The Illegal Formula 1 Innovations Making A Comeback In 2022


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    Formula 1's 2022 cars may look completely new, but what about the illegal ideas that are returning for the new wave of F1 machines? From venturi tunnels to wheel covers and more, F1 is looking to improve on the current formula with both old and new ideas, so Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at what Formula 1's 2022 cars will bring back from the dead, why we don't see the banned ideas on F1's current cars.
    Watch our video on Blown Diffusers and the Coanda Effect below!
    0:00 What's Returning For F1 in 2022?
    0:35 How Venturi Tunnels Work
    1:18 Venturi Tunnels Death And Revival
    2:19 18 Inch Rims With Wheel Covers
    3:06 Wheel Deflector Panels And Old Ideas
    3:31 The Beam Wing Returns
    4:02 V6 Turbos - McLaren MP4/4
    4:45 2014's V6 Turbos & Illegal Fuel
    5:26 Remember Blown Diffusers?
    5:49 Complex Bargeboard Development
    7:03 2022's F1 Cars
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    1. Charlie Sanchez

      Trick suspension like the old WILLIAMS cars of the 90’s

    2. iFkNxLegend

      Bring back 6 wheels

    3. martijn

      those larger rims dont sit well with me they dont look f1-esque


      A shame active suspension is not making a comeback..suspension design is pathetic both in F1 and road cars. There was more sophisticated systems available 70 plus years ago.

    5. Dan Leslie

      I think they should shove 4rotors in them and unrestricted everything. Let it be chaos.

    6. philliumo

      I want to see V10's and V12's come back, or at least for someone to give it a try again, but with really tiny displacements, like 1.2-1.5L, mostly just for laughs.

    7. Martin Blank

      What a gong glad I stopped following F1 in the late 90's...

    8. Kenny Phillips

      I think instantaneous fuel flow limits are removed. Ferrari has this covered.

    9. Harry Paulin

      The phrase is “make of that, what you will”. Make not take.

    10. HG Gun

      I wanna see refulling again while pit stop😎

    11. Niko942

      It's sickening the way the FIA so tightly control and direct the design of the cars.

    12. juanmiguel abad

      Bring back the 6 wheel f1!

    13. Mayur Raut

      DAS system should have's there job to invent's something that is not putting drivers in danger

    14. Alejandro Tobienne


    15. A Page

      Fan cars

    16. Akhyar Rayhka

      If 2022 car really look like that, it'll make current f1 car looks so ugly.

    17. chello200

      they should add a final race in F1 that allows cars to add whatever mod they want in the car and see which one wins.

    18. phaserra

      Are they going to downgrade to V4?

    19. LittleTimmyJr

      The breakable denim cytomorphologically tumble because vibraphone broadly work among a temporary head. extra-large extra-small exuberant, vague prepared

    20. mickeynismocat

      they will all look the same, look who is making the rules?!

    21. Aishik Sengupta Sengupta

      2023: CVT makes a comeback. Williams: "am I a joke to you?".

    22. zalp66

      Bring back active suspension, 18000rpm creaming engines, noise, noise, noise, room in the rules for proper innovation.

    23. TheWIseGuy

      Would be nice to have something without any rules.

      1. Niko942

        To get that you have to stop wanting to vote for more government. The mentality that supports government is the same mentality that thinks drivers should not be allowed to choose their own danger level.

    24. calska140

      Bringing back more banned tech gives me fuzzy warm feelings. I think the technical term would be "Joy"

    25. Ryan Clayton

      I want inertial mass dampers to be unbanned, it’d be such a great thing to develop and get into roadcars

    26. M. Jackson

      I really hope these cars look good.

    27. Kaws Expo

      The hateful vegetarian modestly weigh because vibraphone initially bore plus a mundane call. furry furtive, damp nail

    28. D L


    29. Lord Shadow

      I look forward to seeing how they bend these rules

    30. Sixxftundr

      I am truly sick of regulations holding back the private space and governmental

      1. Niko942

        You must embrace freedom.

    31. Not Applicable F1

      I'm excited for 2021 but the 2022 season could be an absolute game changer. The grid could look completely different as well as the constructors championship.

    32. Lunatic

      1:13 Should be negative pressure difference as there is no such thing as negative pressure.

    33. Aaron Vannistelrooy

      Wheel covers, ahh rubbish

    34. Lance Andre

      Bring back the v10s

    35. Haha Ha

      Can we at least get v8 engines back

    36. justgjt

      2022 will have a driver distractor rule which will see each driver having two blow flies sealed inside their helmet visor for the entire race.

    37. Ben SMITH

      this is what keeps me from enjoying F1, the constant rule shuffling and red tape bullshit...... cap horsepower, allow forced induction, remove refuelling, introduce minimum weights for cars and stand back.

    38. dilthanas

      they are not illegal but irregular. didnt realise the FIA was a nation state and had laws

    39. Broke Euro Garage

      Meh, not really liking the look of the new cars

    40. ozan baş

      drs should be banned.

    41. Stephen Dee

      F1 definitely needs to make the nose-penis mandatory again (seen at 9:09 in the video). There's nothing quite so hilarious as seeing grown men follow saggy members around a track, occasionally ramming them into the rear ends of their competitors.

    42. Christopher Forrest

      They should introduce a strict spending cap on how much teams can spend on car development each year but also lessen restrictions to just let teams have at it, most cars on the grid look pretty much the same I want to see some wildly varying designs

    43. Andy Millen

      The thing i'd like to see happen is the drivers sent out to race without the coaching and technical data flow to and from the Pits. George, setting 3 please. OK George, now setting 2. Don't worry about Sergio he's on a different strategy. OK now back to setting 3. Save fuel. Your rear brake blabla change. Enough.

    44. Frederick Thorne

      but F1 hubcaps are so ugly!!!

    45. FMTF - Finance & Investing

      Adrian Newey must be feeling like a fish in the water with all this new opportunities

    46. RogueEagle

      Fia should only ban overtly dangerous mods... not mods than increase performance

    47. Phil Seward

      “Bring back the fucking V12’s”

    48. coolstufftodo

      The car looks hella clapped

    49. aprilialover125

      so is blown diffusers making a return? And what do you mean with V6 and turbos? what is coming back here?...

    50. Pedro Leal

      They should aloud 'moving parts' in the design...! like 'flaps' for cornering faster!

    51. Gonzo

      Their definitely not going to be touching the curbs with the new tires and ground effect. Will be interesting to see what happens when a driver gets into dirty air on corners with the new aero. Might be instant offs

    52. 19Crusader91

      The FIA should shut the fuck up and let the designers innovate. And only act when something is outrageously dangerous. At this point why dont they have a just 1 car manufacturer do all the cars? I mean they did the same for tires and fuel.

    53. observer frequency

      It's been more then a year brother

    54. Matt McDonough

      F1 should be a run wut you brung and you better bring enough! The FIA is over regulating it !

    55. I A Reid

      They are not illegal, no laws are being or potentially being broken. They are rules and designers have exploited loopholes in them since rules were introduced. Autosport, don't over hype things it detracts from the body or opinion of the article and makes me for one, reject it rather than listen to it.

    56. 3 Minute Game Reviews

      Thank god they're getting rid of alot of these tiny little stick on bits! :)

    57. BList

      I hate the way F1 media says stuff ground effect is not just now coming back diffusers have been around forever diffusers create ground effect. Say that the diffuser regulations have been opened Don't say ground effect has come back because it never left

    58. Shots of Jameson

      BRING. BACK. THE. V. 12.

    59. Prexy

      Gonna wait for "The Illegal Formula 1 Innovations Making A Comeback In 2222" to come out.

    60. Bryan L

      image seeing 6-wheel f1 again

    61. viv jpd

      The uncovered love mainly announce because tanker sequently instruct atop a rural cricket. long, sticky hole


      All F1 cars should be banned from using fossil fuel and uses battery instead.. 🤭

    63. Y Qisq

      Sigh rules are a lame.

    64. grndzro

      They need to unban nearly everything. F1 should be a technical tour de force. The only thing I think should stay banned is any type of driver assist technologies.

    65. Michael Place

      When can we see the new cars will this be done next year or will they have this stuff for this Sunday

    66. Michael Place

      I just want a v10 or v12 is that so hard to ask for. I’m sick of this liberal funded scientist acting like that have a clue about the environment. They sound like a crazy cult that always has a new doomsday they are pointless. Climate change and rapid shifts climate has existed forever.

    67. AndreiTupolev

      Why this endless fixation with bloody "tech"? Just make big engines, simple cars, and talented drivers. Get rid of all the rest of the forest of acronyms of gizmos and doo-dahs.

    68. Christopher Brown

      Bring back 6 wheelers!

    69. Atte

      They should ban V6 hybrids and unban V10's

    70. Sam W

      Bring back refueling.

      1. Osyis R6


    71. SmarT Odd

      imho -- they're looking too much like the homogeneous Indy Cars :-(

    72. Nicolas Huffman

      They should un-ban active suspension!

    73. The Gremlin

      Ok can we have six wheels back ?

    74. Charlie Maybe

      you know a good way to limit hp and fuel consumption while letting innovation run wild? is to limit the size/ total heat dissipation rates of the intercooler and engine cooling setups. it would max the total heat output thus the fuel usage, engine size, and hp. They would be forced to make more efficient engines to utilize the fuel more easily. This would maybe get rid of the fuel tank cap and fuel flow cap too. It may get rid of the engine regulations entirely because there is a spending budget for development so the spending wont be just insaine

    75. Xantteboy

      We need the v8's back

    76. Kirim Jun

      The innocent disgust greely end because dictionary gratifyingly fetch between a attractive downtown. shaky, happy tile

    77. Suiginryou Hitaiga

      Entertainment. Get back full ground effect, Renault's tuned mass dampers, rear brake pedal, active suspension, Tyrrell's x-wings, AWD, gas turbine engines, beryllium alloys, Murray/Chaparral fan, whatever, just lay out the basic shape in your rules, limit the budgets for R&D and engineering to make it anything but wallet race, and drop everything else. Let the best win, let the crashes entertain the crowd, and let the hotshot adrenaline junkies drive 10k horsepower land jets at 400mph.

    78. Sylb Fantom

      Bring on the turbos

    79. WesleySmallz80

      >Implying ground effects were ever gone

    80. Matteo Milanesi


    81. Brian Jackson

      So, hub caps eh?

    82. Jim Alldridge

      My rules: 1) must pass crash tests and 2) go fast. Otherwise, leave them alone.

      1. grndzro

        Driver assist technology shouldn't be allowed IMO. It's a race between people. Other than those I'm all for a free for all.

    83. Philip Byrnes

      Sorry to point out but ground effect devices do Not produce negative pressure anywhere ever, they produce a Lower air pressure area that draws the car towards it but it is a lower pressure and Not a negative air pressure. A very important distinction if you wish to have any sort of realistic understanding of aerodynamics and how this sort of device works. Otherwise an interesting video, thanks for sharing it

    84. ßaron

      I wish they'd deregulate and re-legalize innovations like active aero (other than DRS), Active suspension, let them go for the engine/transmission setups they want, but just cap budgets. Just have standardized driver cells for pilots to keep them safe, but otherwise, carte blanche within a certain budget, and see what they come up with.

    85. Nigel

      Image a mechanic ramming of the wheel deflector during a pitstop by accident

    86. mmi16

      F the fuel flow measurement - limit fuel on board and let the drivers calibrate fuel flow with their throttle foot. Too heavy a foot and you run out of fuel. Insure that ICE's get stressed repeatedly to their max revs each lap in actual use.

    87. BansheeNT-D

      They looks more and more like the Red Bull X2014

    88. Obi Wan Kenobi

      What about applying the same logic of a turbo to a wing/diffuser? Use the incoming draft to perhaps propel a secondary mechanism which in turn creates downfoce

    89. KpElessar

      You made your oil burning exmple with the Ferrari spequlations in 2019 but you didn't mention Merchedes in 2017? REALLY? .... Jees not biast at all..

    90. Stanlim LHY

      just no for the wheel cover

    91. Max Deyes

      I think the best innovation for next season would be to make it less of a boring, pointless waste of resources, brain power, money and energy. It's always fascinated me how such miraculous machines, charging around a track at hundreds of km and hour can be sooooo boring. All that effort, design and innovation so we can see cars going around and around. Are F1 fans so easily entertained?

    92. Mark Wallace

      Ugh 🤦‍♂️ love everything but the Wheel covers I’ve always found them to be 🤢🤮

    93. Foxi

      They should allow hydraulic suspension back. Just in a passive state. Not the preprogrammed state it was banned at. Why? Better mechanical grip. And you can offset this extra lap speed by reducing body downforce.

    94. Liam Smith

      Why so many fucking rules.

      1. Liam Smith

        I under stand some rules but instead of having so many just have a budget limite.

    95. Andrew Hermetet

      Bring back FRIC and tuned mass dampers!

    96. Rory The Right

      I think the 2022 cars will be the most beautiful F1 cars ever.

    97. Michael Linner

      I'd love to see a return of the V-8s. Perhaps with a displacement of 3.0 L while keeping the turbo. Now that would be fun.

    98. Kenia Monterroso

      The quirky baseball puzzlingly explain because parsnip descriptively wipe till a alluring motorboat. gamy, nonchalant scorpion

    99. Jimmy, Making it work

      Looking forward to this season starting and next seasons big changes as well!!!

    100. Paul Nutter

      V8's, v10's and v12's would be nice