The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show


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    The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    #SuperBowlLV #TheWeeknd

    Gepubliceerd op 27 dagen geleden


    1. williamarthur2000

      10:15 song name please

    2. david cerasuolo

      One of the best halftime shows in a long time

    3. Ultimate Zeno

    4. Cartoon Toon


    5. Chaneitor Vlogs

      I am funny, knowing that they say that it is the worst presentation and the video has more than 1 million likes.

    6. رهام اطهری

      Weekend is very good singer but nobody js not justin biber please for the next year justin biber

    7. Horia Haghiac

      The dude is awesome. Respect!

    8. Julia Wright

      I don’t know how to navigate this.

    9. Julia Wright

      At least he’s trying. Big props on that! We need it.

    10. Julia Wright

      And he’s trying. Most people have stopped.

    11. Cristhian Arrieta

      From homeless to THIS. I cannot be more proud(': .

    12. Cake And Dawg

      There’s a bad word it was not the weekend lol

    13. Octavio Monge

      Like he is happy for what he is doing and he enjoyed it

    14. Raina Michelle Chan

      I just don't get how everybodys hating on this performance, he did amazing! to all the haters, lets see if u can do better. Just sit on the couch and eat potato chips. It costs 0 dollars and 0 zero cents to not hate on him.

    15. Marquitos Villavicencio


    16. Abdulah Nejjari


    17. Daniel

      Why not "in your eyes"? (That's my favorite one)



      1. Im the goat

        @AstroTM lmao facts

      2. AstroTM

        His name says it al

      3. Im the goat

        Dude you ok lmfao

      4. Im the goat


      5. AstroTM


    19. Ronald Taylor

      Up to my liking. Solid.

      1. Ronald Taylor

        @negativefuckhead I mean, that’s your opinion.

      2. negativefuckhead

        SUCKS! lol

    20. YoshiXpOfficial

      Who keeps coming back just cuz it’s so good?

    21. K V

      Who else is blasting their headphones off ?

    22. ashley baeza

      BEST SUPERBOWLS! 1. Michael Jackson 2. Jlo, Shakira 3. Coldplay , Beyonce , Bruno Mars 4. Beyonce 5. Katy Perry 6. The Weeknd 7. Justin Timberlake 8. Prince

    23. Christian Robles

      Every time I come back to This, the better It gets no bs.

    24. Joker 10I

      Here is my Ratings for every super bowl I Know: The Weeknd: 10/10 Shakira and JLO: 10/10 Maroon 5: 2/10 Justin Timberlake: 5/10 Lady Gaga: 8.5/10 (THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS OK)

    25. Joker 10I

      Guys The Next Grammys Award Is in Sunday, March 14, 2021. And if he doesn’t get a Award a SINGLE award, I’m TRIGGERED

    26. Aina Solà

      The fact that all dancers were actually wearing a mask is not being talked enough about

    27. Mark Tonight

      Might be the best live performance of all time

    28. MalabananCrew

      Imagine bruno mars and the weeknd on the same stage together to honour michael jackson holy cow.. By just imagining it gives me goosebumps

    29. C.C. ORR

      “That’s my son there” 😭🙌 🙌 🙌 *FATHER UK TO US SON*

    30. Alexander

      This was so trash

    31. Judy Works

      Wow. I'm 56 and I loved every minute of this! No nudity..nothing nasty..I'm amazed at his talent. This was SO good❤️❤️

    32. Vasudha Dixit

      I'm just cursing myself that I'm late😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. Sahil Joshi


    34. Dawna Maria

      Fake test, fake results, fake vaccines, fake News, fake politicians. Fake must GO, NO??? Go to brandnewTube, Bitchute, ThriveOn HAS REAL NEWS !!!

    35. JosephGaming HD

      Best artist of this Decade for sure

    36. K Daniel

      I have watched this like 50 times. Is that bad? Lol

    37. shut the fuck up


    38. sarah gauthier

      i'm LIVING for this. the greatest halftime show of all time in my eyes ;watched this repeatedly

    39. NastroPan

      3:56 - thank me later.

    40. Winter Wolf

      That whole show was poop and for some reason satanic. And no I'm not religious but still that was stupid. We don't need b******* religious crap in music. A really great Rock show would have been so much better

    41. Merovech

      Not a lot of diversity in that outdoor choir

    42. You Tuber

      How can people say that he dont have the stage presence and even lipsyncing? I mean do they even watch this whole video? He literally sing his heart out in this performance. God i love this guy so much! Such a masterpiece

    43. Mathildaleon Lover



      Prince and Michael would be proud

    45. white_bridge

      Shined more than a Grammy

    46. raymon huckaby

      The aboard danger substantially shop because sky simulteneously deliver astride a sulky love. painful, striped geese

    47. HAMOU

      Daft Punk missed the opportunity to say goodby with a participation with them boy. Too Badddddddd

    48. ruth nwokolo

      okay that is so cool who

    49. Maisse Ben

      this is propably the best thing i have ever seen

    50. Mateus Henrique

      great emotion 💖

    51. Simone

      COVID has magically disappeared ✋😀

    52. world wrestling entertainment wwe

      At 2:02 he was become Michael Jackson 😂😂 love weeknd🔥🔥

    53. Tonatiuh Leyva


    54. BidonX

      it's not ucl final bruh it's not big

    55. Felipe De Jesus Romero Lopez

      You've been scared of love

    56. Staschia

      next year we want ROSALÍA her powerful voice will shut down planet earthhhh

    57. Luiza Georg

      Eu achei demais!!!!

    58. Dr.CatSky

      The Hills version on this Show was 🔥 I am fascinated with this presentation

    59. Tech Nepal

      i have watched it about like 10 time in total after the upload... still can't stop it..

    60. Rufus1531

      Wow...Just Wow!! I would love to see The Weeknd live, he is one of the most incredible show men!! Just genius!!

    61. fire of cool

      I saw you dancing in a credit Moon you look so happy when I'm now with you but then you show me because you were surprised a single tear drop falling from your eyes I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away I made you think that I would always stay I said something things that I should never say yeah I broke your heart like someone did your mind and just pretended like you didn't care I don't know why I run away I'll make you cry when I run away

    62. fire of cool

      I'm trying to call I've been on my own for long enough maybe you can show me how to love maybe I'm going for the dress you don't even have to do too much you can tell me I'm just a touch baby what the city's golden empty oh no one's around Don't judge me oh I can't see clearly when you're alone I'm blind about a lot oh I can sleep in till I feel your touch I said I'm drowning in the night no what I'm like this you're the one I trust.

    63. K.Daniel. Almeraya. R

      The hills ;-)

    64. Aaron Tewodros

      I like how the weekend does not care about the money he gets payed by Pepsi or Super Bowl but he just wants to make people happy.

    65. Kwstas leiou

      I cannot understand why the hell he had to change his face

      1. EL RAW

        Watch his videos from After Hours album you'll get it

    66. Leon Laird

      It’s disgusting hosting an event like this during a global pandemic while most of us are being forced to stay alone in our homes

      1. Dogey

        Well they were all wearing masks

    67. Sajjad Mridul

      Its not your first time

    68. アリン - ありんAline

      I love to see this every day ♥ ️

    69. D A34

      Sending love all the way from Saudi Arabia💙💙💙💙

    70. The mannequin that invest in STONKS

      You’re overrated

      1. D3strox


    71. Nicole Contreras

      imagine not liking The Weeknd... like how can you not?

    72. Regi Chandra

      The next michael jackson

      1. Hanah Huhahaha

        Not even close dude isnt a performer

    73. MrUSSR1991

      OMG this is awesome!!!

    74. Justin Farias

      What a great mix! You’ve got a great voice and a wonderful stage presence. Please keep making music!! Your range as a singer and an ARTIST is phenomenal! Also, them dance moves remind me of someone from the early 90s 100%!!! Love your work my friend!!!

    75. Alondra Iglesias

      wow wow wow... just WOW

    76. Shekitin GS

      I Love It, amé este Medio Tiempo no dejo de verlo cada que puedo!

    77. Chiranjeeve Telkar

      Will he ever get rid of this costume ?

    78. Arman Asif

      The Weekend is great but will never surpass Bruno Mars level of POP!!!

      1. EL RAW

        He has WAY more good songs bro. Lol way more. But Bruno is great


      Pure talent

    80. Jassmin Hernandez

      I watch this everyday

    81. Eleixy

      I don't know why, but in 11:20 I have goosebumps and cry. I feel so happy for him. It's amazing the feeling.


      Q PedoWood Demowood MEDIAWOOD! Your time to go!

    83. Dinesh Wellawa

      So much confidence ! He nailed it

    84. XtremeBlazeGaming


    85. Concious man

      Grammy you suk

    86. Levi’s Arc

      The GRAMMYS has left the chat.

    87. The Swags

      We all need this to be a meme

    88. E7T39E

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard his regular/talking voice before lol

    89. Jason Medders

      He acts like mike he gets plastic surgery like mike in ten years he will look like mike he's overrated i guess people miss michael jackson so much they go with something newer he will never be Michael Jackson michael was Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday i cant feel my face i cant feel the Weekend go back to Canada and stay there Star boy yeah you are an overrated star another lucky 90s baby a pre packaged manufactured overrated non god

      1. LEGENDKR YT

        U sound like a jealous kid 🧒

    90. Justin Frank

      It wasn’t a bad performance I enjoyed it. I’m sure as time goes by this will become a more appreciated and classic performance.

    91. Angelica Ramirez

      He’s not gonna do 2020 😂

    92. Kathe A

      i just want to be part of the dance crew😭😭 looks amazing !!!

    93. Kathe A

      Wow, he is LEGEND

    94. Sameer Shaikh

      So, he was making half a million dollers per minute.

    95. Olivia Brodarick

      11:22 the point where he knew he made it

    96. Ateesh Knowledge

    97. Ateesh Knowledge

    98. Zyphxon

      This is probably the best halftime show and GO BUCSSS

    99. Candy OwO

      Taylor Swift deserves a super bowl !! ✨

    100. edy com

      way better than Lady Gaga