These RTX 3080 Gaming Laptops will Blow Your Mind! (40% FASTER!?) 🔥 | The Tech Chap

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    ASUS has unveiled new ROG STRIX, SCAR, Zephyrus Duo & Flow X13 Gaming Laptops at CES 2021! With next-gen RTX 3070 & 3080 graphics + AMD Zen 3 5000 CPUs! But is the HYPE real?
    - ASUS CES 2021:
    - ROG CES 2021:
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    This video is NOT sponsored - ASUS sent the pre-release review units for testing and I do not get to keep them.
    00:00 Intro
    00:38 RTX 3080 & Ryzen 5000
    01:43 ROG SCAR 15 & 17
    04:38 ROG STRIX 15
    06:03 A Rude Interruption!
    06:21 ROG Zephyrus Duo
    09:25 ROG Flow X13
    11:51 Big Questions!
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    1. The Tech Chap

      Which of these Laptop would you take home?? (also to confirm it's the ROG Flow, not 'Flex' haha - though i think that's a better name)!

      1. Barel Isak

        The rog flow interpel me ! Where can u find him ?

      2. Ethio Boy

        I take nothing to my home😭😭

      3. 123456789012345678901234567890 12345678901234567890

        @andrea beccarisi meh

      4. We gaming


      5. Jerome Foster

        if the touchscreen supports an active stylus for artsy stuff too, then the flow wow!...

    2. Tyler Phillips

      Not gonna lie, I just bought an Alienware m17 r4 with the 3080 16gb GPU and 4k screen (with tobii). It's the Lamborghini of laptops hands down.

    3. madcapper6

      0:27 Nice job speeding up the camera at just the right time to make it look like you broke it lol

    4. Letrantantai Le

      I’m curious can you test rog Zephyrus duo how thermal and how fan work during gameplay and idle

    5. Gandalf grey

      Pls help me buy strix scar?! 😪😪😪

    6. Ajay Kumar

      Where is Dell Alienware ?



    8. John Pineda

      These laptops are outrageous no regular person can afford these laptops

    9. S. R.

      All these laptops use that shit nvidia optimus. To use the graphic card at full potential we need to plug an external monitor. U should know and tell it during these review if u want to be professional :)

    10. DyingBrowney

      my brain blow harder then my stepsister blow me

    11. El Mehdi Ounaceur

      can u please, link the wallpaper that the laptops have. thanks

    12. james mcdevitt

      Want one what’s great . Flight sim 2020

    13. james mcdevitt

      What was the game he was playing at the beginning

    14. Alexander Welborn

      I’m just waiting on 1ms laptops but I’ll settle for my blade 15 advanced with a 3080 it’s a mere 2 ms

    15. Cyph3r07

      Trackpad is perfect

    16. ChimpMonk

      These laptops are absolutely insane, holy shit... unfortunately, i keep seeing my gaming laptop decrease in performance, even though i have a 1070, i can barely play Cold War on minimum settings...

    17. Mohammad Alif

      Can you give me one of that RTX laptops please... i really need that RTX laptops for VFX/3D modeling and palying minecraft with seus shaders... would you help me please...😭😍

    18. Gino Badouri

      Too bad they don't ship a version with an OLED screen

    19. Alexander Cherednichenko

      1st thing talking about new RTX 30... you must say what TDP is set for GPU! 3080 is a waste of money in a laptop, better get laptop with RTX 3070 and higher TDP 115w-130+w

    20. MackMurder

      Why wouldn't you review an m17 r4 with a 3080 3080 I7 10870 32gb ram 500gb SSD 17" 144hz 1080 p screen I paid $3050 cdn. That's around 2400 American if not lower. And the benchmarks are equal if not better than most of the machines you reviewed plus higher TDP on the graphics card

    21. Cool Blox Gaming

      I wish ROG make desktop replacement with RTX 3090

    22. JMK

      i wish the back wasnt so goddamn ugly. Asus take note from razer or mac

    23. Old World Radio - Boston

      So you didn't benchmark them all to compare them? Just wasted my time watching this :(

    24. Barry Logan

      *PLEASE HELP* Any recommendations for a gaming laptop mainly to play RTS games New and old ???

    25. Mostafa mxs


    26. EncryptaCat

      Sourcing one in stock is about as difficult as getting your hands on anything that’s a 3070 and up

    27. MackMurder

      The Alienware m17 r4 bests all those laptops in benchmarks and u didnt review it

    28. leule

      Is he growing make sure to hack the NLname algorithm by likening the video 😊🙏🙏🙏✍✍🙏

    29. 9pm Till1Come

      I have a Flow X13 coming on 3/22. Can't wait to check it out!

    30. Jayed AL Sabit

      I'm here after 2 months but I'm gonna ask this, I already got the new ROG Strix Scar 17" but that will be my gaming Laptop which I'm not gonna carry everyday. So which one of these 15 inch laptops should I take to cover my gaming, coding and editing need at the same time, 1) The Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 2) Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 SE (The one in the video) or 3) Asus Zenbook Pro Duo 15 (2021) based on your review 3 week ago?

    31. Manu Turrubiartes

      are all of these suited for 3d rendering? octane, redshift, houdini?

    32. Let’s Grow

      Can I just have anyone of those!

    33. Tobias Berggren

      Heyy can you make a vid for laptops for around 1.5K that can run any game without lagging ?

    34. 杨昊霖

      I bought the duo 15... Spent roughly 7000 usd on it and it was worth it.

    35. Muhammed Zehra

      Guys, can someone please explain what the difference is between max q, super, super max q. I’m a bit lost here. I want a gaming laptop with with a best performing 3070. But what do I look for in order to get the max out of a laptop version of 3070. Thanks in advance!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    36. Simon Davis

      I just got a MSI ge66 with a i9, 300hz, and rtx 2070 S. I’m good, for a few years.

    37. Arthur Filemon - Countertenor

      No. Don't buy a gaming laptop. Period.

      1. Jesus Gil

        You can't convince me otherwise if that's really all you got..

    38. Vp Guitar Covers

      My wallet blowed his mind..

    39. Toxic

      How much would they be?

    40. edsblogging. com

      No camera no problem. Huh! What, in these days you take a second laptop with you for your daily Teams and Zoom sessions? Most people have to make a living you know which nowadays means comb your hair, get a shave and fire up the camera for your daily portion of work Teams/Zoom sessions. And that will not go away soon. Laptop without camera? Only good for the bin.

    41. Ondrej Dalik

      Dell did egpu enclosure like this year ago

    42. Broko Fankone

      The problem with all of these slim gaming laptops is always the battery. Unless it's removeable you WILL eventually have to service it in some way - either by opening it, detaching the old one and replacing it (if you can source it yourself and know it's legitimate) or pay a premium price to get it serviced by the manufacturer - or an authorized service that works with them and can supply the service and battery. In my case with Triton 700, the battery started swelling after 2 years from all the heat, and from being plugged in almost all the time (since a gaming laptop is basically useless for gaming or heavy usage w/o a power supply). The laptops look amazing and in some cases perform amazing but the heat WILL kill the battery in a couple of years unless you spare it and then what is even the point of owning a high end GPU laptop in the first place? I need to limit my games to lower fps or lower settings (or both) to not get obscene temperatures and fan speeds and it's just an overall stupid idea to buy gaming laptops. The only viable option that makes sense is if you truly plan to be a "mobile" gamer and move the laptop very often / you travel a lot and need the power / you are studying abroad and find it too inconvenient to bring a desktop there. But if you just plan to use this a home take my advice and never buy a gaming laptop. It's better to invest into a desktop for gaming and get a 2nd hand macbook, or a cheap laptop for netbook usage in your bed, etc. In fact, for the money I spent on my Triton (or just slightly more than that), I could have gotten a very respectable desktop AND a 13" MBP, both new.

    43. Louritta Adu-Gyamfi

      We wont to see your setup pls🙏🙏🙏🙏

    44. Ovan TriEdge

      What's better ASUS🎭 OR ALIENWARE 👽

    45. Asan Masraf

      I like it ROG Zephyrus Duo. But is really extremely so expensive!. and Can you compare between those two (ROG Zephyrus Duo AND ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581)

    46. Hawk Dimension

      My man😍😍

    47. Sellem on Rerock

      They're all going to sell out before sales events

    48. MARzero1

      Here I am Still Banging away on my Lenovo Y580 😫🤣😫🤣

    49. Kevin Lopez

      I would like to pic the best one that i wouldnt need to upgrade until next gen consoles... any recomendations?


      Hi Tech chap are you giving one of them for free? I hope you will :(

    51. Foxtrot November

      Welcome to Episode 2021. Where "I can't get any of those and just stare in envy"

    52. Manic

      I wish I could afford that like rn I am playing on a Microsoft surface

      1. Jesus Gil

        I'm on my surface pro 3.

    53. Alan Roll

      Which one would you buy

    54. josue paulino

      I own a strix rog gtx 1660 ti it 9300h I purchased last February for around 550 open box from vipoutlet so I got lucky on it what do u think of this laptop?

    55. Born Killer

      Me watching on a pentium core processor 😭😭😭

    56. Giorgi Chiaberashvili

      Can someone please tell what is the max HARD Drive capacity for the ROG Scar 15 & 17?

    57. Attamah celestine

      The fact that you can lift stacked gaming laptops off the desk proved how far we have go in terms of technology.

    58. RA1NF3AR-PS4

      Is it even worth getting a 3080 laptop over a 2080 super?

    59. Jay Gonzalez

      Does anyone know when the Zephyrus Duo SE 15 300hz will be back in stock?

    60. Emma Madison

      After gaming on a PS4 pro and the Xbox series X am not even interested in gaming laptops anymore

    61. Marco Arbia

      When will these new gen laptops release?

    62. AntiRacistWarrior

      How to check gpu voltage? Some people say there are different versions of laptop gpu, like 80watt 100+watt?

    63. Beast Plxys

      Can I have one?

    64. Alex Mayer

      They could’ve put that power cord to the back

    65. Remurie

      i think my brain is gone.

    66. Homebrew Instrumentals

      Can we actually get hold of these? I give up trying to upgrade my desktop build this year (lol)

    67. Thor Vos

      What is a good gaming laptob for 1k pls help

    68. Roblox


    69. Roblox


    70. Roblox


    71. CelebrityLyrics

      Is there a gaming laptop that has Ryzen 9 5900 with GTX 3070/3080 but comes with WEBCAM, Full SD card, and charges from the back??

    72. Steve ABCDEF

      If you're any type of a esports gamer you will be using a desktop not a laptop. These new laptop things are basically console rip offs...

    73. Steve ABCDEF

      The boffins at AMD have outdone themselves and Intel this year!


      Can you please please 🙏 review the strix scar 17

    75. Thanos Kyrou

      Hey man. What will be the cost of Asus Scar 15 2021 with 5800h and rtx 3070. Maybe you got any info? And when it will be on sale

    76. Júlio Silva

      You’re videos had me searching on the black market how much my testicles are worth.

    77. Yurvin Raj

      Can i have one? From you? To me for free?

    78. killercivic2001

      got an ROG Chimera from 2017, and it still rocks ;) (1080p144Hz, 32GB, GTX1080, i7 HK, ...)

    79. Omar Yasser

      Make a video about Razer Blade Pro 17 - Full HD 360Hz - GeForce RTX 3080 - Black and compare frames in games like fortnite cod warzone

    80. Aleixo Agra

      Can someone send me the lik to the desktop background picture 😅

    81. Rok Cestnik

      Im still gaming on my beast G751J and 17"is already to small for gaming or working. So smaller screen? No thanks

    82. Good Citizen

      Man, Apple doesn't have anything like this. Maybe they could do a iPad Pro with an external GPU like this last unit.

    83. Jacob Blosser

      Wait.. that last one with the external 3080... like a real 3080 or a mobile 3080?? Could it work with the other laptops if it’s a full GPU?

    84. Raid Hacker

      Depending on your experience, can installing a 32gb bench, reaching 48gb, degrade performance compared to 32gb (16+16)?

    85. Michele Lausdei

      why do i keep torturing myself with these kind of videos

      1. Francisco rudolff lahr

        i think its because maybe, and just maybe, in the future we will be able to buy one of this and it will be marvellous

    86. Mayank Singh

      That asus laptop thin and light with a 3080 seprate unit is exactly what I wanted....... Thx Asus for making that


      I have a ROG Strix hero 3, 144hz RTX 2060 9gen i7 9750H, and I have to say I wasn't disappointed when i first got it. After time though the fans started buzzing which after researching...Is a problem these laptops have. Other than that after a year This beast is still going strong. I have made a few up grades all that left is a RAM upgrade from 16-32GB and it will be the best it can be. have to say really enjoyed this video so thanks for sharing. never thought I'd go from a desktop to a gaming laptop but they have really come in to their own and I would buy again in the future.

    88. C7

      40% faster.. LOL. You are sorely mistaken. What kinda misinformation is this

    89. Sokunbi Adeyinka

      I need your wallpaper pls

    90. Namit sehgal

      can u make a video on why is that separate graphic card unit is not massive and what are we compromising for a compact size

    91. Namit sehgal

      is the "no webcam laptops" going to be the new normal now🤨🤨 cz i don't like it

    92. Namit sehgal

      if new gen gaming laptops are out does that mean previous gen prices are gonna drop

    93. OhWhat World

      But. They. Are. All. Hideous. Looking. It seems having zero taste is a prerequisite to becoming a laptop designer.

    94. Bobby Low

      That Duo laptop screen looks like a nightmare for dust! But I like the specs tho.

    95. Nikola Djapa

      can anyone send link of this backgrounds on laptops please

    96. Ing. Jorge R. Villarejo A.

      I cant use a AMD laptop!

    97. Darren Mckay

      I'm getting it! Build quality and design. You get what you pay for!

    98. Subhagya Gaming

      Rich kid in america

    99. K P

      I want these 3060 laptops but they are so expensive.

    100. John Knox

      I have a question for you. Will the models released in the UK come with a UK keyboard or will ASUS be giving us the stupid Yankee keyboard with the hash key, Pound £ sign, and double quotation marks in the wrong places?