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    Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
    The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
    Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
    With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
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    1. z mughal

      I need summa dat juice

    2. Abhishek Jhariya

      Tremendous amount of wisdom and knowledge in this documentary. Thanks dw.

    3. pablosa delmundo

      In fact, overweight prophets with silver pants ...

    4. l’autoroute GT

      as a bantu in kenya i belive this was our motherland way long back..i weep for you kongo! heart of mama Africa!! wheres ubuntu?!!

    5. Furious Banana

      Lmaooooo. This man said it cures aids hahahahaha.

    6. brian amayoh

      Fally Ipupa Le meilleur Du Kenya.

    7. Jane Smith

      How irresponsible!! It is one thing to name yourself a prophet, I won’t stop you but to tell someone to drink juice and stop seeing a doctor is beyond insane. Please can someone test this miracle cure!! Because it does not sound healthy to me. If it was that simple world scientists would have used it to cure COVID

    8. Broken Wing

      Any new millionaires with the gold rush there❓

    9. Alexandr Kubraque

      "The life of super rich in Central Africa". Half time I watched life of miners, fishers... So they are super rich according DW? Or I miss something?

    10. Até onde der! Podcast

      What a disgusting snake oil salesman, selling garbage to his own desperate people

    11. crandf

      They could call their residential area Wakanda

    12. Belle B

      wow! the government should protect its people from that so-called prophet.

    13. HighHeelsQueen

      Not really a "western" environment, not even in the "rich" area.

    14. Rachel

      So my phone originated in Africa and was made in China. Cost 900e and the people who mined and made the phone probably got paid like 50c so samsung made easily 895 profit on the phone... wow...

    15. Rida

      This man is selling gasoline mixes it with so-called lemon juice and produces it unhygienically and calls it a miracle, Robs people who spend all the money they have on this 'juice' and believe him and call him a prophet. I Have lost all faith in humanity

    16. So doge wow

      Placebo juice xD

    17. Rain Fathir

      This is why I always say education is the most important thing in life. We have to be smart so we can't be fooled by bad people. Unfortunately, for some people, education is an expensive thing. It is very sad to know that education, which should be basic human rights, is actually a privilege in some country, even in my country it self, Indonesia.

    18. Akhona Omari Jako

      Great work, thank you for this.

      1. DW Documentary

        HI @Akhona Omari Jako! Thanks for watching, we're happy to hear that you like this documentary :)

    19. lookwhoscomin

      Everyone in the comments that are saying "they won't feel comfortable being rich surrounded by poverty" is incredibly patronising. Fact of the matter is, you guys are doing exactly that ! Living comfortably in your house, with all the luxuries, in front of your laptop while the world perishes in poverty. Unpopular opinion - but - the only difference between them and you is they live in the heart of poverty and actually help the economy and you guys turn a blind eye to it. Doesn't make you any better, if anything it makes you worse. The lambo guy just gave the fishermen 7 euros each. what have you done? NOTHING

    20. RawrItsTayL0R

      i dont understand why the lobby area for a company turning over a million dollars a day in coal doesn't have any lighting, and the walls are caked in grime and look so dirty. what kind of shit hole is this?

    21. Francis banengwe lutele

      The poverty of Africans is not a choice but the manipulation of those outsiders interested in Africa's riches

    22. Ronald Honda

      We have not yet understood the monsters we have become. If we did, we would not continue to exploit the weak and helpless.

    23. Carl Mason

      But but but these countries are not run by whites, why isnt it a utopia?

    24. I'm Human

      I'll bring equality in this world yes I'm human ❤😡

    25. Ronald Honda

      A man who spends lavishly in the midst of poverty, is in moral decline

    26. Sehun Yehet

      im so grateful for born in my own country

    27. Muhammed Sahil

      I think all before that they need proper education

    28. Heba Madi

      Why is life so unfair!!! Why??

    29. Honorine Muamba

      They are the real rich in the Congo ,the political thieves and the big businessmen They live in very luxurious villas,swimming pool,domestic,regularly gives parties surrounded by beautiful girls who have Chanel ,Hermes,louboutin where champagnes flows.They have a lot luxurious cars in their villas.Those will never agree to be filmed They like to travel to the west and Dubai by private jet and the population are in black misery because of corruption This houses are show it’s for those who live well,but not for the super rich

    30. RealmEnchanted

      There needs to be a redistribution of wealth around the world.

    31. Victorious Victorious

      A prophet😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 far out these people are so gullible no money now cure lmaooo

    32. Jude E

      Can’t believe what I just watched

    33. Stryb

      Wait so he’s a millionaire and gave them only 50$ and he thinks that mansion is just a bit of bricks?!? Wow

    34. Camaya

      Not the prophet juice heals aids...

    35. monkey

      That's so bizarre. I would feel so awkward driving a lambo and living in a mansion in a poverty stricken place like this. It almost feels like mocking. If I were that rich, I'd live somewhere else.

    36. Jun Le

      I bet Toyota is the best selling car brand in Congo

    37. Hsu Pyae Pyae Lwin

      There are two types of ‘God’. God who created us and God whom the ‘prophet’ like this guy created.

    38. EyerusalemG

      Wow this is sad 😞 that false prophet just taking poor peoples money. Disgusting people wow he is making money of people sooo Sad 😢 this is just FALSE FALSE PEOPLE DONT HAVE common sense.

    39. Alekii

      Congo a failed country whereas the got a huge mineral cover.Make it have sense please

    40. Observer Nikil

      I hope DRC is able to overcome its security and infrastructure issues soon. There’s no reason for Congolese to stay backward. Best wishes and love from India 🇮🇳♥️🙌🏽

    41. Glam Doll

      Politicians are thieves.

    42. chris miller

      those mines are insane!!

    43. Laron

      and this is during pandemic people) this is proof of our governments controlling us over bs, i guess only 1st world countries have covid lmao)

    44. Highly420

      Are you taking the juice? Good keep taking it... These poor people man, milked by a con artist that steals the little they have and gives them nothing in return other than some mistery potion and fake hope.


      30:24 this greenary at the bank of the river will die due to water level receding form the dam. As it store a lot of water which will be a problem for all the people and animals who look upon the River for the daily needs and activity. THIS IS NOT DEVELOPMENT, THIS IS PURE DESTRUCTION.⚠️. Instead that man should use solar energy to make electricity. Trust me man India is going through such a problem already.

    46. The Sun God

      Great documentary.

    47. Gustav

      How can you not mention inflation when talking about why people are poor? Its the same fuckn story all over the world, governments print shit loads of money and constantly makes the population poor, basically a stable way of robbing people. Only when we realize that governments and their crappy money should be eliminated will poverty end. STOP SUPPORTING GOVERNMENTS AND STOP PAYING TAXES!! THEN WE WILL SEE THE WORLD WE WANT

    48. DAVID Bernal

      I hope his juice can cure the yeast infection he’s going to get from wearing shiny leather pants on a hot day

    49. Movie Blow by Blow

      I mean what's the difference between that rich ass dude and those dictators. It's probably that held a high position. This dude is probably exploiting the people and resources just the same.

    50. Henry Lawsky

      “Maggot” sellers????

    51. varun rathi

      Non veg and lust leads to destruction. Kill the lust and be a brahmacharya for 12 years.

    52. rea

      extortion of the poor... sorry, that "prophet" should be in jail.

    53. Alex Justask

      Just finished watching this interesting video. On a random note, that juice stuff lloll i wonder what's in it.

    54. Bennet Briggs

      Six million deaths in interior affairs? Germany needed a world war, and to fight everybody at once, to loose that amount in battle. (5,2 million German soldiers died in combat during ww2. With 12 million deployed soldiers in six years, that's close to half, I would say. Kongo they seemed to kill that many of themselves, which just shows the damn scale of this! :O)

    55. Not Sure

      I don't know, pay caps, enough to spark innovation and keep capitalism alive but enough to keep the crazy and the lovers of money away. Spread the wealth, the money will be spent not hoarded.

    56. Nicole D. NOTIZIE

      Yes children work there. No way that guy is 20!! Disgusting

    57. Jay Sim

      If I had a billion dollars, Congo would be on the bottom of my list of countries I'd consider living in.

    58. Kwame Cool

      This is America

    59. Nicole D. NOTIZIE

      Honestly you gain the equivalent of .. what??? 50 millions dollars per months in the west ..... we must think of costs of life etc etc/ and wages.... if regular people live with 7 euros a week... well being a millionaire in euros there is like being Jeff Bezos in USA.... kinda of. - so I find bad that he only gives a little smght. It’s not better than nothing; give them 50 Euros you prick!!!! Each!!! Not to share! Give them a month’s work considering it’s like nothing if you have millions of euros!! And that freaking car!!! It’s insulting

    60. Surfergrl72Roxy

      That's a great idea offering women the work in Ubixcabs. As well as offering snacks and drinks for the ride. If I ever find myself there on travels I'm definitely using her cab startup. Would love to be able to talk to them more.

    61. somyod2u

      So this is where some of the " foreign aid " ( or whatever the current PC name for it is ) from Europe ends up.

    62. TR R

      What that giant country needs is infrastructure and transfer of technologies that will obviously create lots of jobs!!! People are vibrant and usually are enthusiastic and creative. Nevertheless, the rule of the law that lacked for several decades should be established and respected; of course the never-ending culture of corruption should stop! And, if it doesn't, Congo will always be exploited and disconnected, somehow! It's sad. Boboto na bino nyoso!

    63. Edward kwakye

      We are not alone in Ghana. The religious deception continues unabated!

      1. Edward kwakye

        Traduction française: On n'est pas seul au Ghana. La deception réligieuse se poursuit sans cesse!

    64. Milanzi - The King Of Africa

      The pastor at the end, illustrates why religion is a huge problem for AFrica...

    65. Charmaine Hayes

      These people are being deceived, this is not holliness. Christ is coming back and he is gonna send these people straight to hell. They need to read their Bible there's no such thing as drinking gaseline to cure you. He's getting rich off the poor Jesus is gonna killed him .

    66. Milanzi - The King Of Africa

      When DRC rises, no one will ever hold Africa back... I mean that....

    67. jagadish Ethirajan

      13:47 this is what is called progress

    68. 03 AI

      DW's documentaries are always great.

    69. Prakleng Bunhong

      In Congo people speak more french then France themselves

    70. illuminati agent

      Join the freemason/illuminati for powers,protection,riches and FAM with instance 200 million dollars into your bank account.

    71. somethung

      Imagine you're the leader of a country and you, and your predecessors, are the reason why 90,000,000 are living in despair and poverty despite the abundance of natural resources. How could you live with yourself?

    72. nick moreto

      Great documentary. But sad to see unbalanced of the real world. Just real talk

    73. J FP

      Americans have nothing to complain about

    74. AbsoluteMagic

      This man had people drinking GASOLINE?!?!

    75. Msindisi Faleni

      Great Documentary... But the last part bored me for some reason

    76. Tlb0082

      Pour people buying the miracle juice....

    77. Elaine s

      So sad 😢 how people take from the desperate people looking for help.

    78. Tlb0082

      Wishing Women's businesses thrive there

    79. Travel Hog

      Heck, I've got a one hundred trillion dollar bill in my wallet... It's from Zimbabwe.

    80. Robot

      Where can I get that miracle juice? send me ebay link.

    81. Zig Man

      The UN observers are conveniently located where the mines are. Securing the supplies for all our wants.

    82. acajudi100

      Obey for God is warning us worldwide. Evil demons will never obey, but a hard head makes for a soft behind. Please care for all people. Hands are for helping and not hurting. There is not a reason for homeless or hungers. Put people in studio apartments, train them online, and give $30,000.00, and $2,000.00 per month to train to work online. Take care of your own citizens first!! GREED will destroy this world. SCAMDEMIC.

    83. joemama

      There is so much room for development if the government wanted to, but they won't cuz that's just how they keep people under their power and on their finger tips.

    84. Michael

      Awesome documentary. I smiled after seeing this good brother donate to the fishermen. Theres plenty for to go around for us all :)

    85. Alejandro

      how deprave do you have to be to sell starving people snake oil and stir them away from modern medicine

    86. FAMCMs, Inc

      America is so small compared to Africa

    87. soinu foig

      you're asked, you say you're 20 years old"

    88. Biswajyoti Mukherjee

      So the Juice cures everything? Hell awaits the so called prophet.

    89. Rose Tshibamba


    90. feisal kedir

      The juice haha how people easily manipulated

    91. Biswajyoti Mukherjee

      I was suffocating when he was going inside the mine. Damn.

    92. Garden Joy

      Living very richly, squandering money away like that on multiple very expensive cars for instance, whilst living next to people in extreme poverty shows one thing clearly: that such rich are the scumbags of the earth and the populace of hell ever after. No amount of anything will ever rescue them from there. Utter fools!

    93. rav3two

      40:20 let the healing begin

    94. Judgement Awaits

      The moggot sellers kind of caught me off guard. Can anyone help me understand what that's all about, selling moggots? Thanks! Just wish to understand the reason/culture behind it, not here to judge or condemn anyone and anything, especially when I don't understand it.

    95. Ndele Dorothy

      I give up💔💔💔

    96. FlyA350

      Nice drone footages !

    97. Estelle Bailey

      Its disgusting what that so called profit is doing. It's sad how poor people will fall for anything

    98. T MB

      Watching this I can name at least three large infrastructure items that could generate good work to help people and the country.

    99. Alysa Randall

      So we have the cure for everything

      1. Dinesh Bhat

        Come to INDIA, dear AFRICANS.