The Ultimate “Spongebob Squarepants Movie” Recap Cartoon

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    Time to find out what kind of shit Spongebob & Patrick get up to in this epic retelling of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie (2004)! (The Ultimate Recap Cartoon!)
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    twitter: kn0nker
    instagram: casvdp
    Directed & storyboarded by
    Cas van de Pol
    Sam Kessler - ProjectENDO
    Written by
    Christopher Yeh -
    Cas van de Pol
    Sam Kessler - ProjectENDO
    Animation by
    Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator
    Diego Molina - menloquezco
    Erik Waeijen - onehornsearcher
    Cas van de Pol
    Clean up & color by
    Liz El Saadany - Razkalling
    Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator
    Backgrounds by
    Camille Fruit - camrades
    Jeff Delgado - Jeff_Delgado
    Music & sound
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin
    3D assets & animation by
    Owen Buckley - certifiedlame
    Twomad as
    David Hasselhoff
    Voice work by
    Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
    Dennis Impink
    Additional voice work by
    Pepijn Hikspoors - worstvinger
    Dominik Johann - zerstoerer
    End credits “Ocean Man” cover
    Zahr Backbier
    Julian Thomas - julianthomasmusic
    Michiel van den Boer

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    1. Cas van de Pol

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        @Lauren Lozano ❤

    2. Almighty Keg

      Holy fuck twomad was so hype like goddam

    3. Maribel Perez

      Un en un un

    4. Thetoothbrushfromnisemonogatari

      How’d you actually get the real David Hasselhoff to be in your video???

    5. Captain Bryce

      poor squidward

    6. Daring Gamer

      Mr. Krabs: *takes away squidwards manager tag* Squidwards body: *adios*

    7. keyla aguiar

      Que xato

    8. keyla aguiar



      Mr. Bitoin

    10. mercmerc2011

      I love Patrick’s design

    11. Nate and bonnieYT

      Finally it’s here

    12. PRESTON CHAN725 :3

      1:55 the show when Mom walks in:

    13. sebas888 ORTIZ


    14. Toca and more Gaming

      Patrick ATE his house!!😆😆😆😂😂😂

    15. Nick Nguyen

      Lmao These videos are hilarious 😂 hilarious 😂

    16. Daniel Pardal

      Krabs with Bitcoin belt 👏

    17. robloxdudehack629 Gaming

      David says “Good night girl see ya tommorow “ Ricky “how about we see each other to night boi”

    18. Elless Studios

      1:55 Ummmm...😳😳😳😳

    19. Willian ッ


    20. ferreyra3472

      Is really stupid


        says the guy with a fnf profile pic

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    22. yang yang Magno


    23. Marko Lemić

      To be honest, this was the best animated movie of the last decade

    24. Epic Kirby12

      aww hell naw they got my man spunch bop in a cas van de pol video!

    25. Cameron McCaffrey

      This has me laughing hysterically! Subscribed!!!

    26. Jhon mark Balansag

      why did plangton have two eye hahahahah - derp ps david haselhofe nice :b

    27. страшный кот

      Sponge Bob movie in 4 minuts

    28. Nygelle Anne Podadera

      Uhhhh..... what is This why sponge and Pat Killing !?

    29. Nini The Bear

      Did i just watch the whole movie for 4 min?! 💀🔫

    30. ʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴍᴏᴅᴇ

      I love how they made the 3D style of the fisherman.

    31. Some Dude

      why do i get felix colgrave vibes from this animation style at times

    32. DamienIsAGoodGuy

      this movie is lit

    33. Fidd Pencilanimation Hindi

      *i love Spongebob, your video so funny*

    34. Tait

      He's David Hasselhoff.

    35. bobamilkmocha

      My childhood is ruined

    36. Kayden Houston

      That scream 0:28 lol

    37. julian ramadhani

      1:55 *That not gud* 2:52 *Oh*

    38. Wesley Scott

      When you finally notice plankton has 2 eyes Or you did it on purpose

    39. Caio Antoni


    40. BeE

      *every scream is the same scream when you step on a lego*

    41. Hossam Mashhady

      Who took a bite out of spongebob’s car?

    42. Nathan Fabre

      Any one see’s Plankton has two eyes

    43. Bruce Snow

      Really the handsome Squidward meme


      they got david hasllehoff in this

    45. nikt mnie nie kocha


    46. nikt mnie nie kocha

      This begonning 🤣

    47. Mega Taco

      Why is this more gruesome than doom? I love it haha

    48. Mr. ArsenTM

      *My friend and I are addical* *I'm with a friend: **0:32*

    49. Devon Hayden

      Just how I remember it

    50. KRAKNN


    51. Juresco Shot


    52. TheRagingInfernape

      Did I miss something or is there more gore and vomit than usual?

    53. Galaxy UWU

      Really if youtube see this you gonna get BANNED

    54. Emily Ry

      aw W

    55. Brittany Lancaster

      Why do I love this so much

    56. William Wertz

      For an idea from me is a the ultimate the conjuring recap with all the movies in timeline order starting with the nun and ending with the conjuring 2.

    57. Carter Kwakye-Safo

      I like how Squidward sounds like Waluigi because why not. Edit: 2:50 • *Funny, I don’t remember the scene being like that...*

    58. LouAnn Sensabaugh

      thx David hasseloff :)

    59. Justin Your Mind

      1:54 this is gonna make me act up

    60. A Mystery Guy

      Just realised that Plankton Has 2 eyes

    61. D. Taylor

      Aaahhh I luv it !

    62. Leobardo Melgoza

      2:27 Now this is the real David hasslehoff because the other one turned out to be a living planet

    63. Leeland Fugate

      2:52 uhhhhh oh no

    64. Smoking Toilet


    65. The one without self esteem

      I've never seen the movie so I'll just pretend this is the real one-

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      warner bros splatter is nothing near this

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    70. Cebq GD


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      The sad dance mainly obey because voyage kelly seal near a superficial santa. waiting, black second

    72. Wolf Phantom

      Plankton had two eyes in this.

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      Tomáš Ryzler

    75. Vladimír Ryzler

      Tomáš Ryzíer

    76. Vladimír Ryzler

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      Tomáš Ryzler Vladimlr Ryzler

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      1:55 ahhhh

      1. Fzefzef18 Fze


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      Plankton with 1 eye: "Upgrade" Plankton with 2 eyes: "F*CK GO BACK"

    80. La_fan_de_Bambi XD

      1:54 ... ._.

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    82. Cring

      these videos are like a speedrun for a movie

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      i just realizes plankton had two eyes XD

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      Great vid but why does plankton have two eyes?

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      Me : mad Captions : [Music]

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      Plankton has one eye

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      we need more adult cartoons like this there funny asf

    93. adam c

      bruh is it me or is the monster that spongebob and patrick go through gay

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