The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is Almost Here


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    The next generation of computing is on the horizon, and several new machines may just smash all the records...with two nations neck and neck in a race to get there first.
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    The ENIAC was capable of about 400 FLOPS. FLOPS stands for floating-point operations per second, which basically tells us how many calculations the computer can do per second. This makes measuring FLOPS a way of calculating computing power.

    So, the ENIAC was sitting at 400 FLOPS in 1945, and in the ten years it was operational, it may have performed more calculations than all of humanity had up until that point in time-that was the kind of leap digital computing gave us. From that 400 FLOPS we upgraded to 10,000 FLOPS, and then a million, a billion, a trillion, a quadrillion FLOPS. That’s petascale computing, and that’s the level of today’s most powerful supercomputers.

    But what’s coming next is exascale computing. That’s zeroes. 1 quintillion operations per second. Exascale computers will be a thousand times better performing than the petascale machines we have now. Or, to put it another way, if you wanted to do the same number of calculations that an exascale computer can do in ONE’d be doing math for over 31 billion years.

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    Will China Attain Exascale Supercomputing in 2020?
    "Now the United States, China, Japan, and the European Union are all striving to reach the exaflop (1018 ) scale. The Chinese have claimed they will hit that mark in 2020. But they haven’t said so lately."

    ENIAC at 75: Celebrating the World’s First Supercomputer
    "So influential has ENIAC been since it was created that it changed electrical engineering and birthed new disciplines in the creative arts and sciences and computer science itself, said Thompson. 'Everyone’s touched by it,' he said. 'Anybody who reads an email.'"

    Attack the Climate Crisis with Exascale Supercomputing
    "Imagine fitting the entire planet inside a computer. Using the world’s fastest supercomputers and big data models, climate scientists are creating computer models of the Earth’s air, water, and land systems at a global scale."


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    1. G. Zeigler

      I wonder which company or companies provide the chips motherboards and other electronic components? Nvidia, AMD, Applied materials, Sky-water solutions SKYT, MU?

    2. Karan

      The wall hit her like a bus lol

    3. coubclub

      Nanocomputers will be laughing in the corner in a decade.

    4. Sjur Z

      Where will humans be in 5000 years? You see these computer codes and makes you think what the computer can do with DNA codes. Write and find the ultimate mathmatical solution for DNA.Humans will NOT be human forever! The computer can code the DNA to a super alien beings. That I want to see a video about.

    5. Joker

      How long does it take to start up?

    6. Nikolas Kadyk

      The title “The World’s Most Powerful Super Computer is Almost Here” doesn’t make any sense. “Super computers” exist. So, the fastest of those would be the fastest in the world. Which is already here.

    7. shubam kaith

      imagine open AI to this systems.

    8. shubam kaith

      firt sight INTEL ultimate sight AMD. xD.

    9. Rob videos

      Some of these super computers are also researching quantum processors which takes full advantage of the strange world of Quantum mechanics. The first building that gets quantum processors fully integrated into a network infrastructure system will out perform all super computers. Who know what humanity would learn from such power.!!! some say such power could become self aware and if humanity just keep shutting it down and rebooting it like a computer it could turn on us.!!!!

    10. Tapesh Kushmi

      Immortiality is near.

    11. Ikram Ramli

      but.. why?

    12. Scott Cupp

      ENIAC stood for "Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator." Now these days we are talking Exaflops. Just WOW. How about when Quantum computers become mainstream?

    13. Zuheb S M

      Imagine how much bitcoin these machines will be able to mine 🤑🤑🤑

    14. SKRT YAM

      10 years from now our world would be changed dramatically due to this computers. Cant wait to make my imagination a simulation using neurolink. Think about the possibilities 😃😃

    15. aosseily

      Great explanation. Thankyou so much.

    16. Tac Black 57

      The next big computer technology will be DNA computing and Quantum computing.

    17. Saumitra Gautam


    18. Housel

      I wonder how quickly it can install GTA 5

    19. jovan Singh

      Quantum computer : hold my qubits

    20. Jamie Dalton

      Did they manage to buy it a graphics card?

    21. gareth5000

      More bullshit per second...

    22. Michael Davis

      I am not the target audience (though I'm not sure who might be). --> Unsub

    23. chicken wing

      velma made me learn something new

    24. Tonio9606

      Brace yourselves everyone, this is the beginning of skynet!

    25. S I

      Will it cure diseases?

    26. planker

      I'll put my RP Pico up against anything you got big daddy.

    27. SeiNj

      Still won't be able to mine a single bitcoin

    28. King Vallejo

      Why not create a unlimited electronic money that distribute in all electronic wallet out of it.

    29. MulletMan

      But can it run Crisis !

    30. Taher Assaid

      Just some perspective for how far we've come. An off the shelf Workstation CPU (AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X) which costs $4,000 is capable of 13.21 TFLOPS (FP32) The fastest supercomputer in the year 2000 (IBM ASCI White) was only capable of 7.23 TFLOPS and it costs MILLIONS of dollars. In 2002, the fastest supercomputer was NEC Earth Simulator and was capable of 36 TFLOPS.

    31. Sayantan Sarkar

      Giga watts of electricity brought out from fossil fuel will be used to run those computers to study climate change 🙏🏻🙏🏻🥲🥲

    32. josh

      but can it run Crysis at 4k raytracing

    33. Tae Orion

      Human Brain

    34. Imran Kutianawala

      Can it run Minecraft tnt tho?

    35. S L A V G H T E R S E A S O N


    36. Sean Sola

      Imagine what the world will be like once Graphene, Carbon nanotubes, Aerogels, Fusion Reactors and Quantum computer are finally Mass produced.

    37. Mark Reman Hamilton

      a truck or helicopter will hold all transactions for the war world to come. if not, transactions might end forever

    38. Malla mal

      The first electronic programmable computer was colossus

    39. Skin Is delicious

      Suspend the computers in the ocean to cool them off

    40. Disandu Perera

      2 words quantum computing

    41. U4Eye

      Now what if the Electricity goes out? I guess we will go back 100 years and use a pencil and paper 😁

    42. Karl Pryce

      Had loads of flops in my life time, beating any supercomputer out there.

    43. Gytis Pranskunas

      In 50 years your smartphone will have almost same power as these supercomputers.

    44. Kaiser Karl Van Kaiserwetter

      Nice u solved gravity then!? Yet? Or still hung up on 3 body problem ? If can’t see beyond schwarz shield radius ?! U got a rip into BH Paradigmen !

    45. Skidmark75

      Lol Climate modeling. Never had an accurate model. Probably never will being they will always try to twist it for their desired outcome.

    46. Priyam Dalmia

      The real question is: Can it run Crysis?



    48. Braun Piltz

      I dont understand the Code needs a refactor thing

    49. NEO ViSiON


    50. Bit Rage

      But will it run Crysis?!? Frontier- Pretty much A heapload of AMD Threadripper / Epyc cpus.... I Doubt China will get there first since in order to get these types of numbers you need alot of High End CPU / GPU From AMD / Intel in which United States regulates for Export...

    51. juanpeng

      Can i borrow it to mine bitcoin?

    52. Arnau Solbes Alujas

      Let's go Computers!!

    53. FatBoi_69

      But can it run Minecraft shaders

    54. Jean Polnareff

      Can it run crisis 3

    55. Random Pirates

      Imagine a computer that made from Jar of brains

    56. Bits Of Everything


    57. John Brazier

      But don't forget this computing power is based on massive parallelization: which is great for problems that can be decomposed into parallel streams (like weather, bulk chemical interactions and some protein-folding), but if you can't break the problem into parallel bits you can't exploit the massive computational power. And there's the rub: our software techniques are still primitive: we've only been programming (seriously) since 1945, and we have a long way to go.

    58. GoolmeGaming

      Ok, so I did the math. I know who is gonna be first. USA has 22.9 million asians . China has 1,384,688,986 asians. Do I need too say more?

    59. Jeremy Wing

      Amazing. Uh Aliens much? Now we can really target ads:)

    60. Shimron Netia

      you are a beautiful woman

    61. Chillmax

      Typical for Americans to take the credit, when Colossus in the UK came before ENIAC & arguably did a far more important job, it was just so highly classified, that it didn't become widely known until decades later; it should've gotten a mention!

    62. davwht9

      🤔🤔🤔 a conceptual time machine. or. dimensional A. I. calculator.

    63. Joykills

      But can it run minecraft?

    64. Jon Rowling

      It'll be interesting to see what impact Wafer Scale Computing has on the Supercomputer markets over the next few years.

    65. Chris DeRosa


    66. Roasty Toasty

      the real question. can it fix cyber punk? hahah

    67. MadScientyst

      2nd Idea....What about a SexoFlop...will Viagra speed it up...LOL

    68. Chris

      Skinner hosts next time, thanks.

    69. Carpathian

      omfg stop with the climate change, it changes yes by the act of nature, I guess this channel is another mouthpiece for these activists.

    70. Andy

      When can NLname videos stop using these code scenes with html script, like come on...

    71. Ivan Break

      nice, how much is it ?

    72. MrChrizZTech

      Can we mine some Bitcoin with that?

    73. Roger Kreil

      Cool! 😀

    74. Pioneer Nut

      It would be cool if a super computer could program game while we are playing, so it would be game that has a start one level and computer would program it as we play so we could have unlimited end options

    75. Adrian Coleman

      50 years we will all be walking around with these computers in our pocket. or in our heads.

    76. Lil Yeet

      What is your cup size?

    77. hidden missingo

      Imagine if this used the M1 chip... It might start to talk

    78. bighand69

      That was a terrible video.

    79. The Sons & Daughters of Liberty

      Super Computing is a gimmick, a niche. Quantum Computing, will disrupt the world.

    80. Dhruva Mukhopadhyay

      Intel GPU, do these folks not know of Nvidia?

    81. Seaker24

      If I had a dime for every video that injected, “climate change” I’d be retired. You could just have said weather modeling.

    82. Juliet Salinas

      The title of this video bugs me. The world's most powerful supercomputer is already here, and has been here for as long as supercomputers have existed.

      1. Zooty

        was thinking the same thing

    83. Richard Landry

      But can it run Crysis.

    84. dragnaut 01

      Hopefully it tells us how to make life better, dominate me AI!

    85. peter michael

      Wasn’t Colossus the worlds first programmable electronic computer, not Eniac?

    86. Qwasey WearyCooldoc

      Can it run doom?

    87. Banjaxed

      Haha.... flops

    88. wayne scarpaci

      "Let there be light"

    89. Biglover29

      Don't forget to spy on us too. 8^o

    90. Biglover29

      Hey it's Maren, I missed seeing her on here. ^_^

    91. Jher Nifol

      Too much B-roll feels cheap and also doesn't follow with what's being said. Everything said was simple and it feels like we're being talked down to; annoying. Is this for children?

    92. Marcel Miagi

      But can it run Crysis?!

    93. Jack Boggy

      Finally I can open 2 tabs on chrome

    94. Granther

      It’s hilarious that it’s still between Intel and AMD even when not in consumer products

    95. instant gratification


    96. Dr. Medic

      Let’s be honest, we only invest in this computer because it can handle very realistic games that can even crash a PS5

    97. i Ritefita

      weak video

    98. Wiky

      @ 1:11 shows some Web Dev code lol. I think it's React from a quick Google search (Not something I'm familiar with)? It's the equivalent of showing a poodle as an example race dog when they're talking about greyhound racing.

    99. Daniel Velkov

      Can it make a sandwich?