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    I checked all the streams two days ago and combined the streams if the song had more than one version (like Italy's songs that tend to be shortened for eurovision)

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    1. eurofannn91

      UPDATE: Arcade has now taken over Soldi and is now the most streamed eurovision song on Spotify

      1. SpeEdo

        Ovcourse lol

      2. klaas de paas haas mr. haas

        by a lot

      3. Renata Tzika

        Yes thanks to Tik Tok🤣🤣🤣

      4. Rick Baller

        currently over 400 milion streams

      5. Ada S

        Honestly, both songs are amazing!

    2. Ольга Брикалова

      Lol where is UNO?!!

    3. Azra Kul

      2010 Eurovision: Manga/ We Could be the Same It has to be on the List.

    4. Sümeyye Olcay

      The single most successful country is Sweden 💪

    5. Jem Walker

      at least half of fuego's streams are just me

    6. MarionParoo Too

      "looks at Maneskin*....Well this got outdated quickly XD

    7. 【ɐpɐɹıP ɐuɐʇıdɐC】

      I work at a supermarket. In Spain. A supermarket exclusive of our region. Mahmood's song is in our playlist lol

    8. Toad

      10:15 honestly, that voicecrack is gorgeous.

    9. Smack Head Steve

      Michael Schulte is the ed sheeran in germany

    10. Julia Maas

      Ik ben julia maas eurovision favoriete songs slow down La vanda Rhythm inside Soldi Shum La la la love Last dance Tout l' univers Mata hari Lie to me Waterloo He mamma Don't Come easy Beautiful mess She got me Feel Alive You Let me walk alone Were am Fuego Lovewave Heroes Strom Arcade My songs best

    11. Marjona Qayumova

      I love Mahmood

    12. Ching Chong

      Zitte e buoni should be in 3 now with 148 M plays

    13. eteri morikawa

      ви гона рапапап

    14. Srpski Alpha

      Arcade is coming for you

    15. Sky Magic

      "Sweden - Move" was 2020 an damit 2019

    16. Carina Michelle Kaufmann

      I'm still mad that Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria) didn't win in 2017...

    17. AlexsisWin

      Mahmood - Soldi (Italy) Duncan Laurence - Arcade (the Netherlands) Loic Nottet - Rhythme Inside (Belgium) Aminata Savagado - Love Injected (Latvia) Alekseev - Forever (Belarus) /by the way Russian version I like a way more, because he slays his vocals Little Big - Uno (Russia) Eric Saade - Popular (Sweden) Loreen - Euphoria (Sweden)

    18. AlexsisWin

      Back in the days thanks to Eurovision I've become a fan of Eric Saade, it was my first celebrity crush

    19. William Eilish

      Yass I loved soldi so much

    20. T. Motsyk

      Why some songs do better in spotify than in the contest: the live version can't catch up to the studio version :(

    21. GreyMack

      Shocked by the song at no.1 no memory of it at all

      1. John-Richard Elliott

        @GreyMack Soldi is no longer number 1. It was overtaken months ago by Arcade.

      2. GreyMack

        @John-Richard Elliott didn't notice anything related to the number 1 however my comment was just that I don't remember that song

      3. John-Richard Elliott

        Did you read the update comment from the uploader?

    22. Filip

      *zitti e buoni has entered the chat*

    23. Vedran Vrdoljak

      It feels like every 3rd song is a italian one

    24. Maris Ti

      WHAAAAT I didn't even know ''If I were sorry'' were a Eurovision son

    25. An unknown viewer

      She got me by luca hanni was such a great song tho

    26. amazing_me_01

      I just noticed. Duncan Laurence has almost 10x more streams then the population of the Netherlands.

    27. Sean Kirkham

      How is city lights 28 and la la love is 29? Am I the only one who thought city lights was one of the dullest songs ever?

    28. Tenshi

      2015 and 2017

    29. Unknown Person

      I hope I'll see we could be the same Nope~

      1. Unknown Person

        @Daisy hatingugol I almost listened 100 times on Spotify 😅 Ohh that's weird :(

      2. Daisy hatingugol

        only 5.9 million streams on spotify unfortunately :(

    30. Alex Daniel

      So it's basically Sweden vs Italy, and 2016 vs 2019, hehe

    31. Nelson Fischer

      Anybody else missing Verka Serduchka? 😂 #icon

    32. Maria Briantseva

      It's just the Sanremo slaying! people find those songs from there first, and then additional people jump on the bandwagon during ESC.

    33. Renata Tzika


    34. Original Italian Guy

      Ehy, don't mind me. I'm here just to take my daily dose of pride

    35. VicxGaming

      abba 5th decades after release thats what u call legends

    36. Rom B-

      Where is Little Big?

      1. Воробьёва Алиса

        Spotify entered the Russian Market only last year, it's not yet so popular

      2. Daisy hatingugol

        15 million spotify streams, still not enough to reach top 50 today. 65th place.

    37. Ellie

      i didnt even know that blanche went to the eurovion songcontest

    38. 𝕬'𝖒𝖆 𝕭𝖔𝖙✓

      Постоянно думаю, что Кристиан Костов это Alekseev из Украины 😂

    39. Giorgia

      L’Italia regna!💙

    40. Senan.024

      MATA HARİ??

      1. Daisy hatingugol

        currently 93rd won't reach top 50

    41. Franz Friedrich

      There are some songs which in my opinion don't deserve to be here

    42. K.A.D.

      Italy is literally the best country in ESC: Francesca, Mahmood, Maneskin, Il Volo. Greetings from Poland!

    43. Mariann Makrai ///Tralangia

      Secret garden nowhere, what about thhose Lemon trees?

    44. Förnamn Efternamn

      Sweden is relentless!

    45. Esham The unholy

      Boring music

    46. kal bi

      There are three songs from Greek contestants here I'm very happy!

    47. Rick

      3:50 i am at least responsible for 30+ streams 😂

    48. Khasrou 74


    49. Ariana Abdić Kralj

      Amar pelos dois is my favorite forever, it should be top 10 🙈

    50. Irene HvR

      next time also include the countries! (or place the streams data differently) I'm so curious to know!

    51. Karui Sixx

      We can include now "Zittie e buoni" at 5th place with 102million

      1. Daisy hatingugol

        6th (This video is from january, people stream the songs, numbers don't stay the same) (Second edit: idk how you missed waterloo having 113 million streams even in the video though)

    52. Francesco Giovanni Zollo

      Italy + Sweden: we are the rulers of Eurovision!

    53. Sylwia _310

      Satellite, If I were sorry and Euphoria give me really good vibes

    54. Zach Stutzman

      For those of you that are wondering, Ziti E Buoni currently sits at number 6 on the list with 102,000,000 streams as of 15-6-21 (assuming the songs on these lists haven's changed much in streams.

      1. Daisy hatingugol

        Yeah and should reach 4th place in the 1st/2nd week of july

      2. Lorenzo Tucano

        Arcade has now 410 million streams. Apart from that, nothing changed much.

    55. Xelyzn

      aight listen up, I think there has to be little big from 2020 :)

    56. clara remy

      Mahmood is so iconic

    57. Veronica Ligovid

      Sweden always delivers

    58. Mario Diaz

      Can we just agree that netta's toy didnt deserve the dub

    59. spO0ked

      Already Zitti e buoni is at 97mil streams on Spotify, it’s catching up!

    60. Marina And The Little devils is my icon

      Eurovision 2021 songs bombarding that list

    61. necu ti kazem

      ukraine 2019...

    62. Nameless Stranger

      Lol i only like one song from the whole list 🤣

    63. ESC FR matteo

      Sweden ATE STREAM

    64. Ebrar G.

      i didn't know beautiful mess was an eurovision song.

    65. Ger Alcantara

      Mahmood ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    66. Marisa Gonçalves

      Number 37 salvador sobral…love it

    67. Lara Orlando

      Italians do it better.

    68. Warbler Lo

      I’m offended on Verka’s behalf

    69. american runs the cover for wahhabis

      stupid tacky contest

    70. S every

      Soldi and Arcade never gets old

    71. Buntina

      The mamas move Michael Schulte you let me walk alone

    72. rosie

      Soldi is such a good song. I'm definitely responsible for 10.000 or more streams xD

    73. Lisa -

      Italy is dominating that list haha

    74. Leslie


    75. Ashley Watkinson


    76. Saegge eggeas

      Arcade is insane with more than 400 million streams on spotify

    77. MuchaHonra2

      Rise Like a Phoenix is way too low

    78. Daisy hatingugol

      heroes sucks

    79. guru 777

      Вангую: 1-е место в этом топе 1 место займёт группа Go_A - SHUM

    80. Mia Döring

      2016 was the best year. Change my mind!

    81. Ismael

      Soldi better than Euphoria!?!? Never

    82. JustAnotherHuman

      2018 seems to have been a really good year for Eurovision

    83. Nico

      1958, Domenico Modugno published "Nel Blu Dipinto di blu" , 45rpm vynil and sold millions of copies, 60s, 70s, 80s the musicassettes era, it kept selling 80s 90s cd era, it kept selling millions of copies dvd era, music videos era, it kept selling millions present days, streaming era, millions of streams and still in the most streamed eurovisions songs. I'm pretty sure in a century or two millions of people will keep listening to his "Volare" in ways we cannot even immagine from the poles of Mercury to the icy moons of Neptune, when all the rest of these song will be long forgotten. :)

      1. Воробьёва Алиса

        And he didn't win 😅

      2. Daisy hatingugol

        the planet will be extinct by next century because of global warming

    84. Тигрик Пикчерс

      Conchita Wurst: 41 place Sanna Nielsen: 12 place Spotify proves that victory was completely undeserved.

      1. Daisy hatingugol

        that and the fact the swedes stream their songs a lot

    85. Help Me

      Bruh so Arcade had 170.000.000 streams 4 months and now 400.000.000. I know that TikTok had a lot to do with it, but how is the song so much more popular 2 years after it won in 2019…

      1. Daisy hatingugol

        Because tiktok makes songs spread easily. Not hard to imagine.

      2. Lorenzo Tucano

        Because it became a worldwide hit. Especially in South East Asia it is huge.

    86. migebonn

      No Ja ja ding dong...???

    87. Jordan Lock

      Euphoria is easily the best by far

    88. Onur Erised

      Soldi is such a COOL song!

    89. Moni Hristova


    90. Taras Sharvan

      Soldi are you kidding me ? 🤣

    91. Belén Mp08

      Lie to me y dance you off tenían que estar jajaja que las sigo teniendo en bucle de vez en cuando

    92. Наиль Невматулин

      Hate Swedish pop want to vomit :(

    93. Marsel Bazarov

      Thank you so much

    94. theycallmealien

      when the No2 song of the years have more streams than the No1. GIVE EUROVISION BACK TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

      1. Lorenzo Tucano

        @theycallmealien the tele voters gave Netta 317 points and Eleni 253 points. So why are you blaming juries?

      2. theycallmealien

        @John-Richard Elliott I mean generally. As is (or was) with Toy and Fuego. I know it is an old video. And I am one of those fans that believe that juries do more harm than good. At least not 50%.

      3. John-Richard Elliott

        Arcade is number 1. And has been for months. There is an update comment from the uploader. It currently has over 400 million streams on Spotify.

    95. Cathelijne Kuiper

      i did not know that you let me walk alone was from Eurovision

      1. Lorenzo Tucano

        Funny enough, the Netherlands was the only country in which it was a huge hit.

    96. Andrea Rapisarda

      1955 Domenico Modugno ( Nel blu dipinto di blu) 😀😍

    97. xyz

      Not even one turkish song? Wtf

    98. John Martens

      2015 was a really good year, remember many of them, Rhythm Inside and Grande Amore are great!

    99. Schradinho

      The Mamas in 2019? Should be 2020.

    100. Nico Schouten

      Arcade has more than 400.000.000 streams.. Calm after the storm also 40.000.000 streams

      1. Daisy hatingugol

        The video is from january