The National Debt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    The national debt has long been portrayed as a burden we’re placing on future generations. John Oliver discusses how national debt works, why people are so concerned about it, and why it might be more helpful that you think.
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    1. Bat Man

      The steady decrease of interest rates is the result of federal banks all over the world trying to keep a looming deflation at bay by getting people to spend the money they have instead of saving it.

    2. Nudel Suppe

      Topics became a bit dull recently.

    3. Andrew Lum

      Here is how big 1 trillion is. If you count at a pace of 1 per second, it will take you 31,709 years to count up to 1 trillion.

    4. Nick Slobodsky

      We must ban the news, only because they don't bring us the news, in the following and only the following way : Hello, the time is now...and here are the news : Hoohoohoo ! Hihihi ! Hahaha ! And that's the end of the news.

    5. Erin K.

      When are stock buy backs going to be illegal again? Fail US just Fail!

    6. Ckinsman

      1:07 spent less than 2 minutes making a better poem. borrow borrow borrow you wallow in our sorrow you live today you die tomorrow

    7. eWorkNOW

      Can't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Awesome clip 🤩🤩🤩. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these vids. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool information about similiar make money online things on his channel.

    8. Green Mamba Games

      Cut military funding in half, put that money to paying off the national debt and it is paid off in 3 years. It isn't even really a problem. Even with half the military resources, we could still obliterate the entire planet.

    9. Green Mamba Games

      70% of people in the US live in debt.

    10. Diver

      Comparing the US to Greece is like comparing the lion to the rabbit. If you are the rabbit owing to a pack of lions you are in trouble. If you are the lion owing to a herd of rabbits that's a different story. To paraphrase Mao Zedong a little bit, "Economical power grows out of the barrel of a gun"

    11. Kris

      yes and No lol

    12. Wil Liam

      Stop worrying about the debt and start worrying about climate change.

    13. Nu York22

      Not big debt. 23 trillions. Apple is worth 2 trillions. And US has the dollars printing machine.

    14. Daniel Robertson

      Really awful... people like this? What’s the matter with you America? You suck

    15. Real Creature

      Explanation for declining interest rate: International Mafia preparing to suddenly raise interest rates to use as leverage for future GREEEEEEEDY DEMANDS.

    16. Daniel Sequerra Gagliardi

      professor duncan?

    17. ArachnoCommunist

      It's almost like we made up a bunch of tangentially connected numbers with no basis in material reality , let people play with them, replaced those people with software bots and then just kinda pretended a bunch of people calling themselves economists knew how it worked.

    18. Oussama Latrache

      Wtf dude , do you amaricans even know that you have an everything buble and your economy could break down any month !!!

    19. Morgan Seppy

      Kudos to your yoga instructor.

    20. frankie patron

      Spenders of last resort

    21. frankie patron

      Export paper Lend out paper Create bonds

    22. frankie patron

      How much more can we handle... 50 trillion

    23. Dan

      Ooof, seems like another red flag, time to store more money in non monetary assets.

    24. Striker Frost

      John Oliver better have a radio talk show in GTA 6

    25. Darrell Wilson

      Considering that money is back up by literally nothing. And that the debt owed is owed to a fuzzy enity that no one can identify. Without the working class nothing is of any value. Real goods made by real people and real property are the only tangable things of value. Without people there is no value in our banking system. Its fake money and thus fake debt run by a shady system of banks.

    26. asdf

      HOW and WHO?

    27. Steven Berge

      The debt isn't a problem if we get a leader with the balls to declare most of it onerous. Most of it was spent on our militarized empire, which only benefits the elites.

    28. Dylan McCloskey

      Discussing national debt without discussing the branch of government that controls taxing and spending is incredibly ignorant.

    29. B. Dickey

      So wait, this entire charade of an episode was to bash Republicans, Reagan, Bush, Trump, somehow make them "racist", all the while trying to convince the general public that runaway national debit is a GOOD thing? Wow. I seem to recall a segment that the interest payments that we pay for our debt was a terrible thing that the ultra-wealthy were profiting from, talk about mixed signals! But, this is what happens when you act like a propaganda arm of the Democrats.

      1. Gelia Banks

        yeah thats true,You can only appreciate a person who tries to teach everyone how to invest and make profit on multiple ways.

      2. ilebillybobjoe

        They will only know when it’s too late...

    30. CEO At Crystalsoft

      Draw quarter any executive performing stock buybacks with public money

    31. graeme smith

      me being sad that his second best investment wasn't the rat painting

    32. John D

      The national debt and what Democrats are doing to triple it... cover the boarder next....

    33. Mrs OBrian

      Noooo he needs to be in Bridgeton!!!

    34. Joshua H.

      So to sum up another episode of propaganda. Democrats say Debt is good if your doing something "useful" with the money, like what creating inflation? LOL fucking idiots.

    35. caatabatic

      8K fact resistant bootlickers disliked this video.

    36. ChaosLordJiro

      Business-y types love to say stuff like 'You have to spend money to make money', and that's one of the few instances where business finances are somewhat comparable to a national economy. Right now, America is spending most of our investors' (ie the taxpayers) money on the equivalent of bonuses for the executives, while letting the actual business (ie infrastructure and social programs) fall apart. We need to spend that money on the actual "business" before we can start making enough to really start paying it back.

    37. T Berkhof

      As a right winger in my country, i applaud this video. Very clear summation of facts and conclusions. What scares the fucked out of me is that "leftist" american ideology is actually very in line with center/right wing in my country. Trump and other right wingers would be equivalent to the absolute extreme right, in fact we dont have a party as extreme as Trumps ideology.

    38. Nina Landrum

      The Duke actually does appear in the other novels....😬

    39. Swole Monkey

      Slams Elon Musk and then 30sec later warns about not doing enough about climate change 🤣🤣 yeah I think he’s doing a lot more for our planet than you’re doing John

    40. multikoolio332

      How is anyone still republican with these shit ass policies??

      1. ilebillybobjoe

        Basic economics

    41. Aidanya

      God this program has become too overly politicized. Even topics that have very little to do with political affiliations are political now. As a non-American i could not care less about republicans and democrats. But everything is left vs right with a clear bias to left these days Republicans increasing debt = bad Biden increasing debt to a record high as shown @15:55 = irrelevant Can i also point out that that very same graph shows a big increase during Obama and almost none during bush/trump, which is ignored. All that indicates is that there was enough growth in the country to warrant an increase of debt (kinda like the conclusion of the video). Also the spikes in debt very much align with spikes of other western countries of which most had a left leaning government. Almost as if the economy allows it, governments spend the money they can to further their current political agenda ...shocker... But we need another reason to say Trump bad, right bad, republican bad, Cruz bad, musk bad and trump bad again whenever we talk about something reasonably apolitical.

    42. Seth Seymour

      Didn't he rail against Trump for everything he and his hack team could think of?

    43. Seth Seymour

      If this guy was posing this argument as a "connect the dots" proposal it would come out looking like a pack of hyenas fucking a camel whilst simultaneously building a rocket ship with tits headed for Uranus.

    44. Robert Hart

      This show used to be funny. What is this government propaganda BS.... just because private business uses debt for growth doesn't make all government borrowing good. Tons of businesses fail as a result of taking on too much debt... It has to be paid back even if you use it for stuff you a prove of....

    45. Ask to seduce Miss

      I am a fan John Oliver.. have been watching you from the past 2 years. You are a great speaker. Thank you for entertaining..

    46. We Duet Real Good

      I thought Greece’s problem was more about their position/debt in/with the EU

    47. Existential Crisis

      Dude, love your facts, but please reduce the number of jokes per episode man, many of these jokes aren’t even related to the topics at hand, and many of the jokes are just weird.

    48. Commandotoad

      Reason why interest rates are low? It's called the fed.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        up for us to never repay the person who is printing our money, which is not our government saddly.

    49. Sam Rosenberg

      13:00 What Senator Cruz meant was "Yeah, of course we'll rediscover our concern with debt and deficits. As soon as a Democrat is in the White House, just like we always do."

    50. Anton

      The new batshit crazy normal, where a tv-host is trying to convience his viewers that 30 trillion in debt is not a bad thing. LOL. Guess he didn't explain what happened in Weimer-Germany and countless other countries in similiar situation as the US, but that is stuff way over the heads for most of Johns viewers. Stay safe and ignorant....

    51. onyxmoxon

      Palliation’s has brought he country to this!! Not taxing the rich properly and over taxation of the middle class and the poor!! Now they want to use the stimulus to add the poor and middle class into the destruction they have brought he country to!

    52. LiisaMariaaa

      John Olivers arguments are not in good faith. While doing all these research, his team definitely came across argument that governments should not borrows money even when interest rates are very low, because it crowds out private lending markets and reduces the economic growth as government "investments" tend to be spent carelessly with very large overhead on corruption, pandering to interest groups, etc. However, that would be admitting that big government spending is not always the answer (nor a solution), can't have that on Last Week Tonight. My mid-term guess would be that this video will not age very well...

    53. syncopatedglory

      the notes app bit got me bc i only recently noticed the tendency for celebrities to tweet screenshots of apologies too big for twitter 😂

    54. Ram 007

      A majority of the current US national debt is due to the Republican party cutting taxes (mostly for the wealthy) without being willing to cut spending at the same time. Its funny how they'll complain about everything else having to do with the national debt without admitting or addressing this one issue championed by them which has driven the majority of our debt spending over the last 20 years.

    55. Ruben O.

      Printing money will make our currency worthless and less. nothing is free

    56. Tsino

      Even before Palin opened her mouth, I knew she was going to say something stupid.

    57. Ryan Cooley

      I want a clip of the children at the end! That alone is worth sharing!

    58. Faraz Beg

      The USA didn't default after 100% Debt/GDP probably bcuz 1) its debt is in the US Dollars and they can literally make it out of thin air... which means the lenders would be worse off if they got it back like that... and 2) it's the USA, they have all three Bretton Woods institutions headquartered right there in the US... the IMF, the Worldbank and, surprise, the US dollar to which every currency is pegged... 3) If China or Japan decided to ask the US to pay in their currency, or even in Euros, the scenes in Greece could very quickly seem like the best case scenario... So while Sad Zazu is right about the USA brushing aside the Greek Doomsday, it's a likely situation for countries like Ireland or Italy, or bigger economies like Germany or India, or from where I am, Pakistan.

    59. Jesus Mervilus


    60. jon jon

      this guy is so not funny

    61. Ruediger Leibrandt

      I thought the Rat-Porn picture was the best investment so far? Dammit!

    62. Θαλασσινή Καραλή

      As a Greek person living in Athens, i can't believe that when seeing those images of riots i immediately recognized the dog and went HEY! THAT'S LOUKANIKOS!! Not the buildings, not the screams, nope, the dog! Loukanikos (=sausage) was a stray dog that took part in countless riots ALWAYS by our side, barking at the police. RIP Loukanikos, in our hearts forever

    63. beau Bierschbach

      Dont forget Clinton did get rid of a bill that kept pension from being put in the stock market and basically paved the way for Bush. The act was put up in the 30's to prevent a another depression. Rhodes scholar and another puppet for the asshole rich. The hill is a bunch of kids that want to keep there parents money, all of them. The game was set up for us to never repay the person who is printing our money, which is not our government saddly.

    64. Frank

      Reckless spending will wreck this nation

      1. Frank

        @Zek Fred spend less on everything. The entire government is growing out of control

      2. Zek Fred

        Thats why we need to spend less on the military and increase taxes for the rich

    65. Solomon Parker

      I literally use this show for economics and sociology lessons for my homeschooled children.

    66. ĭNFINITɤ

      Well, countries increase their forex reserve by buying us bonds as it is considered safest. So countries invest in us at low rates which explains the low interest rate.

    67. Michael Yavorsky

      So, you were wondering why America has the largest military in the world and is always threatening the rest of the world. Now you know. Politicians fulfilling promises to the corporate interests which got them elected. The Corporate model relies upon constant growth, so the debt will never go down. Americans created a class of "People" in America who have every advantage and no weaknesses when they allowed Citizen's United to be passed. Now citizens have no influence in government. It is fully owned by "Corporate People" who pay no taxes yet control all government spending. This sellout Englishman works for said corporations. Because they want to control your thinking, as well as every other facet of your life.

      1. Michael Yavorsky

        Americans don't realize that their dollar is worth next to nothing in foreign countries because of the out of control spending. That $5 donation that used to feed an African family for a week? Yeah, now it takes $50 American dollars to buy a bag of rice in Kenya. Keep your heads in the sand and allow the corporations to continue the wealth extraction of America. Globalism will assure you own nothing and are "Happy".

    68. Vlasko60

      If everyone knew the actual truth and cared about actual truth, what a different world it would be.

    69. Gaby Anahí Soto Taft

      “3 pages of your notes app”

    70. Destiny Smart

      The duke joke was the best

    71. Vlasko60

      Republicans always pretend to care about debt when they're not in power.

    72. nathan berry

      republicans have been in control of america for decades and their moaning about americas national debt ? what a joke

    73. Wait What

      Here's a good idea, maybe start using debit cards than credit cards

    74. Opiewonkinobi

      We have the worlds reserve currency, and that's why we haven't experienced hyperinflation. The American Empire will crumble when our fiat currency is replaced.

    75. Trance Ek


    76. Benjamin Gal-Or

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    78. Yanshuo Li

      16:28 isnt the fed whats behind interest rate?

    79. Oliver Smith

      Healthcare isn't a right! Nobady wants to pay for you nboady wants to pay for your kids and nobady wants to be a donor for you! Its time everyone just pay for their own damn life!

    80. Nate

      If debt isn't bad, why not be 100 Trillion in debt? Kids will have an outstanding future following that same logic. Why even raise taxes when we can borrow? Leftist logic confuses me. Pick a lane already.

    81. Scott Grindrod

      I don't know how the staff missed it, but this was the PERFECT time to talk about the conservative "Two Santa Claus" theory. "The Two Santa Claus Theory is a political theory and strategy published by Wanniski in 1976, which he promoted within the United States Republican Party.[15][16] The theory states that in democratic elections, if Democrats appeal to voters by proposing programs to help people, then the Republicans cannot gain broader appeal by proposing less spending. The first "Santa Claus" of the theory title refers to the Democrats who promise programs to help the disadvantaged. The "Two Santa Claus Theory" recommends that the Republicans must assume the role of a second Santa Claus by not arguing to cut spending but offering the option of cutting taxes.[citation needed] According to Wanniski, the theory is simple. In 1976, he wrote that the Two-Santa Claus Theory suggests that "the Republicans should concentrate on tax-rate reduction. As they succeed in expanding incentives to produce, they will move the economy back to full employment and thereby reduce social pressures for public spending. Just as an increase in Government spending inevitably means taxes must be raised, a cut in tax rates-by expanding the private sector-will diminish the relative size of the public sector."[16] Wanniski suggested this position, as Thom Hartmann has clarified, so that the Democrats would "have to be anti-Santas by raising taxes, or anti-Santas by cutting spending. Either one would lose them elections."[17]"

    82. Gregor Meisen

      National debt keeps on piling up because conservatives feel like rich people need to be even richer: stupid liberals don't know how to run a country Millions of young Americans being suffocated by personal debt because of the way the system of higher education is set up: sucks to be you, now shut up, we're trying to prevent you from being suffocated by hypothetical debt

    83. mrx00666

      Here's a secret.. Deficits/debt... mean jack shit. The only time it will mean something is when there are no people left in America to pay into it. So long as there are people living here who pay taxes, The Debt will not matter. The only thing that does matter is what you're spending that money on, and so far it seems that that deficit is being spent majority for the insanely rich. Oil Subsidies for a trillion dollar industry that does not need it. Tax cuts for the insanely rich who do not fucking need them. I'm not even talking about the rare few who make 250,000 to 400,000 a year, I'm talking about the insanely tiny few who make millions to billions a year. Some like Jeff Bezo's company that paid 0 in federal taxes. 1.5 trillion to stock holders to not have a free market and crash on their faces. and way at the bottom is the 1,200 check to cover near 9 months worth of rent. And a 600 unemployment check of which is means tested unlike the 1.5 trillion given to stock holders at the drop of a hat.

    84. Blazer Prophet

      Yawn. Just another Oliver skewed rant against the right. He'd be better served on each show to just say, "the left is perfect and the right is evil". End of show, end of his intelligence stream. Like others, he's just a rich talking head with nothing to say. That said, his writers are clever and sometimes funny...

    85. paco ramon

      Tell that to Barcelona.

    86. hodny kluk

      okay...xD keep going America...xD

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    94. G Gamble

      Will Hunter Biden get arrested for his lying on his gun application?

    95. Michael M

      Economically illiterate

    96. Vintage Gamer

      The Fed decides the interest rate kek

    97. Adamantium T.

      Interest rates go down, because the FED (aka central banks) having been printing money to buy the very bonds to keep those rates down artificially. In some cases even below 0% (negative rates!).... how you do not get that fact and then make a show about it is VERY DANGEROUS! This is not a "secret" concept that you should "not understand"! This is basic economics!... Very bad assumption here, I'm disappointed :(

    98. Travel Long

      The Republicans double standard is insane

    99. James Smith

      Also, not taxing isn't the same as giving money... Keep hating republicans and blaming the bad yes under Dems on the previous Republicans who had good times

    100. Samy Basile

      The most beautiful Dr Seuss text ever