WANDAVISION Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories

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    WANDAVISION Episode 5 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories. We review, recap and explain the fifth episode of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss where the Evan Peter's Quicksilver role could be going so make sure you stay until the end.
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    Wandavision is a Disney Plus MCU Marvel Show by Kevin Feige starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. The Show is rumored to feature Mephisto, Agatha Harkness, The Grim Reaper and more. Every week we will be doing Wandavision breakdowns, easter egg videos, theories and ending explaineds so definitely stick around. We will also be discussing upcoming Marvel Phase 4 properties such as Spider-man 3, Loki, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Eternals and Black Widow.
    0:00 Episode 5 Intro
    0:34 Avengers Endgame Post Credits Scene
    1:22 Vision And The Scarlett Witch Graphic Novel
    2:04 Agnes Theories And Clues
    3:34 Episode 5 Sitcom Influences
    5:03 Wandavision Episode 5 Breakdown
    18:04 Wandavision Episode 6 Spoilers And Leaks
    Ok so Episode 4 ended with us finding out that Scarlett Witch was doing a weekend at Wanda's with Visions dead corpse. It was a mindblowing moment that set her up as the big bad but throughout the season there's been several clues that something more sinister is going on behind the scenes.
    We're gonna be breaking it all down but as always Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show I'm your host Paul aka the guy who Jimmy Woos you with my card tricks now let's get into the biggidy biggidy breakdown.
    Now as always things are time coded below if you wanna skip ahead but as is usual with our breakdowns we're gonna be discussing some key theories up top.
    If you've been keeping up to date with the behind the scenes stuff on the show then you'll know that the showrunner Jac Schaeffer revealed that Wandavision actually takes place almost immediately after Endgame and before the events of Far From Home.
    If you checked out our video last week then you'll has seen us discussing an interview with Paul Bettany in which he revealed that Endgame originally had a post credits scene that set up the events of the show. It was supposed to close out with Wanda going to see Vision's body which was being kept in a drawer and we can see why this was cut as it happens at one point in the episode.
    Vision actually didn't want to be brought back to life but Wanda doing this shows that she has completely broken his trust.
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    1. Heavy Spoilers


      1. Toya Diinae

        Isn't the mailman the guy from the commercials?

      2. Ali slila

        Did anyone notice the fact that Legion (Fx tv show) have the same hexagons shape from Wandavision in Div3 headquarter and inside it too!! (maybe this is how we will be introduced to the existence of mutants )

      3. Smasher 2015

        i have had depression for 14 years now .I wish you the best of luck

      4. houzcat

        Hey everybody. I know Americans aren’t very cultured outside of the west and I don’t blame you, even corporate behemoth Marvel didn’t bother to get this right, but for gods sake it’s pronounced LAY-gos not LAH-gos. Please spread the word if you see this comment. Hearing it pronounced lah-gos is EXTREMELY frustrating and like nails on a chalkboard to every single Nigerian (or African in general) who is watching this show and the videos of those who review it. Please help spread the word! Thank you.

      5. Priyanshu Karmakar

        I was really shocked....by seeing Evan Peters at the door....first of all I really thought that it is Aaron Taylor Johnson......in a new look....but after continued seeing and watching this video it seemed all clear to me.....I would love to see X men in the series.....The show is becoming better every week and also Paul's Breakdowns.....Thanks to host Paul to bring this to us

    2. Beann

      The elizibeth olsens sisters dont smile i swear

    3. Samuel Ling


    4. youngsimba

      Actually, Monica is Captain Marvel * 1982* 1st to have the name. and the 1st to use *auntie* Carol is actually Ms. Marvel. and doesn’t use Captain Marvel until 2012. Sigh I wish Disney ( Marvel) didn’t change this.. I guess they are trying to make amends by calling her Captain Monica, but it rings hollow. In the comics, Monica actually confronts Carol about using the name Captain Marvel- “ you should have asked me first.” In this interpretation we have now it diminishes my girl Monica, one of the first black women super heroes - she never looked up to Carol Danvers . Adapt source material don’t completely change it. “no more mutants “

    5. J C

      the hexes!!

    6. Barry Allen

      Favorite show right now!

    7. CatFan ComicMan

      Love how Wanda's powers are amping up, I think they were turning him into a weapon arnd Wanda stopped it.

    8. YK007 BEATS

      Ok now this is even more awesome Lizzie is Mary Kate and Ashley's sister .. whoa 🔥!

    9. GO! Go! Zeppeli!

      The best version of quicksilver is finally in the mcu

    10. Chris Crawford

      Elizabeth's sisters didn't play twins on Full house. They were twins playing the same character because little kids that age are limited to how many hours they can legally be on set a day. Also Darwin's theory does not say that humans evolved from apes, but rather that humans and apes evolved from a common ancestor. Sorry, I just hate it when people mis quote the theory of evolution. Love the channel mate, keep it up!

    11. Psyck 101

      Duuh, if Wanda could resurrect Vision, then she would've revived her bro.

    12. MikayTeen B.

      Love ❤️ this! It has me totally reenacting “A Beautiful Mind” trying to connect the dots.

    13. RethParish

      I did not know that Wanda was one of the Olsen sister. 🤯

    14. Cameron Hall

      there not expermenting on vision there trying to re-progam him to be fully ultron

    15. Cameron Hall

      right its agatha why well ill tell you this was all her plan but when wanda defused agatha made her have a speedy pregnacy so she can try again like if you agree

    16. A Marié

      Maybe the mailman is ralph

    17. Seve Hynes30

      Why did vision not want to brought back

    18. baconforyou x

      Here comes magneto!

    19. Ashy Akakpo

      So here’s one thing I noticed after rewatching episode 5... the kids when asked by the post man, ‘what’s the trouble little dudes?’ Say, ‘we can’t find your dog.’ Your... not our. Thought that was interesting 👀👀👀

    20. Kristin Garcia

      Am I the only one that noticed that Wanda's eyes look red when she starts to roll the credits?

    21. MrMaStEr

      Its so obvious that Agatha is agness because she looks like her a bit, she wears similar clothes, dressed up as a witch on ep6, and oh so many more. It also makes sense that monica got her powers in ep 5 (or before) because Darcy said that when you went in the hex your DNA and blood patterns changed. So I think that she got her powers like that. I think I am a really good theorist.

    22. Zak B

      or maybe she realized brie larson is a bad person =x

    23. Jordan Waller

      I’m not sure anyone could understand how buzzing I am at how good this show is getting Vs how I felt after episode 2

    24. eioshen boboi

      what if the “lavender” Agnes is spraying is partly why the kids are aging rapidly 👀 they did grow up immediately after

      1. eioshen boboi

        The coffee cups don’t mean anything my mom bought the same ones a the store

    25. Cheeze

      I'm always getting the Pleasantville vibes since the start. Could be one of their influences as well at the start.

    26. D4rkShadez

      I’m very mad that you basically spoiled it all in the thumbnail. I have already watched the episode but I know a lot of people have not and it is very cruel of you to spoil it for people that were really exited to find out what this episode leads to but you had to do it.

    27. Amelia Alvarado

      There is one red pillow(Scarlet Witch) and one blue pillow(QuickSilver).

    28. Jax J

      14:24 why is the mail thing in the background glowing red

    29. Leon Fizer

      I think we all know who the hottest Olsen is...this show is a trip, as someone old enough to have seen all the shows it references 👍🏼

    30. Jesse

      I think she created Westview to try and keep someone out. However I think it takes a toll on her. I think her broken mental state tells her to bring Vision back and have kids because they'll help her fight whatever shes trying to keep out of Westview. I also think the shows theme is perception. The show wants us to think she stole Vision but shes really trying to keep him from being weaponized. Show wants us to think she was trying to hurt Monica but if you send someone flying through walls they won't be walking for a while. She wanted to make a ally with powers. I also think she stops hiding her powers because she realizes how strong her sons can be so whatever threat is out there she probably isn't as scared. I also think she erased parts of her memory to keep the threat from finding her, however when she brings Pietro over the threat intercepts her plan and takes possession of him so Wanda can let her guard down and get into Westview. Also I dont think none of her family can leave Westview as they were created in the Westview reality. Just my theory though

    31. Mini Ballers

      is no one talking about the red glow off of the lights after sparky dies

    32. preston broderick

      There is a split second moment where one of the twins puts hus hand to his temple before it quickly changes scenes probably nodding at him already using his abilities

    33. eioshen boboi

      Wanda in her universe: looks generic Wanda when she exits westview: LEGENDARY VILLIAN

      1. eioshen boboi

        The episodes just keep getting bet-ah & bet-ah. Thanks for another great video P.

    34. Danny Chong

      Please don't put a spoiler in the thumbnail.

    35. a disease

      the red light on the toaster. i didnt even notice it was in colour lol

    36. Ali slila

      Did anyone notice the fact that Legion (Fx tv show) have the same hexagons shape from Wandavision in Div3 headquarter and inside it too!! (maybe this is how we will be introduced to the existence of mutants )

    37. Diana María

      Agnes evolves from a nosy neighbour to us feeling she's hiding something!

    38. Kooking with K


    39. Jason York

      we need LOGAN!

    40. Imperial Commander

      I think the red, green and blue pattern just reassebles what a TV looks like from up close. But the other appearences can still be reminders for this...

    41. Wubbl

      The coffee cups don’t mean anything my mom bought the same ones a the store

    42. sehhi vooty

      The actor who played quicksilver in age of Ultron must be fuming🤣

      1. sehhi vooty

        Way more to live for than Wanda Vision like the reality beyond TV it’s self😉

    43. Sean Juen

      is it just me or did wanda have her accent back when she confronted sword?

    44. cokemanyt 2

      if they add the grim reaper they cant have it in china so i dont think its the grim reaper i think it all ralph and Agnes they control wanda they want us to think itsall wanade its theymade it be wanada they made vision back to life for the stone cuz they get the stone they can control ppls mind with the mind stone thats why agnes did not say anything she does not wanna ruin her plan

    45. jesse sisson

      Now a guy who knows Wolverine and Deadpool is hanging out with folks that know Tony Stark and Steve Rogers :)

    46. Amanda Keightley

      Why did I never know she was The Olsen twin's sister........ she literally looks like a triplet. What is life.. To be clear I was not born after 2000... I was born in 92 and watched full house, passport to Paris, and lots of other twin content. I have no excuse besides ignorance..

    47. toijg avnnr

      This probably doesn’t mean anything but wasn’t quicksilver eating a red popsicle when we first see him in days of future past?

    48. Whattheysay Aboutme

      The weirdest show ever

      1. toijg avnnr

        It was a nice episode!:)

    49. Demsky83

      Mary Kate and Ashley were twins that played one character on the show

    50. Yvette Vera

      The episodes just keep getting bet-ah & bet-ah. Thanks for another great video P.

    51. Flame

      Thank you so much

    52. Russell ward

      I think the SWORD top dog is with HYDRA.

    53. Russell ward

      The front door was totally Family Ties and so was the song and the painting of the family during the song. Thats straight from the show.

    54. butti fdft

      She has an ACCENT when she leaves the barrier Scary asff 😥

    55. Rey Gunner

      Did you guys see the hand reaching out to Peter in the Mirror??? Pause it.

      1. butti fdft

        But, when you go to give them their brother you don't get it 100 percent right, but the person goes along to not break the 'happy' illusion.

    56. TVG Bundy

      She found Vision body in pieces what were they doing before she got there?

    57. Kaloyan Lenchev

      Cmon, *eyeroll* I really dislike the idea that Wanda isn't behind it and Agnes is somehow evil, like that ruins it for me totally. Don't justify it with "Wanda's being manipulated" pleaaaseee like that's so cringe

    58. misuyy fong

      The actor who played quicksilver in age of Ultron must be fuming🤣

      1. misuyy fong

        Here is something that would be totally unexpected Most think that Mephisto is either Dotty or Hayward but it could be a twist by making Jimmy Woo Mephisto

    59. Mary Freeman

      Way more to live for than Wanda Vision like the reality beyond TV it’s self😉

    60. mercurywoodrose

      The woman in the commercials looks more like Agatha, and looks extremely creepy. shes a part of this big time. im sure of it. and if you stop seeing my comments, youll know im right and marvel go to m........

    61. Stephanie B

      This crossover is amazing. I’m so excited for it, especially Evan Peters 😍 nobody is going to bring up that Wanda could have brought her brother back by just pulling him from a different universe through the energy being produced in that hex. Like some sort of portal. Since she can’t bring her brother back to life. Also do you think maybe since all the animals can’t be controlled and are close by that it could be Manifesto. Agnes and the children are asking her to bring him back . If he’s been hiding as an animal. Just throwing some speculation out there.

    62. Mary Bronson

      This was my very first video of yours and loved it! Can not wait to watch more!!!!

    63. shurley96

      Mary-Kate and Ashley were huge when I was growing up, and that was a long time after Full House. I didn't even know they were in that, though I did know that they were the sisters of Elizabeth.

    64. TechBound26

      It was a nice episode!:)

    65. ActualBarbie

      I wonder if anyone connected to the missing residents will show up, like there are so many possibilities with them.

    66. Alexis Marshall

      I can’t help but wonder if peters isn’t actually quicksilver, but that they casted him as a wink to people who like to dissect videos

    67. David Perez Rodriguez

      my bet is that the cameo is chris evans as the human torch. Otherwise Magneto

    68. Ciscoak 907

      I think darcies line "she recast pietro" was more of fiege telling the audience (us) that this a lagit recast n not just some gimmick.

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      Iron lad

    70. Anapaula De Los Santos

      Ok so this is a theory I think Wanda is being control by someone or manipulated by a someone or something or maybe the magic of a stone

      1. BEEF official channel !

        I think hayward

    71. SaintJames Ent.

      I really love the silly wirework used when they had the standoff at the end of the episode. More than that I always like when to hero characters flex their powers in front of each other even if there not going to come to blows. Just like number 5 and Vanya from umbrella Academy season 2

    72. Gregory Doty

      Agatha Harkness is an old-school witch (more or less) and a Hex is another name for a witches curse. Giving more credence to the idea that the entire thing is her doing. We don't actually see how the dog dies. We only have Agnes's explanation ... AH had a cat familiar. Dogs and cats are cliche' enemies. If you were going to keep someone powerful under control (or gaslight), you would want them to think they were staying, behaving with free will. So you create a place that "gives" what they want. Not dead husband, kids, etc. But, when you go to give them their brother you don't get it 100 percent right, but the person goes along to not break the 'happy' illusion.

    73. daniel mwale

      I miss, "I'm your host, definition" 😭

    74. Jorge Carbajal

      Despite being born in 1999, I’ve watched many episodes of Full House on Nick at Nite.

    75. Jack McFadyen

      Here is something that would be totally unexpected Most think that Mephisto is either Dotty or Hayward but it could be a twist by making Jimmy Woo Mephisto

    76. BullseyeProductionsTV


    77. Joshua Abramov

      I think I found out how Wanda controls everything, Listen Up: So as seen in Captain America Civil War, When Hawkeye comes to take Wanda, and Wanda has to beat Vision, she uses her powers on him. When she does that, it turns the Mind Stone Red, the color of her powers. So I think that the way Wanda is controlling everything in Westview is by using Vision. When she reanimated Vision and took his body, she also technically brought back the mind stone. And since it is clear that Wanda can manipulate the Mind stone, It is possible that she is using Vision and the Mindstone to control and expand her reality. Also, it is not appearing to be red, because she can make it look like that using her powers. New Theory

    78. Reína Latina87

      Pretty Cool. 😎 I'd Love To Win, Lol. 😜 ~ 1 Amor

    79. Jennifer Reyes

      i was kinda ehh at the beginning of the show but I decided to trust the processes and now I'm obsessed.

    80. Suzie LaMere


    81. deadpoolnerd

      It's interesting Wanda went from rebelling against Tony and vision keeping her stayed away in avengers hq, to now wanting to stay in her bubble and not be outside. And now she's the one keeping people and vision inside.

    82. deadpoolnerd

      I'm starting to feel like the mailman role was originally a stan lee cameo role. Furthering the theory he's the watcher and also kinda fits in with the possible multiverse shenanigans because stan was the mailman in the first fantastic four movie.

    83. Maurice Acosta

      Vision's haircut, very Ed Bagley Jr. eques...

    84. Ilana Karp

      The security footage is all in black and white but Wanda’s magic ... perhaps the footage is altered as well? Could the surprise cameo be Coulson? Introducing him back into the MCU would be pretty big since all the avengers think he is dead still ...

    85. tonekneeo

      Mystique, just saying...

    86. TheMighteeFox

      The fact that Marvel has to watch out for China and their tight rules about supernatural stuff, I don't believe Mephisto will be part of the series. But if Agatha Harkness isn't in this show, I'll be seriously shocked xD

    87. Paladin Bobcat

      The “Pattern” you keep referring to us just the RGB diodes on an old CRT TV, which is just a reference to the old sitcom style, which would be viewed on an old CRT TV.

    88. Nikita Vega

      just real quick, Monica doesn't have shapeshifting abilities. When she changes her appearance, its an illusion made with her energy manipulation.

    89. Kyle Anderson

      Episode was so awesome. I feel like the MCU is doing so well in giving fans exactly what they want

    90. D Martin

      Dude! I really love your style of explaining things, And you say you love us.... But not that much. Dang Bro... LMFAO.

    91. PunkRockZombie

      Wanda is in the Mojoverse, and Mojo is the villain of the series XD

    92. Sean

      “Because like kitty litter, she’s full of shii-“ I can’t with this guy 😂😂

    93. Dsylexic

      No one has pointed this out, but the Drone they sent in has Stark Industries on it

    94. J.O.R.D

      For a split second I did think when Vision said Wanda who is it? I thought it was going to be a younger Magneto 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    95. J.O.R.D

      Im now curious as to see how the power stone and soul stone will be incorporated into advert form 😅 whats your thoughts Spoiler Man?🤷🏽‍♂️

    96. Sleepingmonster

      Make Magneto be in the show so the family will be together.

    97. J.O.R.D

      Also the mailman is now on SWORD’s ID board ? I’m sureee he is 👀

    98. J.O.R.D

      At first I would’ve said maybe Hydra soak is a reference to the tesseract and the first two ads were just coincidences but then the Lagos one is a red liquid just like the reality stone, they pulled it off and I’m now on board with each ad is a nod to an infinity stone 👌🏾

    99. J.O.R.D

      The cups look like they have little cartoon heads of the characters on them 🤷🏽‍♂️ I honestly think it might be fan cups for the show in the show.... or is that a bit of a stretch 🤦🏽‍♂️😅

    100. smokey 55

      Everyone forget that new jersey is home of kamala khan, What if norm was related to kamala. And hex is the origin of kamala power, some with the origin of F4 power