WANDAVISION Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories

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    WANDAVISION Episode 6 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Theories. We review, recap and explain the sixth episode of Wandavision on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss where the Evan Peter's Quicksilver role could be going as well as Monica and of course The Hex!
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    0:00 Wandavision Episode 6 Intro
    0:43 Hayward Villain Theory
    2:36 Billy And Tommy Theory
    3:02 90s Sitcom Influences
    4:02 Comic Book Influences
    4:54 Wandavision Episode 6 Breakdown
    21:15 Wandavision Episode 6 Review
    22:23 Wandavision Magneto Leaks?
    Both Billy and Tommy have appeared in the same colours as their comic book counterparts and throughout the episode we see their powers manifest likely setting up them as their full versions Wiccan and Speed by the end. It does highlight that this was the plan originally and also paints out why Wanda has been so confused.
    Everytime she or Vision have been close to uncovering the truth, something has distracted them and Episode 5's neck breaking moment came in the form of Quicksilver played by Evan Peters.
    The episode pulls heavily from Malcolm in the middle due to not only it's intro but also the way that it's shot and the monologues that the characters deliver to the camera. We also have quick cuts to other elements that the characters are referencing. The soundtrack beats are also extremely similar as well as the way that the characters act, namely Evan Peters who is very much a stand in for the older brother from the show.
    This show primarily followed a family as they struggled with all the highs and lows of raising children in Middle America. Unlike the sitcoms of the 50s and 60s shows the 80s saw and big turn in the genre and by the 90s it was more common to showcase that marriage wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Though the editing and style of the shows were a bigger focus they painted out families in a far more realistic setting which I feel this episode does too to some extent.
    Vision attempting to leave the Hex could be seen as a metaphor for a divorce or seperation and though that's probably a reach it paints out his and Wanda's marriage in a far more complicated manner that simply can't be magically fixed.
    Speaking of those costumes they are also very akin to what the actual characters wore in the comics making for some fun nods towards the source material. I absolutely loved quicksilvers but I think that Wanda and Vision's look the best...sorry guys.
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      1. Bennett Bennett

        @Ty Gus testing it out now. Seems promising.

      2. DarthVader DaGreat

        Hayward is Cree. Wanda vision is setting a lot of plot lines. working on multiple level plots. X-Men, Fantastic 4, Secret Invasion, Spider man , Doctor strange. WandaVision is setting up a lot. you will see it after the fact. I see it now.

      3. K. G.

        Is there any sort of rivalry between heavy spoilers and screen crush I am not aware of? 😅

      4. flippfilmz

        I was waiting for you to comment on what decade did this happen in. I assumed it was going to be in the 90’s, but then I noticed you mentioned about the incredibles being in theaters in the show. This movie released in 2004? Also I noticed in the episode there was a part where they had a flat screen TV which most likely wasn’t out in the 90’s? Another thing I wondered is why didn’t Wanda’s kids grow up anymore than the last episode? Any thoughts on this anyone?

      5. Priyanshu Karmakar

        My mind is blown by seeing the last scenes of this episode......Good Spoiler Leak of Magneto at the last....Paul Man.....And Thanks for all the breakdown....

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    3. Dan Ross

      Love the channel man. And your comparisons and puns are awesome lol for real though. I lol at least 3 times a video. And your analogies are 🔥! Good shit bud. Keep it up my fellow nerd! By the way your breakdowns are amazing as well, I don't think I've ever mentioned that in a comment before but they are phenomenal. Episode 6 was one of my favorite. If not my absolute favorite of the series, Evan Peters reminded me so much of 90s Jim carrey, it's not even funny. What do you think?

    4. jame williams

      doctors wore beaks during the plague

    5. Kelvin DiLaurentes

      Again, I know all the episodes are out and I am commenting this late but I love watching your reviews after each episode to see how close you were to the actual truth of the show!!

    6. Hunter Thomas

      Could be wrong here, but isn't that the grim reaper in the middle of Agness' Brooch?

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      Wanda will bring mutants to the MCU

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      I- I- I need more WandaVison...

    14. CatFan ComicsMan

      I think agnes was faking it, ha ha. But I think Ralph is the big bad. Love the showing of wiccans powers, he is a power house and my favorite character in the marvel universe!

    15. soiung toiue

      During the intro credits it says “naughty” on Agnes’s jeans. I’m certain the car scene was a fake out and she’s definitely up to mischief.

      1. soiung toiue


    16. FinGunn 1999

      I come back to last weeks video every week to watch the spoiler section of the video to see if it was accurate, most has been as of episode 7, except confirmation of Mephisto and any sign of magneto... but still two episodes left 👀

    17. ya boii skelly

      I fucking hated that Gina Carano "joke"

    18. ya boii skelly

      A wise man once said "give me rent"

    19. Valiantiron

      I just watched the episode after this one. It's like you're the writer of the series 😂 everything you've said have been on point, direction-wise at least. 👍

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      love it

    21. Thomis Rice

      Also I agree with you about McKellen because he's older and so the younger version of Magneto aging up to meet his age in the first X-Men movie that was released would be a good idea but since they're already f****** with time travel they should go back and forth because like your timeline before Days of Future Past and then the timeline after Days of Future Past because at one point Magneto was the enemy and then at one point he was a friend so because even kept changing and Wanda vision is about Wanda who's a Nexus so it spreads out across all the Multiverse they could really play with this

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      Very informative and entertaining the only thing I didn't understand and that's not from you is made from the show how did she think a staycation was a punishment for her Reckless Behavior

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      I have never been so lost and interested in a show

    24. niiotu ankrah

      honestly, MCU Pietro is trash, but I like the actor playing him more than Evan Peters, but I like the fox quicksilver charater. MCU actor looks more like Quicksilver

    25. Giselle Rivera

      I’m just becoming so invested in this show!! I’m going to hate when it finishes!

    26. Jeremy Smith

      I don't wanna diss ian but I never felt like he embraced the role of magneto as fully as the younger guy did. I don't feel like he did a bad job by any means and he is irreplaceable as Gandalf.

    27. Chris Williams

      Pun game on point. Well done mate

    28. P Dev

      I going back to the boss logic thing the more you look into it he posted cover art for magneto and Wanda vision and they exactly the same not to mention she is wearing the Halloween costume meaning that the next episode while she is still in costume is going to be big and another art made for the movie shows what looks to be nightmare in the background and it clearly states house of M when in another art boss logic posted this means that magneto, nightmare, and Agnes are all playing a role in the show and somehow attempting to regather the mind stone or use vision and Wanda to their advantage

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      1. kolim jone

        outside oddly says, "Let's roll!" #5- It's said that Halloween celebrates when the boundary between the world of living and dead is the weakest.

    36. English, MFKR, do you speak it?

      Mister Ditckovitch))))

    37. GO! Go! Zeppeli!

      That fucker was about to let vision die ffs!

    38. Murrv Vmurr

      Jog on diminutive Yoda there's a new baby in town! I am going to crochet myself a baby Vision!

    39. Anthony Gordon

      I dont think Vision is dead. For one the show has already proved that what comes in comes out. If Monica has powers coming out than Vision can too. Second the moment Vision confronts agness, Vision says "Its my job to see what is out side of westerview". And Agness said "How? No one leaves this place, ahahaha". She frantically laughs as if she thinks its nuts that Vision thinks its possible. This tells me that everyone in the Hex is not permitted to leave, not just Vision. By the way Agness said this when Vision relieved her from the Hex and this was after she confronted him and told him he was dead. She could of said "You cant leave west view, its impossible" but instead she said "No One! Can leave Westview". Which means the Hex condemns anyone from leaving unless Wanda says otherwise. Monica Left Westview not by her own authority, which completely contradicts Agness statement that "No One, can leave westview"

    40. The Dumbest Doge

      This may or may not have been mentioned already, but Ultron is 100% *somehow in some way* coming back. You can see his voice actor, James Spaded, is still casted as the voice of Ultron. Also Dottie is Moonglow who is probably the insider working for Mephisto. This is backed by her controlling chant “For the children” which we were lead to believe were all of Westviews children, but instead, is probably Wandas children. You read it here first 👌🏻

    41. Xander Ki

      Hi Paul/Heavy Spoilers. I started talking about this theory in the comments on your Ep 4 video but it still keeps rolling around my mind. I don't have twitter so I wasn't sure where else to share this with you, and I haven't seen anyone else talking about it. This could be a long one, so buckle up. Firstly I want to remind everyone that the MCU is renowned for the mid/end credits scenes. Why would their first TV show be any different? For this reason, I think think the end credits of the series have been showing us more that we realised all along. At the end of each episode they change slightly to reflect the happenings of the latest ep, before the viewpoint "enters" the screen and we are shown the building blocks of TV vision... ie Red, Green and Blue. The POV moves through floating RGB pixels/lights until items begin to be shown. A rose/flower. Glasses. The Town Gazebo. The Water Tower. The Butterfly mobile. The House. Scarlet Witch's classic headpiece. Vision's classic headpiece. What is interesting is that only Vision's headpiece uses Green. Until this point all items are built primarily of red lights but with a smattering of blue. WHY? If it was just being built from the TV lights why is Vision's headpiece the only green? They could have just as easily had green leaves under the flower, green grass around the gazebo or house, but there isn't. If it is to signify Wanda's control, why isn't it all in red? Why include some blue? I think this is to subtly reference a third influence (represented by Blue) in front of us all along. But after Vision's Green headpiece there is an empty visual moment in the credit. I suggest this will later be filled by a Blue item to represent the other party. On your Ep 4 vid i suggested Blue could represent Monica or Quicksilver as both have used blue in their outfits (both in the show or classically), however once i realised that the Red credit items also contained bits of Blue, it seems most likely this will represent the puppet master behind the scenes. And as the credits do change, will be added in later episodes. Maybe even episode 7, as the first 6 items and 6 episodes have already aired. Further, there are 8 items and 9 episodes. I think that the end credits of the 9th episode will hold a Blue representation of the behind the scenes villain... Thoughts?

    42. Ryan Lindsay

      So I thought I would bring this up since I haven't seen it anywhere but in Mephisto Vs. (1987) #4 on the second page Mephisto is referred to as Ralfisto. Since Ralf Macchio was the editor of the issue I believe it was intentional and he snuck it in there to see if anybody would notice. We all know that Agnes has been referring to her husband Ralf throughout WandaVision so far and historically speaking many witches were accused of being married to the devil. So there is a comic reference of Mephisto being referenced as ralfisto or Ralf for short.

    43. Michael Rieker

      the way people on the outskirts are frozen or stuck could dd to the nightmare dream aspect

    44. Jan

      Ok so hear me out...first things first... they are in New Jersey because in Captin America winter soldier... second thing... what if because the first episode of Wandavision was tapped in front of a live studio audience was because the live audience are the town people? (Because they where dressed the genre behind the scenes)And they used old school effects because that’s how she will try to repair the town people/live studio audience... she will make the whole audience think that “it was all an illusion “ (as she say in episode 2) and they where just watching the show which is why Agnes say Wanda was the star of the show?? And Herbert asked her if she needed anything on the Halloween episode something changed because they are on set workers on her show???? Answer me

    45. Nick Schulte

      Theory with no evidence: Agnes is female Loki

    46. BCloWns3

      Anyone realize when they investigating the trapped people they never posted Agnus picture. The one person whos been on the scene just been ignored.

    47. Adaptive Gamer

      Your intro killed me lol especially seeing as how he's actually slavic 😂

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      A Scarlett herring. Nice, I’m subbing.

    49. Agyra B

      i have the DARKEST THEORY in relation to the "yomagic commercial". WHat IF the boy in the ad is all the residents of Westview? What if due to Wanda's (or whoever's) magic The citizens of Westview are unable to eat, to consume sustenance, similar to The Matrix, when in the dream state they taste the food but are unable to be nourished by it because its not real. Think about it, why are they all in PAIN?

    50. Anime Memes

      i see

    51. CiCi

      Agnes is definitely one of the big bads! Her and the “acting director” just rub me the wrong way!

    52. Jarod Bolek

      #1- Richards is thought to be one of the astronauts stuck in space, so contacting and bringing him into the scene would not be as easy as it seems to be going. #2- Cataracts affect ones' vision. Easy link to Vision. #3- "Ellis" references to the Island of. A center for immigrants as well as a polygon shaped island. Also, the background drawing of the Statue of Liberty seen with "Free"/"Freedom" written all over it with a heart and crown. #4- "Rolling Hill" is the intersecting street and soon after we see that, one of our friends outside oddly says, "Let's roll!" #5- It's said that Halloween celebrates when the boundary between the world of living and dead is the weakest.

    53. WoodedPiece

      Ultron’s voice actor is in the cast *ahem ahem*

    54. Oli Barrett

      But there's more devil lines than nightmare lines ?

    55. Mops

      It should be pointed out that in the comics, characters that were normal people that later got powers on a genetic level have a term. They are called mutates. So Monica, Parker, Cap, etc. are actually called mutates, as are Wanda and Pietro in the MCU. I don't think we are going to see mutants for some time, at least not in phase 4. I think we are going to see Phase 4 lead into Incursions (events of multiple realities slamming into each other) and then at the end we will see the hints of the mutants for them to show up in a phase 5 (if phase 5 happens)

    56. Medea Worbs

      Monica would actually be a _Mutate_ not a _Mutant_ since in Marvel, _Mutant_ means that someone is already born with the Mutant-Gene or X-Gene. A _Mutate_ is like a Metahuman in DC, someone who gains powers after something happened. In the MCU, those _Mutates_ would be the Maximoff Senior Twins (Wanda and Pietro), as well as probably Spiderman, and likely Photon. The only MCU characters so far that could be Mutants are the Maximoff Junior Twins.

    57. Aloisio Costa

      The shark in the commercial says he’s snacking on yo magic (your magic) Maybe there’s a predator feeding on wandas magic and she may wither away without it

    58. Noplay

      Best Episode yet. The layering just picks up 3000 times more than the last episode.

    59. Alex Martinez-Gonzalez

      When Darcy was put into the hex, what if she morphed with the car she was stuck to and became a transformer. You never know with Wandavision!

    60. Terry Wood

      Is Pietro is just a one off. Will he be back next week? I'm guessing not.

    61. Jonathanlee Toledo

      Dreams are being wished

    62. Patrick Harris

      How are people not talking about Quiksilver was in the first iteration of X-factor? And X-factor works for the government. And there’s obviously a huge government presence in this show?

    63. Joel Hinds

      Love to listen to you

    64. GamerExVoid


    65. Britt Rodriguez

      Weird question: I know this is all wandas making as far as the town especially pietro but why would they be trick or treating wearing shield costumes when shield is pretty much secret come to clean things up organization and the setting looks like modern suburb America?

    66. WWII Reenacting & Impressions

      Did anyone notice the tear coming out of the woman who's stuck in the loops eye?

    67. 바보King

      don't you get it? Peitro is someone else's body that wanda ressurected.. he is dead.. just like what shes doing with vision

      1. zuygj bnsv

        Great channel

    68. Andrew Dryden

      Pietro: it’s not like your husband can die twice He couldn’t naturally know that since he was dead when that happened

      1. zuygj bnsv

        in the flashback Pietro is given a Herring while trick or treating and the old lady only looks at him not Wanda. Pietro is literally a red herring.

    69. Waffle Mon

      Why is everyone calling Hayward a villain? So far Wanda is the villain as far as story progression goes. She has enslaved thoughts for her own selfish needs and she even admits to it during this episode. Hayward is just doing his job even if he is Hydra or some kind of villain. I don't think Nick fury would be responding any differently. I'm surprised they haven't called in a stronger military response actually considering how dangerous and villainous Wanda is behaving. I'm also starting to not like Monica's character. She is starting to act more and more like a cocky captain marvel constantly defying her boss like a narcissist and doing whatever she wants.

    70. LionlordEbonfire

      It is a TV series with lots of mutants - It’s Mojo. LOL

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      Best episode we had to this time. i can't wait for Friday.

    72. PeterSparkz

      I have a thought that the WandaVision series might end in a Cliff Hanger, kinda like Infinity Wars left us and concluded in EndGame... this time, WandaVision WILL introduce NightMare as the villain in the series, he wins, and "the Big Guns are called in"; enter: Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This then, is where we find the concluding story. We each already know that Wanda (Scarlet Witch) has a huge role in the Multi-verse of Madness; I believe this will be properly set up in the Wanda-Vision series as I also believe that Dr. Steven Strange will equally make an appearance. Great Review guys... Love it. - PeterSparkz

    73. William Ordas

      One More Day

    74. Steve Goodson

      I'm interested by the use of colour, the end titles zoom right in on the red green and blue pixels of a TV screen, then show objects built mostly out of red pixels, and towards the end there's a group of three pixels which are all red tumbling into darkness. The costumes worn by Wanda, Vision and Pietro are mostly red, green and (I think) blue, and Wanda is very heavily associated with red throughout. The barrier around the hex looks blue from the inside and red from the outside, making me think of red shift and blue shift, something you might see with massive distortions of time and space. Clearly some of this is just down to the show being based around comics and TV shows, with comics in particular making heavy use of primary colours. And my prediction for the big cameo is either James McAvoy or Patrick Stewart. It seems like Wanda isn't fully aware of what's happening and why, and it would take a powerful telepath to warp her perceptions and memories, and one who has a history of concern about the devestating potential of powerful mutants with evil intent or incomplete control of their powers would have motivation to lock Wanda away in a prison she doesn't want to escape.

    75. Warghosts Germany

      I actually guess that Tony Stark could appear, which is a situation that would make Wanda even more angry!

    76. Tj McClure IV

      Agness' broach: does it look like the middle character has a scythe?

    77. dolimi jotoo

      I’m enjoying how this series is slowly revealing the story aka the “slow burn”!

      1. dolimi jotoo

        demon. They even showed the real pietro in the intro!

    78. bubblehulk

      Parent Trap could be a reference to Wanda and Vision being parents and they're in the trap...or could it be a trap to get to Wanda's parents; Magneto etc.

    79. youngjdef

      Scarlett Witch Origin Research + Development SWORD

    80. Moustafa Mahmoud

      Why don't they just upload all the episodes at once.... Them bitches want my money for 2 months instead .

    81. olle.

      1:39 flip it 90 degrees and you’re right

    82. jmaincom

      Anybody noticed how agnes never came over wen peter was there?

    83. jmaincom

      Monica has cancer gene from her mom. The hex turning here to mutant. Deadpool started wit cancer gene before he got his mutant powers.

    84. MellowMike

      in the flashback Pietro is given a Herring while trick or treating and the old lady only looks at him not Wanda. Pietro is literally a red herring.

    85. celatakat

      Great channel

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      disney did really well will this one

    87. It'sLV

      I really can't guess how this show will end, who is the major cameo that Elizabeth Olsen was referring to?

    88. Bro Gaming

      I think the guys in the suits carrying the drone was the bee keeper coming up from the sewer and obviously they came from under because they’re talking about the hex and how there’s a of possibility not being underground too

    89. Bro Gaming

      I think the guys in the suits carrying the drone was the bee keeper coming up from the sewer and obviously they came from under because they’re talking about the hex and how there’s a of possibility not being underground too

    90. Annalise Hunt

      great video as always! episode was fabulous, but im having a love-hate relationship with this slow burn

    91. Darrius Taylor

      Lagos commerical was about fixing mistakes. Lagos was the place where Wanda made a mistake and blew up the side of the building at the beginning of Civil War.

    92. Hung Solo

      You threw shade at Gina Carano lol. That’s deep man. I hope she gets her job back. We live in a sensitive era and it’s stupid af!!

    93. Caleb Bunting

      I think Agness is completely acting. 1) how was she talking and moving before vision brought her out of her "transe". 2) If she's the bad guy, she shouldn't want anyone to suspect her. So she played along.

    94. Caleb Bunting

      I don't think this Quicksilver is from X-men. I believe they used this actor to possibly confuse us. This also isn't just a recast, it just isn't pietro all together. I think it's an illusion or demon. They even showed the real pietro in the intro!

    95. Earl of the Sea

      Give the man his rent

    96. shannon gauden

      No one noticed a "snap" right before pietro turned into his dead self?

    97. Justin Rowland

      Did anyone notice the editing error? In one scene visions thumb is up, in another it’s down, and the next it’s upwards again. I’m sure this was intentional but it’s interesting to see

    98. T.C. Bramblett

      I think Heyward is way too obvious to be the Big Bad.... but maybe that's what they WANT me to think

    99. Albert L

      Can’t believe it. all I can say is “I want more please”

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