VENOM Let There be Carnage: EASTER EGGs and Tom Holland Cameo Explained | SPIDER-MAN Breakdown


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    Venom: Let there be Carnage brings two of Spider-Man's most vicious villains to the big screen. We break down every Easter Egg and reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all of the hints that tie this movie to the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. Theer are major indications that this movie is going to include a cameo from Tom Holland.

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    Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey )
    Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright and Katherine Woloson

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    1. ScreenCrush

      Would you rather see Spider-Man fight Venom, or stay in the MCU?

      1. Olden Golden

        @Benjamin Deem venom is a hero now . So why should Peter fight Eddie ?

      2. resverie

        it’d be kinda weird to involve spider-man in the venom movies after cutting him out of the origin story entirely… like. why would they be fighting him?? without spider-man trying to kill the symbiote and inadvertently ruining eddie’s life, they have no reason to want spider-man dead

      3. I finally got my rent

        Stay in the MCU

      4. Gustavo Castellanos

        I’m wondering. Why Venom surges at a church on McGuire movie? Could there be a relation with this in the future?

      5. Rapid HD

        Spider-Man could be in the movie but they just keeping it underwraps

    2. Kevin's Random Stuff

      So, just to be clear, there was no Tom Holland cameo in the trailer? Why did you do that to me?

    3. Lync Price

      Sony needs to stop trying to weasel their way into the MCU. We all need to make sure their stupid spin off universe fails, so that they can sell Spider-man to Disney and finally give Marvel control without having to do stupid things Sony wants.

    4. Stray Ward

      When you say “Easter eggs” do you mean “commonly known things about the Sony/Disney deal”?

    5. cahlell terry

      tbh the person hosting this rlly know the intire movie just by a trailer so basically there is no point in watching VENOM: Let there Be Carnage. LOL

    6. Peter Jarvis

      I am excited about Venom let there be Carnage, but to be honest i am more excited about seeing the Raimi Dock Ock back on the big screen in the new Spiderman Movie! That was my favorite character in the Raimi Spiderman movies besides spidey himself obviously!

    7. Deloris staciehj

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    8. Silver Assassin

      Hope in the 3rd movie they explore more of the symbiotes..

    9. Kellin Teddy

      Chris evans also plays 2 people in marvel movies

    10. Jordan Ault

      I really like that they used the same graphics for the Daily Bugle. We get DTP requests in and whenever an old graphic is used, clients very rarely know who did it or where it is so it's typically easier to just use a new one, especially seeing as brands evolve over time and old ones might not be as inkeeping. They probably had to spend time recreating this to be exactly the same which is cool as it takes effort to do that and is another little bit of effort that isn't typically noticed. The alternative is that Sony is absolutely amazing at archiving their files and that 14 or so years later they were still able to pick out files from ages ago. Would be nice for more companies to take responsibility for their data like that!

    11. dat damn kez

      Should've been called maximum carnage

    12. Dustin Wood

      Stan Lee could still be the creator of Spider-Man comics, in universe. They would just be based on a real character, not a fictional one that he made up

    13. Rockstarrclarke

      Maybe this venom universe should exists with the original spider-man timeline.

    14. J D

      I wonder why they didn't cast carnage with a 90 year old actor, Clint Eastwood wasn't available?

    15. Paul Ballard

      The happy tree technologically tie because motorboat causally snatch of a special way. inexpensive, rabid rowboat

    16. ArchGeek

      Really...y’all aren’t going to mention Toxin’s host...why do these channels always miss this stuff? lol

    17. Matthew Cockburn

      It's not a happy face t-shirt bro, it's a golden state warriors tee

    18. jameil thompson

      I thought the atomic bomb mark look like venom and carnage facing each other

    19. Nathan Ashton

      Venom: kechup? Me: carnage symbiote!?

    20. Jason Cordova

      7:24 “Don’t” “Don’t what?” “Give me hope”

    21. Brent Ryan

      They can easily give the illusion that the Sony movies are in the MCU by including shared characters without referencing the past in the MCU. The Sony movies should stick to ‘showing’ the story instead of using exposition, anyhow…

    22. TxNuttSup

      I think you missed that Detective Mulligan might be Patrick Mulligan, the first host of Toxin carnage’s spawn. Back then toxin was the first symbiote to actually talk to its host. Venom and carnage, when bonded, became one (hence the “WE are venom”) so their thoughts were one, toxin however would hear mulligan telepathically and vice versa

    23. Jeremy Herndon

      The card that Eddie is reading at the start of the trailer that gets splattered by the ketchup is the same card that cadisy is writing, that he squishes a spider on, not a lab tech.

    24. Royalz Bonsai passion

      Ultimate trailer brake down bro your research is next level keep going 🔥🌟🌟👌

    25. Syazwan Chawan

      When will we be seeing 6 arms Spiderman? 🥺

    26. clement Paul

      Spider-Man dying is better than going back to sony

    27. Bereket Philipos Kindo

      The violent clipper maternally tug because owner frequently order times a symptomatic power. present, drunk children

    28. Nate Anderson

      I didn’t even know Andy Serkis was a director. It’s interesting that played a character in the MCU and now is directing a Marvel movie.

    29. Michael Calhoun

      FUNNY SHIT at 7:48

    30. Danny Phantom

      He his part of the mcu

    31. Jeoffry Geff

      I reckon if venom isn’t gonna be in the MCU. They should have Garfield reprise his role of Spider-Man. I mean his Amazing Spider-Man universe was very dark. And venom is extremely dark.

    32. Skilled Gamer

      Maybe he gets shot where the ketchup is as foreshadowing

    33. Jared King


    34. j j


    35. j j


    36. T h e S e c o n d C i t y S a i n t

      The whole breakfast scenes made me think Peter B. Parker was gonna walk in.

    37. C キャッスル

      His shirt was of the golden state warriors not a smiley face, I swear some of you marvel youtubers stretch shit so much

    38. Neutral Artist

      Here's how I would do it: give spiderman a break from the mcu and have him interact more with this Sonyverse...they can do the symbiote saga and the sinister six story. let Peter grow up, go out and face the world, do dark stuff, learn from it and then come back home to the mcu just in time for the next big avengers moment. Tom Holland is getting older and he can't be all childish all the time. But while he is doing sony movies it would be wise on a financial level and fan service level to introduce miles and gwen...they can get their own solo movies and then co star in a teamup film.

    39. Roni de Paula

      Am I the only one who watches ScreenCrush videos just waiting to hear "this is your mom" to give a like ??

    40. StarScreenStudio

      Damn you disney... You break a death man wishes.

    41. Moderately Amused

      Not everything counts as an "Easter Egg." Much of it is just the content of a movie that doesn't take any special knowledge to notice or act as hidden foreshadowing.

    42. Hemanth Kumar

      The cop reading newspaper was said to be Mulligan which could be a reference to Patrick Mulligan aka toxin

    43. Antoine Robinson

      carnage’s actors smile is terrifying

    44. Mike Dufresne


    45. Syed Deyan Play's Games

      Wait is Stan lee is still alive?

    46. Jo

      I’m the best underground artist there is gimmie a chance you won’t be disappointed🙏🏽

    47. Ryan Spengler

      The only thing the trailer doesn't have is anything that makes me want to see it...

    48. Deez Nuts • 23 years ago

      Anyone remember when trailers were for getting hype and weren’t just full on movies

    49. the nail

      The design of Carnage here is missing the Bagley black teeth. Pretty dumb to say it’s right out of the Bagley comics when it’s missing that iconic feature.

    50. Lisa C

      I'm a 51-year-old woman. Is it weird that I love these movies? LOL

    51. David Carruthers

      The Stephen Graham character Insp Mulligan, is Toxin

    52. Cobra Ninja

      I bet it had their own spidey too but never meets him lol

    53. Primitiverock Magazine & iRecords

      lol, that's funny, the daily bugle like an infowars site. I always thought Alex Jones sounds alot like Jaimeson. I mean, has anyone seen them in the same room?

    54. Zack Rentz

      I hope the Spider-Man crossover event is the return of the sinister six aka DOC OC’S COCAINE ROCKET

    55. TALL MEX

      The song 1 is the loneliest number is a call back to spiderman unlimited.

    56. Landen Gracie

      Something you kind of missed was how Cletus said “For the rescuer who never comes” then crushed the spider

    57. Brandon Barlow

      Still think Jim Carey should've been Cletus Cassidy.

    58. Neil Deep

      Tell us the whole film, why don't you... lolol

    59. Ryan Coombs Jr

      Why is everyone hating on the movie? It looks awesome, carnage looks awesome, I don't see how you can hate on the movie.

    60. BlackLagooner

      at 8:53 that isn't a lab tech, that's Kasady smashing the spider. He's writing a letter to Eddie, likely in his own blood. You see Eddie holding a similar letter at another point in the trailer.

    61. Vin D'Andrea

      Carnage looks terrible

    62. Krusty The clowm

      I'm not into these venom movies watching it with no spider-man is like trying watch a ironman movie with no Tony stark or batman with no batman 😂

    63. Joshua Fouse

      That dog at the end is so cute!

    64. Louie G

      I predict a Spider-Man vs Venom and they both team up to kill Carnange

    65. Your mom

      Sony should make a Spider-Man universe all of Spider-Man mcu solo films are kinda boring and feels rushed or unfinished

    66. Cesar Madrigal

      At 8:55 that's no lab technician squashing a spider. That's Kasidy while he writes a post to Eddie Brock, the same post that Eddy is reading at the beggining of the trailer.

    67. TheCubiksRube

      That’s not a happy face lol it’s a golden state warriors logo

    68. Mark Rivas Macias

      Moving Tom Holland Spider-Man into Sony verse?, Yeah I don't think that's going to happen because it's likely many fans don't want Sony to take away Spider-Man, and believe it or not it's likely they're going to give up on Spider-Man rights soon

    69. Andrew O'Brien

      Venom should definitely eat Mrs Chen. She's so cocky

    70. TikyCZ

      I Rly wish they are in MCU or a part of it bcs how in comics carnage can be defeated together with venom and Spider-Man. They have to be connected to MCU someway like morbius

    71. Tristan Cuschieri

      Been searching for my mom for years and this channel is my only source of legitimate clues as to her location. Thanks Ryan.

    72. SandStinger 345

      and what about that symbiote who killed Dora Skirth in venom and that carnage or.................

    73. J Johnson

      Really little shop of horrors

    74. Your Subconscious

      You missed Catchup vs. Ketchup - Catchup is the correct spelling

    75. Appleboymax

      31 second teaser comes out: Screen crush: here’s 427 thing you missed and why your stupid

    76. imike964

      You clocked this trailer, 100% achievement

    77. Nicholas

      I had Maximum Carnage on SNES.... wow.. I'm old now.

    78. YokiSoundEffect

      5:45 JoJo Reference in Venom 2 Trailer

    79. Alvin Rivera

      I am starting to expect the "your mom" joke every time 😂

    80. Cyclone de Monkey

      so Morbius is in the same universe as Venom, but then Venom is also in the same universe as Tobey's Spiderman universe, doesn't that mean there would have been two versions of venom? I'm confused

    81. pvt mclaren

      why do you say "drawing" like a toddler?

    82. Omnitrickster

      What if venom & venom 2 is secretly being written by Sam Rami and this is the Eddie mentioned in Spider-Man 1

    83. jack sprat

      I was going to make a joke about the Maximum Carnage video gaming being canon, but apparently it kinda is. Huh.

    84. Aliquid Gaming

      Sketch of man is called the Vitruvian Man cause of the vitruvian circle. It's suppose to be if man was made perfectly portionate. So all fingers and toes fit inside the circle and the man itself is something like a few inches tall

    85. The Dragon Queen 1998

      8:54 im pretty sure thats Kasady from the scene earlier(the one where we saw him writing), but its a different angle.

    86. Nathaniel Becker

      DON'T eat your mom... But tell your mom I said hello...meow

      1. Nathaniel Becker


    87. K Robert Schlüter

      My guess is that Marvel's deal was that they would develop a Spider-Man that people would be invested in, for the time that they had the rights to him, then they would turn him back over to Sony for a period of time to let them do what they want with him. I think the Multiverse will explain this. And we're gonna get some weird Tom Holland Spider-Man movies in the Sony Universe.

    88. Zaki Hariansyah

      Eddie : You can't eat Mrs. Chen! Venom : I missed the part where that's my problem.

      1. Ken Carson

        You can eat mrs Chen when you fix this damn door !!!

    89. Jose Aponte

      The spider squashing was a nice touch

    90. youssef tarid

      The last part of the trailer when you can see carnage trapped venom reminds me the intro of Spiderman 90s cartoons during the venom saga you can see peter trapped by venom in the same way

    91. Arch Angel

      As an adolescent in the mid 90s, I played the shit out of the Maximum Carnage video game! It was so much fun playing as Spiderman and Venom (depending on the level). With that being said, I really hope Sony pulls out all the stops with this Venom sequel. I think they did a great job casting Woody Harrelson as Cletus Cassidy. He’s been on the radar to play Carnage by the fans for years and they listened and got him to play the role. I enjoyed the first Venom film even though there was a lot room for improvement so I’m hoping the sequel doesn’t disappoint.

    92. Rage D'Brickashaw

      The fact you like the other Venom says it all

    93. Sean Horn

      I mean... carnage is honestly right... we destroy everything we touch.

    94. Aqua Puppers

      That isn’t a happy face at 2:03, it is the NBA team the Golden State Warriors

    95. A Laggy Memer

      0:11 "Venoms Apartment" lol

    96. Vovina

      I wouldn't say Carnage's design is a one-to-one of Mark Bagley's original depiction of him. If anything, it's closer to Kyle Hotz's design since it's mostly red and has bone teeth, rather than being a mix of black and red with black teeth.

    97. S1MONPHOEN1X

      So where's the Tom Holland cameo?

    98. Christi A

      *my god this looks just as awful as the first venom*

    99. HeIios

      I cannot believe that Ullyses Klaue is directing this masterpiece movie. Props to him for being so annoying in MCU and being a good director in Sony Marvel

    100. Levi Workman

      That's not a happy face, it's a golden state shirt.