"The New York Knicks are definitely for real" - Michael Rapaport | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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    The New York Knicks got a 118-to-104 win against the Memphis Grizzlies last night and that means the Knicks clinched their first winning season since 2013. New York has also now climbed all the way up to the fourth spot in the East after winning 12 of their last 13. Michael Rapaport joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Julius Randle and the Knicks' latest success.

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    About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
    UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

    "The New York Knicks are definitely for real" - Michael Rapaport | NBA | UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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    1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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      1. B. Prescott

        FS1, please stop making us endure the highly irrelevant and annoying Superboy... 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      2. The Family

        the Nicks are going out first row they suck any team can get hot

      3. 13enz __

        @Real OG Whitfield ur not racist

      4. bidensucs bigdickskalmadrinkscum

        rapaport sucks as a human trump2024

      5. mickey chu

        tell the producers not to ever give this RAT air time again

    2. Gogeta UR

      Lmao who’s here after they lost to Atlanta they didn’t even beat them

    3. Quoven Johnson

      This did NOT age well at all lmao

    4. marcel finkelsztain

      IS THIS DON SELF???????

    5. Thomas Herrera

      Whos here after the hawks have stomped them twice and are up 3-1

    6. lamia tabassun87

      The marked body outstandingly water because toilet customarily smile except a ratty breakfast. berserk, cool divorced

    7. Pumpkin C

      Lol what a perfect guy to represent them Knicks fans ...exactly the type of dude KD would love to have a pillow fight with haha

    8. B Lee


    9. NewYawk Harlem


    10. Gary Grice

      Michael Rapaport is going thru menopause

    11. iclux

      It’s the guy that stole Scylla

    12. John Abraham Lascano

      Michael rat for sport should be banned from tv

    13. Carolyn Hall


    14. Gabriel Garcia

      They let Remy from higher learning on the show

    15. Yao Aboagye

      Lmaooo this guy is such a clown

    16. sgtslaughter21

      They should bring ME ON!!!

    17. sgtslaughter21

      Bklyn is the 1 team he shouldn't have brought up

    18. muntasir cooper

      It'd be dope to see D. Rose win a ring with his old coach off the bench or w.e. Rose was destined for a ring and they could pick up some good pieces next year

    19. David Jones

      FOH. I thought this clown was a NJ Nets fan. His Knick fan card was revoked about a few months ago. Yeah GTFOH Remy.

    20. Greg Szpuk

      D rose is the secret

    21. Coury Peterkin

      he is right the knicks can't beat milwaukee and philadelphia and brooklyn because those are all legit very good teams still facts booya

    22. Neil 2K20

      I wanna see KNICKS VS NETS

    23. Jorge Luis

      I didn't think this guy would show his face no more

    24. Bronson Te Hau

      Why TF do you have this snitch on Uncle ShayShay. Disappointing AF UnSubscribed

    25. Karmal Wade

      Durant gone smack him when he retires.,

    26. Manuel Diaz Moreta

      Why is this clown still welcome in this show? Do you guys wanna hurt your reputation after all the great job skip and sha have been doing over some rat?

    27. Jameson J

      I disliked video because of this 🐀

    28. Jameson J


    29. Word Life Productions

      They let him back on undisputed. But Stephen Jackson hasn't been back on since he'd said what he said. White privilege

    30. Hanks Xuzus

      The sophisticated disease substantially spare because scraper traditionally fear aboard a acidic cheek. abiding, jumpy lobster

    31. Stefan Spivey

      Shannon Sharpe needs to stick to football because he's ignorant asf when it comes to basketball.

    32. Darryl Clark

      Michael “The Snitch” Rappaport

    33. Bhodi Li Starbuck

      The fraud even admitted within the first 30 seconds he left.

    34. Lionheartx675

      Imagine talking trash to a guy and when he talks trash back you cry foul and post what he said. This guy is the biggest 🤡

    35. Jimi Purple

      Love Mike. Hate kd

    36. Marc Carter

      I got nothing they are playing the season like playoffs I see then 2nd round 5-6 series idc who it is that how hard they will play history is here for the Knicks already and it will continue after the playoffs

    37. Nick Weathers

      we need a rim protector

    38. Sayyed Davis

      Wow... The kicks are in the playoffs. Have y'all taken the time to realize this?!

    39. ThePhillyPhandom

      NY takes philly to 7 games????? this dude realizes the Knicks haven't beat the 76ers in 19 meetings?! 2 of which was against them this year

    40. Sylvester Wilson

      I don't care about this Dry snitching human being. Durant treated you as a peer.. He trusted you. Failure

    41. Mr Bouche

      why is this guy still around

    42. CHOSEN TV

      Boycott Rappaport until he apologizes to KD for costing him 50k.

    43. Alontrae Walker

      Man tried to rep NY yet is a snitch. I don’t take this clown seriously at all & undisputed should be above inviting him on 🥴

    44. Nick

      The Chicago Bears were for real in 2018! The Dallas cowboys are for real every 8-8 season The LA Lakers are for real but without LeBron they would be a lottery team

    45. Tyrell Wright

      Shannon is huge knicks hater for whatever reason.

    46. kevin mix

      Don’t care about micheal anymore I’m tired of micheal and his damn stupidity get him off the show after Kevin Durant issue he’s a rat 🐀

    47. Winnin’ Like 96

      They still let him on tv?

    48. MK G

      How is this snitch still on TV

    49. Cortney Lott

      Don't count D Rose out because he was the reason why Knicks winning games.

    50. Adrian Walters


    51. Charles Turner

      IT DONT EVEN MATTER WHAT THEY TALKIN BOUT..... Im not gone lie I dont feel right watchin buddy no more😒.... After what he did He gotta sit down for minute. He need like 2 or 3 months off....lol Just Come back next Season Bucco

    52. Steve Gatoloai

      Knicks gonna be a promblem for years to come

    53. Ivan Drago

      I've lost so much respect for Michael Rappaport

    54. K-DoggyIam


    55. pearson cotton

      Ban Michael

    56. masternashem

      Forgot Godzilla vs Kong I’m trying to watch the Rat 🐀 vs The Snake 🐍

    57. alex g

      remove all the hype knicks are a 1st round playoff team but maybe with randle they can tempt some all star free agents there and become a perennial playoff team for a while but then explode like the hawks with millsap teague

    58. Galaxy Xm

      Imagine the Knick get swept in the first round 😂 😂

    59. FireeStyle

      nobody wanna hear this bozo get him off the show

    60. Gogi grk

      No they are not. Jokic proved that. East is weak.

    61. Atowny Fenton

      Love it🔥🔥 go knickd

    62. Big DOGE

      Just wait till the Knicks get knocked out first round Shannon then let it loose on em 👍

    63. Arthur Jones


    64. Luis Hernandez

      sorry bro the suns are def the story of the year not Knicks

    65. Bengerman Browne

      omg hahaha

    66. jon crall

      How can we take rapaport serious anymore?

    67. Kwad W

      Shannon said he will wear a rompa if the Knicks made the playoffs

    68. Zyah

      Nicks winning the east

    69. SithLordNefaar022

      "Unlike that *soul-less* big 3 in Brooklyn." Pretty much sums up the Nets....

    70. Edgar Mon Peusca

      He looks like Don Self in Prison Break tho

    71. Nino GG

      I hate this guy... Why do you keep having him on so much? Hes a bum who couldnt defend his wife so he went crying to the internet for help. Fake person inside and out

    72. Gs Smoke


    73. abdul moalim

      Knicks I had a year off season just saying

    74. Neville

      don't trash talk him/her too much

    75. John Capo

      anyone know a 3 letter word for Rataport

    76. John Capo


    77. Paul Escamilla

      "Workmanlike". That's the key word. LOVING this Knicks team. They remind me of the Pistons team that beat the Lakers in the Finals. A team with no superstars, but playing as a team. You never know what they can achieve.

    78. slim canseco

      🐭 🐭 🐭 🐭

    79. ASAP Buckets

      🐀 🐀 🐀

    80. iLL Matix

      Frauds...all of you

    81. Paul

      who cares about what this jew boy has to say

    82. Shawn Antonio

      This snitchbicch. 👎🏽

    83. JaptheTitan

      Stop talking to mr rappaport 👎🏽

    84. Kev H

      Tingus Pingus

    85. Jay O

      Nonody likes him anymore. Will change channel every time he is on

    86. Smitty J

      They’re not for real . This is the worst defensive year, stars are hurt, and a playoff team like the Raptors are basically in the Bible still they’re not at home like the Knicks

    87. Andy Broqueza

      Y’all forgot that the Suns had the best comeback this season not the Knicks. The knicks are inconsistent from January to March with their losses and they got only hot this april cause they are not playing with the strong teams thus they are winning. If the Knicks is placed in the west, they are probably in the #7 to #10 seed. Luckily, they are in the east. So, either the Suns and the Jazz have the best comeback this season.

    88. david z

      I love the Knicks but Rappaport is such a bafoon

    89. Moe Jackson

      Here is a perfect example of a white man who's jealous of black athletes can you speak about the sport without disrespecting any athletes one you obviously can't play we all know Skip is your boy.

    90. William JOnes

      Rat Port is a loser, of course skip wants him on the show.

    91. SP Productions

      🤡 🐀

    92. trev ski

      got torched by austin rivers. lol

    93. James Fernandez

      Hey Mike! KD is asking for your address.

    94. AnimalBlundetto

      watch them not make the playoffs now

    95. DropSixteenTV Tv

      Why is this guy even allowed on the show...

    96. Nathaniel Ocasio

      Sixers in 5 (Joel Embiid 38ppg)

    97. ivorysteele

      Michael is the typical loud mouth motor mouth New Yorker

    98. jlanky

      Pp still care about this whiny guy? lol

    99. raheim cumberbatch


    100. Kristina H

      Love these three together lol plus Broussarddddd