger games begin

    74. Elpi Dim

      okay but did anyone realize the wrong flag on Cyprus and Albania or I'm the only one?

    75. MewWolf5

      My mom literally laughed out loud when she saw TIX come out in his giant fur coat!

    76. GlowingxLights

      Lol i love how it was Azerbaijan then Norway. SO CUTE

    77. Prince Chan

      1:28 Slaayyyyyy!!!!

      1. Ellis Gee ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

        @Edmund Tory me too

      2. Edmund Tory


    78. gaia sanders


    79. F F

      I love background track! Keep returning to this video every day just to listen!

    80. Emilia Clapp

      I feel bad for people from Cyprus and Albania after realising the flag parade thought they were Israel and Hungary

    81. Ares Federici

      I love how the crowd shouted so loudly for The Netherlands and then gave 0 points

      1. Barry

        The Dutch can't vote for themselves. Thanks to Covid the audience was almost completely Dutch.

    82. PommesKiwi


    83. Tatiana Umerova

      1:11 Вот выбежала хорошо👍 - задорно, весело, к выбеганию претензий нет. Если бы за ещё за такое выбегание баллы ставили, 1-е место считай, в кармане. Ну, в следующий раз... 👉2⃣0⃣2⃣2⃣....... ☺

    84. Sergio Pio Di Terlizzi

      Nobody says that when it came to Albania they put Italian flag ahah

      1. Sylvain LHS

        Hungarian* flag

    85. Lenny

      Could you please upload the background song?

    86. Jon Alaj

      Eriksen 💘

    87. Giorgi Gosha

      Какая же клевая поза была у Манижи 1:14

    88. Octávio a.k.a. Deddyson Jordão de Araújo

      They should grab their country's flag

    89. OP Yoshi

      This was one of the best ESC the past year but the flag parade was somehow very unspectacular... At the end Rotterdam did a really great show.

    90. mark nvt

      Sponsored by Gillette Venus :P

    91. Ahmet Bayram

      Flag parades might be my favorite parts of eurovisions and this year it was AMAZİİİİİİNG.

    92. Ruth Campbell

      Azerbaijan and norway were right next to each other lol😂😂😂

    93. Gabriela Kozioł

      Can we all agree that Måneskin are the best-dressed participants in ESC history?

      1. ESC Pikayohann

        What about Verka seduchka ??

    94. Marija Stanic


    95. ESC Stroopwafel

      I believe they got Cyprus and Albania wrong because they showed the flags of Israel and Italy instead ^^'

    96. Nico Nico

      ESC: How much level of European Pride you want ? Europe: Yes !

    97. Cindy Wang

      ok elena looked AMAZING

    98. Mauro4gamer Galvan

      Love the silvers sisters with a wrong flag Cyprus 🇮🇱 Albania 🇮🇹

    99. Edwardo Rojas

      The 2019 parade was much better, but the 2016 show is still the most spectacular.

    100. Tashi Mnene

      “The Parade of the Flags... Just to make the evening a little bit longer” - Graham Norton

      1. Occono

        @Kitten Gamez I might have been a little unfair. He's not late Wogan era. I just worry over the occasional moment that seems a little unfair or rude. At the least he seems to feel like he's too old for it now sometimes.

      2. Mr. Park

        Graham Norton knows that if UK continue this way, they will not host the contest anymore. so he can say this things 💁‍♂️

      3. Kitten Gamez

        @Occono actually a lot of people find him hilarious, there are even compilations of his funniest Eurovision moments that people have made, personally for me he’s the perfect host for it, especially when we aren’t doing too well his dry and sarcastic remarks never fail to make me laugh :) (that’s just my opinion though, feel free to have your own, but quite a lot of people def do find him amusing)

      4. Occono

        I actually want Graham to stop commentating. He's turned into late era wogan and he's not amusing to me anymore.