Upgrading My Desk AGAIN! (Ikea / Amazon)

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    I wanted to take you along as I completely redid my Gaming Room! It all started with a few ideas and I am still kindve shocked with how well it turned out! Like I said in the video, I will always be changing things in my setup to make it all work and look better, this setup isn't perfect, but I hope it helps you and inspires your own ideas for your setups.
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    Things I used in this video (Affiliate Links):
    Desk risers
    Desk Risers (Stainless Steel)
    LED strip
    RGB Bulb
    Monitor Stands
    (single) amzn.to/3bg4pb0
    (double) amzn.to/2U7IvB9
    Extended Mousepad
    Lighting kit
    **Just a warning about the foam, the ones I got were inconsistent in color and material. Obviously they got the job done, but it may be better to buy all of your foam in one kit rather than from separate sellers or separate packs like I did.**
    (Amazon link no longer available)
    T Pins for Foam
    (Non-Affiliate Links)
    Desk top
    Adjustable Table Legs
    Cheaper Alternatives
    Desk top
    Fixed Legs
    *This is not a sponsored video, I am just sharing my own opinions. I do however, make earnings from the Amazon Associates Product Links.*

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    1. Scott Thompson

      I’d like to know the color code and brand of the paint! Looks really clean.

      1. ricardo aquino

        @Matt's Tech & Vlogs what is the width of your desk ?

      2. Laura Brown

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      3. Grand Master Glass

        @Matt's Tech & Vlogs What desk top did you use?

      4. Ezequiel G

        Im going to try and make an L setup like this in my room just got to know the size of table I need

      5. BAD TO THE BONE

        @Matt's Tech & Vlogs How's feel to have a Wife?

    2. Jackson Wheeler

      What’s the type of foam called

    3. Nikumi Mito

      Looks very nice

    4. Grey Fox

      Clean wanted to do something like this myself.

    5. Dann Cozey

      Great video and sweet setup my dude, I would love to know where you got that sofa? Looks sweeeeeet

    6. Mauricio Sánchez

      I have the same monitors, they are really good price/quality

    7. Jordan Holland

      he did not link tthe couch D:

    8. Luke Schlueter

      thoughts on having a black and white theme computer with this setup? or is exclusively a black theme better.

    9. Robin

      Nice setup! Whats the link for the foam?

    10. Brooks McKnight

      What kind of wood is this? Looking into building a desk of my own and I'm curious to know.

      1. OneParkerman

        Karbly it think

    11. Bruce Moniz

      Dude Cable Managment

    12. DawkinsPlays

      Wow...you look really high lol good vid

    13. Adam G 123

      I think that you have accidentally put the wrong link for the black risers. The one that you put is 10in but in the vid, you said 4in. This was an amazing vid :)

    14. Esoteric Chaos

      Really love your setup 👍👍👍

    15. Jonathan Mendez

      Great set up man! Got me motivated to build my own!

    16. Samuel Person

      Love the video!

    17. Candor Icon

      The Black/Grey/Blue colour scheme is awesome. Desk is awesome. Awesome job.

    18. Nat Another Tech Channel

      Absolutely love the colour of the desk with the black Alex drawers! Nice job!

    19. Coop

      @Matt's Tech & Vlogs do you by chance now the total length for the L shape i know there both 74inch but with the other one in the corner do you know the total can you also tell me the length for the short side? Thanks in advance ☺

    20. _bjarki

      1:13 i thought he said my KIA anyways

    21. Momin Qureshi

      Good computer table

    22. deepblue2

      Looks slick AF. Very nice.

    23. Danger_Donut _

      this guy seems like the person to be the life of the party or the class clown, an absolute king to be around.

    24. Dale Gribble

      What color paint is that?

    25. George Beattie

      This seems to be the exact desk setup for 95% of NLnamers, those drawers are all over my feed.



    27. trippin balls

      Nice bro, what was the overall price of the desk?

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        Way too much! like $700, but I had half of the stuff already.

    28. Pascalaphour Aphour

      i wanna build my gameroom and im ready but i fear for the color of my wall. My wall has an eggshell color and i do not know what desk color matches with it. I need help on what desk color to buy from ikea. I will grateful if i get a reply soon. thank you

    29. ChanWoo Park

      what color are those alex drawers from ikea? black or grey color from the website?

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        Mine are the “grey” ones. But the “black/brown” ones look nice too and have a little wood grain to them.

    30. Marco Cabebe

      So are the desk tops connected to the table risers or are they loose?

    31. tha Kidd La

      The build is nice how sturdy is the table with the lifters

    32. Roman Ari

      I love the L shape desk setup and I also want to do the IKEA desk hack but can’t decide whether I want a sit and stand desk and maybe one countertop desk or your L shape design? How do you like the height as it should measure 33” from floor to top? Is it comfy for sitting long and is it too low for standing desk work?

    33. will burns

      thank you this was very usefull

    34. Armaan Bhangoo

      Man took a page from randomfrankp

    35. JoshuaNoor

      Too bad the worktops are out of stock as soon as I went to buy one

    36. Leivy

      I've seen a lot of videos of this setup so I'm happy that you made a video of how you made the setup because not many people show how they made the desk and I want to get something like this too

    37. Grimer180

      did you attach the table top to the risers or is it just resting on them?

    38. Cody P

      What color is the alex drawers

    39. NyteMyre

      Having the same drawers and tabletop, the desk is already at a good height. Adding those additional standoffs would make it WAY to tall for me.

    40. DeVaunToon

      This is exactly what I want to do

    41. bong dodo tan

      i want to buy table top but i think ikea doesnt support shipping in ph sad.

    42. Whed.

      I got my everything i need for the desk, i just don’t know how to drill lmao. So can you just tell me exactly what you used to drill in the legs, and be specific please. Thank you, also awesome video, and setup.

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        I just found a drill bit that was a a little smaller than the screws. Measured and marked with a pencil, (and i actually put the risers on the drawers and made sure they were straight and even, and then marked where the holes should go while holding the riser in place), drilled with the bit to make a pilot hole, and then screwed in the screws.

    43. Robert Gray

      Do you still like your desk? Any changes needed?

      1. Robert Gray

        @Matt's Tech & Vlogs Thank you. What is the height to the top of your desk without the risers? I bet it looks better too.

      2. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        I ended up removing the risers, just for personal preference and comfort.

    44. Ronaldo Lilander

      Would love this desk but it would be like 300 euros and idk if I need THAT much space I would love the room to put my drink and food safely, would absolutely love it, no more accidental spilling

    45. Antonius Leo

      Thank you, Matt !

    46. Taylor Wachacha

      For those foam sound panels you should have just gotten some poster board, cut accordingly, glue/use some type of adhesive to mount the panels to the poster board except for the corner panels, mount the board using the T screw thing where those corner panels aren’t, then finally glue the corner panels over top of the T screws. Would have kept those shiny screws from standing out.

    47. NRG Slayer

      This man looks 99% Identical to FaZe Orba

    48. WreckitFpv

      What size screws did you use to anchor the legs to the tabletop ?? I have the same width tabletop ,putting some electric legs on it . Thanks

    49. False Positive

      You inspired me to be inspired.

    50. CabriiSbe3_

      This was literally the way I was thinking of in my head so I just thought to look it up on yt to see if someone had the same thing just so I could see if it would look nice and holy shit you’ve absolutely smashed this desk set up definitely doing it like that now thanks for the awesome video man

    51. kca180

      F for the cable management

    52. Gabriella Parente

      I love the countertop but my room is too small for it so where do I get one that color about 5 feet???

    53. icant seeitall

      Does the table top slide at all with those risers?

    54. TEMPER

      This is the type of desk I want, I wouldn’t mind building it like you did, just want to know where you got the wood for the desk

      1. Sean

        He purchased the ikea karlby countertop. They are sitting on the ikea alex drawers

    55. matt lucero

      R the 4 inches legs r stable for mouse keyboard and pc on top of the wood

    56. Vexx4k

      Question, was it hard to put it all together? I wanna do something like this but idk if ikea furniture is hard to put together, also do the standoff’s keep the table tops on well?

    57. kagawa djeribie

      اريكة جميلة والطفة اجمل ماشاء الله

    58. michelle ramzy

      love your desk and the lumiy lamp is so brightttttttt

    59. Grand Master Glass

      9:04 where did you get that couch?

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        Ashley Furniture. I know they have alot of expensive stuff for like over $2,000. but that couch was only $300.

    60. Kuroyukikaze Kanade

      ....where on earth did u get those stand offs

      1. Kuroyukikaze Kanade

        @Matt's Tech & Vlogs lucky you, i cant find any black ones in my area :(

      2. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        They were easy to find when I got them, now all I can find is the silver looking stainless steel ones.

    61. Taco_Syndicate

      No prices? Come on big dog...

    62. AdoraBrutality

      question! did you just set the desktop onto the legs? or did you somehow attach them?

    63. ANTHONY

      nice clean look! not over kill.

    64. Craig Dalrymple

      Did you have to cut the worktop, as the Karlby worktop is deeper than the Alex drawer units?

    65. Alexander Marek

      very good job, this looks indeed very nice!!

    66. Nav Anand

      Kid, you need more sleep. Get some.

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        It’s either sleep or make NLname videos 😬👌

    67. G R

      great video i like the customization and thought into your setup

    68. JSX 03

      Awesome setup but the paint is just too dark lol... if you want a literal cave, you got it.... but that's just dark

    69. key1george

      how did you make your monitor arm that short

    70. Andrew Rudolph

      Can you tell me what furniture legs you used? Also did you get the 42" deep or the 25-5/8" counter top?

    71. Soergut

      Digga, Karlby + Alex is the most basic u can possibly get

    72. Soergut

      Bro ikea IS the budget. Not getting cheaper than that. At least if u dont wanna build it urself.

    73. Daydragon1234

      I noticed IKEA has two different kinds. They have a KARLBY Countertop for kitchen island, walnut/veneer74x42x1 1/2 " for $279.00 KARLBY Countertop, walnut/veneer74x1 1/2 " for $189.00 Which one did you get? And for yours, are they both the same size or is one bigger then the other?

    74. Key Kay

      lmao i have a gaming chair but no desk for gaming or a gaming pc even LOL. i wish i had the money for a pc smh

    75. M K.U

      Do the Alex drawers come with anything that woudl keep that top from moving around? I want a set up like this, but I don’t want to screw the top and Alex drawers together.

    76. Thibeauthomas7

      How do you put the table top on that black things?

    77. Margarito Lopez

      The room looks great! Nicely done! What is the size of the room? This inspired me!

    78. Laura Brown

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    79. TayFC

      Part 781

    80. Laura Brown

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    81. T2112

      Cool desk. Now get a real chair for adults like a Herman Miller or Steelcase. Your back will thank you in the future.

    82. Darce Ross

      Any issues with bowing so far?

    83. John Lopez

      This desk is awesome. Did you happen to see anything similar to the Alex drawers? Closest ikea to me is almost 3 hours away.

    84. Joseph Halecky

      Love this build. It looks clean and professional. I just want to know how you secured the desk top to the desk risers(if you secured them at all). I would assume weight would be enough, but I'd want to somehow connect the top of the desk to the bottom of those risers.

    85. Jose Maldonado

      awesome video. what's the exact height of your desk?

    86. A Positiv

      yo man what are the dimensions of each of your countertops? I know you bought the 74" karlby, but was it the 25"D or the 42" ? (Im thinking 25 based on the size of your mousepad). and ALSO what size did you cut your second top down to? It's shorter to compensate for the corner yes?

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        They are both the 74” by 25”. I didn’t cut the second one, it just looks shorter because it goes all the way to that back wall, so you only see 50” of it. But yeah, they are both 74” uncut.

    87. Gerardo Zuccalà

      I like monitor stands, i will buy them, Thanks you

    88. Jayson Turcios

      What’s the wall color?

    89. Ja son

      Can u pls say the 74" and 78" in cm for the European guys here

      1. Whyg400 Man

        Search up on google :)

    90. Sonia Alonso

      Hi! I would like to know where you bought the sound canceling panels. Greetings!

      1. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        I bought mine from amazon, but the link no longer exists. They were 12” by 12” panels that were 2” thick.

    91. Snævar Bjarki

      How long is the desk?

    92. Aiden Meyer

      i could stay in that room forever, well done

    93. KJB Cyber

      He watches Jon sandman for sure

      1. KJB Cyber

        Love your setup

      2. KJB Cyber

        Pluse I could tell u like rocket league

      3. KJB Cyber

        Because u have the chekered sound proof things on the wall

      4. Matt's Tech & Vlogs

        ??? Why?

    94. T0P0TV Official

      Ikea linnmon is too lightweight its empty inside.. and it flexes on his own weight just with a slighly warm room. Stop please use it on setups... Please....

    95. Tina

      Looks Awesome

    96. Schnadez

      Sweet room! Now you just need some new monitors! The ones you have now look pretty dated

    97. Joni Nunes

      Very nice, congrats from Brazil

    98. Christopher Gomez

      How much did all cost

    99. Ben Flippz

      im probably way too late for a response, but i was wondering what legs you used in that back corner?

      1. Noah Webster

        look up desk legs on ikea and you can find the adjustable and non adjustable ones

    100. Daniel Benson

      What length screws did you use for the standoffs? Mine came with screws that are too long and would go all the way through the top of the Alex drawer. I'll probably head to Home Depot and get some 1/2" wood screws.