The Making of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Video - The Beginning


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    Director Hidemaro Fujibayshi discusses the process and journey of creating The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
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    1. Kelly Stanley

      Everything about this game is PERFECT. So easy to lose track of time while playing.

    2. Nin*Tony

      Am I the only one who wants to play that prototype?

    3. Emil Holmsten

      I never thought I would get the same gaming experience as Ocarina of Time again! This is an excellent game! Truly beautiful! Thank you❤️

    4. K D

      I want to get my hands on the 2D BOTW prototype game.

    5. K D

      Nintendo chooses story, art style, music, heart and fun in a world where the competition is only concerned about graphics. For this reason I’m a full Nintendo fan convert from XBox.

    6. Lukas Elisha

      It’s dangerous to go alone take this ::::::::}::::::::::::::::::::::>

      1. Nope Nope

        /̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

    7. SkyHigh-JE2019

      this is why i am learning japanese

    8. Kim Palonen

      Does Nintendo store ideas somehow or do you just remember the best ones for later?

      1. MrGarboge

        I honestly have to same theory

    9. Twinbee

      I still remember the moment I get zapped by thunder because of using metalic weapon / shield

    10. Shaggy Rogers

      To part 2 nintendo

    11. Amandeep Singh

      Link sounds same in every language

    12. Ethan Osborne

      This is the only game nintendo has made is worth 60

    13. 1 old sub1

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    14. Seth Kirby

      Botw best switch game

    15. The eye of Horus

      Nintendo devs are superior to even Sony devs, the attention to detail in Nintendo games is amazing. Sony tells good stories but Nintendo makes dreams come true.

    16. Star_Gaz3r

      Dear Developers: Thank you so much for this ❤️

    17. Calebe

      Did these people knew that they made the second best rated Zelda Game of the history?

    18. Juan Hernandez

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    19. M1smash

      4th anni gang where you at

    20. MickeyMations

      Dang Nintendo I saw this in my recommendations and was like OMG BOTW 2!?!?! But then... Seriously Nintendo why would you forget zeldas 35th anniversary. Unless it takes you so much time in that case take all the time you need. But couldn’t you do a stream or something celebrating it cause to me it kinda makes no scenes but whatever

      1. MickeyMations

        @mark l I didn’t mean forget as I mentioned that unless it takes so much time to get some news out in that case take all the time you need. I said that I was confused that they didn’t do a stream or something on the full making of botw. But it’s good to know that, thanks dude

    21. Kenneth Byrd

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    22. Darkscope97

      Yes this game is that good

    23. Saheel's Corner

      Nintendo, when are we getting "the Making of The making of the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild?

    24. Ben Parker

      I really wanna play that BOTW 2d prototype

      1. Norrei Sanjki

        They could possibly release zelda 1 remade in botw 2d engine for the 35th anniversary. That, or do a 3d remake of zelda 1 in the same vein as link's awakening for switch.

    25. Angel Crossing

      2021 year I still playing Breath of The Wild, I'm not a fan at the beginning but once i've entered to the world, I'm a die-hard fans now. Than you for making such a beautiful game ever. Hope more back stories maybe about Link's family, Zelda and more in the future. Since Link bought a house for himself, maybe he can remember how his parent's raise his childhood before?

    26. Kornél Fekete

      I'm from Hungary but the hungaryan laungage isn't in the game. But i can enjoy it. Really cool game❤

    27. luis leonardo

      Why didn't you post anything about zelda's 35th birthday?

    28. hapyミ

      Wait so they were making botw for 3 or 4 years so the next botw 2 they were saying it will be release In late 2021 or early 2022 so there Might be a chance the story is gonna be short but we never know......

    29. Thomas Cotton

      Best game in our lifetime imo

    30. Drino Zhao

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    31. Clementine

      Great game recommend buy

    32. Diamond Aura

      What they made really was a masterpiece. I just watched the 2/17/21 Direct (Pyra and Mythra, Splatoon 3, and more baybeeee!) and this was in the suggested. No matter how many times I complete this game or even when I 100%'d Age of Calamity, I still feel a great connection to the world and the way they presented it. I'm sure that whatever they have planned for the sequel is going to be great, and if multiple delays can make the original as great as it is, I'm sure the sequel will be even better.

    33. CATIE

      Who’s here after the sad news from the 2021 Nintendo direcf

    34. roan yensen

      Here waiting for the sequel👉👈

    35. Humble Gamer

      I really hope Pokemon would be loved and developed so well like the Zelda series.

    36. John Duggan

      Who got sent here by today's disappointing Nintendo Direct?

    37. Bort Theattorney

      So who else is watching these while waiting for the 2021 direct? Cause I know I am.

    38. Moataz Seada

      I have never played any Zelda before Breath of the wild. I didn't even know about the existence of a franchise called Zelda and I am in my 30s. Playstation dominates where I live and the only Nintendo games we knew are Mario and Donkey Kong. I would say Breath of the wild is a MASTERPIECE. It made me go and play the past Zelda games, and I enjoyed Link between worlds on 3DS even more than Breath of the wild. I can't imagine I would fell in love with Zelda if Link between worlds were my first Zelda. Breath of the wild is the perfect entry point.

    39. Larkspur

      2:57 WHAT THE HECK THATS SO SICK! The broken master sword, the monstrous appearance, the arm that TURNS INTO YOUR GEAR??? WHY DIDNT THEY GO WITH THAT LINK??? also they included the beetle from skyward sword which was cool

    40. msquareddd

      Learned a lot of techniques while watching this video 🤣

    41. EvolvingFetus

      As much as I love botw, having put over 200 hours in it, I still prefer the ocarina of time's temple and tool system. Also, the open world hurts the replay value. :)

      1. Lorenzo Miglino

        @Grant Rose yeah agreed, the open world did it for me, it’s now my favorite game of all time, it could literally go on for hours but I’ll leave it there.

      2. Grant Rose

        i disagree to an extent. if i was someone who just beat the main quest and nothing else, i think the exploration aspect would be able to draw me back and explore the world more. i do agree with the replay ability in separate playthroughs. once you have explored everything, there’s not really much more to do that you haven’t already done, besides play the game in a different order

    42. Kuthara

      _This is the best_

    43. 마스터링크

      The "LEGEND" of Zelda

    44. Mica Impas

      id actually love to play that 2-d demo, it looks so cool!

    45. Butter jelly

      Now I have spend around 300 hours in this game, one thing bothers me...why Link so short? like not normally short he is too short. Does Link have some kind of malnutrition? due to extreme training he did?

    46. jordan is gey

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    47. d m


    48. Emma Scott Miller

      its so cool t know how the beginning of this game was like and thanks to all of there hard work know its my fav game EVER

    49. Emma Scott Miller


    50. Yannick Dongo

      I got this game for myself in Christmas 2020. I've never really played open world games before so it took a lot of getting used to. I've Slayed 2 divine beasts and completed just than less 50 shrines. Watching this video made me think of ways of approaching battle that I never thought of before

    51. Laughs Every Day

      Nintendo: We tried locolization India: Am I a joke to you But hands down botw made me cry

    52. OrcaStrike77

      To the people who say that this is a good game, but doesn’t feel like a Zelda game, this game was what Miyamoto envisioned all those years ago when he made the first Zelda, but up until BOTW he had been limited by technological constraints. This is, in some ways, the purest vision of the Legend of Zelda to date

      1. AJ

        @John Stamos that divine beast is actually a moving dungeon

      2. John Stamos

        Needs dungeons and then i would agree

    53. Xin Huang


    54. Shinici

      I would love with this design 2:56

    55. neomp5

      why in the WORLD have they not used the engine for the 2D test game to release a remake of zelda 1? they could give it original pixel art graphics as well as modern style graphics and let you switch between them. and they could add in all kinds of physics-based content and a zelda 2 remake using the smash bros engine would be dead simple

      1. neomp5

        @AJ they prefer to keep the products of their labour to themselves instead of releasing it and making money?

      2. AJ

        That's not how Nintendo works

    56. claire

      botw was the first zelda game i’ve ever played and the only game that i really felt connected to and enjoyed. i’m glad i started playing

    57. Ingrid Alvarez

      I need the 2D version pls! it looks so cute!!

    58. Michael

      I’m so glad they didn’t rush this. I hope they take their sweet time to give us BOTW2

    59. JolinCai

      I really love this game alot, it is SO realistic that sometimes I even get a little mad that its a little too realistic lol (when items are rolling downhill or falling down a cliff/edge or being blown away by the wind for example haha). Also its so great that monsters dont just attack Link but also the regular people that are passing by and that they even react to monsters attacking them (or me attacking them lol) and the sunsets and skyline views are breathtaking. only thing that really bothers me about this game is that its raining wayyy too much and thunder is also way too often and a little too aggressive. If I could change something about the game, I would take out the thunder (or make it a very rare event. I hate Akkala... lol) and not raining like nearly every day (and not only because climbing will be affected and I have to waste/wait alot of time just for the weather to change.., but also rainy weather makes the game (and my mood) a little more depressing lol)

    60. Guillermo Soberon


    61. Mairi Stewart

      SO much love has been put into this game it's incredible!

    62. EQOAnostalgia

      Great game, but lack of REAL dungeons, and a proper story dragged it down from perfection. Riding horses was pretty much pointless, as you couldn't call them unless you were right on top of them. Shrines were all the same aesthetically, not one of them stood out and i can't call out ONE by name... not one. That's not good lol, that's actually BAD. But people ignore it because the open world was so good. In the sequel i expect to have actual DUNGEONS, like you know? The Water Temple? HEY! You might not like the water temple, but you REMEMBER the water temple! You can likely rattle off a list of your most favorite and least favorite Zelda dungeons... and guess what... THEY WEREN'T IN BOTW!!!! All the divine beasts had that samey, cold metallic feel as well. This game wasn't perfect, and i'm pretty tired of fanbois acting like it was, and then piling on anyone who mentions the flaws. That's not how you improve on a formula, that's how you stagnate. Let's hope Nintendo has the sense to listen to fans who love the game, but realistically understand its many flaws.

    63. Mr. X

      Still playing this game till now 2021

    64. Erville Navarette

      Wait.. Earnest... That's my Name. I=I

      1. Erville Navarette

        My Nickname

    65. reflector

      3:28 They brought this idea into Bowser's Fury. A giant Bowser attacks the player from across the world wherever the player happens to be at the moment.

    66. pzupzup

      BotW is like being handed a dull pencil, a dry, stiff brush, some paints, and a canvas. Sure, it’s possible to do something cool with these tools, but it’s not intuitive to in the slightest. Not to mention the exploration is severely shot in the foot by Link’s pathetic stamina, making traveling the world a slow, mind numbing, repetitive chore rather than something that’s exciting you at every turn. Not to mention the rewards for exploration are hardly ever worth it. An annoying tree child, a shrine with a poorly designed puzzle and identical bland aesthetic to all the others, weapons that you can’t keep cause they’ll break eventually, are all “rewards” for exploring that don’t feel rewarding to obtain at all. This game has so much missed potential and fundamental flaws that BotW 2 needs to resolve.

      1. Daniel Porinchu

        Some of those criticisms are invalid. You can gain stamina vessels to improve your stamina plus it doesn't affect exploration since there are many options to approach situations. You don't mention how the game is unintuitive. Plus what do you mean some of the rewards are not worth it since korok seeds help increase weapon slots and shrines gain health and stamina plus those puzzles aren't poorly designed. Plus even if weapons didn't break in this game what is the point in switching weapons since there is no incentive to use other weapons.

    67. Tanaka With Hair

      I love you, Nintendo

    68. Linkman247

      Sadly I didn't like BotW as much as I wanted to. I found the story to be disappointing and that I would rather have been playing in the events 100 years in the past. All the shrines and divine beasts and blight ganons felt too similar.

    69. Jeremy T

      One of the worst Zelda games because no dungeons, no items, and repetitive “rewards” for exploration... (an orb, or a weapon that breaks.) I hope the next Zelda game is a real Zelda game.

      1. Marijn Van der vliet

        Thats so wors, botw is the best one ever

    70. Kat Rosales

      4-5 Years to make BOTW: 2013-2017 BOTW2 2019... 2022... dammit

      1. Tiffany T

        Botw2 ,No the game went development in late 2017 after the last dlc , so early 2018. They just showed the botw 2 trailer in 2019 saying is still in development. So I think the game might come out holiday 2021. Remember, I think the game botw was finished in 2016 but they had to port the game from the wii u to the switch, which took another year.

    71. julio cesar

      cool how the game have so many languages, but they don't ever think about portuguese.

    72. OctoNoob

      2:56 Mech link? Cool beans!

    73. ayato kirishima

      if i ever get amnesia pls tell me to play this game again

      1. Lndr Kpgnp

        If hypnosis doesnt scare you, you Can try the video: Unspoil me. I didnt forget the entire game but some aspects of it

    74. Unknown Person

      One of the best games . I am a big fan of Zelda breath of the wild . Thank you so much for this game. All your hard work has paid off

    75. Latte Oreo

      Thank you for making this beautiful awesome game. By far, this is the best game I have played in my life.

    76. wdemon85

      They should make a Zelda game about the ancient civilization the Sheikah. That would be awesome.

    77. J C

      This game was reason enough for me to buy the switch in the first place, it has such a vast world, just when you think your done there is more to explore, it's been a while since I got so into a game.

    78. Jonathan Chirinos

      Wait if they started development on the first game in 2013 well it’s going to be a long time when we get the second one

    79. Jerry Dillon

      Back here again looking for clues for the next rendition:)

    80. Catiria Figueroa

      U can hear the sound of botw

    81. Wendy Tan

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    82. SeggsySocks

      The hardest part of the development was probably making 120 unique monk names

      1. Maxmilian Kracker

        Even among buddhist monks thats quite a task

      2. Merwan Allalcha

        @OatmealMatrix no, they’re just anagram I’m pretty sure like Oman au=Aonuma and more. All the shrine were just anagrams for the devs so it probably didn’t take that much time to make. Still, funny comment @SeggsySocks

      3. Casey Cook

        Also adding those damn Korok Seeds

      4. Oliver Lambert

        @OatmealMatrix that is just not true

      5. OatmealMatrix

        Apparently all of the monk names are the names of the devs that worked on the game, but in reverse.

    83. X x

      why can't pokemon/gamefreak make something like this? WHYYYYY??? :"'(

      1. Lndr Kpgnp

        @X x true

      2. X x

        @Lndr Kpgnp strive for more dont settle for less is my moto 👍

      3. Lndr Kpgnp

        @X x the problem is that pokemon company want a game each year instead of letting them time to make a great game

      4. Lndr Kpgnp

        @Andrew Maksym youre right but i meaned that he should not except to have a pokemon as Big as botw

      5. X x

        @Lndr Kpgnp I think its not neccesarly nintendo that doesnt cooperate. I think its the pokemon franchise itself that wants yearly new pokemon games.

    84. Raull ~

      " eight languages..." "... can't play it without help..." Angry Brazilian noises 😡

    85. Jodieslove

      I wish the graphics looked better like twilight princess but 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    86. sanjit gill

      Such an overrated game

      1. Lndr Kpgnp

        To you not for us.

      2. Daniel Porinchu

        Maybe to you, but it could be a masterpiece to everyone else.

    87. Hector Huerta

      I like this game but it's missing a lot of stuff. It starts good and then they throw everything in there without elaborating further on how you meet the champions, it's just a go go go. It's a good game but not as great as oot.

    88. Requiem


    89. YOU JIAN GAN

      owo botw2's release date is not yet announced

    90. Elusive Art

      What they did here was insane. This is the most critically acclaimed video game to ever exist.

      1. Sam B

        @Obamium sample #69 shush you're ruining the moment

      2. Obamium sample #69

        OOT begs to differ.

    91. Uchiha Madara

      I hate Corona Virus...

    92. Wendy Tan

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    93. Cool Monkey

      here waiting for the zelda 35th anniversary in 2021 in december 1 year after botw 2 was revealed

    94. Emotional Unknown

      BOTW > Genshin Impact Hate me whatever you like

    95. APurples / Fjólublátt

      UFOS in BOTW sounds legit ngl

    96. week deek

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    97. Kristina Beddaoui

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    98. Jesia Ava

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    99. Kellan Farrell

      it is a awesome game i cant stop plaing

    100. Plasma Glow Music

      They literally worked on 2 games to make BOTW... wow. They made the test game in 2D and remade the whole thing in the 3D style O _ O omg. +Respect