Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni

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    Gepubliceerd op 14 dagen geleden


    1. R4Plaz

      Idk but they seem more nice that NYC

    2. Cristyl Jean


    3. team paul

      The third guy sounds like sleepy hallow if he had a British accent swear to me

    4. Yusra Mahomed

      This is too catchy

    5. Garrett Maplethorpe

      I don’t like American rap and I’m American but this is pretty good

    6. ElwinBruv

      adeola's all over the world gassed rn

    7. Ibrahim Dali

      2:30 this is under rated

    8. Hexted

      I could do without fivio on all these songs tbh

    9. Hassan Khadija

      now imagine pop was on this😓😬

    10. Shanika Brant

      If I beat it I ain’t wearing a jolly

    11. Daanbeer Grewal

      3X3 lads on it.

    12. Shanika Brant


    13. zukn

      yo, Arrdee's part is fking crazy

    14. Lexy Z

      hold on cuz y’all heard the guy who rapped with the american accent?! he goes hard

    15. your mother

      yo british music isnt that bad

    16. Leonardo Gutierrez Cobian

      Bruh some of these drill uk rap be so fire. Arrdee went crazyyyyyyy

    17. Tavia Dennis

      2:26 - 2:28 he's attractive asf..it's the smile for me

    18. ceceee

      watching this as a confused american 💀💀 arrdee’s verse hard as hell tho

    19. Pilar Silvera

      love the vibee

    20. TGL Discharge

      who else here cause of arrdee

    21. ceo of covid-19

      SHEESSSHHH 🔥🔥🔥

    22. SKII 360

      arrdee and russ carried this 😭

    23. Zeruu Gamez

      9 verses on this song

    24. RMF- Execution

      what does everyone think about having fivio foreign on this UK rap song?

    25. Itz Me

      i'm american so does anybody rec any other drill songs

      1. Kash 7

        yo abracadabra- on deck and on deck remix

    26. Eddey


    27. McFlizzle

      Dutchavelli would be dirty on this 🔥

    28. Andrew Berumen

      the editor got hella props i bet

    29. Mahithe king

      0:30 shout out to the editor your a goat

    30. King Cinema

      Best song ever everyone killed it


      is arrdee the only white boy?

    32. The Leviathan

      Why the FUCK is Fivio Foreign here. lmao

      1. AeroDynamic

        @Lord Spongebob agreed

      2. Lord Spongebob

        He did better than everyone here except buni

    33. trevor campbell

      Fivio running wit pop smoke blueprint , if u kno pop was the only ny drill artist trying to unit uk and ny drill

    34. Big B.N.F. Lil Savage

      Ngl everybody was fyee but i came here FIVIOOO💯💯💯 he went fire and when i heard the beat go off and said whole up i went crzyyyy

    35. Toloh


    36. Paulina Barbero

      this is sick 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    37. Scathachz

      leave a trail bro

    38. Kingston Pye

      Madd part sheshhhhhh

    39. Gabrielle Gerdes

      Bruv i cant stop playing this

    40. Alice Svi

      I laugh every time at 0:32 when Russ comes out staring at the screen all serious and then pulls an imaginary gear shift from his imaginary car

    41. Sam Rosendary

      They lit

    42. Ninjashadow

      “Yo, Tizzy, my killy, I'm litty, I'm burst And her body come silly (Ayy) pull up to the AP (Ayy)(Ayy) 'cause we're gonna get busy, (Ayy) the king of my city for really” This was fire with the beat

    43. Zarah Ingleton

      This shii go hard idc idc

    44. Yahya Sokeirik

      1:48 is fire

    45. MoneyS1

      For Myself 0:40-1:08 ArrDee 1:22-1:47 3x3E1 1:48-2:16 Bugzy Malone 2:30-2:57 Fivio Foreign 2:57-3:24 ZT 3:24-3:51 Darkoo 3:52-4:18 Buni

    46. keenan soto


    47. keenan soto

      Is it me or I thought it was north😭

    48. Space kid

      Uk going crazy bro

    49. Space kid

      HARD ASF G

    50. alexis cathlin

      move r0d3nts, i. tryna listen to arrdee and arrdee only🙄

    51. Tamar Pérez

      The feminist in me leaves when I sing this song. 😩

    52. No Cap

      0:44 Morgz on the track

    53. PrincessA

      fivio foreign is so random but it’s still 🔥

    54. lone wolf cod

      Sooooo morgz quit youtube to make music ok morgz dropping barz

    55. Spurs 365

      I know ordnance road ✋

    56. Nadia Ahmed

      sheesh this bangs so hard

    57. Havod Ak

      They had the killers (ZT) The foreign import (fivio) Rappers (Tion and everyone else) And the unique voice guy (Russ) The white guy (Arrdee)

    58. Cronnyyy Ok??????

      Y does he sound like morgz

    59. BIONIC Worm

      Name one word

    60. Dan Diego

      this is so hard

    61. walden mcnair

      DARKOO went hard

    62. KGZ X

      Fivio carried these English niggas 😂

      1. Ninjashadow

        Heavy 🧢, Arrdee did

    63. Cory Holbert

      British rap has no right to be this catchy

    64. Gege V

      ‼‼ darkoo did they ting ‼‼

    65. jhiuhg we

      copied da baby dance he is ass lol lol olololoolololololololololoolololoolo

    66. Ryan Nunes

      Can u uk mans tell me wtf a jolly is

    67. Icey Editzz

      i’m so ..

    68. Caleb Cohen

      I'm American and I'm not trying to hate but I can't listen to this kind of music because I'm conceded to UK rap, and same goes for American rap

    69. JL - 05SS 874525 Carberry PS

      POV: you thought morgz was in this

    70. Ken


    71. waste of a yute

      only UK song i mess with

    72. Tora Dejear


    73. PocoLoco

      My fav part 0:00 - 4:40

    74. PocoLoco

      Selling replay buttons, each costs a like 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00

    75. PocoLoco

      This was the best part 0:00 - 4:40

    76. PocoLoco

      0:40 - 1:08 🔥🔥🔥

    77. Kidra Music

      This song desperately needed Abracadabra 🥺

      1. Bald Digga D 2.0

        Ur gay

    78. Its.me.

      Arrdee part is FIREEEEE

    79. Ralph Langdon

      Did Liz approve ?

    80. LilSkii

      This is what y’all hypin up

      1. Vikram Kashyap

        Fr man

    81. 1K no videos Challenge!?!?

      Fairs to Americans hyping uk drill up after this finally seeing what pop smoke saw

    82. Brxzy

      I only know uk drill exist from aitch lmao

      1. Bald Digga D 2.0

        Aitch isn't a drill artist you set 8

    83. No AH

      At I the only one in love with ArrDees verse bro🔥

    84. Certified Prick

      Buni has the best flow

    85. Blix Goated

      Bro this went hardddd 🔥🔥🔥

    86. lorna

      i didn’t even realize this song had two tiktok trends in it 💀 hell i didn’t even know it had more than one person rapping in it

    87. WSN Clan

      0:30 SHEIKEEENN/ / / /

    88. Team FRZ

      Dang morgz

    89. Pôo Etoune Meka

      the fact that arrdee is the one rapping in the remix instead of aitch lmao. his verse is lit man not gonna lie

    90. Pôo Etoune Meka

      istg yeah, american ppl need to stop thinking they're the only ones or are the best bruv. UK drill is lit, american rap also is cool so you lot stop with the comparisons. Makes no sense. And personally, British ppl should stop seeking american ppl's validation like i dont get why we need to make it about the US all the time like the UK and the US are so different

    91. Jinelle XD

      Arrdee went hard!

    92. WSN Clan


    93. Justin Simard

      Fivio verse was just straight Up 🔥🔥🔥

    94. josh jetton

      i never thought I'd listen too British rap music 😭 but here I am BYE

    95. Rxnxm

      fucking bugsehh malonee

    96. Nope

      Bruh white boy had to go get ready for prep school in the morning. 😂🤣

    97. Nope

      The dude in the orange got the best verse. 🔥

    98. Quentin Waring

      BOOLETTT😭shi catchy af

    99. Ayoub Labidi

      Arrde best verse, ❤️❤️

    100. sentinel ll

      not the tiktok kids coming just to see one guy lol

      1. Ryan Hanson