This Is Why ASUS Gaming Laptops Win CES 2021!


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    ASUS have won CES 2021 in my opinion in terms of gaming laptops. They’re going all in on AMD Ryzen 5000 with Nvidia RTX 3000, have made a number of improvements to cooling, and are offering new screen options.
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    0:00 Ain’t nobody got time for an intro
    0:11 Strix Scar 15/17
    2:00 Zephyrus Duo 15 SE
    2:35 TUF Dash F15
    4:19 TUF A15 Refresh - Improved cooling!
    5:35 Zephyrus G14 Refresh
    6:18 Zephyrus G15 - New design
    7:35 ROG Flow X13 - 13” Ryzen laptop with RTX 3080
    8:22 Why ASUS were the best at CES 2021 for gaming laptops
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    1. Jarrod'sTech

      Which of these changes are you most interested in? 3:22 1440p, not 1440Hz. 8:33 I seem to have typo'd with my mouth, meant to say TUF Dash F15 - Time for some sleep! Also sorry this wasn't clear in the video, I mentioned liquid metal on all gaming models, I was referring to ROG (eg Zephyrus/Strix), this does not include TUF. Likewise for Type-C charging, except the TUF Dash F15 does have this, A15 does not.

      1. Marc M.

        One clarification please, is the 54 watt cpu thermal on all strix and versions? And is it possible to assign more thermal headroom to the cpu at the expense of the gpu?

      2. Harry Towbin

        I’m sorry to ask but could you put the link so I can find it because idk if this laptop is available for purchase because I can’t find it

      3. Machistmo

        I can imagine someone calling Asus and saying ‘but Jarrod said it had ________ feature! I demand a refund!’

      4. ᕦò_óˇᕤ

        @Shankar 400 maybe for you...

      5. Shankar 400

        Only problem is ASUS ROG series isn't having a cam which is a crucial aspect.

    2. Dad Dy

      Asus looses because lots of their gaming laptop doesnt have a mux switch which should be standard on all gaming laptops!

    3. SSG(SuperStareGry)

      They still look so clunky and heavy. Not the best looking laptops if you ask me, unles of course you are 12.

    4. Gheorghe Petean

      2 months later msi kicks asus’s butt :) in gaming Or ?

    5. the sri lankan guy

      I like how none of them have a face cam.

    6. Ravi Peiris

      Thank you,

    7. Jared Pecotich

      Love the shirt!

    8. ChicaBala

      So Asus basically have best thermals? Where can i find some good results about thermals. Thinking about getting one, what you guys think?

    9. Jakub Rubeš

      I've returned this PC Asus Strix Scar17 G733 with Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3070 for 2 reasons. First right speaker start resonating and vibrating with bass and second was the keyboard. Really I am eager to find what general public will say after this hype from new product ends because for me it was one of the worst keyboard EVER. Like high pitched cheap sound, really light and not much tactile. Funny enough for writing it felt right and plesurable but for gaming (which is purpose of this laptop) it felt terrible. Minimal response from keys, being affraid to rest my fingers on it for accidental press .... its deffinately subjective feeling so thats why I am curious if its just me cause every ''youtuber'' is so happy with it.

    10. edsblogging. com

      Too noisy

    11. Darkhorse 2021

      And NONE of the ryzen units available yet😠

    12. Anthony

      Jarrod, in your opinion, for 2021 what are the top three 15 to 16 inches display gaming laptops ranging up to $2000(primarily for day trading)? Thank you.

    13. Ivo Koimecs

      They forgot the camera ... again! Your boss is calling ... 🤣👍

    14. mike mike

      Which gaming laptop brand is usually better? Asus or Lenovo? Not trying to start a war here just asking

    15. Koutt

      Stuck between acer and asus

    16. se Samuel

      how many years can you use asus gaming laptops

    17. KAJU DESU

      Hey, what did you mean by the Ryzen 4000 series in Tuf a15 will also get an upgrade? Like, will it also apply to the base variant of the present a15s?

      1. KAJU DESU

        need to know coz I'm confused on buying it or waiting for the new one(if there's one)

    18. DJI Drone Travel

      What Is the difference between 5800h and 5900HX? As in UK we only have the AMD 5800H 🤷

    19. Luzitanium

      is Asus built on quality? I looking to get a new gaming laptop I have a lenovo from 2013 and never had problems but its old now, I was thinking about a Legion 5i then this video appeared, I never had a Asus

    20. ㅤ


    21. Akash

      I can't even fathom to afford any of these laptops. Crying wearing my middle class pants

    22. Mansour Killuminati 101

      Yes I love my G731GU Laptop with 1T GB and 32 Ram DDR4 3200MHz with 1660Ti SUPER 6GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost oh and 10 Generation Intel

    23. Etherium Sky Films & Media

      "A'sooos"? ;)

      1. Bump N Run


    24. Hot Rodder News

      Accent and speed of voice your to hard to understand slow down

    25. Pierre Andersson

      Does the keyboard buttons Still have a mushy feeling to them like old rog laptops?

    26. Efreeto

      Thank you for such great videos on your channel! After days of research, I think I'm going to wait for one of these laptops. ASUS and AMD should be paying you! When are they coming out?

    27. Zythepanda

      What laptop here is the cheapest?

      1. Leon Florence

        TUF is usually the ASUS budget line

    28. Diego Herrera

      When and where would i be able to buy one of this?

      1. Bump N Run

        Tax refund...?

    29. KrazyRaf

      У меня такой ноут. Asus G733QR (HG014T) рассказываю: жидкий металл только на процессоре! термопаста на видеокарте. Зачем так сделали, не знаю. Температуры для такого монстра хорошие. не 95 градусов ) 80-85. с охлаждающей подставкой и вытягивающим внешним вентилятором 75 градусов в играх (проц) видюха от 70 до 75 смотря в каких условиях. написано, что проц 4.6 ГГЦ, по-факту работает в основном 4.2 редко до 4.5 под сильной нагрузкой 4.0 от видюхи ждал почему-то большего. ну хрен знает ) клавиатура оптико-механическая. очень круто. вэбкамеры нет - пох. подсведка - хорошая. экран - топ. но в играх с 60 герц, как бы не хотелось, но так себе картинка ... экран шире чем у MSI GE73, при этом сам ноутбук уже (более узкий). крышка-накладка (гавно), приглеил на двухсторонний скотч, ибо не держится как хотелось бы. КЕЙ-стоун херня, не знаю , зачем его придумали, также на двухсторонний скотч приклил. в случае чего, можно вытащить, но не так легко, как без скотча ) СКОТЧ СИЛА) Даже на ноутбуках за 80.000 грн. в плане оптимальности, это самый выгодный ноутбук, лучше нет. тупо нету за эти бабки. за 120.000 ноуты хуже, чем за эти 80.000 Система на борту Windows 10 Home (сразу можно сносить это вонючее тупое гавно). Поставил ломанную винду ПРО 10 спустя неделю. ибо зависания , лаги, проблемы, откаты уже надоели с этим ХОУМ версией винды. Если кто не знал, то ХОУМ версия - ТИХИЙ УЖАС. звук - огонь. но есть одно но... сабвуферы (которые под ноутом) дребежжат на громком звуке. такого гавна у меня нет с сабами на MSI GE73 Два верхних динамика стоят под экраном. что удобно на постели. но я бы не ставил на постель любой ноут. Прорезиненая нижняя крышка (поддон) не вся, но всё же, удобно. качество сборки.... средне ) на мой взгляд можно было сделать лучше намного!!! рамки вокруг экрана странные. они как-будто бы не приклеяны. ... ну ... такоэ бл9! за эти то деньги.... но в целом на 70% доволен. спс за внимание

    30. Tranquility

      Respect to asus for going with amd

    31. Chris Okereke

      They really won with their low tdp laptops...... sarcasm on

    32. Luke Bruce

      Why are the dual screen monitors only 15 inches wtf. Make em 17 ffs!

    33. Daus Yusoff

      nice video..

    34. Raghav Singhania

      Jarrod :- asus laptops are the best Optimus:-well thats where you are wrong kid

    35. Crusade

      choosing a laptop is like trying to split an atom with a credit card

    36. G-tech Souliaris

      whats your opinion about scar 17 with ryzen 9 and rtx 3070 without mux switch?

    37. Captain Yossarian

      If only you could actually buy one.

    38. Yellir Iss

      Asus software really sucks!!!!!! I bought gx502gv - total crap!!!!! Throttling (even on rtx2060), really loud even in chrome (performance mod!!!!, turbo sounds like rocket and it's just work in browser). It's not even a half of problems at all!!!! Never, please, neve buy it.

    39. Maxim


    40. ANURAG SHARMA 2970

      will i get any of these under 1600 dollars

    41. Tobin Lee

      Legion 5 or any of these tho 😤

    42. Machistmo

      Pure AMD - this is what I am waiting for. Navi 22 baby 🍼

    43. IO9802

      Liquid metal is nice of course, but how am I to repaste it in about a year when it inevitably wears out? Especially with an AMD chip with a ton of little things around it.

    44. thelithiumcat

      You can get the TUF A15 with Ryzen 9 as well

    45. Cole Mickens

      Dang, great video, love the timestamps, insta-subscribe. Cheers.

    46. Bad_Randy

      A great wealth of information 🤠 sadly it's very distracting when you add the letter R following any word with an O. Vide-err for example. But maybe that's a thing in Australia. But still a great video.

    47. Fierypickles

      They lookin to crush it this year

    48. Diksaca Yehovah

      I pre-ordered an ASUS Zephyrus ROG 15.6 QHD Ryzen 9 5900HS with RTX 3070, how do we find out wattage on the gpu and whether or not we can disable Optimus which ruins performance?

    49. Glenn Vatista

      What about the Asus Strix G17? I'm hearing conflicting responses to it. I just preordered and I'm wondering if I should stick with it.

    50. OhMy MyM

      Ur editing makes me dizzy, try pausin a bit dude between subject changes! Sorry...cannot adapt to ur style, I’m sure you’re giving good info though

    51. WinfieldFTW!

      any idea when this will be ready?, how much would cost?

    52. Games and Stuff

      “Both the G14 and the G14” 😂😂😂

    53. Dark_Matter

      A little sceptical about the pricing of these things and the wattage at which the GPU's will run. Looks very promising though! If only they had a webcam :(

    54. FCB1708

      My god so man Options. Can someone give an order for the Asus Models, so which series should be the top Model and which the Basic. I Kind dont get it

    55. I couldn’t think Of a good name

      Why are you telling them that they can increase the prices

    56. BollvigBlack

      i was about to buy Duo but then i found out it has no webcam. like WTF

      1. BollvigBlack

        @Leon Florence not that comfortable

      2. Leon Florence

        Just get an external. Not that expensive

    57. Victor Hugo Guerra Hernandez

      TUF Dash F15 or TUF A15? Which is better?

    58. Jee Aspirant

      Waiting for HP OMEN 2021

      1. Jarrod'sTech

        Me too!

    59. Brandon Renrut

      How much we estimating the G15 5900 and 3080 to cost?

    60. Alex Angelov

      please make video about new Acer nitro 5.

    61. Lawrence Glover

      The marked fiction affectively glue because food intracellularly succeed qua a windy magic. observant, sore toy

    62. done807

      Tuf a15 2021 review, please! And have a great day! Oh, and do you know anything about its actual release date??

      1. D Ben

        Damm im still waiting for it too!

    63. l'esguil


    64. Magnet [Baybars Taha] Official [Bekmez]

      Do you think tuf dash a15 so models with amd processors are produced?

    65. Petrusion

      I want to get a desktop replacement notebook this year. I hope there's going to be a thick and heavy 4k 120Hz 17" (or more) notebook with a desktop ryzen 5000 socket and an rtx 3080, hopefully Alienware or OriginPC (or any other brand for that matter) make one throughout the year. That being said, I absolutely LOVE the secondary screen of Zephyrus Duo, but the notebook is too thin and small for my liking.

    66. Nuxcy Buddies

      Can legion 5 pro be a good choice instead of tuf ???

    67. David Hany

      Can you please review the new scar 17

    68. Obey. Exe

      Is there a hdmi to 2 hdmi splitter that can transfer 1080p 144hz? Trying to do a laptop setup, But want to utilize all of the laptops power? I want to put it on a 27 inch monitor and a second 24 inch monitor?

    69. Sebastian Byczkowski

      All of the Asus gaming laptops don't feature built-in webcam, which is a deal breaker for me. Well why, you ask? I will not be running around and attaching external webcam to top bezel of screen and to an usb port like I did with my 2001 Toshiba. Nope. So I will be looking at MSI GE76 or Gigabyte Areo 17. Another stupid move by Asus to remove built-in webcams from all their gaming laptops.

    70. Severinsen

      Now that the next gen is out, I can *finally* purchase the previous gen! Still waiting on that Ideapad 3 vs. Acer Nitro 5 comparison! (both 15,6" with a Ryzen CPU)

    71. Grayson Smith

      I hope this will have the better variant of whatever gpu it has. PSA to look at reviews of whatever laptop your buying, as Nvidia has let MaxP/Q wither and die. So we are back to multiple laptop variants of the same card that perform worse than desktop variants to varying degrees. Tech reviews for laptops are now more important than ever.

    72. Марио Стоилов

      The others are sticking with intel because of thunderbolt. Seems that there is no Ryzen with that.

    73. Joe schmoe

      Always love a nice white laptop

    74. Gaith Saleh

      the rog strix looking so fucking good

    75. dcuoSyMBOLiC

      In September I got the Asus m15 Nvidia rtx 2070 q max design graphics card 16 gb ram 1 tb space and 240ghz 3ms screen with thunderbolt technology and its a i7 how does that one match up vs the others you think? Was it the right pick? And it's of course liquid metal for cooling

    76. Black Mamba

      What is there was a budget gaming laptop with like a 3060 and some Ryzen 3/5 CPU

    77. Bastiaan Oskam

      Testing out? Testing Trying out.

    78. Timmy’s Confusing Adventure

      Welp I just bought a £4000 laptop for nothing then. Legit two weeks after I buy this laptop they come out with a new one. This is a big L

    79. AldorCrap

      Does anyone knows when is this line up being release? Also, whats the differences between zephyrus g14 and g15? Only the screen size?

    80. Yasin Mohamed

      When will these be out on sale?....I planning to buy tuf a15.

    81. DeathNSmallDoses

      Have to admit Asus with the strix 15. Has hit a sweet spot on cost to perf. £2,000 laptop 5800h and 3800. Just hope the reviews on it are great then I will be picking it up! 1080p upto 300hz mobile gaming and then if I need connect up to my av/oled TV for the 4k goodness when home.

    82. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

      Yep. This comment is off-topic. I apologize. 😔 Just really desperate. Struggling for the past couple of months. Perhaps, since pandemic started. Lost pretty much everything. Have to stoop this low in order to pay bills & feed the fam. There are days though that I almost got back to my feet & then things happened. Life's crazy. A roller coaster ride. But I've been down for so long. If you're financially blessed, would you mind sharing some to me? I badly need my laptop to be fixed or get a new one, whichever is practical, in order to work & earn during the lockdown (got a job opp but can't start bec I don't have a laptop). I did try everything I can. Can't really afford to get the laptop fixed or get a new one. If I have a few penny, it'll only goes to bills. One scratch, one peck. But yeah, if you don't really mind... Just need to get back to my feet. 😢 Or if you have an old yet working laptop, my email is just on my about. Thank you & GOD bless. ❤

    83. vKeeblerElfv

      My wallet is ready for these reviews. New Ryzen + high-end GPU in 17in!

    84. Mebli Jebli

      Aaaanddd theyre overpriced, as always

    85. Trump 8 MEGA 200 Now

      X13 is 7:55 NOT 7:35

    86. xtrakare

      If only they released f15 with ryzen cpu...

    87. BURSTspeed

      Is the 2021 TUF A15 with improved cooling for sale yet? How can you tell if it's the newest model? There are some listed on amazon but are seemingly 2020 models even though they claim 2021.

    88. Wacho

      Asus lap look awesome but im ultra poor :c

    89. James Calhoun

      Well this is causing me grief. I almost pulled the trigger on the legion 7i but now I kinda wanna wait. 2021 is looking like a good year for laptops.

    90. RobotB0B

      What’s your opinion on the HP pavilion

    91. TheKelzx

      Currently Have the Asus Strix gl702zc and its on its last legs, its overheating and cutting out So I am looking at the SCAR 17

    92. TheClassyGamer Playz


    93. AZE FUAD

      So , where to buy Scar 17?

    94. mauia888

      Why do they have to improve cooling THIS recent? I am concerned about buying a gaming laptop so recently released. I worry if I get one that's come out not long ago, it'll be more likely to have problems. Is this an unfounded concern?

    95. Nate Catona

      Whats awesome is that your growing and you still reply to comments. Something we dont get from others like unboxing therapy and so forth.

      1. Jarrod'sTech


    96. Himanshu Saini

      Any guesses about availability and pricing guys? And Availability in India

    97. Trinh Thanh Trung

      Nice Insomnium T-shirt! \m/

    98. Vinnie11V

      So the only difference between the scar 15 and scar 17 is the screen size?

    99. Vankata Mladenov

      Apparently they are using the 62.5% srgb, 25ms responce time crapy panda panel on some of the variants. So if it says Value IPS-level panel in the description stay away from it.

    100. Marvin Alvarez

      great video and insomnium is fucking awesome! definitely subbing