Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the minuscule risks, but some parents still question their safety. John Oliver discusses why some people may still feel uncertainty about childhood vaccinations.
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    1. You tell me What’s my name

      Funny!!! A scientist talks about vaccine:50k views John Oliver: studied English at Christ’s 1995-1998 Gets 23 Million views I mean really people ?! No hate toward the man tho

    2. darkjannn

      19:00 The SOB actually pronounces it FEAR-etical. Twice. It's obvious what his business model hinges on.

    3. Mike

      All Americans (not just anericans) should be made to watch these with matchsticks propping open their eyes .

    4. NeonNational

      I'm autistic, but I was diagnosed before i got the MMR vaccine. What the f*** conspiracy-loving a**holes?

      1. eeeaten

        To be fair the antivaxxers don’t say _every_ case or autism is from vaccines, or that _every_ vaccine causes autism

    5. Noel Rodrigues

      I am from India both working educated parents still they r uneducated about the covid vaccine.I live in Mumbai cases r really high here I want my grandparents atleast vaccinated they r 90 yrs old they r at much higher risk These idiots don't even know wat they r doing and say I'm just born now. I am 18 and tried attempting med school so I obviously studied about the virus in clg before it even came in existence.I think the problem lies with too much information which causes fake news and disinformation on the internet WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW politely explaining or arguing is definitely not working 🥺

    6. Jason Sansone

      John Oliver looks like an owl who can’t get a date for prom

    7. THE BOI

      Halfway through and this is already one of the most chaotic last week tonight's I've seen. With "The human body is a true carnival of horrors and frankly, I'm embarrassed to have one." And now a full minute of John Oliver insulting various fish.

      1. THE BOI

        Almost immediately after writing this he started talking about how minions will murder us if given the chance. (And frankly, he's right.)

    8. antiqueroadshow Holla

      Don't worry everyone! Now that there's a vaccine, everyone that takes it will be 100% immune and will no longer need to social distance or wear a mask! And if for some reason you happen to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, then the manufacturer will take full responsibility and help you with any medical costs!!! Thank god for big pharma!!!

      1. Ocal

        There are many people who will be doubtful about your claims there..

    9. Mrs Mime

      Still not getting vaccinated.

      1. eeeaten

        prefer death and disease?

    10. Myriam MH

      I am antivirus 😂

    11. Styx In Clouds

      usa this what you laughing about? this is suposed to be funny? after this forced fish bit i had to close this. i getting dumber by watching this

    12. juliet

      Kidd Rock for senator in Michigan.

    13. TWihl

      A doctor should know the old saying “the dose makes the poison”. Water can kill you if you drink enough. Not all mercury of all amounts of mercury are poisonous.

    14. Grant Imahara

      There's a lot of people trying to figure out how to spell pus now lol.

    15. Johnny A Quaglia Jr

      Wow, that was a powerful ending, Mr. Oliver!

    16. Alejandro Zapata

      He looked so young and full of life back then... Now his britishness has overtaken him.

    17. Gathoblaster

      John Oliver. The madlad who someone fits roasting the very concept of fish into a segment about vaccines

    18. doug keyes

      Maybe that's what's wrong with trump's children

    19. Chris Lau

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    20. Cla Tayag

      The null society splenomegaly polish because india proportionately step notwithstanding a invincible lumber. last, cute squid

      1. Kamya Rampal

        What is this??? 1500's medivial English? I don't understand you. Can you write normal. What are you trying to say about india ????

    21. Callum Reid

      my quesrion is this .. WHY THE FUCK IS BEING AUTISITIC SO BAD IN THIER MINDS? like if i was autistic i would be hella offended by this

    22. randomness

      If it's not vaccines it's something bc there's a high correlation btw autistic cases and western nations.



    24. Jan Murray

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    25. Muneeb Shamsi

      Woah! As a father to another, thanks mate for helping me get over my lizard brain!

    26. Mrinalini Bondyopadhyay

      I am from India and my parents firstborn. When I was an infant, my parents consciously made the decision to give me all the vaccines required from a licensed pediatrician, on schedule and trust me, I am still living. Never got any serious side-effects, and also never got any serious diseases during my childhood. And I am still living, 17 beautiful years on Earth.

      1. Kamya Rampal

        @Mrs Mime no they are not. Their parents bad genes cause autism. I would suggest that we should hang the parents if their kids have autism. It's their fault. It's a crime against humanity. #hangtheparents #notthevacccines

      2. Mrs Mime

        Tell that to all the autistic kids who are screwed up from vaccines. You got lucky.

    27. Chance Robinson

      He’s talking about vaccinating children, who haven’t got fully developed immune systems yet, not adults. Analogizing children with adults is one of the great propaganda weapons in the arsenal of COVID-19 vaccine proponents. Sickening....

      1. deletedexe

        I mean except for the fact that many vaccines are specifically designed for and tested with children in mind, not adults. The reason minors haven't been able to get a vaccination for Covid is that researchers hadn't finished child-specific testing. Literally the opposite of analogizing children with adults, mate.

    28. Joseph Crupper/Cali Je

      I forgot that people used to laugh at his jokes

    29. Nahin Noor

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    30. colorsfly

      wow, that is now much more relevant...

    31. Spooky Miracle Preacher

      I’m not taking something that has zero long term testing and has zero liability negatively altering or destroying a person’s life with a vaccine injury. I’m sorry but other people aren’t going to decide that for me to make yourselves feel “safe.” There was an article the other day on nih doctors forced to take the swine flu vaccine are suing after it ruined their lives.

      1. deletedexe

        What do you mean? There is always long-term testing, it's literally a requirement of getting a vaccine approved by the FDA.

    32. bertjesklotepino

      the sheep say baa

    33. Blip Machine

      As always, the British parrot was ahead of his time.

    34. Nathan Johnson

      I am really hope people will not make life changing decisions after listening to a professional comedian who has an obvious bias. He is paid by HBO who is owned by Warner Media who is owned by AT&T. He has a formula , take a sound bite, then trash the person thoroughly, but not take up what they said. For example, Rob Schneider, said it’s the parents choice to vaccinate not the government. Instead of saying that what he said is crazy , he makes fun of him because of the odd characters he plays as an actor. I think most people agree it’s the parents responsibility but he dismissed that. And that’s how he does it over and over.

      1. deletedexe

        I think you're missing that the entire point of the show was to educate people on vaccines, and show that it is safe and effective for children. He is literally telling parents it is their choice, and simply trying to convince them to listen to credible facts and research. Also, I think it's ok to have a bias towards wanting people to not die from disease lmao.

      2. Ooopiegoo Hurp

        He makes fun of AT&T all the tome, and you are a dumbass if your anti vaccine

    35. Ker Lozano

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    36. Joseph Foran

      Bravo, John. My thinking cap got hot-Ty for teaching class in intelligence.

    37. Professor Hani

      Remove all the swearing and bad words, and I will make my children watch your every single show EXCEPT the ones where you agree with and promote the BOGUS theory of evolution

      1. Inevitable Ban

        We can already see evolution in many animals I’ll even give you an example. If you agree, you agree, If you don’t tell me why.

    38. Bruce Eaton

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    39. ahtan2000

      John looks like an owl who cant get a date for prom

    40. TheSimpleXtruth

      All vaccines have done is cause more death and autism and God only knows what else in our children and in everyone else who takes them. You may want to stop spreading false information and stop being like all the other mainstream media Outlets

      1. Just John Smith

        Anyone who labels themselves as enlightened rather than demonstrating it through their real actions and actual knowledge, is nothing but a pharisee. Consider a change in your perspective and lifestyle.

    41. Darkstarscream 1

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    42. MegaScarletti

      "all of the epidemics have disappeared" *enter the pandemic*

    43. Jaymizzyfoshizzy Mo

      just recommended.... hmmm

    44. Veronica West

      Speaking of 🐟.. Why are you not speaking about the oceans being depleted by the year 2048?!??

    45. Brand Augment

      Maybe we should give children less milk over a longer period of time. Is this good for the child? No. Is underdosing a vaccine going to create effective immunity? Probably not. Many medications and vaccines only work if a certain threshold is reached.

    46. Dr. Ruth

      there is evidence that abuse of pharmaceutical use of antibiotics is linked to autism, take care of your gut biome!

      1. deletedexe

        Where tho, like unless you can show several credible, peer-reviewed studies, I don't think you can just spout that there's a link.

    47. Cryptic Light

      Quick! Everyone run out and get the vaccine from a virus that has 99.97% survivability rate and has killed the same number as people as the flu. Which coinenciedentaly has replaced the flu. Where did the flu go? Hmmmm idiots. Quickly. All of you go out and get the shot so I no longer have to live in a world with such stupid sheep. Get all six brands. China and Russia have their own brands, they will increase your odds of not catching covid. You won't even know you have it because you won't feel symptoms, scary.

      1. deletedexe

        I mean, people got the vaccine for polio and measles, and well those aren't major diseases anymore, so we kinda have a historical track record of vaccines working, no? Not to mention you can literally observe samples of Covid and Influenza under the microscope and see that they're distinctly different. But I mean ignorance will ignore, I guess?

      2. Jimmy Swaggart

        The case fatality rate is conservatively estimated to be 1%. In my country which is a very first world country the case fatality rate is 3%. But let’s go with the 1% Ok sounds good doesn't it but let’s extrapolate that shall we let’s take just the USA seen as you have quoted the CDC. If as predicted 70 million to 150 million U.S. residents will contract COVID-19. A 1% mortality rate at that scale of infection is between 700,000 and 1.5 million dead - roughly the population of Washington, D.C., on the low end or the entire population of Hawaii on the high end. A 1% mortality rate is 10 times deadlier than the normal flu. So remember that is just the USA. So no problem then 700,000 to 1.5 Million that's acceptable yes? The deadliest flu seasons inn the USA were in 1967 when about 100,000 Americans died, 1957 when 116,000 died and the Spanish flu of 1918 when 675,000 died, according to the CDC. CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018-2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza. So far you have 561,000 deaths related to covid. So tell me again how this has killed the same number of people as the Flu.

    48. Silly Boy

      Just to let you know fish breath air in water, dumb dumb, can you breath air in water? :)

    49. mvicksdog

      This video aged like fine wine. Anti vaxxers age like milk.

    50. George Ferminky

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    51. C Eh

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    52. Roarsome 65

      I have autism and I find it quite insulting that people think that vaccines cause autism when they don't.

      1. icenetic

        @Instivir lekholm please explain what you mean

      2. Lloyd Hedges

        @Instivir lekholmwhat the hell is that pseudo intellectual nonsense even supposed to mean? It's not a label it's a misrepresentation of people with a mental disability as a whole that delegitimises the issues we face. Piss off.

      3. Instivir lekholm

        Stop experiencing your life through a label.

      4. Lloyd Hedges

        I also have autism and I find it insulting that there are parents in the world that would rather there kids die then turn out "like us".

    53. Melinda Dunn

      Autism causes vaccines. Many think some of the world's greatest scientists have autism.

    54. Darkstarscream 1

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    55. Mickey Moran

      Don't get vaccinated! I know two adults who never got vaccinated, and never got sick once and I've known them since they were really little.shows what these ppl know, which is nothing. Don't ever inject anything into your body. Take vitamins, work out, eat healthier. There ya go.

      1. deletedexe

        I mean there's only every person who's died of a disease ever to dispute that lol, oh I do wonder why before vaccines everyone died from disease, but I *guess* it's just a crazy coincidence.

      2. Silvan Bissig

        I know someone who got shoot and survived and is fine now. Go get shoot, recover as a stronger person and then work out a little and then your fine. That's your argument in a nutshell😘

      3. FunForU

        *curb your enthusiasm theme intensifies*

      4. stalkerdeb

        Are you serious!!!????

    56. Tamara Mobbs

      A link can't be "found" between every bad thing and a disease. Many diseases result from accumulation of many bad things. Example, cancer. To "find a link," a scientific study has to be done, and will scientific studies will be done on all the bad things that can harm us? Of course not! Some things need common sense. A huge number of chemicals have "no data" meaning no scientific study has been done on them, yet they're still in our foods or our personal use items. Also to "find a link" means to find a strong direct causal link, in a single study that prevents other factors from interacting with the factor being studied (i.e. all other things held equal). How many things are directly causal in this world? That's why the study of racism in the U.S. has grown to include institutional racism, and intersections of race and other factors. Just because someone didn't directly deny jobs on the basis of color doesn't mean that persons of all races got an equal opportunity to get the job; those who spend more than a minute thinking and applying a little knowledge of history realize that other more subtle factors are involved, including factors that happened years before the result (i.e. kids going to poor schools with high crime and fewer learning opportunities could result in fewer black engineers in the long run, not because the engineering companies were racist, but because higher numbers of black kids live in disadvantages neighborhoods in the U.S. due to discrimination that happened to their grandparents.) So it is with diseases -- they often manifest years after the damage and due to an accumulation of damages. Limiting oneself to looking for one causal factor for diseases is so limiting, it's honestly nonsense and stupid. Yet that's really what it means to say "no link was found." Holding "interactions" between factors constant in a study makes as much sense as ignoring intersections between race and culture in a study. Looking at a study over weeks or even a few years of one dose makes as much sense of a psychologist looking at events just the last two years in the life of their patients. Interactions and intersections are how real life works, and cumulative effects of many bad things in small doses can have huge long-standing consequences. Ask a doctor what causes high blood pressure and cancer or why obesity is so hard to reverse and you can peel it down to they don't know. The American medical community has primarily reduced the science that they will accept to scientific studies that find direct causal links for things, which just can't get the job down, just can't answer for everything. I have no doubt that's the main reason the U.S. has more deaths from chronic diseases than most other countries. We have blinders on, limiting ourselves. Scientific studies are useful, but so are other types of science that look at the theory of how things work, like biochemistry, physics, electro-chemistry, and kinematics. Herbs CAN be studied scientifically, they just aren't in the American "medicine" (i.e. drugs) and pharmacology (they are in some other countries). Our complex natural bodies react in the natural world. Just because a little dose of something isn't enough to kill a rat or rabbit in a one-time study doesn't mean it's harmless. We know that one way our bodies handle unnatural altered foods like trans-fats is to hide them away in our fat cells, and those toxins often don't "hurt us" while they're locked away (except hurting us by the secondary effects of obesity), but only when they're released such as in detox diets (which is why now smart nutritionalists are saying require lots of water and antioxidants in the first phase of detox, and water plus amino acids in the second phase of detox to deal with the toxic by-products of fasting, i.e. neutralize free radicals). We can't only care about things for which direct causal links have been found and documented. We really need to apply more common sense. I mean, can't we just say mercury is harmful for humans? That's common sense. There's got to be theoretical science behind that, but I don't have time to go out and study it right now. Do we have to find "a direct link" between the specific mercury compound in a drug and killing an animal to know better than to use mercury as a preservative in a drug? The dental professions put mercury in amalgam fillings for decades and thousands of patients before admitting it wasn't a good practice and finding alternative materials. Trans-fats were hailed as healthy for a good 20 years at least in mainstream nutrition (taught in universities and food corporations) while "health nuts" said they had to be bad by common sense (I mean, does it make sense to make our food in a chemistry lab?) until the studies were finally done that linked them to disease. If I find a brand new exotic species of mushroom or berry in an untraversed section of forest, and yet I don't find a study that's linked it to a disease in a google search, am I going to pop it in my mouth? No, due to common sense. Very likely the study just hasn't been done yet! Many chemicals have been made for which no studies in mammals or fish have been done, and many are finding their way into our bodies in small amounts through environmental toxins (cleaning supplies, pillows or pajamas, cooking pans, litter into streams/rivers, drinking water that wasn't treated well enough to remove them...). We humans should do more research of many types (not just clinical trials) and less persecution of each other. We humans don't yet know as much as we think we do. We should proceed with more humility and more research. I really enjoy listening to John Oliver (and laughing through the whole show), but I don’t agree with him in this one episode. (P.S. I still get a lot of vaccines, but not all, and do they ever load the infant vaccines up in a big whollop of a dose! How does that make sense?)

      1. Tamara Mobbs

        P.S. Have there been many direct single causes for autism found? I don't think so. Also, autism isn't one thing, it's now seen as a spectrum. It can manifest in different ways over a long period of time. Similar to depression. Hard to measure for it in a clinical trial. Hard to rule out what doesn't contribute to it, in a scientific way. A lot of what's called "science" is really statistics skewed to a political or well-funded viewpoint, and if I remember right, John Oliver did a great show on that problem one time.

    57. Vinson Harcourt

      Yeah but Flat Earth though...

    58. swat19

      Curious what this safe kind of Mercury is that he is talking about.

    59. PQRDG

      Man, Donald Trump doesn’t understand medicine AT ALL. Imagine what advice he would give to people during a pandemic... entirely theoretical, of course.

    60. Alfredo Aguirre

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    61. mindfuless

      Doesn't care about vaccines we'll find out 3 years later

    62. mario yu

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    63. Carmela h

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    64. Andrew Jenkinson

      You can store Astrazenica vaccine for ages but you can't sell Pfizer late.

    65. Gabriel Suazo

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    66. Sea of Red

      Now we get to deal with a larger than 1% section of our country who is antivaxx all of a sudden. Man what 4 years has changed. As of now, a pulse survey conducted from jan 6-jan 18 from the US census Bureau has 50.9% of adults saying they will definitely get it, 25.6 percent say probably, 13.9 percent say probably not, and 9.5 say definitely not. If you read through any speech Biden has given, touting the increasing number of people getting vaccinated (which is absolutely amazing), the comment sections are filled with the most inane vitriolic anti-vaxx insanity.

    67. Niko nikic

      This is made pre covid pandemic. Seems convinient.

    68. Misako Deidre

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    69. tubethis777

      Is John Oliver still alive?why are his videos always over 2 or 3 years old?

      1. Elisabeth Dragonknight

        Bro, what?

    70. colovians

      I'm autistic and got my fauci ouchie. Coincidence? I think not

    71. Mary Kate McLaughlin

      I'm rewatching this video the day after I got my first Covid vaccine :) Needles are no bueno but real hot girl shit is getting vaccinated (whenever it's available to you)

    72. brian black

      There is no unbias opinion on whether you should vaccinate your kids is technically true. In other news mortuaries and coffin sellers say vaccines are bad also limited time 10% child size coffins.

    73. David Kusar

      I'm offering to open all of John's jars

    74. Michael Guanga

      Proving a negative has been the constant argument from the GOP

    75. Nadiya O.

      Also, can we talk about how much anti-vaccine rhetoric stigmatizes the lives of people with autism?

      1. Ian Tkach

        Absolutely. Like, let's say for the sake of argument that vaccines DO cause autism (they don't, but let's say they do)... if I ever have a kid, I would much rather they have autism than die from a preventable disease.

    76. jason gay

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    77. Billy B

      The worst example of vaccine skepticism I’ve seen is from Mayim Biyalik. I was such a fan of that prior, she’s very “I’m not anti-vaccine, but...”

    78. jcnwillemsen

      Where can I claim my bribe money the anti-vaxxers are talking about? Anyone? Being an MD for some years, haven't got a penny.

    79. Mara Jaded

      Im an Air Force Vet and my shot record is a mile long, I have no idea what shit they pumped in to me. Did I mention I am fu%$ing crazy.

    80. Pay Love

      Wow watching this today yup trumps view on vaccine still fucking everybody up

    81. ADJ

      Thanks man

    82. Bella’s Vlogs

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    83. Pooh Pasinski

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    84. Nham Bao Uyen

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    85. alesul2007

      Well sure vaccines contain mercury as a preservative but if you think to many vaccines in a short time span ...hence to much dangerous for your children you are some sort of nut job right?

      1. danseanmac

        Yes, did you actually watch the video? The type of mercury found in thimerosal, ethylmercury, differs from methylmercury, the type commonly found in fish and known to be harmful in large amounts. Ethylmercury is broken down and excreted from the body much more quickly than methylmercury, and no scientific study has found a link between ethylmercury and autism or any other harmful effects.

    86. YT Comment

      If they created a vaccine for cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, you can bet your @ss the anti-vaxxers will jump on it, so they can keep eating junk foods, while continuing to pollute the earth with their chemicals. Greedy buggars!

    87. yayoROASTBEEF

      Lmfao at literally EVERY comment here. America is fukked.

    88. beerprayer

      why is no one talking about john olivers horrible mustache in the picture with his kid??

    89. Future Commentary

      You can just reair this and it'll be even more relevant now. Apr. 2021

    90. Geoffrey Jones

      Bottom line Whatever a parent decides is their decision and other people need to mind their business.

      1. Ian Tkach

        No, because if a kid gets sick with a vaccine-preventable disease, they can pass it onto others - particularly people who are immunocompromised and can't get vaccinated themselves.

      2. eeeaten

        @Geoffrey Jones ridiculous. without medical intervention 1/8 mothers die in childbirth. 200 years ago the average age was under 40 years, and around half of our (everyone's) ancestors' children died before they were five years old. not a great track record of care from big momma, right? these are facts - look it up. as far as state intervention goes, when parents make poor choices of care for their children, the community is obliged to intervene. for example if parents believe medicine is evil, the community should intervene so the child is cared for. if parents believe their child should be beaten daily, the community should intervene so the child is unharmed. don't you agree?

      3. Geoffrey Jones

        @eeeaten Yes! Who blessed the parents with the child? Who saw fit to have the child raised by these parents blessed to create this, the child's life? Next, if we take a good look back to generations before "standardized 'medical'" intervention wasn't available to so-called commoners/poor people. We find "Big Momma" using what grew NATURALLY from God's earth, healing and strengthening her brood. Clear it was, looking back, Big pharmaceutical along with BigAgra turned those healthy ones, who listened into pill-popping dependent images of themselves during their elder years. Meanwhile, I'd tender a bet that the majority of centnarians in good health avoid being guinea pigs for the practicing physicians aka doctors. Mr. and Mrs. McElroyi raised up three seemingly fine children. Each became doctors by following similar paths.They each attended BigPharma sponsored medical schools and just about made it a family competition, who'd get the most moola from BigPharma. Of course that meant pushing more drugs through prescriptions than the drugs being pushed on city corn, nope, strike that, streets throughout the 'hood. Idk how old you are but I believe you know how the story goes/is ongoing. If parents need and want 'help', help them according to their understanding. Parents of minor children have an assignment from above which any forced intervention by any one or ones is assault first and foremost. Government is simply a word that describes a group of people forcing their will upon others by means of uniformed duped empowered ninnies.

      4. eeeaten

        @Geoffrey Jones obviously not. Do you also think medical care and discipline should always be exclusively the parents’ business?

      5. Geoffrey Jones

        @eeeaten surely you jest!

    91. TheGreatGatzby

      Watching this while waiting in line for my Pfizer vaccine.

      1. co2 hashoil

        Rip your sacrifice was selfless But your decision to get it was derrp

    92. john anderson

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    93. Avi Akbar

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    94. radio cynic

      12:17 ah, brilliant. the burden of proof is a hell of a drug

    95. Tom N

      problem is, you cannot argue with anti vaxxers.. You cant change their foolish opinions. stupid asf. and they think they are brilliant.. i got 4 of them at work, cant stand them.

      1. eeeaten

        Where do you work?

    96. Daniel Smalheiser

      now i can see my dads penis from 1989 all over again ... thaaaaanks

    97. GerdesDK

      2:46 that's child neglect. What wrong with american parents. Almost any other contry people understand that to eradicate a diseas everybody har to be vaccinated. Otherwise there will always be a moron some where infecting people course he don't trust those vaccines.

    98. GerdesDK

      How can his children have been treated over several years. There were no vaccines back then. It's unbelievable what comes out of that mans mouth sometimes. The worst part is he believes whats he is saying. Course he's the goat of all goat. He always right. Or he will pay to be right. Loaning the money but never paying them back

      1. Abren

        What the fuck are you on about? Of course vaccines existed when Trump's children were babies.

    99. lenny sothern

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    100. Miguel Rogel

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