Vines We Almost Forgot

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    Vines We Almost Forgot

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    1. FuzzHomie

      3 best sidemen right here

    2. Mr.Coconut007

      When Ethan caLLed Harry a Tory. im Crying a singLe Tear. is this Death.

    3. ryan roberts

      When he said jack grealish it sounded like r2d2

    4. the cold hearted hot guy

      I choke on my food laughing at this

    5. Ninja Doggo

      you gotta watch Arthur vines compilations

    6. Noorah Al Ghannam

      Cody koo

    7. Mady ki vines

      4:39 Who else wants JJ to react to it?? 😂✋

    8. RandomVibes

      Unpopular opinion: I preferred and vine to TikTok,

      1. Didn't ask g

        didnt ask g

    9. bry boii

      2:03 *"I'm gonna steal all your stuff aha"*

    10. DBS 21

      6:44 reality here

    11. Ritik Tandon


    12. Itz MoUaDh

      tik tok is just shit tbh

      1. Itz MoUaDh

        @Didn't ask g nice name

      2. Didn't ask g

        agreed but didnt ask g

    13. Gandhar M.

      hell no, vine can never be topped

    14. x.grace_the_ginger.x

      do daz vines next

    15. Inverse Echo

      2:18 is when I cracked up 😂 😂

    16. Nightshade

      I'm a disgrace to Britain. I'm a Brit who doesn't like tea. I have failed us all, I'm so sorry-

      1. Nightshade

        @Tiago Matos I know ;-; I'm pretty sure it's cause I don't like anything that has caffeine in it (I haven't found anything I like anyway) but, uh.. I've betrayed all of Britain, I'm so sorry xD

      2. Tiago Matos

        You.. you MONSTER

    17. E


    18. Ashley Anne


    19. veks

      yeah i probably forgot these vines bc ive never seen half of them like wtf

    20. king of doodoo

      vine is at least 100x better than tiktok. and thats a facts

    21. Aidan Bicer

      what’s the name of the guy at 3:19 i remember him

    22. Ezequiel Arias

      Jesus loves you repent he is coming soon repent before its too late he loves you all he died for us

    23. Minato Shigeta

      I prefer trees than vines

    24. The11thPanther

      Dont disrespect the goat jack grealish

    25. TKM

      imagine vine if came back

    26. Tom Mead

      What’s the song at 3:20?

    27. Koliko CVastro

      vine was better than tiktok, tiktok is dogshit and unfunny cringe people trying to hard

    28. Caliniho37

      Can’t be having this Grealish slander

      1. wolvehampton wanderers18

        Lol ikr when tobi supports a club with bruno penandes who dives whenever he gets tapped in the box

    29. bhow

      5 ads in 3 mins this is an outrage

    30. Charlotte Yaxley

      Sidemen reacts with Ethan, Toby and Harry just hit differently.

      1. DetJoshHD


    31. ArcadeGum

      Subscribe to my NLname Channel!

    32. Roman Empire


    33. Puffs

      Comedy hasn't gone anywhere since 2012

    34. Capitano

      Half of these aren't even the classics

    35. B Dunphy

      Vine ran so TikTok could drool on the floor

    36. 1anonly

      Whats the song called at 3:18

    37. James Wilkinson

      What is that song called where they all sing

    38. Sammy Garcia

      Tik-Tok is still shit and it will always be

    39. Rachel Russell

      Road work ahead I sure hope it does

    40. arun patel


    41. Spray Pain


    42. bouytt guyt

      Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

    43. Chris Eli

      I keep coming back for “when you successfully cancel KSI on twitter” it cracks me the fuck up

    44. Josh Byrne

      7:21 anyone notice Cody ko here

    45. Tripple Six

      Why does harry wear a pizzagate pullover i see that logo and color

    46. Last Vines

      Fu dhdnd

      1. bouytt guyt

        You're so great ??

    47. Last Vines


    48. 88 UWU

      We need the Sidemen to react to the sidemen vines again.

    49. TwofacedSum

      Bruh where du fuck is daz black

    50. Athyth Suthakaran

      the titanic remix vine is better executed than both the original remix and the original song

      1. Athyth Suthakaran

        Dare i say, SIX SECONDS OF HEAVEN

    51. stayweirdkids

      tea in the shower = Tory

    52. Rayyan Sayeed

      21 savage reacts well

    53. Adam Hall

      Wait it’s not normal to drink tea in the shower?

    54. reyez

      3:18 I know I'm not the only who started saying it with them 🤣🤣

    55. Calvin Corcoran

      One of the goth chicks in the thumbnail is a teacher at my school now lol

    56. charlie edward

      Do more of these!

    57. ohhellno x

      the 469 people that disliked are tories

    58. Notthefilms Fam

      if you dont know reggi we cant be friends

    59. SkullGames

      That was too short cant lie

    60. Parvathy VJ

      Bro watch @4:45 and hear what Tobi said.............u will be shocked

    61. scout

      Fuck tiktok vine is Better

    62. Joshua Kohn

      Ethan "Comedy has level'd up" no it fucking hasn't

    63. Jonah 776


    64. aydin bulut

      Tiktok or Vine? (Iam team Vine)

    65. Daniel Grange

      Harry: "That's me when I'm drunk." Flashback to when he headbutted the floor during vs European holiday Sidemen video.

    66. ISAAC WRAY

      Why is Harry wearing a Christmas jumper ? 🤣

    67. Riku


    68. Okay Buddy

      This is an elite trio

    69. Pineapple Rain Productions

      Do another one of these

    70. Issac Denzil

      whats the song @3:20???

    71. Kunal Tanwar

      You guys are using tiktok 🤢

    72. Soop Inc

      Tik tok is Vine on aids, crack, heroin, etc Change my mind

    73. Eve Whyman


    74. Someone

      Harold throughout this whole video: confused unga bunga

    75. Jason Grieve

      Am I the only one who thinks the chick at 1min looks like younger Talia ?

    76. Breaking Dead of Thrones

      Vine > tiktok


      vine crawled so musically can walk and musically walked so tiktok can run

      1. Oshri Dasa

        so many languages but you chose to speak facts

    78. swiggity swoner

      So no one noticed that cody ko was there?

    79. RAH ROY!

      4:32 nobody except the OG’s of NLname will remember this, like this if you are an OG and don’t lie to me

    80. Quindon Zdihan

      They should do a Evan mb vine reacts

    81. Rune Odden

      Song at 3:20??

    82. Red Demon

      Hearing Harry go “nothing but net” made my day as a basketball fan

    83. Sneakeradvice


    84. Andrew Fofie

      This too funny

    85. Venom 8

      Dont ever compare *tiktok* with *Vine* . Its just a request.

    86. Lacey North

      Is it just me or does Harry ware that blue sweater a lot🤣

    87. Robbie Omahony

      I miss vine. Was way better than Tiktok. Times were good when vine was booming

    88. Bentley Brown

      I like Tommyinnit Tell me why I shouldn’t.

      1. Bentley Brown

        @Basketball Player you gay

      2. Basketball Player

        you pleb

    89. Samuel Zoccali

      React to some 21st century memes

    90. Luka Zukic

      Actually vines were funny and tiktok is just full of stupid people and bitches who show their body just get views. Pathetic.

    91. Dylan Sheridan

      The one I’ve been waiting for vine is king 👑 🙌🙌

    92. Custom Brickz

      Why is harry wearing a Christmas jumper

    93. Emily Challinor

      When Ethan said the about jack grealish that shit is funny and true 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    94. CAC Money guides


    95. KingGlo1017

      Can’t even lie most of these weren’t funny at all

    96. Charlie Toenges


    97. Scorpio Playz

      Where is 21 kid he god

    98. Ace

      bri'ish people are funny

    99. Fate and TMB Blinx

      Anyone else here after watching 20 v 1 with harry