They said it was only the screen..... #Shorts

6 mln. weergaven801

    Bought this phone advertised as just having a cracked screen, but of course, there was a little bit more wrong with it than just that. Always double check before buying a used phone. iPhone 8 Screen Repair.
    Thank you for watching!
    Tools Used:
    My Blue Mat:
    Heat Gun:
    Check us out on Instagram: phone.repairguru
    Or on TikTok! :
    (U.S & Canada) Mail In Inquiries : ins

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    1. Salad

      this guy gets broken phones for cheap then fixes them *infinite phone*

    2. Hazel Wolf

      Why did you want to start fixing phones

    3. fιgнт мє lσѕєя

      The people better be glad he know how to fix phones

    4. Dabi [Kill me plz]

      I also have an iPhone 8+

    5. Dakki YT

      Most satisfying moment for me is the Crunch

    6. Mike F

      “Get that crunch* every video. So you nearly break every phone

    7. Gaming Veteran

      Honestly When I Heard "Phone Hunting" I Thought He Was Gonna Try To Find a Phone In a Park Or Somewhere.

    8. DavidXyourboy

      Yo lowkey I need my iPhone 7+

    9. Kikona Edits

      Ok im from the philippines but my phone was all cracked and the camera was broken but when we went to an phone fixer place the cracks was all gone :o and it costed like 1000 pesos and thats expensive af but i love how u can fix a phone like nothing happened :O

    10. Malakai Jamez

      Hey are you able to fix my phone if so how much

    11. Barbie_ Artz

      Josh connects bootleg

    12. {shoto todoroki}

      Just a question how many phones has this guy

    13. stracciatella27

      components + shipping: ~ 100$ retail price: 400$ (selling platform takes 10%) profit: ~ 100$ (In case you wanted to know)

    14. Krazy Bubba

      Watched one 20 second video and now subscribe as it’s in my city. 👌

    15. teznqX

      Do you fr pay to fix phones?

    16. Avery Andrews

      The crunch is my favorite part every single time

    17. Mohammed Zidan

      Can you give me this phone 😜 because you have a lot of phones

    18. •i i a v a m e e. Johnson

      Is it just me or did you guys see two red lights

    19. Adrian Anzano

      u prolly just had to tighten that taptic engine tho

    20. jAxx

      Thought this was youtube not tik tok

    21. StitchTV

      Imagine snooping thru his stuff and messages 👦

    22. Sonic The Hedgehog

      Idk if u fix ps4 controller but omg I literally spent one hour fixing my analog stick cause it wasn’t working good and was moving on the left on its own so like anyone would have done, I threw some hands and yeeted the analog stick out and kinda scared and feeling dumb I spent like 30 minutes just even trying to take the back plate out and another 30 putting it back in and making sure I didn’t move anyone little thing or move anything but finally I put everything back together and so far it’s working fine and I think I fixed the moving to the left problem :)

    23. Juice4225

      "Take out our vibration motor" **Gently YeEtS it across the room**

    24. Alejandro Ozuna

      That's a really weird glitch 😂

    25. elijah tolentino

      Hello i needed simeone like you coz my phone is almost broken lile when i charge it it just vibrates once sometimes and the power button the sounds button and the silent mode button is broken how should i fix it and i dont have money to ship it to you coz im a kid i shouldnt be here btw im 13 and i live in another country. My phone is a iphone6s and its a hand down to me i dont know what happened to the power button it was stuck same with the sounds too. I hope you can help me. I dont have the proper tools to for you to help me or anything and i think my parents know this that i am asking for help because they say its my fault coz indidnt even do anything

      1. Kyo


    26. dorothy Gibson

      him yets the vibration motor The vibration motor: WHAT DIDI DO 😤😐😑

    27. Nick Perry

      Bit flip?


      What if he threw the wrong vibration motor 😂😂☺😋

    29. Dobie2007 Gaming

      Keep the sideways apps. Make the guy think he is insane

    30. Camryn R

      My phone is an iPhone 7+ and it was $50

    31. •Golden Blossom•

      YEET the vibration board Edit:Bro look at the other apps,it’s like when people are playing FNaF HW VR and they miss a coin or tape 🤦🏻‍♀️

    32. some dude

      How dat glitch even possible

    33. Diannehly Ornelas

      Where can you find onw of these that are linda new but cheap??

    34. Hollywoodpurple

      that glitch

    35. Dayami Ramos

      Now when you sell a broken phone and someone lowers it... *You know who it is*

    36. Laz Quintino

      I have a iPad 11 pro it’s bent alil and doesn’t turn on you think you could help me out

      1. Laz Quintino

        Had it for a year now and it hasn’t worked for 8 months

    37. White BeanVR

      Oor you could just buy a new phone

    38. Killian Mcginty

      My home button on my phone does not work someone help me

    39. Starhopper

      "That's a really weird glitch" Dude, post it on r/softwaregore

    40. Ari & Tay

      For some reason the glitch and the end happens all the time but I do not if I need a new phone tho I’m might get the Xr

    41. Sharpwolf56

      Can I work with you?

    42. Stubbzy Gamez

      Wouldnt it cost less to just buy a new phone

    43. Bunnie

      He makes it look so easy- and then there's me who struggles taking off the case of my phone to look inside 😭😭😭

    44. Decaelo Smith

      I think my phone needs a new battery not sure but it can go from 70% to 30% and it feels like it takes 2 hours to fully charge when I charge it at 20%

    45. Daisy_the_dot_.

      Imagine a phone you fixed came back the next day 😂😂

    46. Hasuna HD

      The Phone App Logo made me laugh

    47. Taliah Greasby

      What are you doing with all these phones

    48. 20 tanmay bore 7D

      When ever I play game it very lag

    49. 20 tanmay bore 7D

      Where do u live I what to make my iPhone 6s plus very smooth

    50. Kōri Chan

      Never trust the internet kids...


      Legend has it, Phone Guru said, there is no such thing as too many phones

    52. Chestie LaRue

      You’re in my city! Now I know where to go and get my phone fixed if ever it needs repairs!

    53. richelle perry

      I have the same exact phone but my screen isn’t cracked and mine is used for like 200

    54. K-Chan

      too poor to afford that kind of crunch eme hahahha

    55. Willow Simpson

      Five minute crafts be like: put toothpaste and wipe

    56. harry pjotr

      Would have been cool if you showed what the total cost after repair is and what you could sell it for.

    57. harry pjotr

      Would have been cool if you showed what the total cost after repair is and what you could sell it for.

    58. mohair

      This is pointless

    59. FRAN 07

      are u gonna sell it cause 👉🏽👈🏽

    60. Phone Addict

      Wait… what’s with the phone

    61. Huân United

      i want your haggling skills

    62. Alex Knight

      He doesn’t even know if that phone is stolen what an idiot

    63. Tai Brooks

      I really need my phone fixed badly

    64. Roselovegirl202

      Not just the screen gotta pull half off

    65. Jan Nowak


    66. Under_Score

      yo, if he found you and fix the phone, he maybe got more money than he get now

    67. Turki Alturki

      so nobody is gonna talk about how smooth that transition was when he plugged in the new screen

    68. dark -chan!

      The apps fix automatically it did that for my phone it just takes a while but the app is still the same no changes to it

    69. David Mejias

      Did any of you saw the Messages it was like a side🧐 I can’t say it right😢

    70. Ebonie Williams


    71. Gacha -cube

      The phone bitten wasn’t like that at first hmmmmmm

    72. Varsh Lachhman

      Can u make a vid when an android screen touched water how to fix it?

    73. Unicorn Plays

      It's so Funny we ur Like: And a "Big 8"

    74. ·Alex - Kun·

      Bro I needed this my phone don't vibrate when I get messages

    75. Shreyash Malvi

      I love the crunch

    76. Brooklyn Grace

      My sisters home button is messed up and it sounds like that

    77. Potatochips

      Hi can i get 1 of your apple you fix🥺 i really want one but i don't have enough money to buy😔

    78. Salma Bibi


    79. Reality Bomber

      Can u sell that to me please 🥺

    80. Galaxywolf66

      Can u fix my home button it no work

    81. Mo

      my vibration motor is broken and i didnt know until just now thanks!

    82. Paxx ML

      The owner is pissed

    83. My dad My uncle

      What do you do with the phones

    84. damans12

      Plot twist. You fixed the phone first. And sold it for 230

    85. CLxBEAST z

      my phone is doing exact same thing with the power button

    86. Red

      Reverse phone😯

    87. Kobito

      I love you no homo

    88. Prateek Pusalkar

      That phone logo 😹

    89. Dean Cruz

      Fix my iphone 6 for free please, also for your content hehe

    90. LeoH

      I think my vibration motor was messed up but I dropped it in the bath by accident and that it worked, Probably unrelated but still

    91. U1timatePotato

      The “glitch” at the end was the iPhone switching to horizontal mode

    92. Mark Martinez

      Have you ever thrown the wrong part accidentally

    93. • Gh0stY_ •

      *Plot twist:* Read more

    94. Jim Halpert

      Can I buy that from you

    95. Rox /:

      Can you fix my I pad the charging cable is dirty and it just won’t turn on

    96. Mochii Sxmer

      I have a question, do you just have these parts laying around? I honestly really adore what you do, and it’s very inspiring!

    97. Laundry Lurker

      Lmao cost 200 ish and is better than iphone

    98. Argle Bargle

      Why would anyone waste all that time for an iPhone?

    99. Tanis Georgetti

      Where can I sell old phones?! Shit I have a ton

    100. Xx_mcdog_xX

      Where do you buy the phone