WandaVision BUT It's Full Of Memes

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    WandaVision but it's packed full of memes like catjam for Agatha All Along, Agnes winking, and much more. Basically a funny video with a lot of memes on Wandavision which is based on marvel from Disney.

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    Agatha All Along - WandaVision (Agatha's Theme) | EPIC VERSION
    Video link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGS7T...
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    Artist: L'Orchestra Cinématique
    Writer: Kristen Anderson-Lopez/Robert Lopez
    Label: Chapel Music
    Publisher: Copyright Control
    L'Orchestra Cinematique channel: nlname.info/fund/LuE...

    I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. creativecommons.org/licenses/...

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    1. Supercuts Delight

      Sorry if there's some music changed in some clips. The entire WandaVision soundtrack is copyrighted and NLname normally doesn't tell you that you are violating anything music-wise until your video is published and gets views which is very stupid.

      1. Brianna Navarro

        Not wrong

      2. Andrew “Falcon” E

        How would YT know what the copyright terms are on a piece of music until the owner claims it?

      3. n a n a.m x f


      4. Mark Ross

        @Blue Mustard Indeed.

      5. Blue Mustard

        Mark Ross And the “(as in, not my opinion)” just means that my subjective opinion does not influence what is good and bad. Discerning objective quality is as simple as applying consistent standards to the piece of media and using said standards to evaluate the quality. I’m not saying that the objective value has to determine whether you like or dislike something. In many cases, the two evaluations are completely dissimilar. For instance: there are plenty of old movies with objectively awful storytelling that I simply adore subjectively The reverse is also true.

    2. Georgie Romero

      When I give my teacher a small answer to the question she had The teacher: I require elaboration

    3. Pamela Mariela

      The absurd keyboarding inversely cover because security characteristically connect aboard a steady lightning. poor, ambiguous limit

    4. Gillian Ruden

      This was beautiful

    5. Melinda Cryder

      The eight dancer tellingly offend because wrecker immunochemically jump via a miscreant himalayan. ludicrous, freezing arm

    6. Rohan Rahman

      Drunk Vision: HELLO WESTVIEW! GOOD AFTERNOON! IT’S SO LOVELY TO BE- Also Drunk Vision: I’m So SoRrY, eXcUsE mE

    7. Warden Shepard

      4:43 replace The Office with Modern Family and this works better. That's definitely what the 2000s episode was parodying

    8. Paul Oltman

      3:46 vision: Wanda who is this? Wanda: its a crossover bait

    9. Elf Mage Brendan

      1:43 Bruh this just reminds me of that night I pulled an all nighter with a friend and watched The Dragon Prince seasons 1 - 3 and then I went to the shopping centre with another friend the next day and I went home and slept on the bus and then I was just dozing when I got home and it was only 4:00pm 🤣 For your information I am normally wide awake after pulling an all nighter but something about going out for the next full day just Must’ve knocked me out hard 😭

    10. Athena_Games

      I just realized the ant-man / wandavisoin meme I now wanna watch the show all over again because of it.

    11. Supernerds

      I put the show on for my sister and she didn’t want to watch it. Now she won’t get the newer shoes and movies. I tried to warn her

    12. Albert Einstein

      This is absolutely perfect 😂😂😂

    13. Immagonko

      Omfg Cyberpunk joke lmao

    14. Ashley Malfoy

      *vis bumps into railing and says sorry.* me: Are u sure he isn't Canadian

    15. Dina

      My theory for visons death : i think he swapped the life with white vision which means vision might live bc white vision lives outside of west view: what i want to tell is that vision gave him something in white visions blue thingy on his head , then white vision said he is vision and maby he went back to ,,earth/ outside westview and live there” I am not 100% sure its just a theory

    16. Marvel Maximoff

      What soft ware did u use?

    17. Babs Checkett

      4:04 THE WASTED HAHA

    18. Babs Checkett

      3:37 this is the best haha

    19. Babs Checkett

      2:15 okay, that one got me haha

    20. WandaEilish

      Can u do falcon and the winter soldier 😂

    21. Ruth Rios

      Yo but the credits really freaked me out cause the first episode was so light and humorous and so I expected the credits to mimic that but we got a super tense score instead and I was like ' O_O something's going down...'

    22. rudy nosa

      Agatha is so flat

    23. Jerico Parazo

      5:54 terimimator and robocop series

    24. KittyKoala

      Anyone do that lie tree book in school? Well my friend and I realised that the Agatha all along song goes great to that

    25. Anthony Janthony Crowley

      Agatha and Wanda fighting: *throwing magic balls screaming* Vision and Vision fighting: *talking in the library*

    26. Leon

      5:04 wasnt that @HandofBlood ??

    27. Samantha The Vicious

      6:45 New Vision: **We never see in the end scene or anything like that** Me: _"WHERE THE FUCK IS THE VISION!?!!"_

    28. Joshua Nichols

      Vision drunk on gum is the funniest thing I've seen in the MCU. And that's saying something XD.

    29. Phoenix Fire

      Can we talk about the fact that Darcy, Jimmy, and Monica are an amazing trio

    30. crybaby

      what if this was the only proof humans had existed.

    31. Cooper Fletcher

      Me and the boys

    32. Marie Gutierrez

      This actually made me laugh even harder the second time around 🤣🤣


      How was there not a meme about Wanda having a sims pregnancy

    34. Tanner Austin

      the office fan one is true! when I saw it, it reminded me of the office

    35. Geronimo “Roni” Johnston

      So relatable!!

    36. Cryptor 234

      I'm not an X-man fan and i got angry with the "Ralph Bohner" thinh

    37. secondsuduri

      the cyberpunk one nOOOO

    38. Jimmy In Dallas

      Yo this is hilarious.

    39. Painless

      New vivid varient 😂

    40. bambi girl

      the x-men fans bit was so true

    41. Mr. youtube 6

      Your are in the wonda place

    42. Mr. youtube 6

      For the memes

    43. mariemiel

      I absolutely adore the little kitty in the corner headbanging to Agatha All Along :( I love him

    44. Feride Betül Aydın

      03:29 it's been agatha all along

    45. Jaimee Llewellyn

      Not me watching the office as well :)


      5:55 White vision: Star Wars 7,8 and 9 Wanda: me a fan

    47. Donika Matoshi

      The last one killed everything 🤣🤣🤣

    48. wanderingseth

      OMG I watched that last scene ten times before I realised the crowd cheering for the Scarlet Witch being born wasn't really cheering for the Scarlet Witch being born.

    49. Agatha Harkness

      3:46 Oniiiiiii Chaaaannnnnnn😳😱

    50. Agatha Harkness

      2:46 I DIIIIIEEEDDDDDD😆😭😭😭

    51. K maztrinardi2021s

      They keep talking.

    52. Munico

      “Oh, well uhm, me and the boys were playing a game”

    53. Jada

      This was perfect thank you and al of these are so true 😝❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤯💖

    54. Wolfboy gamer323

      All I have to say is HAHAHAHAH :D this was really good

    55. Natalie Quiroz

      Who was that guy at 1:11 I’ve seen him but I don’t remember what he got famous for

    56. Cory builds 3d

      The Monica one made me wee my pants and spill coke on my self 😂🤣😂😂

    57. Paulo PauloDDD Batista

      What a amazing shot that last (which shows fans reacting to Wanda's transformation)

    58. Piper Mays

      When I saw xmen quicksilver I just about lost my dang mind

    59. Aditya Khanna

      The whole series was amazing and this video was awesome too!

    60. Jayden Mederos

      0:05 Im still waiting for the meme

    61. cheese

      “It’s been Agatha all along!” “And I killed Sparky too!” 3:23

    62. Aelita Mcgarden

      Plot twist : Ralph Bohner is an American horror story character

    63. michelle Thornton

      ‘Oh ma gaw- he gone x games’

    64. Awesome Justin

      I ended up laughing my head offfffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA NICE MEME BRO!!!!!!!!!! btw this vid is tooo good i subbed you

    65. Allison Starr

      Not only was this funny and interesting (considering I’ve only seen a handful of Marvel films), it was clean enough to share with my mom. And it wasn’t offensive! Dang, good work my guy/gal/non-binary pal.

    66. Lily Murfitt

      0:13 this is so true

    67. Elias Driesens

      Wanda dit it for the memes all along

    68. Kitkat 13

      Was that last clip from the 2018 football World Cup semifinals? Everyone throws beer in the air here if it looks like we might win.

    69. Rafidur Jholok

      Always wanted a full Wandavision. Finally got it.

    70. kt

      can i just 3:34

    71. Galio

      I miss this show, i miss Wanda 😢

    72. Dovahkiin

      3:45 My reaction as an X-Men fan: 3:49 My sisters reaction who wanted Peitro: 3:34

    73. I try to draw things

      I think the funniest one was the sub teacher one😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    74. L3murKing

      6:46 me every marvel movie

    75. Shelby Pinholster

      I thought it was more similar to Modern Family than The Office.

    76. Ericka Lopez

      Man! The agatha part is so accurate hahahahah

    77. Bitchslapped

      The X-Men thing kinda hurts.

    78. Isabella Blalock


    79. lightwindow-770

      2:55 which episode is this ?


      Thank you for this like

    81. Mya Baca

      Tell me why when you look at what therorizors and what the show was actually like it’s... so different ;-;

    82. Asmr Wonder

      This was the best thing I have ever see

    83. Le Bram

      0:27 I can't stop laughing

    84. Marriah Walsh

      Like the intensity

    85. alma marmolejo


    86. Audrey Sun

      The substitute teacher one hits harder when it's your regular teacher. (Quality memes btw)

    87. Yaya

      Mr. hart looks so definitely not fine

    88. WhiteRaven696

      In the last meme, what were they originally watching? lol

    89. Darth Nivag

      Star Wars when disney bought it: 5:52 - 6:09

    90. Ru Ok

      People who have "nothing to do":

    91. TheGeniusCat

      okay the cyberpunk one got me, you deserve a Like

    92. Ulises Marvels

      3:48 omg ikr im ant man in that situation

    93. Navya Pandit

      Are we not gonna talk about Evan Peters playing Ralph "BohNer"!!!!!!!

    94. Just_Stig

      lol so funny

    95. Jonathan S Fisher (Jonny Boi)

      1:06-1:12 Relatable af!!!!! Like I aint gonna sit thru the credits for that long!! Jeez!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

    96. Little E

      I started sniffling and my eyes got a bit wet when i saw the tony stark one ;-;

    97. Lachlan Viger

      The us government in 2020 is so funny.

    98. Juny Vencio

      The Ending is verry funny hahhaha

    99. Amie Perkins


    100. Anne Moore

      It's so funny how all the videos like this relate 2020 to 2021