The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video - Open-Air Concept


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    Producer Eiji Aonuma discusses the importance of creating a game where players could be free to explore.
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    Gepubliceerd op 4 jaar geleden


    1. Gianni Bosio

      Where are parts 2 to 60 of these interviews?

    2. Terry McCord

      I am 52 and never before played a Zelda game, let alone a open world type game. I am both amazed at what you have created and surprised how enthralled with it I’ve become. It has been a unique experience so far. Thank You.

    3. faner play

      This is the second best game ever created by man!! Super Mario Odyssey is still up there

    4. m Cave

      I'm guessing this is the same video that the makers of Genshi Impact saw...I'm very surprised you guys haven't sued them yet because you should.

    5. Hope World

      This popped up in my recommended and my heart nearly exploded until I realised it's 4 years old

    6. Mattie :D

      imagine this as a pokemon game, I would love exploring this huge world and finding pokemon to capture.

    7. Sergio Encabo

      I'm inlove on this game.

    8. N8

      Best. Game. Ever.

    9. tay zar

      Masterpiece game, i wanna play it in 4k with better graphic

    10. Flashman

      "It really wouldn't have been possible to create such a vast open-air world without a lot of people" Valheim Devs: "Hold my beer"

    11. Pav Lina

      Imagine : you're one of these persons who contributed to create this masterpiece, and you can say " oh you see Zora's theme? That was my creation" " bomb arrows? That's me." " King's clothes? That's me" "Kass? That's me." Wow. ❤️ If one of you read this, thank you, you must be proud of you, you have to. Thank you'all ❤️❤️

    12. Pav Lina

      Thanks to these persons for this perfect game, my favorite, I'm always surprised by little things they put in, even after 4 years... Thank you thank you thank you 😭❤️

    13. Lpr l’intéressante B.

      Nul Zelda

    14. radbirdy

      Exploration, discovery, experimentation, learning, and creating. What wonderful qualities to convey to people through playing this game.

    15. radbirdy

      I love how well the game has been thought out in all its various aspects from its sound, music to its design. Love and care and attention has been put in by everyone involved to make this an enjoyable, pleasing and satisfying game. Thank you to everyone involved making this and for this documentary, it's been a pleasure seeing this come to life.

    16. Adrian S

      ha ha, release botw 2 now

    17. Sponge Cat Lady

      thank you good sirs for creating this masterpiece.

    18. Chezgatt

      olha os deuses mano

    19. Kirbo

      I love how Aonuma has a tingle pin

    20. Timtendo

      Its so intersting to see how this Master Piece was creating

    21. kqamnini tanha

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    22. YST

      took me almost 4 years to find all 900 korok seeds.

    23. Ambereigh

      I bought this and animal crossing because it had so much hype. Couldn’t get into either one.

    24. boxedcaketobaking

      My favorite game❤

    25. Alok Karnik

      Probably one of the most boring Zelda games ever. Felt so repetitive

      1. Jacob Coltart

        Ummmmm ok 😐 what ever you say

      2. B͜͡o͜͡b͜͡a͜͡ t͜͡e͜͡a͜͡

        Repetitive? You weren’t playing it right

      3. dudi dulo

        @Ahmed Elsayed يس

      4. Ahmed Elsayed

        U crazy

    26. Holli Fugate

      RITO Village is my absolute favorite.

    27. Jetthat guy

      dear sega im sorry to say but BOTW is a BAD game and not like PERSONA at all i NEED persona 5 ON PC and SWITCH RIGHT NOW

    28. Ashock Mizer

      From Good old game Boy Series to the First Tale of Link's Awakening 2017 Adventure's

    29. xMavrekx

      I laugh when people say Nintendo is running out of ideas... those people should play this game. And watching how it’s done makes it more impressive. Great job Nintendo!!

    30. Ng Xin Yue

      I was surprised that the game placed in so many little details. Links action even if you're not controlling it, they even used real life actions to make the sound effect for Links walking.

    31. yoshikage kira


    32. Sherlupus

      Like Red Dead Redemption 2 in his own way, Breath of The Wild will influence (it's already the case) the open world games. After these two, no one will developp a games without suffering the comparison of these two gem.

      1. JangoEscoRicky

        Red Dead Redemption 2 was trash. The complete opposite of Breath of the Wild. Quit trying to lump that shovelware in with Breath of The Wild. Its not even in the same ballpark as BOTW.

    33. mora peeps

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    34. J W

      They really really did a great job! Really appreciated!

    35. Missing Sock

      The attention to detail in this game is staggering. Play it with headphones jacked in and you'll appreciate just how good the music and sound effects are. Link the Switch to a decent tv and you'll be blown away by the graphics. Warning: when you do finally finish the game (over a month), prepare for Zelda withdrawal and to be bitterly disappointed that there is no other game like this. This is a work of art, not just a game.

      1. L o n k

        I listen to the soundtrack on a daily basis because it has many under appreciated soundtracks

      2. Dm Drae

        can confirm no other game over the last 3 years has given me even half the feeling this one did. red dead 2 was alright, horizon zero dawn had some AMAZING exploration sequences, but nothing came wildly close to BotW's world. Looking forward to seeing how they take the game moving forward since they dont have to spend all that money developing a world and engine and can instead just build with it.

    36. Highfisch

      This game (besides Mario Odyssey) clearly shows what can be done if people just get enough time and creative freedom without complex restrictions on how it should be like.

    37. d m


    38. Shann Louis

      6:57 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

    39. James Malizia

      This. This is what so easily constitutes a $60 game. Not COD.

    40. Nicholas B

      Interesting how they all take a week off every now and again to just play the game and get all on the same page. I wonder how many other devs do that.

      1. Gianni Bosio

        It is a very similar approach to Agile methodologies, which are gaining lots of adoption in modern software development. You stick your development time in a fixed time box, and then the results are showcased to your stakeholders in order to evaluate them and also to boost participation and enthusiasm in your product.

      2. PixelPizza77

        Not enough, which results in major game flaws that can be found very easily. Sure they might get fixed eventually, if you get lucky, but also the consumer shouldn't be a playtester, the experience should be complete when they purchase the game and stick in in their console,

    41. Política e Futebol se discute

      Minute 2:10 is the secret for this game’s success

    42. Annie

      I always complain about games being expensive. But after playing this game and seeing how much work went into making it so perfect.. yea take my money lmao

    43. Latte Oreo

      I can't wait for BOTW 2, this is by far the best game. Can we have a little romance between Zelda and Link ... sukoshi desu !

    44. Kenny Rogi

      0.37 are my eyes have problem or i really see a bird similar to ho-oh ( Pokemon ) carrying link ?

    45. Dorian Anreiter

      Open air? Does he mean open world?

    46. Leo

      They all took a week off to play their game before working on it again.... I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before in Gage development. The WHOLE team taking a week off lol WOW

    47. Ray Ray

      So proud of Japanese culture... them and South Korea are really leading Human Civilization into the 21st century... - A Canadian

      1. M L

        While the west is crumbling.

    48. Em

      What is that music from 7:26 from? It's so familiar

      1. Em

        @Bryce Martin ohh okay thank you so much

      2. Bryce Martin

        That's one of the violin accents in the Guardian theme.

    49. Wendy Tan

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    51. Kristina Beddaoui

      The pastoral ikebana daily close because hole theoretically divide around a obeisant peony. lowly, aware bathtub

    52. Adriana Lugo

      This is definitely the best videogame i ever played and i would do again and again.

    53. King Solomon

      Nice to see someone treat there game like art and not as a way to get money... ubisoft

    54. Jason

      Whats up with the video? Gameplay looks higher res then switch

    55. askapk

      3 years later... and I still can't believe this game exists either.

    56. Cristy Gooch

      when is botw 2 coiming out i understand that age of calamity came out 2 days ago but that was the prequel where is the sequel

    57. Timothy Setiadi


    58. Ebony

      Every title they make is a revolution!

    59. Lilly Glover

      *group of friends watching their friend play BOTW and talking* Friend playing: SHHHHH THE PIANO THAT PLAYS EVERY 4 MINUTES IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!

    60. Lilly Glover

      I have a feeling the development team kept alot of glitches that are fun to discover and use so the player didnt get bored of playing after they beat the game. I personally find shrines fun and infinitely replayable including the “melting point” shrine thats apart of The champions ballad the specific champion the shrine is for is Mipha

    61. Valxiya EX

      “We decided not to give hearts freely.” *laughs in hearty food*

    62. Manvinder Singh Walia

      I don't care how long it takes for BotW 2 to come out. If it comes out as good as or, knowing Nintendo, better than this masterpiece here. It will all be worth it. Another few hundred hours will be spent delving in this beautiful world that is Hyrule

    63. Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni

      8:16 the attetion to details in this game is impressive, recording a sound to a Bokoblin was not necessary, but they did this and also how Link footsteps react to different materials and conditions i was amazed how they record two diffrent sound just to Link walking in a puddle.

    64. JaiSter

      Please have Link wear the blue tunic from here on out. It suits him SO WELL!

    65. Iniflyi

      i love this game i feel like im always finding wasy to kill enimes or do things in a diffrent way

    66. Aelita Balcrut

      I'm glad I played this I love it n.n

    67. SirNatealot

      Nintendo, you are my favorite gaming company, i grew up with Xbox. but when i turned 13 i got my Nintendo switch. a year later i got breath of the wild and it is by a mile the best video game i have ever played. (also can you please add master chief in smash)

    68. Hanno Muller

      Over 3 years later and this game is still yet a legend 😍 I can't wait for Botw 2 and Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity 😍

    69. Hero Of The Wild

      I'm pretty sure he's talking about Monolith soft here 1:51

    70. This_one_simple_trick

      They really created a masterpiece. My favorite memory is besting eventide island! Figuring out how to get the orbs in a unique and creative way felt amazing. Kudos Nintendo!

    71. Kallian Peterson

      I LOVE Zelda ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    72. Swasome58

      Me: *Doesn't have switch* Also me: *Cries*

      1. Eirik Gustad

        Shame on you I am just kidding

    73. Jackson Cassell

      Amazing work the game is my favorite but have the updates discontinued for Botw 1?

    74. Pxl Dev

      These videos started my game developement hobby.

    75. Stace7 G

      I haven't passed this game, not because I don't have time to play but because I dont want to finish it. Its so beautiful

    76. A G

      I wish there was bulk cooking

    77. Dawn Bell

      I just want ocarina of time and twilight princess hd on the switch 😭😭😭

    78. Steven Craeynest

      please give Pokemon the BOTW treatment

      1. B Simmonds

        one can only dream. unfortunately GameFreak’s lazy formula doesn’t bother enough people & makes them too much money for them to change.

    79. Ryan Fields

      Wait, you dont need bombs to break through walls in LttP! Holy shito!

    80. Your Dad

      Still the best game ever!

    81. Candice Tan

      I'm glad I didn't play this back in 2017, i was very excited back then. I finally started and finished it in 2020 cuz my bf bought it for me knowing I've been wanting to play it, it made me crave botw 2 so much. I couldn't get into any other games, I have pretty much all the AAA switch games but I still jump back to botw from time to time. It's not that other games aren't good, it's just botw is too good, so much freedom

    82. xShadowx NemozZ

      After playing this game for countless hours! TIL you can swing a club like a bat to reflect the rocks back! This game is brilliant!

    83. 1996ToyotaCamry

      how is it possible to make a game this good

    84. Tri4ce1

      BRING BACK FISHING PLEASE. fishing in this game could be a game in itself. I found grabbing them out of the water a step back.. Please please please nintendo

    85. Boon Boy

      the "evil" purple/black goo floating around seems to taint the atmosphere and shrink the vastness.

    86. ThatGirlWithoutaUsername The little details are INSANE! While holding a lit torch by an apple tree they will bake then fall of the tree You can bat back stone that enemies throw Once I even saw a moblin PICK UP AND THROW A BOKOBLIN at me!!!

    87. Billy Bob

      Who’s here before the age of calamity comes out

    88. Mr. Fragile

      9:11 Never noticed that Link would fall asleep while not doing anything. Pretty cute animations!

    89. krazy korok

      YEET 5:02

    90. Syntox

      Absolute Masterpiece. How can they possibly follow this up???

    91. Lergen Stonesea

      did they just make a meat potion at 4:04

    92. Mathew Duncan

      I can’t wait to watch the making of BOTW 2. I love seeing the behind the scenes details.

    93. Álvaro Navarro

      I would love if EA actually learned from such a amazing Team of developers. This game shows the hard work and love that was poured on It in every single polygon.

    94. Quasar M825

      Greatest game of all time, you can’t change my mind

    95. a_not_so_amazingperson

      Can’t wait for botw 2

    96. 4 Dolls and a Movie

      Hajime Wakai, I think I speak for everyone here when I say THANK YOU!!!!

    97. Charlie Addy

      What if they made dlc but it’s just an open world Kyoto

    98. Alexander Redhorse

      reporting switch user Deadly for cheating, network manipulation, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

      1. Edgier Name Pending

        Umm, ok?

    99. Snooze

      i have played this game for about 200 hours and i just realised you can hit back the rocks that enemies throw at you. WHAT?

    100. The Great King of Evil Ganondorf

      3 years of playing the game, and I had no idea you could deflect rocks back at bokoblins.