WANDAVISION Commercials Explained | Infinity Stone Theories And Hidden Meanings

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    WANDAVISION Commercials Explained | Infinity Stone Theories And Hidden Meanings. We breakdown the Wandavision commercials and discuss the hidden meanings, things you missed, give our theories on them and more. Wandavision is a Disney Plus MCU Marvel Show by Kevin Feige starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. The Show features Agatha Harkness, The Grim Reaper and more. Every week we will be doing Wandavision breakdowns, easter egg videos, theories and ending explaineds so definitely stick around. We will also be discussing upcoming Marvel Phase 4 properties such as Spider-man 3, Loki, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Eternals and Black Widow.
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    Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the worst thing to pop up on the internet since pop ups and this video we're breaking down all the commercials so far in Wandavision.
    These strange intermissions have been dottied (show a picture of Dotty please...I'm sorry) throughout the series and though they just seem like some fun little gags on the surface, there's actually a lot going on with them.
    We start with our first one for the Toastmate all the way back in episode one and are introduced to a male and female character who appear throughout most of the adverts.
    Though we don't know who these people are it has been theorised that they are actually Wanda and Pietro's parents who were killed when they were younger. After being ommitted from the Yo-Magic commercial it was theorised that they didn't appear because the pair were dead by this decade but we'll discuss that later in the video.
    Our first one shows the Toast mate 2000 being advertised by a man and woman played by Ithamar Erinquez and Victoria Blade...as in Blade The Vampire Hunter.
    it's all connected
    We're introduced to a broken piece of crap and Ithamar says "is your husband tired of you burning his toast." This of course plays on the gender roles of the time in which men were primarily seen as the breadwinners whereas women were seen as the bread burners. (play joker stand up clip please where he's bowing and everyones laughing) You having that?
    He kinda mocks the audience for being stupid enough to use an older toaster before taking us to the the Toast Mate 2000 made by start industries. Now there are a couple of details in this that you need to pay attention to...so get off you bloody phone.
    The first is that we are watching something that is broken then being replaced by a model that has all the same functions but seems better. This could be in relation to Vision who was of course killed in Infinity War before being brought back for the series.
    In Tom King's The Vision series he was actually given the nickname Toaster and the front of the machine itself looks a bit like a smiley face with the light in the middle of that potentially representing the mind stone.
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    1. Heavy Spoilers

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      1. P R

        There is a theory about how the commercials are Dr. Strange trying to reach out to Wanda

      2. slomo1203

        @Windell Grooms we called the commercials.

      3. slomo1203

        I so called this one as well!!!

      4. Adewale Akin-Adesina

        I'm so happy you finally got the Lagos pronunciation 😅😀🙌🏽

      5. Ship Master

        I had a friend that said the reason the last advert doesnt follow the same pattern as appearing to be about the infinity stones because it shows that the world is breaking apart around Wanda is she is losing control of Westview. Because things dont seem to be going her way anyway, even things like the adverts dont either showing that we're closer and closer to her own made reality and hold on Westview will soon break

    2. Ham Dinger

      Victoria Blade is so cute

    3. Ash The Trash

      The part with the child could be agatha draining power

    4. Dan Ross

      Love the channel man. And your comparisons and puns are awesome lol for real though. I lol at least 3 times a video. And your analogies are 🔥! Good shit bud. Keep it up, my fellow nerd! That being said I absolutely loved these commercials. My favorite one was probably the Nexus One because of many reasons but they were all so good. Did you also notice that every time she says "Previously on WandaVision," in every episode she gets less and less excited or enthusiastic about saying it? Symbolizing she's getting more and more depressed and losing it more and more as the show progresses. Such a genius little thing to put in! Keep pumping up the Great content my dude!

    5. Dragon empress

      I didn't sub. Guess I'm dead.

    6. Pesky Media

      If Wanda is indeed a Nexus being, how could she disappear in the Thanos snap?

    7. Simon Molina

      It didn't hit me until now but the Yomagic ad is definitely the shark (Pietro controlled by Agnes) and how she almost felt like Wanda was so close to opening up her (Wanda's) magic potential.

    8. Billy Morgan

      You said the woman was different as it went a long but the same actors are used in all the commercials except the yomagic one. Supposedly they are her parents.

    9. Hunter Thomas

      The way the boy in the YoMagic Ad circles his finger around the container is the same as Agatha forming the purple smoke

    10. Sofie DeMare

      Wanda is a top tier avenger!

    11. Josemari Z.

      10:56 “What a Reach.” **Halo Fans Liked That.**

    12. Albert L

      Thanks dude for all the info you fill out empty brains 😂

    13. Matt Miller

      Really insightful. Thank you!

    14. Zenen Himes

      The ticking is also the bomb that fell when her and pietro were trapped under the bed

    15. Melissa Wade

      On the toaster, it says 666 Ur welcome 😉

    16. Damien

      Stark industries build the bomb and Vision.

    17. Damien

      Toaster reference: "forget your past, this is your future" Age of Ultron, Thor stops become obsessed and the passed events, and obsesses on future prophecy, at Clint's house when a toaster goes off.

    18. Miss Malevolent

      I think the YoMagic references what's going to happen, i.e. Agatha draining Wanda. Isn't the shark's surfboard purple (Agatha's color) while the YoMagic is is Strawberry or red (Wanda's color. Being drained like the witches were when they attacked Agatha at the beginning of the episode.

    19. Demsky83

      The Shark is Agatha who wants to snack on Wanda's magic. Wanda is dieing of grief on an island of sorrow and pain.The beeping of the clock is the same beeping as the Stark bomb that lands in their living. The clocks point to 666 perhaps a nod to Memphis to being behind it all.

    20. Tilly Comedy

      your narration is really funny XD

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    22. Hannah Wright

      The toaster is the stark bomb that killed her parents

    23. Brad Kohrmann

      What the heck!

    24. k dog

      the adverts are awesome. seems like someones trying to get wanda to realise things and manipulate her. nightmare maybe?

    25. shachar movies

      So cooolll

    26. Danica Pearce

      Here's a different spin. Everyone things the toaster has to be the mind stone, but the brainwashing soap or even yomagic (since Wanda's magic is from the mind stone) actually make more sense as the mind stone to me... The toaster can be power - Wanda and Pietro were powerless when the bomb struck. I'm not sure if I have space and reality switched, but since the Lagos ad was red, it does seem like the aether. Nexus can be space because of different worlds/realms. time - watch space - nexus reality - lagos power - toaster soul - yomagic mind - soak

    27. Danica Pearce

      I think it's weird that we just learned "it was Agatha all along" and in the next episode we learn that Wanda created the Hex.

    28. Jacob Lubin

      I think after episode 8 we all know what traumatic event the YoMagic ad was representing

    29. LevittownHS

      Great Theories! This series is so well planned and thought out...it needs someone like you to sort it all out. Or does it?

    30. Smilie's

      The infinity stone theory comes so close to lining up it's frustrating

    31. Banana Rama

      Heavy spoilers: Get off your phone!!! Me who's watching this on a phone o.O

    32. TJ Acree

      Ooh remember the rule for getting the soul stone? You think it's going to change for remanfesting it?

    33. madhatters crafts

      I thought Yomagic was Your magic

    34. Timothy Lewis

      "I'm snacking on yo magic" I am snacking on YOUR MAGIC. Too simple. It's easy to overthink things.

    35. snuterella


    36. Boldkid

      Elizabeth Olsen is so nice in real life but I never noticed.

    37. Christopher LaRue

      I just don't know

    38. Jimmy Jones

      "So get off your bloody phone". Okay I will. Bye.

    39. Daniel Yearwood

      (Connection between Yo Magic and Nexus commercial) The surfboard-purple surrounding red. Agatha gifting Wanda limited magic to create her own reality however if her full powers were revealed to her she could actually take control of her destiny. Agatha needs Wanda in a state limited by her grief for whatever she's scheming (presumable dealing with the book stealing Wanda's power featured at the end of ep. 7) I cant wait to see whether it's the Darkhold or not!

    40. Kalani Helekunihi

      The beeping of the toaster is the sound effect from Iron Man 1 when the Stark Industries shell lands and detonates in front of Tony, with the detonation sound also being used for the toast ejection bang.

    41. Ka 27

      nice try on the infinity stones theory, nvr thought of that, thanks!

    42. Rick Lopez

      👍 love your videos mate!

    43. Purely Persephone

      Best video my eyeballs have grabbed. shit!

    44. Sam Hayden

      Still need something for the power stone but I've not seen anything purple. However, the yo-magic showed someone holding something that eventually lead to their destruction so at a reach, maybe the power stone? Nah.

    45. Macgyvergame

      I think the "Nexus" is the power one. I think it's the pill. The pill is acting as the ball thing the power stone came in.

    46. Ed Goldstein

      Thanks for the summary :)

    47. Jake Smith

      The kids in the commercial might be a represent Wanda and Pietro as kids...

    48. Quenton Ingerson

      Prediction: no more commercials for the last two episodes

    49. W. Grayson Silvera

      The children in the commercial looks like they may have been adopted. Like how possibly her and Pierto was. Does Wanda subconsciously knows that they were adopted?

    50. Leon Smith

      On Age of Ultron Tony stark goes to a place called NEXUS to lure out Ultron. I can see that as another meaning to the NEXUS commercial cause it involves Vision.

    51. Tom Blackfyre

      Wow, it really is all connected

    52. The Anime FanGirl

      maybe wanda found out about the tahiti experiment stole it some how and resurected vision with tahiti and the medication tahiti is known to give memeroy loss that's how they reserected agent coulsen with fragments of coulsens memory wiped.

    53. The Anime FanGirl

      the comerial for hydra soak reminds me of the time agent Coulson got reserected with the Tahiti in tahiti

    54. KatieArtist 94

      Do you think there will be a commercial tomorrow? There’s a rumor it’s going to be a flashback episode, so I wonder if that will even include a commercial.

    55. Nick Jones

      Quick fix for this. The Nexus commercial is about a MIND altering drug. The toaster commercial references a shell that explodes, like what the power stone does to things. Maybe the Nexus commercial is about the mind stone while the toaster is about the power stone.

    56. Mr. Perspective

      Honestly with this look back, I'm thinking that its just Agnus putting these commercials in Wanda's mind to get her to think the way she wants. After all, "It was Agatha all along"

    57. James Bowman

      Not totally sold on the gems theory, but there’s some sweet Easter eggs in there for sure

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      Congrats on the followers milestone

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      cool 😏

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      LOVE your jokes

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      What if Ralph turns out to be Ralph Wiggum

    62. Michael Bickham

      Heavy spoilers is becoming my favorite thing!!

    63. TPLA:Terra Prime Light Armory

      Why is no one mentioning that the Nexus logo has a part of the Bifrost footprint in it?

    64. Debbie Flores-Pham

      Gamora didn’t come back. The Gamora in end game was from a different time just like Thanos!

    65. Dark Defender

      I don't think the products are selling well, based on the adverts we've seen.

    66. black canary gaming

      cool stuff

    67. Brittani Jackson

      I think the man cleaning up his mess relates to Vision mind stone shot that injured Rhodey

    68. Daniel Treitel

      Well i think the 1st 4 add where in relations to the infinity stone.

    69. afrikka givhan

      After every episode, this is my first stop.

    70. Evil Loogi

      (Submission to giveaway) I think that they are all yes have to do with the infinity stones and you didn't mention this but Hydra soak is in a cube like the tesseract which was used by say it with me.. "HYDRA"

    71. Iguana Cashmere

      And 5 ads in a 15 minute video is why I don’t have notifications turned on. There’s not even that many breaks on TV. :/

    72. CJ Meiko

      01:30 "Broken Toaster on fire" The 'This Is Us' TV show: *We know the feels*

    73. Adam Williams

      It's "yo-play" :)

    74. Ian Weiting

      Yo PLATE! LMAO!!!!

    75. fangirlqueen738

      Something o noticed about the yo magic commercial is the surfboard the sharks rising on has Agatha Harkness's comic book colors on it.

    76. AjayCollectibles

      Love your vids, mate!

    77. Robert Lopez

      Lagos could have been the power stone.

    78. Logan Byrne

      Totally in line with the comics. Waiting for Photon and Agnus tie-ins.

    79. CharlTHEMaN !

      honestly, I think we are getting some groundwork set up for warp world to take place. (probably after phase 4 though) lets see

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      Nice vid !

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      If the show wasn’t broadcasting out of the hex in ep 7 why did we get a commercial?

    82. J C

      wow really opened by the commercial break downs

    83. Dark Wolf

      I think the flashes between cuts in the Lagos commercials are represent each episode. I think each commercial is Agatha's way of easing Wanda's past trauma all the breaks in her show. It was Agatha all along. If you look at it from the multi verse perspective. Oh off subjects. Monica laughed when she said she knew a engineer, herself. She sent the specs to her mom's supporters. They built it for her. She walks up to Monica saying it's built perfect to your specs. I might be wrong but the actress did say she was looking forward to the fans finding out. She was suppose to be the head of sword before trigger finger director now. Just my thoughts

    84. Emma

      "/YoPlate/" instead of "/YoPlay/" How very British of you lol

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      Dude, yoplait is pronounced as Yo-play

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      The Reach reference was the best thing I’ve seen from this channel and I’ve been following a year or two. One of the best games ever

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      It's all connected got better each time

    89. Watch Guru

      Lol idk where you come up with this stuff but it's like 95% nonsense.

    90. Jacob Swenson

      When I first saw them I took them at face value and assumed the main message of each was the product - For example, the Lagos towel, I thought was just a reference to the Lagos incident. No other meaning behind it.

    91. Darth Vegeta

      Ik that many people are going with the infinity stone idea but Wanda never seen the reality stone so what if the red was blood and the Lagos brand was a metaphor of being stained in blood because of Wanda Just a theory since the reality stone popping up since she only seen the mind time and space stone

    92. Boots Busang

      These theories have been nothing but reaching so far. Her parents being in the commercial has zero basis in fact and has been wishy washy at best. Agnes' reveal wasn't much of a theory when it was leaked months before airing that she was Agatha. The Infinity Stone commercial theory is completely disregarding the actual message of each commercial. Taking Mephisto out of the equations and stuffing Dormammu in solely because of a color is ridiculous. Taking all these false premises into account to form a theory on Hayward's plan, the secret bad, or the epic cameo is a waste of time when all the other conjecture you're putting forward is most likely false. So far, it's been a gumbo pot of overly complicated bad ideas that would make no sense being drawn together in one short series.

    93. Dari

      It's been agahta all along

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    98. Darren Gordon-Hill

      2021 - women burn water.

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    100. Jorge Carbajal

      At this point, the theory that the commercials were referencing the Infinity Stones seems to have been debunked.