The mystery of the squarest country

Jay Foreman

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    1. Jay Foreman

      Re Ukraine: Many people wondering if Map Men are legitimising the Russian annexation of Crimea at 2:39. We are not. We had intended to make Crimea a different colour, as a way of saying 'look, sticky outy bit that's also currently disputed', but we just forgot to do it. We are sorry. This NLname account is not, actually, a Kremlin propaganda bot.

      1. A lonely Z

        @the population of Kazakhstan no its the small lakes near the isthmus not a borderline

      2. the population of Kazakhstan

        @Ukraineball Map or give it to Liechtenstein

      3. the population of Kazakhstan

        Yeah, but at 4:41 and 4:45 you can also see that Crimea is marked as part of Russia

      4. Lotschi

        @Julius Barodzisas I just meant that is is important for some people, even if you don‘t care

      5. Julius Barodzisas

        @Lotschi But I don't But i should be😳

    2. Daniel Kearney

      The UK looks like an old witch sitting sideways on a pig hahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha

    3. Kafaloto Feao

      Me knowing the answer but watched the entirety of the video bc it's so entertaining 🧡

    4. Omri Niri

      What's up with Israel's borders? Now there's a question.

    5. Demir yabancı

      Mauritania: Haha take the L Why are you still here

    6. Thing 3000

      You missed slovakia and others

      1. Jay Foreman

        Slovakia is literally the first country on our list, at 0:09. And we didn't miss any countries. We checked.

    7. Videostube Ch.

      'Algeria and Kenya are pentagons' BFDI fans: 😧 😒 😨

    8. DevCairo

      I fookin knew it

    9. Randoms

      Every state in America be like .... am i joke to you

    10. Eric V

      Armenia is known as looking as the profile of a girl’s face with long hair

    11. Jack Bonello

      Well done and most amusing. However Trump and his Neo Not Sees might hate you for it. Those overflowing sewers and dirty toilets have no senses of humor.

    12. Jellyfesh

      if wyoming is a contry then it will be the squares contry

    13. Shiro

      ok now i wanna build a country with 1km x 1km 2

      1. Rainbow Ball

        You can but nobody will recognise it probably

    14. ɥɐou

      I guess Kosovo could have been at least named. :)

      1. ɥɐou

        @Jay Foreman oh right, my bad. Harsh decision then, but fair enough ^^

      2. Jay Foreman

        It was. 2:41.

    15. Lueezation Lueezaming2

      I like the vid

    16. aa a

      It’s Cape Verde, not Cap Verdi.

    17. Christine Furmick

      my second fav contri is egypt

    18. Anya Thurmes

      3:28 Egguatorial Guinea I didn't notice the joke the first several times I watched this video and now I can't stop giggling

    19. Ehan's Anime world


    20. Lavinia Clark

      Sing this 1 syllable out of sync

    21. Beth Ryan

      What is your email?! I want to send you LOTS of map questions

      1. Jay Foreman

    22. Spore Ambience


    23. amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus amogus


    24. Sonic and Red

      2:54 - So Congo looks like a fox, huh?. That just makes me want to make an anime foxgirl version in that exact pose...

    25. Scott Maday

      who else guessed Egypt before they even started?

    26. guppy

      Brian David Gilbert energy





    28. Anakita Stabs

      im from slovenia and when you said slovenia i did the yes motion lul

    29. Exploring Games MMC

      Its smoothly goes from a disscusion to a song

    30. GTA V

      All country song

    31. Nona Bgo

      Romania is like a fish or a bouquet of flowers.

    32. Ionuzzu123

      How did you miss that romania looks like a fish

    33. jdhnn guevarra

      san mariNO vatiCANT

    34. Heidi Barker

      I thought I had seen all the world's art, I waa wrong.

    35. Muhammad Mirsab

      Palestine?!!!! 🇵🇸

      1. Rainbow Ball

        It’s not a UN recognised country

    36. Milan Barot

      This should be added to the curriculum as nursery rhyme

      1. Rainbow Ball

        It’s not a nursery rhyme 4:35 1:51

    37. ImBarryScottCSS

      Whole video as ploy to get San MariNO in. Well played.

    38. Alexander Callahan

      For some reason, I had it set to 0.75, so now it sounds fast

    39. Alexander Callahan


    40. Spudster

      Slovenia is a chicken

    41. KDN

      states do count if you make Wyoming its own country. too bad Wyoming doesn't exist

    42. Eric Appiah Westen

      Didn't hear Ghana????

      1. Bepis Man


    43. Brendan Joyce

      Congratulations Map Men. I will no longer be able to look at Cameroon the same way again.

    44. Mohamed arshad

      Egypt Egypt

    45. jfdd43

      Does this account for the distortion of a country’s shapes on a flat map opposed to a globe?

    46. Pacotaco

      Taiwan is my favorite group of islands

    47. épinards & caramel

      3:16 Well, a lot of them would be squares when viewed in 3D (or… maybe all of them? 🤔)

      1. Rainbow Ball

        No, some are not square at all How on earth do you get Uzbekistan to look like a square

    48. Colton Crofts

      Laughs in Colorado

    49. Gustavo Pereira


    50. Tyler Henderson


    51. Kot Kotlecik

      I knew it.

    52. Goody

      Can you do all capitals in the world



      1. Kyle King

        You live in a wizard

    54. Andrew Brown

      I held out until 4:34, but then I laughed like a drain.

    55. BaluchistanBall Productions

      “Qatar looks like a bean” Ah yes BEAN

    56. Bruno Benoit

      I've always thought Belgium looks like a leprechaun bending over with a rucksack on his back... :)

    57. Joe Zegers

      All of this and it’s Egypt?

    58. Henri-Bryde Meier

      Two Brits discussing how to shape Countries on the world rectangular is so 1918 :D

    59. Mister Bone o'ttiz etti yoshda

      4:18 that's because it's got a lake full of them

    60. Gamewolf 248

      Spain can do 2 things to be a square is 1. Invade Portugal 2. Kick Galicia

      1. Gamewolf 248

        @Rainbow Ball Yeah

      2. Rainbow Ball

        If they kick Galicia, they still wouldn’t be square because of the East side being slanted It needs to invade Portugal and then kick Catalonia

    61. abb criss

      by definition the states inside the US are countries...

      1. abb criss

        @Seikh Sawan I'm not sure how every nation that refutes refers to them as states handles them but that is historically and into the modern area the case. You would be hard pressed to find the difference between a state and a country. They are often interchangeable. With the only difference is most but not all fall under a large union or did at one point. For instance Germany and Italy are examples of countries referred to as European states. Members of the EU are called member states in the same way the states under the American union are. Like wise every member of the UN is a UN state. Are you going to try and say they aren't countries?

      2. Seikh Sawan

        @abb criss Lol If you think that way, all countries’ states would count and it would take forever.

      3. abb criss

        @Jay Foreman Country a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. Nation a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. States are indeed their own countries inside a union. They are all independently governed and while they are expected to follow decisions of the federal government they do not have to. This is why states like CO were able to threaten the federal government with a suit when they tried to enforce federal drug laws after the state legalized pot.

      4. Jay Foreman

        No they’re not.

    62. Chance Kearns

      Spain is literally just a square with a tumour

    63. Jacob Mescam

      Third time watching and only just noticinh that the phone in the advert is being held by a foot.

    64. Mazenmokhtar Nada

      Can confirm its very square here

    65. senna hoj


      1. Jay Foreman


    66. Baku Mapping - ShanTV

      Kreigistein: yes but no

      1. Baku Mapping - ShanTV

        @Rainbow BallIt's Non-Immigrant you Cant go there For some reason. But I know it's in the Philippines in Luzon.

      2. Rainbow Ball

        @Baku Mapping - ShanTV well can you at least tell me the location of it

      3. Baku Mapping - ShanTV

        @Rainbow Ball no it's a micronation unrecognized by the world no bigger than 0.4 meters wide it's a perfect square but if you scroll in you can see a small dent. but if you Include Foreign territories you can See it has Many enclaves inside Of the Phillippines called "The Oversea's Territory," And the Philippines has an Enclave Inside Of Kreiginstein called Bisaya Montroal, its Population is 38. It's 1 if you Don't add the Territories. its Currency is 500'000. but it's Unrecognized. if You search it, Nothing will come up

      4. Rainbow Ball

        Do you mean Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan

      5. Rainbow Ball


    67. chad wasn't perished

      Equatorial Guinea

    68. helloimlois

      The Egypt/Sudan border was the first thing that came to mind

    69. Unknown name

      We, Vietnamese think our country looks like a S :)

      1. Rainbow Ball

        Yeah S for Snake

    70. Ivano Kraljevic

      kosovo is serbia

      1. Garfield

        I am getting bored of this, search up disputed in the dictonairy

    71. さぶあか

      親愛なるボランティア、 この文を翻訳できますか? どうもありがとう! 男性の地図

      1. ceerw buty


    72. Den Joost

      did you just have the audacity to call luxembourgers squares??? I have never heard a more accurate name for us then squares ngl

      1. ceerw buty

        sentance at 1:51 translates to "fuck off"

    73. Diana Moon

      Somalia is a sock.... idk why, but that broke me

    74. Claudiu

      Romania looks like a fish.

    75. Cleo Alexander

      This isn’t a question that I knew I needed to be answered 😂

    76. MightyZx


    77. mgtrplayz

      it is actually rose island

    78. maklag

      meh austria kinda looks like a chicken leg tbh

    79. ArrZarr

      Finally, the British drawing straight lines all over the map pays off!

    80. Larry Alexander

      What about that off-shore oil rig nation?

      1. Rainbow Ball


    81. Jing Ante


    82. Rich606

      I really feel like I've learnt something. Not anything particularly useful, but something none the less.

    83. LWkitty

      1:52 hahahahahahahhahahahhaahhahahahhahahahhaha *ive been launging for an uncomfortable amount of time* now I vatican't unsee that. Thanks a lot. But for real I like the video

    84. Mohamed Salem


    85. المشاهد العادي

      4:02 Monaco is like Giraffe

    86. Santiago García-Huidobro H

      You should do one of the capitals

    87. Max Baldýnský

      sentance at 1:51 translates to "fuck off"

    88. the.abhiram.r


    89. Felipe Iglesias

      You said about Chile what I was expected . Satisfied enough!

    90. Junior Frankie

      The content is so good I actually finish the last part advert , but it should be sponsor by ssquarespace not stereo .

    91. Julius Barodzisas

      I like that it's a kid's show

      1. Rainbow Ball

        1:51 4:35 Sure it is.....

    92. hi

      “Qatar looks like a bean” It do be looking like a bean.

    93. spakeroloni

      Those guys are legends

    94. Dan Bradford

      Best video this channel's ever produced. Bravo.

    95. Pranav A

      3:35 "The Vatican? The Vati can't" 😂😂😂😂 Edit: It's 3:34

      1. Pranav A

        @Rainbow Ball Thank you for informing.

      2. Rainbow Ball


    96. Percy Hamill

      1:30, your welcome!

    97. Chan YY

      It’s Chile.

      1. Rainbow Ball

        It’s long

    98. Michael Dickinson

      You guys do the best adverts!

    99. Steve Schijns

      If you like maps and catchy rock music, then the new video of "MAP" will be perfect -